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DM_MadGoat's Untitled Campaign

Game Master DM_MadGoat

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Human Fighter (Brawler/Gladiator)/ 1
Scoria the Stalwart wrote:

Fair enough, though dividing only the remainder into party funds would mean it would grow very slowly - perhaps instead we could add 10% of all coin earned to the party fund before dividing up the loot? This would give us a more decent party fund without taking too much away from all of the players to buy their own equipment - Scoria's definitely going to wants bracers of armor and an amulet of Mighty Fists in the future.

As for the potion, yes, as a monk, Scoria would probably benefit from it as a one time deal, in the need of an emergency, but if anyone else thinks they have more need of it, I'll let them have first dibs.

Right, sorry, I didn't mean to suggest that was the ONLY way we could set up a party fund. I just meant I thought it would be better to put the remainder in a fund as opposed to: "Ok, everyone gets 47 gold, 7 silver, 2 copper, and we have 5 copper pieces left." We could put the painting money in the party pot and start off with 52 gp in the fund, pretty good way to start off before the first adventure even starts, IMO.

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

I'm good with that - though I think that if we're to have a party fund, someone has got to carry it around. Who better than the lawful monk? :3

Human Fighter (Brawler/Gladiator)/ 1

Better you than me. I have all this armor weighing me down as it is ;-)

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric of Iomedae 1
Grigore the Grim wrote:

With a party of seven we're many times going to have coin amounts that don't divide evenly. My suggestion for simplicity's sake is to keep that in a "party" fund and use it to by potions, wands of CLW, scrolls of restoration, remove curse, remove disease, etc. Situational things that come up as we go.

So with the 50gp from the painting, everyone gets 7gp more and our party fund totals at 3 gp. Sound good?

Someone forgot there is a Cleric in the party who casts all of those by 5th level. I could make use of Wands though, as Im training UMD.

Human Fighter (Brawler/Gladiator)/ 1

Nope, I didn't forget, but you only get so many spells per day and we have a 7 person party. Wands of CLW are invaluable, allowing healing outside of combat and freeing up spell slots for buffs/debuffs/save-or-sucks (a la hold person).

Besides, what happens when YOU get hit with Wis damage (and can't cast your higher-level spells)? Wouldn't you be glad to have a potion of restoration then? ;-)

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric of Iomedae 1

True, but most spells/abilities that cause mental stat damage give me a will save, which im good at. Ill keep one handy in case the RNG decides to screw me over (Which it so frequently does) I have channeling for out of combat healing too, so maybe invest the money in other wands that could be helpful (Lesser restoration etc). The bard should be training UMD too, so we get max mileage out of wands/scrolls

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric of Iomedae 1

After checking the skills of the party, three of us including myself are trained in UMD. A fund for wands/scrolls will be awesome for the three of us (Me, Digger, and Erynion)

M Human (multi-ethnic) Rogue Charlatan 6

And Digger's storytelling begins. Weirdly.

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

Be warned, Scoria will not take scandalous rumors about her sitting down. :P But, she won't resort to physical violence, so don't worry about any in character repercussions other than a firm talking to. ^_^

M Human (multi-ethnic) Rogue Charlatan 6

Oh, she's done nothing to earn Digger's enmity. That sheriff has been a pain in his ass for years.

Don't forget that you can use wands of your own class spell list without using UMD. That means that with wands you can prepare more combat oriented spells rather than healing (both HP and ailments).

Other than that I am all for any kind of art/gem/misc objects we find that no one immediately wants should go towards the party fund. This is beyond any percentage we decide to have.

Another option that I just thought about is that we can have all the gold be in the party fund with everyone "withdrawing" when they need it. It is similar to something one of my past groups used to do.

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric of Iomedae 1

So every bit of loot you get goes to the fund, and you take some when you need it? Interesting

Or want it. But yeah, the general idea is that the party comes first and you come second.

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric of Iomedae 1

That sounds like a good idea. Anyone else up for it? The chaotic characters might not like it though

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

I haven't seen our goatish overlord posting in a few days, nor any notice that he would be unavailable. Still, I'm sure it's nothing - at least, I hope it's nothing. At any rate, hopefully when he gets back we can get back to action.

The last time he popped in, he said that there was some kind of health scare with his child. So hopefully things didn't get worse, as a parent myself that would kill me.

So, it has been about a week since any news from the DM. Who is still around?

Human Fighter (Brawler/Gladiator)/ 1

I've been checking in. I hope everythings ok

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

Same. Not giving up on this just yet.

Male Elf Archivist 1; HP 8/8; AC 16/12/14; F+0 R+4 W+1; Init +2; Per. +5

Never giving up!

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric of Iomedae 1

I enjoy this character too much to quit

So I am thinking that this game died. If we can find someone to take over being GM then we can continue, if not then good luck to each of you in finding another game.

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

It does suck that our GM has effectively disappeared without any indication of when they'll be back. I suggest that we post a GM recruitment thread to see if we can find anyone interested. Failing that, if any of us wants to step up to GM, that would also work. I don't have the necessary books to run this, or else I'd step up.

That is my main problem, this is the only AP I don't own yet (Saving to get the Anniversary Edition). Other than that I am one of the only local DMs so I don't get to game very much myself, so if I can I would like to stay as a player.

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