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Tanis Newlun's Untitled Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Tanis Newlun

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Hey Tanis well can you tell me the next step to finishing up the different fields like special ability and such

I'm finished right Tanis?

Whats up Ri

Okay Tanis tell me what to do!

Tanis I emailed you to be on by now come on you slacker


Nothing much Chandler just playing skyrim.


I wonder what tanis is doing

wait... is rian Seldlon Talathel?


Oh my gosh yes Tanis didn't like my first one so I changed to something easy.


i wanted to be Idruidakitty but he said that wasnt a real name [sad panda]

geez Tanis hurry up! apparently i still got loads to do...

I picked something that sounded like my actual name! hehe!

Yeah we all do such as offense,defense, armor and so on

Mya says Hi! she's making a cake!!

I did that already

I did that already I think

Rian i wasnt talking to you lol

you were talking to me??? sorry i don't really understand anything thats going on i'm just doing what Tanis tells me!

I just checked your Character and your not done your further than us tho

I'm not done but I'm further than you?

You realize ive done all of my character pratical by myself

Never mind I still have to do that too.


Rian how did you make your apperance to be able to open and close

Just Click show I think but I have no clue.

can i just put anything for size and age? does it matter?

Look at how you set it up cause mine says [ spoiler=Pyhsical Apperance] [ /spoiler] what else does your say other than that and where did you put it

Yes it does it has to be you race stats and it depeneds on age for certain rolling types

whats race stats and rolling types?

Im a half-elf male so my average height is 5'2 so i put that in

were do you find that out?

wait a sec i can just type yours in, in the chat

your height 4'5 and do you want to be ][Adulthood], [Intuitive], [Self-Taught] or [Trained]

Did you get rid of th space between the[ and the words then you type after it :).

[Adulthood] 15+, [Intuitive] 16-19, [Self-Taught]16-21, or [Trained]17-27

Yes i just did that so it didnt come up all weird

awh... i'm short... and which one is better?

Its a secret just pick one adulthood=young trained=old

oh those are ages... got it why did i ask which one is better???

you wanted to be the best

You guys are cute...

ummm.... okay idk with one i should chose! i am so indecisive!


Come on Tanis your almost 27 min late

So whats next for me Tanis

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