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Conquering the Stolen Lands (Inactive)

Game Master dunebugg

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Dark Archive

Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

In reply to Roga's question,

"Why I was once a student of the Egorian Academy of the Magical Arts, it's in the city of Cheliax, it's a horrible place, but you could still find good in a city like that, as you would find evil in the city of Mendev..."

Agreeing with Stellan Elros stood up and prepare to check out the area. The first place to hide is the roof and so as Jimmy came out of Elros' cloak and jumped down to the floor as Elros left the guess cabin to observe the roof of the buildings.

Take 1 to observe the shape of roof. (Or should I take 10? don't see it taking 10 minutes to observe a roof though XD), I'm guessing the roof of the storage shed is shed-shape and so couldn't hide behind it, or is it the slope facing away from the from gate? Also what is the shape of all the other building's roof, is it gable or hip shaped, so I can hide on the other side.

didn't think I'd get ninja'd by the DM to the response above, as I tried to fit Roga in before I moved out to observe.

Dark Archive

Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

Elros walks back towards the group,

"Hmm, it seems the best place for that that use range is to hide on the roof of this building we are now. Unfortunately the storage shed's building is still under construction, I won't be able to hide there."

Elros sigh in disappointment then continued,

"Due to my strength I could only throw the coloured sand for about 15ft in a cone, hence I would probably have to hiding inside the storage shed and throw it as soon as they open the shed's door, if they are weak minded, they should be either unconscious, blind or stunned, in some cases they experience all of what I've said at the same time. Of course this'll put me in danger of close combat, but no venture no gain eh. That's probably where I'll hide if it doesn't conflict with what you guys planned to do."

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Caelus nods to Elros, "Not to worry friend magi, I will hide wih you in the shed and defend you if things resort to hand to hand combat."

Male Human, Kellid Paladin/1

"Very well Cealus, but showing compassion and hopefully creating productive members of the community is a noble pursuit." Roga answers and continues: "You're properly right El, but I would not know Restov is the biggest city I have ever visited."

Restov is the only city I've ever visited.Stellan comments absently. He continues to pace out the yard to see where he should be.

Where should he be to cast a sleep spell? I want a position that would allow me to a) cast it at the enemy if the stop at the gate or at the place they pick up their loot, b) will not at either place catch anyone or anything but the bad guys in its 10' radius, c) has enough concealment to allow Stellan to hide with his stealth. Hope there is one.

Stellan continues pace so that he understands the exact distance between the walls, the buildings, and any other large stuff. Stellan, deep in thought steps in it. "By the icy winds of the north. Oughtat to clear the manure." He stops thunderstruck. He looks about the courtyard seeing the obvious trail that several horses left."Got to clear the horses' plops and their trail! If these varmints have any eyes they'll suspect somethin'." He rustic accent grows thicker as he realises how the plan may have failed. He grabs a shovel and starts clearing the trail.

DM, how do you want to handle that? Should I roll survival?

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

Sense Motive on Caelus a while back there:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Amoonrann watched as the lot of them went about their business choosing their preferred ambush points. She, however, was more interested in the fortress gates and she walked out to inspect them. Specifically, she was looking for any kind of mechanism that would open or close the gates.

Unlike the others, Amoonrann was not so much concerned with these bandits. She was, however, concerned with where the bandits come from. If they're a day's ride away, then it would take a minimum of two days before the bandit camp could have more bandits at the fortress (a day's journey from the fortress, say a few hours for them to be noticed missing, and then another day's journey back to the fortress) The problem, however was they can send out a party with far greater numbers if they suspect something is wrong.

These bandits are a symptom, not the disease. While Amoonrann could possibly track their root back to the camp, that takes time. If, however, they managed to keep at least one of the bandits alive...

Perception on the gate: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

Incidentally, a diagram of the fortress would be helpful.

Picture of Olegs that will get me in trouble should staff see this link!

From what you know, the bandits are coming through the gate in the south. Let me know where you all plan to be waiting for your ambush, as that sounds like your plan.

@Stellan: you can just clear the trail if you like.

The fort is simply made out of wood and has no special gate; it is simply 30 feet wide with 2 doors that swing inward, with a large piece of wood that can bar the gates from the inside.

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

I am ready, not sure about anyone else, Elos and I will be hiding in the shed for the bandits, Roga is our bait to talk to the bandits to try to persuade them, and everyone else is hiding on top of the guest house

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

"Aasimar!" Amoonrann called out, "do you think between us we can close these doors to stop any of them from running?" She moves to one of the doors and tries to push it closed, just to test and see how difficult it would be.

Strength Check (if necessary):1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20

I take it those catapults don't actually exist? Also, sorry but I missed the line earlier where Triaxus introduced himself so apologies for that inconsistency.

Incidentally, if Triaxus thinks the doors can be closed, and agrees that's a decent spot to be for the ambush, that would probably put both he and I at the gates to the south thus blocking the only apparent way out.

As a follow up question to that, how 'see through' are the gaps in the wood of the fortress? Are they like huge holes you can see through from a billion miles away? Or is the wood all around pretty tight leaving minimal gaps?

The fort walls are bound together tightly, so you would be able to hide behind the gate doors.
The catapults DO exist - they are just quite run down and non-functional. They can be fixed but it would take a couple weeks.

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

And how difficult is the door to close? Would a Strength Check be required?

I will say they will require a full-round action to close with no Str check.

Stellan cleans up and hides the trail so that it's less likely the bandits will spot something wrong. "Master Oleg, how many horses has there been at once in the stables? We may need to put some elsewhere if you can't explain the numbers easily." Stellan mulls the plan over. "I'm not too keen on being on top of the roof of the guest house, how 'bout me being behind it, so I can't be seen from the courtyard? I'll come around at whatever the signal for action is and try to make them sleepy. No one can be in the courtyard in front of the shed or they may be affected as well."

Putting the shovel away and looking around for any signs he may have missed, Stellan continues, "Have we settled wither we take them unawares or will someone speak to them first? And what will be the signal to attack? If a lookout can me made so we get a little warning before they arrived, so I can cast a protective spell on myself?"

Male Human, Kellid Paladin/1

"I don't think we have decided fully yet, but I think Cealus and I agree now, even though I don't like that he thinks of me as bait." Roga says smiling and continues: "A lookout would be a good idea, but is it necessary now or in the morning? I'll ask Oleg when they arrive and if they always come at the same time"

Roga walks to Oleg and asks him: "Oleg, when do the bandits normally get here and do they alwyas come at the same time?"

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Caelus laughs and places his hand on Roga's shoulder. "Good that you came around! I misspoke when I referred to you as bait. Think of it more as you are our front line defense. If you end up talking the bandits out of stealing from the outpost, then I don't have defeat them in combat. Cause if any are still alive after the combat, it is our duty to see that they are punished according to Brevoy law."

Caelus geastures to a large pile of rope over by the shed with an incredibily serious and stern look on his face.

Dark Archive

Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

stroking the dark brown hair coming out of his black cap Elros suggested,
"How about we wait for the bandit to approach the shed, and as they got close Roga addressed them to distract them from the shed, that's the cue for me to colour spray them. Stellan how about you pick up on those that I missed or those that are too stubborn and resisted my spell... Roga from what I remember Svetlana say they comes an hour after sunrise."

Elros look up to the sky and check what time of day it is.
I don't mean to know exactly what time it is, just wandering if it's noon, afternoon or dawn etc.

Male Aasimar Ranger 1

Ammonraan's shout prompts a startled chuckle. 'Aasimar? Haven't heard that in a while; 'course, haven't had Yuhei mad at me in a while either.' Considering her question, he take a look at the gate himself. "Hmm. Can't be to hard to open, considering Oleg and Svetlana must be able to do so. I imagine it's a bit of a process though." Noticing the walkway along the upper half of the gate, he then calls out, "Stellan, you said you can put the bandits to sleep? That might be a good perch as far as sight lines go, but it would leave you a bit exposed to any that can get a shot back!"

Turning back to Amoonraan, he smiles wryly. "By the way, my name's Triaxus, if you missed my introduction earlier. We get another aasimar out here, it could get confusing. Ammonraan, correct?"

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

"Amoonrann," she corrected, quickly, Triaxus' presence drawing her eyes back from the door as she gave him the once over. She'd heard tales the Aasimar before, but she'd never had personal contact with one. He seemed...reasonable. Hardly as short-sighted as some of the others seemed to be. "And I mean no offense. I am meeting other people," Amoonrann added, as she moved the door back to its proper position.

"It has been my horse and I alone for quite some time now and, well, that does tend to make one fall out of the practice of taking note of names," she mused, but her voice was...sullen, distant. As if lost in thought. Then, suddenly, she seemed to snap out of it, as it were, and she was all business once again.

"We should be able to handle these bandits with little or no real issue if their numbers are what the woman reports them to be. My concern, however, is the much larger threat posed by the camp from which they hail. What happens when these ones coming in the morning don't return with their prize?" Amoonrann said, to no one in particular she was merely thinking out loud. "Assuming that there is a camp a day's journey from here, it means that when these bandits don't report back, another force could be knocking on the doors here within two days..."

Amoonrann suddenly lost all interest in the gate and marched to the center of the fortress. "We can't kill them," Amoonrann said, abruptly to the group of her comrades that had gathered by the stables.

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Caelus raises his eyebrow to Moony, "Can't? And why is that? They are bandits, they forfeited their lives when they decided to live on the opposite side of society."

Caelus sighs for a long second, "If you are worried about retribution from the rest of the bandits, then I say we make it so they can't attack. We fix up those balistas, we reinforce the walls, we turn this little post into a fortress, and if none of that works, we can resort to scare tactics."

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

"Within two days?" Amoonrann asked, her tone almost mocking the idea outright. She turned to face the Paladin as she recalled him being the one who wanted to negotiate with the bandits originally and thus the most likely to be 'on side' with her proposal, even if his reasoning is more 'moral' in nature, the conclusion seemed at least consistent with her's. "Because we have to assume another party will be sent out as soon as this group is missed, and this one will be more well-equipped to deal with whatever stopped their last group from completing their task. To assume anything other than that endangers not only our lives, but the innocents as well."

"We need them alive so we can find out where the camp is and deal with the problem directly," Amoonrann stated, matter of factly.

Dark Archive

Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

"I agree that we have no need to kill them, if they would yield and live a good life from then on, but if they resist, well... you know how the punishment goes for banditry."

Turning towards Caelus, Elros regrettably said,

"I'm sorry I won't be able to stay here protecting this trading post, if you recall we still have the job of exploring and charter this "Greenbelt".

"I have no desire to kill but we need only one, willing to talk, alive to tell us what we need to know. Even if all of them die, I suspect there are woodsmen enough among us to backtrack their trail to the camp. I'd have a fair chance and I suspect a Druid of the Green to have better. I doubt their numbers are too large, the first time there were a dozen, these near-empty lands cannot support much more than that, too few victims. If we take, or convince them to mend their ways, the bandits that come tomorrow, then dealing with the camp should be doable. Also know my spell will not have the power to put them all down, it may not work at all, we will need to be ready for anything." Stellan paces a bit. "Your point, that we need more information about these bandits, is a good one. But my spell and Elros's should disable one at least, if it comes to that."Stellan turns to Roga, "What is your intention? To tell the bandits to go away to work more ill in this land or to tell them to surrender to justice or else? If they get away, ill will befall the innocent."

Stellan turns and looks around the compound. "We can't stay and protect but if we eliminate this group maybe this will be safe for a while. We can only do so much."

Dark Archive

Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

Elros nods his head in agreement to Stellan, and await Roga's answer to our current situation.

Male Aasimar Ranger 1

Triaxus frowns slightly before walking up to join the others. "Admittedly, I'm not seeing the conflict. Our charter states that we are to explore the Greenbelt, but it also tasks us with punishing banditry. The best way to do so would be to cut out the root, and from Svetlana's story, that would be a camp located somewhere south of here. I imagine we could go in that rough direction and find it, eventually, but doing leaves the trading post undefended from an immediate bandit threat. With information from one of the bandits who arrives tomorrow, we can discover where exactly to strike, thus leaving us more free to explore the area without the threat of organized bandit raids on the only direct source of shelter and resupply in the region. And between you El, and Stellan it seems we have ample capacity to eliminate tomorrow's raiders as a threat without necessary skipping straight to the 'rope or sword' clause. Which, even done from ambush, is fairly kind considering."

"Dont get me wrong, Caelus, I have no more sympathy for bandits than I've ever received or expected to from the bandits themselves. And I've lost a bit too much to generally feel too merciful in their regard either. If killing the ones who came here tomorrow would solve the problem entirely, I'd be suggesting the magic workers throw fire as opposed to pixie dust. But as Amoonraan said, we can't reasonably shore this place up for a siege of twenty or even more bandits that could be here in less than a week. So we wouldn't be sitting around on the defensive, we'd be going after said bandits, clearing out enough to prevent extensive disruption of our exploration, and we can get some surveying done in the process. Looks like a win all around."

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Caelus shrugs in defeat to everyone, "If the consensus is to let them live, then so be it! But I will be here and I will be ready for when the situation takes a turn for the worse."

Caelus moves off to the shed to prepare his inevitable ambush.

Male Human, Kellid Paladin/1

"You all raise valid points and are entitled to your opinions" Roga answers and continues: "It is my silent hope that they would yield and join the communities north of here as productive members."

He looks at Amoonrann for a few seconds considering what she said and says: "Your reason is good as we will need to protect these lands from the other bandits as well."

Stellan's question seams to puzzle him and he answers: "I think I might have more faith in the good of man than you, but I would never allow them to leave if the result would be innocent suffering."

"I will do what needs to be done, if they don't surrender." he adds firmly.

I feel this is the best answer, I can give and action to choose in accordance with the "paladin problem", we discussed in the Discussion thread. Let me know there, if you do not think, it is all right. There is however a philosophical problem with the LG alignment and the code of conduct.

It's currently after dinner, beginning to get to late-evening. You won't have much more time before you won't be rested enough in the morning. Time to wrap plans up!
Recall: Oleg and Svetlana left you to plan on your own. I will assume the questions to him, you went and knocked to find Oleg first..

Oleg answers the door, looking none-too-pleased as usual. He listens to the questions carefully before answering, pausing a moment to think. "For horses.. It always changes. Some sell their horses to us, so we oft have extra in the stables. A few more wouldn't raise suspicion. When they come? Always an hour after dawn. Pretty punctual for bandits, if you ask me." Unless he is asked more questions, Oleg heads to bed with a nod of appreciation at the party.

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Caelus goes to inspect the shed, he makes mental notes of how the door operates and everything inside of it. He kneels down and mentally prepares himself for the fight.

After 15 minutes have passed, Caelus gets up, grabs his pack and heads to the guest cabin. He nods to the group "I need my rest if I am to be any use tomorrow."

He grabs the bunk nearest to the back of the guest cabin and settles in for the night.

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

"What I suggest is this," Amoonrann began, "When the bandits do come tomorrow, we go more or less as planned. The arcane ones hidden in their ambush positions, I shall stand with one of them as I can hold my own again against an attacker, and I have access to some magicks of my own."

"I further suggest that..." she hesitated a moment as if trying to remember something and then she continued with "Triaxus, and that the other Human position themselves behind the doors of the fortress while you," Amoonrann said, gesturing towards Roga "take up a position somewhere in the middle of the courtyard. When the bandits arrive, they will no doubt head to you and once the conversation starts, the two at the doors should close and bar the doors from this side to prevent them from escaping. Then, we all reveal ourselves from our ambush points and you give them the ultimatum to surrender or die. Perhaps if they realize we have them completely out maneuvered, they will simply stand down. However, if they even make a move for a sword, we will be in such a position that we can drop them without killing them. And if it comes down to us or them, only then should we end their lives."

"I have faith in most of my fellows, Roga, these are, if you believe Olga and Svetlana, proven brutes, I do not wish them dead but I do want good people safe."

Very practical plan, Amoonrann, I'll be behind the guest house so as not to be seen either from the gate or the courtyard. I don't need to be close to cast the spell, I can do that from anywhere in this steading but I need to be able to get to any injured, quickly, to heal them. Stellan is satisfied they've done all they can and heads off to bed after walking Vinur and checking on his horse.

Stellan will get up before dawn as usual to commune with his familiar, dawn should come just as he finishes.

Dark Archive

Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

"So be it, I don't see myself hiding in the shed to be useful for my magic."

Elros points to the middle of the courtyard, then points towards the closes building door.

"If Roga would be conversing over there, then I might as well hide behind the stable's door."

He then left for the cabin, but stop half way and turn back and walk towards Roga and whisper in his ears,

Whisper DC15:

"I won't lie to a man with honour, I was once saved by a bandit from the hand of a tyrant, and lived amongst them for quite some time, I believe that there is good in every man as much as you do. I'll help you persuade them to repent against their sin."

And with that Elros left for bed, and wake up an hour before sunrise and spend the hour to prepare his spell for the day.

Spell Prepared:

Level O:
Detect Magic
Ghost Sound

Level 1:
Colour Spray
Mage Armor
Ray of Enfeeblement

Specialised Spell:
Mage Armor

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Caelus wakes from his dreamless sleep and begins to get ready for the day ahead. He checks outside and confirms that it is still before sunrise. He gathers his armor, his weapon and his pack and quietly walks out into the morning air. He notices Elros meditating, so he makes sure not to disturb him.

Caelus walks over to the area of the shed and sits down. He removes his whetstone from his pack and begins to sharpen his dueling sword. He beings to think on the rest of the day and all possible outcomes as he slowly calms with the rhythemic sound of his sword sharpening.

After preparing his weapon, he grabs out some iron rations from his pack and quickly eats them to give him energy for the day. He then gets prepared for the ambush and waits in the shed for Elros to join him.

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

Perception on the Whisper: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24

"Then if we're all in agreement, I'll likewise turn in for the day. Good night," Amoonrann said, nodding to whoever of the group remained before she went off to the guest house and got ready for the night's rest. She managed to catch Elros' whispers before she headed off, but none of it was of any real consequence to her so she didn't give it a second thought.

It wasn't until Amoonrann entered the guest house that she realized a small problem: she couldn't maintain the ruse of being a half-elf while she slept. The prospect made her...uneasy. She knew far too little of her comrades to trust them outright with her...situation. She had been burned before and some of this group seemed prone to rash action first, consideration of consequences second. Add to that the fact she hadn't been in a room with so many people in what seemed an age, let alone a room full of males she knew nothing about...

Not happening, Amoonrann thought to herself. So she grabs her bedroll from her pack, and her scythe from the wall, electing to sleep in the shed instead. She didn't trust them, least of all that fool Human who greeted her with his hand on his sword. How does the saying go... you're only paranoid if the universe isn't out to get you. If, as it turns out, the universe is out to get you, you're not paranoid -- you're right.

If she is asked why she is sleeping on her own, she will simply respond "because I enjoy my privacy." And she will go about her plan to sleep alone.

Those who ask her with a Sense Motive 15+:
You get the feeling that its more than just a want for privacy. Amoonrann is hiding something else, something far more personal.

Prepared Spells:

0s: Light, Mending, Stabilize (at will)
1s: CLW (1), Entangle (1)

If one of you would like me to prep a different spell from the Druid spell list, please post it in an OOC.

And if we are just skipping ahead to the next morning...:

Amoonrann wakes slightly before before dawn and does her typical meditation -- she sits cross legged, in the nude with her long silver hair flowing freely down her back. She sits with her back to the door and meditates on the course of action that is most aligned with the natural way of things. Her meditation is especially deep this morning, and she stays in the shed far longer than she'd intended, meditating right through any meal that may be offered by their hosts at the outpost.

Dark Archive

Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

Insert this before I went to bed

As Elros about to sleep, she saw Amoonrann leaving the room, he asked why do that when there's a bed, in which she reply because she enjoys her privacy, but there seems to be more to that.

Sense Motive Check:1d20 - 2 ⇒ (13) - 2 = 11

But as she walks out, Elros gave up, and think nothing more of it.

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Sense Motive from previous night 1d20 ⇒ 18

Caelus opens the door to the shed to prepare for his ambush when he notices that Amoonrann is sitting inside, meditating. It takes him a few seconds to realise that she is not wearing any clothes and with her naked back to him. He instantly reverts his eyes and turns around.

"My lady, I appoligize, I did not realise anyone was in here. If you are just about finished with your meditation, I would really like the oppertunity to speak with you. With some clothes on of course."

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

Amoonrann's eyes were closed her mind was...distant. In the center of a swirling storm. Lightning was streaking across the sky, thunder so loud it was almost deafening, fierce gale force winds were whipping about her...and yet, there was a peace about it all, as if it was somewhere she belonged. And in the distance, a voice whispered over the howling winds and was distant at first, but getting closer "...really...speak with you...some clothes on of course."

Amoonrann's tail was the first part of her to come out of the trance as it flicked itself from left to right, making a thud noise as it struck the ground. Moony inhaled, sharply, and her eyes opened and she tensed right up. It took a moment for her to realize where she was and, the events of the day before. And that she was...not alone.

The Tiefling cursed quietly in Infernal and she immediately regretted doing it. As if there wasn't enough reason for the man behind her to think she wasn't the half-elf she pretended to be. "And what makes you think I want to speak to you, Human?" Amoonrann hissed, as she struggled to dress herself as quickly as she could so she could hide as a half-elf again.

That or run, should things turn ugly.

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Caelus has his back turned to Amoonrann while she hurdley gets changed. He takes a quick peek and notices her tail, which causes him to furrow his brow in slight confusion before realisation comes to him. He turns around to face Amoonrann.

"I believe initially we got off on the wrong foot. My attitude can sometimes come off as rash and intense, and I would like to appoligize for that. If you had a family like mine, you would behave the same way. I have trust issues, and as we need to work together, I need to break down my barriers. I had believed that my behaviour was the cause of your discomfort last night, and I now see that it actually had nothing to do with me at all"

Caelus becomes lost in thought for a few seconds before speaking again. "When I was a boy, my father took me on one of his adventures for the Pathfinder Society to the Captial of Cheliax. I met a few Tieflings there, some my age, and while I was there, I began to learn that your race has to always be on guard against yourself and those around them. I can see why you have been quite close guarded. I agree that you need to keep on guard with townsfolk, even with Oleg and Svetlana. But with me, and hopefully with the rest of the group, you don't have to hide who you are. Your natural form is actually quite beautiful."

Caelus smiles in a friendly way, "I also appoligize for disturbing your meditation..." Caelus begins to turn away when a suddenly thought hits him "Do you know of the Thirteen?"

Dark Archive

Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

After finishing his preparation, Elros left the bed, seeing others getting on with their business, he left for Oleg's main house to ask where he could wash Jimmy.

The sun has just rise, and before he made his way over to the main house he saw that there's water, more than enough at the stable to wash several stallions let alone a small compsognathus. And so he change his course, while on his way over he could hear some mumbling in the shed, thinking back on who's missing in the cabin, it's most likely Caelus and Amoonrann conversing within the shed. Or Oleg and Svetlana. He didn't doesn't feel the need to intrude on whomever's provacy and continue to walk over to the stable so he could clean Jimmy up.

Male Human, Kellid Paladin/1

"Wise words and good thoughts Stellan. I think we are closer in opinions than it might seam." Roga replies now smiling.

Roga nods thoughtfully at El's words and says: "A bandit isn't always a bandit some time it's a matter of perception."

Roga turns in as the others and soon sleeps heavily, snoring a few times.

After the night has passed:
Roga wakes still a bit sleepy. He walks outside, kneels down in the yard, clutching his holy symbol and preys whispering the words: "Venerated Erastil, Hunter of the beasts, Protector of the community grand me your lowly servant the ability to help these poor folks and protect their home. Let me be able to speak to those, who would hurt them and convince them of the wrong in their chosen path.

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

Amoonrann could feel Caelus’ eyes on her as she put on her armor piece by piece. It wasn’t so much that he was looking at her naked that kept Amoonrann on edge, indeed nudity was natural. The issue was that she was hoping to maintain the ruse of being a half-elf at least somewhat longer which at this point seemed…unlikely, at best. Her tail twitched as he mentioned the Tieflings, thereby confirming her fears that she was recognized for who she really was, and she cursed again in Infernal.

But then he kept talking about how he understood why she did what she did. And how she was beautiful which made Amoonrann blush somewhat. The longer he talked, in fact, the slower the Tiefling dressed. She had almost finished putting on all of her armor, and she was about to turn and apologize to him for being cold to him…but then he mentioned the Thirteen.

Amoonrann hadn’t heard the name of the group that had been chasing her, and so she tried to think of what significance the number thirteen would have had in her life. And then she remembered the thirteen sets of tracks going into the Stolen Lands leading away from the farm she used to call home and Amoonrann’s demeanor shifted, significantly. She immediately stopped dressing and her body tensed up…she was suddenly very aware of the fact she was alone with a less than trustworthy Human who had just found out about her Oni heritage.

Her heart started beating faster, and a chill ran down her spine…and then, the memories of the massacre of her family came rushing back to her…and everything seemed to stop. She inhaled sharply, coldly, like a beast that knew it had nowhere left to run. That was the only warning Caelus got before she screamed in rage and had her scythe in her hand poised and ready to strike.

”Bastard! You killed my family!” she screeched, tears in the corners of her eyes as the tragedy of her past all came crashing back to her. She didn’t strike, but she did start advancing on him slowly, ominously, and she would be in striking distance in a moment.

In her mind, she had one chance – kill the assassin before he killed her.

Stellan barely notices the others as they prepare for the day while he communes with Vinur. After he dresses as usual with clothes heavier than he truly needs to wear, he goes to the main house to see if a dawn breakfast is laid in. If not he looks for some bread and cheese to break fast with. He recovers his leeching kit from that room. When that's done, he heads to the stable to get his shortspear and medical kit. He intends to find a bit of rope to tie the kits to him so he doesn't need to carry the backpack around pointlessly. He stops as he hears Caelus's last sentence. He speaks very softly, "If anyone needs a few minutes, I can wait. I'll need to get my kit and spear soon though. Good Morn' to ye, Caelus."

Stellan waves to the man but comes no closer, until he hears Amoonrann's scream. He runs to the stable door to see what's going on. "Amoonrann! What's the matter?" Stellan asks in confusion.

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Caelus throws up his hands in surrender and makes sure to speak very calmly and slowly "I believe that would be a yes..." He looks down at the pack at his feet then back to Amoonrann. "In my pack is a scroll. It was given to me by my mother, Lady Samara Vraie. She is the advisor to Lord Surtova. She asked me to delivery it to someone here in the Stolen Lands and to not read it."

Caelus smiles slightly, "Being the good son that I am, I carefully removed the seal and read it. It's a confirmation of payment to the assassin group known as the Thirteen. The payment is for not only a completed job but for the remainder of an outstanding target, one female Tiefling. I wasn't going to deliver it, I am not a pawn of the Surtova family, so its yours. Burn it, throw it away, use it to full your rage, but take it."

Caelus looks at her with a question on his face, "Would you be able to put the weapon away so I can put my arms down? Starting to lose feeling in them!"

Edit: Caelus slowly turns to Stellan with his hands still in the air, "The Lady and I were having a conversation, and I believe there is currently a misunderstanding. Hopefully she doesn't cleave me in half with that nastly looking weapon"

Male Aasimar Ranger 1

Last Night
Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 27
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10

"Sounds good to me. I can get the door if you'd like to position yourself for a better counter-attack, Caleus." As the group breaks for the evening, Triaxus bids them good night, waiting until the first stars appear to turn in himself. As Amoonraan passes on her way to the shed, her choice puzzles him for a moment, before it clicks that she is the only woman in the group, and privacy is a pretty hard thing to come by in the guesthouse. After a bit longer watching the night sky, Triaxus goes to sleep himself.

Come the morning, Triaxus wakes and after stepping outside to leave Elros to his meditations, sits next to the door and checks his weapons and other equipment, making certain everything needed is in place for easy access once the attack commences. He spares a brief nod to Caelus and Stellan as they pass, too distracted with his task for much more. At Amoonraan's scream, he darts to his feet, weapon at the ready. 'Song and stars, did the bandits come in the night?! We have to...' Triaxus' train of thought is brought to a halt upon seeing Caelus being confronted by a markedly different person than he'd seen enter the shed the night before. Startled, he cautiously lowers his starknife to a less threatening position and calls out, somewhat hesistantly, "Caelus...what's going on?" and shortly after that, "...Amoonraan?"

Edit Hearing Caelus' explanation, Triaxus slowly places his starknife back onto his belt, not wanting to further enflame the situation.

HP: 9/9 | IN: 2 | F: 3 | R: 2 | W: 6 | P: 9 | Vanaras Storm Druid 1

Amoonrann kept her weapon primed, but she stopped her advance and panted heavily, an impossible fury raging inside her, as she listened to Caelus' story. Everything had been taken from her by these bastards. They butchered everyone she had ever known or cared about.

And now, she found someone who knew about what was happening...someone who claimed to be a messenger boy with evidence of who was behind the group hunting her...or was he simply an assassin who made a mistake?

"Be silent," Amoonrann hissed at Caelus. Too much was happening, the others were stirring...her disguise was incomplete, and she had to decide what to do with the one in front of her. Reason dictated that she check the bag, but this was the closest she'd ever come to anyone even remotely associated with the group. Rage, sorrow, fear, guilt: a powerful tsunami of emotion surged through her. Panic was starting to sink in, but she couldn't allow that. She grabbed onto the only thought in her head that seemed even semi-rational. "Step back, slowly and keep your hands in the air or you'll really lose feeling in them," she finally said, slowly, in as calm a voice as she could muster.

Her eyes dropped for just a moment, onto the bag...a decision she immediately regretted and she brought them back up to Caelus as soon as she realized how stupid it was to take her eyes off of him.

Bluff:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11

The Bluff::
Amoonrann's calmness is sheer illusion, and a bad one at that. You can definitely tell this is a woman who is very very close to the edge.

Male Human-Taldan Fighter (Aldori Swordlord) || Init +6 | Perc 0 | AC 18 / T 14 / FF 14 | HP 16/16 | Saves F +3/R +4/W -1

Sense Motive 1d20 ⇒ 9

Caelus relaxes as he see's that Amoonrann appears to become calm, but he continues to keep his arms raised. Keeping his eyes level with her, he slowly nudges the bag towards her with his foot. He then begins to back away from her.

Caelus address the men behind him "Gentlemen, I would appreciate it if you reverted your eyes down or left us, the Lady is still slightly undressed and it is inproper to stare at a lady in such situation. I would also revert my eyes if I didn't think she would kill me if I did."

He goes back to addressing Amoonrann "If you prefer, I can leave the shed, you can go threw the bag, and if you don't find what you are looking for, I will be right outside so that you can kill me, sound fair?

Dark Archive

Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

As Elros was about to finish washing off Jimmy's dirt, he greeted Stellan as he walk by Elros to pick up his backpack and equipment. Once Jimmy's clean, Elros picked him up and head back towards the cabin. Once inside he open the pouch at the front of the backpack, and as if Jimmy knew Elros' intention, he jump inside and nothing but his head and parts of his neck could be seen.

Hearing a shout from what seems to be Amoonrann, Elros dashes out heading towards the direction of the voice. He stood next to Triaxus, whom had his starknife drawn, but later lowered and soon back on his belt.

"Morning, Triaxus, should we go check if everything's alright."

Probably a rhetorical question, Elros head towards the shed, and shout making sure who ever's in the shed could hear it.

"Is everything alright in there?"

Before any response was given, Caelus came out, with his hand in the air, and apparently saw her naked, Elros burst out a small laughter and said,

"Ahahaha. No wonder she scream. Poor Caelus, who would've thought there'll be people sleeping in a storage shed, let alone a naked lady. I guess we really have to knock and ask permission to enter, even if it's a trapdoor."

Sense Motive 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21 this was actually a 10, misposted again, damn the defaults, and stop ninja' ing me!:)

Stellan feels very befuddled but then focuses on the problem at hand.
He raises an eyebrow at Caelus's speach. "Lives are more important than propriety, Caelus." To the shouted inquiry he replies, "No but stand back, do not crowd." He thinks she's calming down and doesn't want her to take new fright.

"Amoonrann, I know that you kept secrets but did not care, I do not lightly disclose that I'm a witch of winter's breath, either." Stellan looks for a deadly reaction, if none he continues, "Let me check his pack and see if he tells truth, we have little time." Stellan takes out the scroll and reads it. "It seems as he says, it's not explicit about actually having people assassinated but it clearly says that payment will be made for proof of death of a female tiefling that fits your description. I think he's telling the truth as he knows it." Stellan waits for her reaction, ready to give her the scroll or get out of the way.

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Male Elf Infernal Binder Wizard

Sorweee for being a ninja =p

"Oh hey didn't know you're a witch Stellan? I though you more of a cleric, or some sort fighter, since you're so strongly build."

Elros raise his voice on the name "Stellan", as he didn't know who else may be inside the shed, apart from it being a lady, probably Svetlana or Amoonrann, infact he assume the man that talked in the shed to be Stellan, as it sounds like him.

Male Aasimar Ranger 1

Sense Motive - Amoonraan: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21
Sense Motive - Caelus: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

At Caelus' words, Triaxus blinks, reddens slightly, then turn his head to the left and steps further back before adding quietly "Caelus, I really hope you're as honest as I'm getting you to be, 'cause she wants blood from those people."

Hmm it appears you have all rushed into the new day without me! I was quite worn out last night and didn't get a chance to post, my apologies.

Svetlana rushes out of the main house to see what all the commotion out in the yard is, having panicked at the shouts of Amoonrann. Oleg stumbles sleepy-eyed behind her, roaring at her to get back in the house in case the bandits were already here. Upon seeing no bandits, the pair visibly settle and Oleg walks back into the house to get changed and ready.

Svetlana proceeds over to the shed where everything seems to be happening, and peeks in to find Amoonrann not yet dressed, and Caelus invading on her privacy. "Were you not a lordling of some sort? You should know to respect a lady and her privacy! Be gone, all of you! And let her finish dressing!" Svetlana shoos all the men out of the shed before any explanation can be given.

Svetlana quickly picks up on the fact that Amoonrann is quite upset, and moves towards her to give her a hug. "There there... Those men don't quite understand I'm afraid. The fact you felt you needed to sleep out in the shed.. Oh I wish you had said something, we could have made a place for you in the main house to sleep."

By now, it is well past sunrise. Based on what I gathered from everybody's doings and timeframe people listed when they got up..

Perception DC 20:
You can hear voices drifting up the road into the fort, getting close by the second.

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