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The Hand of Corruption: GM_Loki's Black Crusade

Game Master Lokio

You are a Heretic; a renegade turned against the oppressive Imperium of Man. The crumbling monolith mobilizes the might of its numberless armies, and you must stand against it. But can you realise your destiny before that power consumes you?

Current Characters

Lord Raheem Pandisar
Adoris Kalmath

Male Human Phantasmist 1 (8/8 hp)

played by stardust (143 posts)
Hooded Man

(Male Human Heretek)

played by Azharten (85 posts)
Sable Company Elite Marine
The Deceiver

played by Radavel (626 posts)


Not in use

played by Mark Sweetman (216 posts)

Current NPCs

Merisiel… in… SPACE!

played by Lokio (116 posts)

Previous Characters

Shiyara the High Mediator

(15 posts)

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