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Shadows over Westcrown

Game Master chavamana

Current Characters

Snowcaster Sentry
Akatsuki no Yume

Female Human Paladin 6

played by gmr808 (594 posts)
Azhar Mithra Amin

Male Aasimar Ranger Skirmisher 16

played by gmr808 (2,092 posts)
Verik Vancaskerkin
Cassian Merro

Male Human Rogue 15/Shadowcaster 1

played by JSR (1,936 posts)
Gravlax d'Antonio

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

played by Kevin Hogan (1,391 posts)
Thera Ven

Male Human Mobile Fighter 14 Acrobat 2

played by Kevin Hogan (255 posts)
Safan Domvesia
Zszdiirajss Maeettndar

female half-elf witch 15

played by Kyrademon (953 posts)

Current NPCs


(4,959 posts)

Previous Characters


(0 posts)

female human classy
(17 posts)

(8,138 posts)
Alaric Graff

Male Human Cleric 10

played by JSR (3,558 posts)
Black Willem

Male Ratfolk Gulch Gunner 6

played by JSR (498 posts)
Artemis Entreri

played by gmr808 (416 posts)
Maurya-Rahm Advisor
Katherine Andrea Parker

played by jsrose (506 posts)
Trinia Sabor
Melilot Took

played by Kyrademon (386 posts)
Rev Keaton Amin

Male Tiefling

played by jsrose (708 posts)

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