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thereal thom's (Inactive)

Game Master therealthom

Crimson Throne



This IS the internet you know ... Alegedly human Expert (IT) 5/Ninja 3/Witch 7
(9,394 posts)
Jeggare Noble
Emerion Brightsmith

Male Human, Varisian +6 Init, AC23/19/14, F+6/R+10/W+4, HP55/55, Per+11, Sense M+8 Fighter 5/Rogue 2
(820 posts)
Waifrin Goddon


Abra Lopati
Philippé de Talavera

Male Human Wizard/8, AC18/13/15, Hp 34/36, F+5,R+5,W+8, Init.+2, Perc +1, Sense Motive +1
(155 posts)

French Wolf

Kenan O'Flarna

Male Half-elf (Chelaxian) Stalker 6, AC18/14/14, F +3/R +10/W +7, Init +8, Hits 16/38
(269 posts)
Ringeirr Malenkov
Varlis Larward

Male Human Ranger 8, AC23/14/19, Hp 70/70, F+8,R+10,W+4, Init.+6, Perc +14, Sense Motive +11
(236 posts)
French WolfKergh the DwarfTrue Vigileon

Neil Spicer

Silver Dragon
Neil Spicer

Male Human Expert 4
(5,830 posts)
Istas Wraithscar

Female Human (Shoanti) Cleric 6
(935 posts)


Vampire Lord

(8,615 posts)
Anevia Tirablade
Nicola de Talavera

F Human (Chelaxian) AC 21/15/17, HP 55/55, Init +3, Perception +11, F +6, R +6, W +9 Cleric 8 (Cayden) [Con -1]
(109 posts)


DM Wellard

(7,150 posts)
Venture-Captain Shevala
Heather Whiteraven

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class) |AC 14 Init+5 Perc+8 FRW 3/3/7
(725 posts)
WellardHeather of Korvosa II

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