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thereal thom's

Game Master therealthom

Crimson Throne

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Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

"Our Erstwhile comrades are otherwise engaged" Heather states plainly "These good folk have agreed to aid us in our endeavors here"

Nicola de Talavera wrote:
Nicola bows briefly. "Not heroes, but healers at the very least. We were stuck here on the island when the bridges went down. My brother here and I have done our best to help with the Bloodveil, but the most we've been able to do is help people stay alive until they fight off the disease themselves." She glances at Phillippe, then back to the captain. "Simple decency, really. I claim no hero's blood."

"Are you the de Talavera's?" The captain sounds surprised and pleased. "Lord Arkona truly admired your work. He wanted to extend you our protection, but our lines were already too thin."

Varlis Larward wrote:

"I work for the Marshall. Endrin. I hunt missing people, good or bad. Captain, perhaps you can help me. I need info on the whereabouts of the Seneschal, Neolandis. You seen him recently? He was last seen coming this way."

Varlis gauges the man's reactions to the shot in the dark.

The captain looks sharply at Varlis, then swivels his head exaggerately all around. "I couldn't say."

Heather Whiteraven wrote:
"Our Erstwhile comrades are otherwise engaged" Heather states plainly "These good folk have agreed to aid us in our endeavors here"

"I hope we can help each other."

"Much appreciated." Phillipe responds with a respectful tilt of his head; "We just did what we could, whilst keeping the streets clean."

Male Human Ranger 7, AC23/14/19, Hp62, F+7,R+9,W+4, Init.+6, Perc +13, Sense Motive +10

Varlis gives an almost imperceptable nod back as he keeps pace. "Captain, tell me of your Lord. I am unacquainted with the Arkonas."

Gafesh smiles. "Lord Glorio is better than any man I have ever met. Adamant in judgement, wise as the stars. He bears his people's burdens as his own. These times weight heavily on him."

"Soon after Eodred's death, he sought to advise her majesty in council. With headstrong petulance she first disregarded his advice, and then, when his conscience dictated that he naysay her in council for the city's good, she named him an enemy in her heart. The crown has seized much of his property. The Hospice where you proved your valor, was an Arkona warehouse. The blockade is in place to keep him trapped with the maddened crowd. I would not be surprised to find Ileosa is the power behind Pilts Swastel and his ilk on the island."

"He bears sorrow. His family --" The Vudran turns away. "I speak out of turn. Please disregard that last."

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

"Oh I think we might be bringing his Lordship some good news in a number of respects" Heather says keeping her tone neutral"

"As is often the case with those in power, wise council can be lost to politics." Tybalt says solemnly; "We saw a lot of it in Cheliax, though it's sorrowful to lose such wisdom."

Then he looks to Heather with an incline of his head.

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

"Oh, it's normal for Korvosa as well. The Arkona's are known for their championing of the cause of the downtrodden here," Emerion speaks up. Until now he has let Heather do the talking. There was a lot of praise going on, but at the same time, something didn't feel right...

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

Heather gives Phillippe an apologetic smile. "Korvosa is a city that needs to set politics aside..people need to stop being Varisian or Chelish or Shoanti and concentrate on being Korvosan.Only then will this city gain it's rightful place."

She grins broadly

"But if I go on much longer about that Emerion will make the gagging noises he always does when I get started on my particular obsession"

F Human (Chelaxian) Init +3, Perception +11 Cleric 7 (Cayden)

"The great ones play their games while the poor men die," Nicola sighs fatalistically, "But we need the help of the highborn to fix this whole mess, if that's even possible. I don't mind being a catspaw if it helps the folk who simply want to live their lives. Our cause is just and the gods will protect us in this life or claim us in the next."

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