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thereal thom's

Game Master therealthom

Crimson Throne

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The door to the bedroom opens and Zellara walks in. She's dressed in a rough brown long skirt with a wildly colored blouse and headscarf.

"You called, bubeleh?"

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

"I did..I need your aid" she passes the cards across the table..

"Oh Emerion..this is Zellara..she's a sort of Ghost but not a Ghost and the reason I got caught up ion all these shananigans's a bit hard to explain really. All you need to know is that she is far more adept with the cards than I am."

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

"A...pleasure to make your acquaintance, fair Zalara," Emerion looks somewhat nonplussed, but bows courteously. "You must be a skilled reader indeed."

Zellara seats herself at the table and brushes crumbs or dust off the table onto the floor. She smiles a little smile as she picks up the cards, but her eyes stay roundly open. She riffles one corner of the deck with a pensive thumb.

"The cards speak the tale of life as it was, as it is, as it ever may be. I merely listen better than most. Heather has the gift too."

She addresses Heather, "What would you like my help with? Would you know your true love's name? The color of his eyes? Or do you seek something darker?"

Wellard, as a half Varisian Heather is entitled to Varisian as a free language. Or did you leave it off for RP reasons?

This was my third or fourth post that the board monster has eaten this week. Glad I checked back in despite lack of a flag on the thread.

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

Heather blushes at the older womans words.."Lrt us leave affairs of the heart out off this while the city is still under threat...can you tell us what may lie ahead." Might be an idea to put the cards drawn for each Character into the Campaign page..or I can put them on my Profile if you would prefer

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

Emerion looks relieved at Heather's declination of the offer to find her true love, but lets her do the talking for once.

Zellara sighs and murmurs, "Perhaps as well. Love is not always joyful."

"Sit," she tells Emerion, waving to a chair at the table.

She looks down at her hands as they shuffle the cards, staring intently. Her fingers move rapidly, the cards blur as she cuts and riffles the two halves back togther. Finally she raises the deck so that she is looking over the top at Heather and Emerion as she carefully, slowly, makes one last cut.

She looks straight at Emerion and without looking fans the cards, "Draw one." After he draws and places the card face down on the suddenly red damask covered table, she offers the fanned deck to Heather to draw.

Heather reaches without thinking and takes the corner of a card between thumb and forefinger, but it won't pull out of the deck. She tugs a little harder, but the card still won't come. She rubs her fingers together, takes a more firm grasp, and tugs without success. Her eyes meet Zellara's over the cards. The fortuneteller shakes her head to say this is no jest of hers, and offers the cards again.

Heather lets her index finger run over the cards, seeking a different choice. Cold, the edges of the cards are cold until she comes back to the same spot in the center where warmth lingers. Instinctively she clamps thumb and finger down and pulls the card forth. With a smile she holds the card up triumphantly. The smile quickly fades when she feels a sliding in her hand, the card slipping free to fall on the table. She drops her hand and snatches her card out of the air.

Three other cards escape her grasping hand and fall to the red cloth.

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

Heather turns her card over with studied deliberation though her heart pounds and the blood roars in her ears with the anticipation

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

Emerion takes a card when asked, and watches with sober concern as Heather struggles to draw.

Zellara pulls back in surprise, then leans forward to peer at the cards lying face down on the table. She looks up at Heather.

"The cards do favor you. The fates of four you have drawn from the deck, but you may only hold your own in your hands, yes? Now what have you there?" Heather turns the card, a red-cloaked figure holding a lantern and mace. The Inquisitor.

Emerion flips his card to reveal a barrel of water pouring onto a finely dressed CHeliaxian merchant's head. The Joke.

Zellara turns the first of the three cards on the table. A Female Shoanti warrior standing on an escarpment overlooking a valley. Her long cloak and heavy pack mark The Wanderer.

The second card on the table. An elf in merchant dress beside a docked ship surrounded by brown-skinned folk, dressed thinly but heavily adorned with gold jewelry. The Foreign Trader.

The last card. A vermillion snake, drawn up to strike. The Snakebite.

As always, the pictures on Zellara's deck are not constant. They change with each Harrowing but It's is always clear which card is which.

"Books. All cards from Books. There is knowledge to be gained. Something to be discovered.

"You (Heather) must remain steadfast. Do not be fooled. And you, Emerion, must be clever. These two, (her forefinger taps Foreign trader and Wanderer) are clearly your friends. Heather, tell them their cards. The Wanderer will find gems where others find only stones. The Trader deals, but not in goods this time. This time the trader deals in knowledge.

"This last. Snakebite is bitter chaos, death from shadows. I can not see for whom.

Zellara inhales a long slow draught. The cards lay on the table to her left. Her hands lie spread apart, palms up on the table top. She reaches across with her right hand to draw the top card and transfer it across the table face down, dragging the edge nearest you along the fabric of the table cloth. It reaches its spot on her left, closest to you.

"A Card for the good things in the Past" She slowly pivots the card about it's left corner. A barn owl, clutching a mouse in one claw stares up at you. "The Owl, the wisdom of the natural order."

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

"That could be the true sucession..and given what we now know about the Queen's association with the cult of Urgathoa...." Heather lets the statement die in her throat.."turn the next card"

Zellara nods. "So." She lays the next cards out more quickly. "The clouded past, The Sickness. This may refer to the recent plague, but the choosing was Books, knowledge. The Sickness could represent madness. The haunted past, The Wanderer, your friend's card inverted. It could be the inability to see clearly. "

She begins a new column directly in front of her. "The good in the present, The Twin. The murky present, The Demon's Lantern. The malign present, The Joke." She looks at Heather, " Duality in purpose. An impossible situation. Danger averted by craft.

My last post was interrupted IRL, but Wellard covered it IC impeccably. Kudos, sir! I'll give you another chance here.

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

"Well the queen is quite definitely mad and Istas ..does let her own world view cloud her judgement sometimes.I live in hope that she will eventually see the world in more than black and white."

She studies the second column.

""The Duality in purpose..maybe our mission into Old Korvosa..seeming to serve the crown whilst we work against the Queen...and it would appear that we are going to be presented by an impossible situation that will take all our abilities to overcome."

She looks at Emerion and shrugs

"I wish things were clearer but prophecy is not the exact science it was when Aroden still lived.Show us the future Zellara."

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

"There are many reasons to fulfil our mission in old Korvosa," Emerion murmurs, thinking of friends there and one in particular.

Zellara turns three cards up in a column to her right.

A trio of black birds are engaged in a tug of war over a large tarnished key, but their eyes are focused malevolently out of the picture on you. "The hopeful future, The Crows, inverted. One of you will lose someone or something you value."

A woman in red and white harelquin tossing three bottles. "The neutral future, The Juggler. Fate plays against you. The challenges ahead are steep."

Dark, stiffly posed figures lurk in shadowed halls lined with red bunting. "The malign future, The Waxworks. Helplessness and entropy. A strong counterpoint to the benevolent past."

"It seems the road you travel will be mired with difficulties and grief."

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

"At least we have the power to change that..the cards only show us a possible future..we make our own destinys now"

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

Please, Desna, let her be alive, Emerion prays, but says nothing.

"True, Heather," Zellara replies as she slides the cards into neat piles of three and then merges those piles with the remainder of the deck. The red damask tablecloth disappears.

Are you done with Z? Or do you have more. I've got something for you two in the morning. (Gametime)

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

Emerion has nothing to add.

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

"Thank you Zellara" heather murmurs.."we must think on this...please go and rest ..I am sure we will need your wisdom again soon"

Outside, the measured tromp of marching steel shod feet. Looking out the window, a trio of Grey Maidens. The leader's helmet has a longer, more vibrantly colored plume. Two take up stations at the door while the leader opens the door. Alerted, you can hear her tread on the stairs.

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

Emerion flicks a glance at Heather, and then steps quietly behind the door with a nod to her.

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

Heather frowns..Maidens are generally bad news and especially for her still she approaches the door and waits for the no doubt heavy handed thump of a gauntlet on the door.

The knock on the door is firm and demandingly audible, but something less than a heavy handed thump. Heather opens the door to reveal a Maiden whose mail is plainly formed but chased with subtle patterns of silver and gold. Only one such suit exists among the Maidens. The helmet lifts off to reveal the somber visage of Sabina Merrin, captain of the Grey Maidens, personal bodyguard to Queen Ileosa, half-sister to Heather.

"Good morning, Heather, I am surprised to find you awake." Her eyes drift over to Emerion. An eyebrow arches upward. "And good morning to you also, Brightsmith. I didn't expect to find you at all."

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

"Truly?" Emerion bows with a smile and mock surprise. "I thought a bodyguard would always be ready to expect the unexpected. How is Her Majesty? Well, I trust."

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

Heather's mouth twists a little, her Sister is rarely this polite to her and that usually means she want's something.."Good Morning Sabina.." she replies primly "Emerion called by to discuss our recent endeavours."

She knows what Sabina must be thinking and frankly she doesn't care...'How much do you know Sister' is the only thought that fills her mind though she tries to cover her contemplations behind pleasantries.

"I hope the Queen is not too distracted by the reports of what we discovered"

Bluff to cover her dark thoughts and appear calm 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (2) + 15 = 17

Sabina's shadowed eyes flick from Emerion back to Heather before he's even finished speaking. The Maiden sighs.

"Her Majesty is quite concerned by what you've uncovered. That she could be so thoroughly betrayed by an old family friend disturbs her deeply. Davalaus was quite mad of course, and hid it cunningly, but she still feels somehow responsible. She is quite grateful for the service you have rendered Korvosa."

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

"We only did what any loyal citizen would do in the circumstances.The safety of Korvosa and its people will always be paramount in my concerns and I will regard anyone, no matter how high their rank, who threatens that safety as an enemy of the State"

She looks her sister in the eye her will firming as she utters the veiled challenge.

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

Emerion studies Sebina closely, mentally analysing the content of and intention behind her words.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

"Your devotion to the city is undoubted. In fact, the queen will decree a celebration tomorrow where she will personally reward you and your companions for your service on the Grand Mastaba."

She glances at Emerion before slapping her hand to the big sword at her side and returning her attention back to Heather, "I asked you to think the last time we spoke. Good and loyal subjects will prosper under Queen Ileosa's rule. Criminals, traitors to the state, nobles seeking to place themselves on the Crimson Throne, seditious rumor mongers, will all be punished. Korvosa will rise stronger than ever before."

She looks again at Emerion. "Brightsmith, will you leave us alone for a moment?"

Yeah, I probably don't have to spell out the sense motive results for you. She's not being real subtle here.

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

Heather gives a nod of reassurance to Emerion and waits until he steps outside then turns back to her half-sister

"Very well Sabina..what do you want off me?.To join the Maidens? I'm afraid I would not make a good swordswoman and the armour would interfere with my spells"

She goes on not giving the other woman time to answer

"I have served ,and will serve, the city as it needs me...on that you have my word"

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

"As you wish, ladies," Emerion bows courteously and steps out of the room, taking audible footsteps away.

...then naturally sneaks back a little to listen.

Stealth: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27

Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (4) + 10 = 14

Sabina looks away. "Funny you should mention joining the Maidens. The Queen asked me to sound you out on the idea. She's thinking about a division of spell casters like the Hellknights' signifiers. If you're keen on the idea, she'd like you to offer your service to her during the presentation tomorrow."

She turns back to look directly at Heather. "I warned her that you would probably decline. That the discipline wouldn't suit you. She wanted me to ask anyway."

She moves closer. Her mail clad chest nearly brushes Heather. Her mouth is intimately close to Heather's ear. She lowers her voice.

"You're putting me in an impossible situation. You and I don't get along, but you're still family. I debriefed Fina. She said you and your friends have some wild ideas about -- Ileosa's relationship to Davalaus. That did not get into the official report and I've made sure she won't be spreading those tales about town."

"But I can't protect you forever. Serve the city in your own way. Help the Varisian and Shote trash, if you want. But you have got to keep this kind of talk to yourself. You risk mother and all your friends too.

["Fina says you and your friends have shown some real power and are pretty tough in a fight. So if we have to take you in it will be me who comes for you, and I won't be able to afford to play it easy. Understand?"

Nice stealth check E. You can assume Sabina didn't detect you.

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

Unfortunately for Emerion hearing a whispered conversation through a closed door is a DC 20


Heather takes a deep breath before she replies..

"Family" she whispers back "is a precious thing...know that despite everything, I love you my Sister, and I would that things had been different between us"

"I will not try to persuade you to the truth for I know where she is concerned you are blinded by loyalty, friendship I tell you again,no matter how matter what their rank..if someone, anyone threatens Korvosa ..then they are my enemy now and forever"

Intimidation1d20 + 15 ⇒ (13) + 15 = 28

She steps back and realises that she no longer fears Sabina her gaze is level filled with a sadness for her sister mixed with a steely determination and raises her voice again

"My respects to her Majesty but I must, regrettfully, decline her offer.I can serve better in an independent capacity within the guard.I will off course pay heed to your words and pass them on to my associates"

Sabina nods and steps away. "I will convey your decision to the Queen. She will be disappointed of course. We will still see you tomorrow. Bring mother. She will be so proud."

Helm on. Sabina spins on an iron heel and opens the door. "Thank you, Brightsmith." serves double duty as "Excuse me, get out of the way."

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

Emerion just smiles and steps aside courteously.

"Always a pleasure, Lady Sebina," he nods to her.

As soon as she is gone he turns to Heather.

"What did she really want, Heather?" he asks quietly.

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

Heather moves to the window and makes sure that Sabina and her henchwomen have truely gone.

"She knows Emerion..Fina told her what we discovered I knew it was a bad idea taking a Maiden.I'm not sure what she intends though she warned me against opposing the Queen and said if it came to a fight she would be the one who came for us..but"..she pauses "I'm not sure what she is thinking..if she wanted she could have arrested us here and now.I can only think she has some plan in mind, you know Sabina..there is always a plan.Just mostly not very good ones"

"So we have to play nice with Ileosa tomorrow..which means keeping Istas on a short leash..We will have to speak to the Bishop before we go she seems to be the only one Istas pays any heed to.Otherwise we'll get her quoting Pharasma's will at us again..and you know where that leads..sometimes though I wonder if it isn't more about the will of Istas Wraithscar than that off the goddess. Hubris my dear friend is a dreadful thing to bear"

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

"Aye, pride is a good servant but a poor master," Emerion agrees. "As for Sebina, she's devious, ambitious, and manipulative, but she's no fool. I wouldn't write off her as being totally lost, if only for her own interests."

Emerion shakes himself.

"You are right, of course. But I am eager to get to Old Korvosa, Heather. The old city has been abandoned to the fates and Arkopnas, and I have too many good friends on that side of the narrows to walk away. I think perhaps I should do some advance scouting there, starting as soon as I may."

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

"Not without me you're not" Heather manages to flash him a grin.

"We will get this charade with the Queen out off the way and then we will go and see what the Arkona's have been up to"

You got a day's free time. Portrait Op with the Queen tomorrow morning and party at the Carowyn's that night.

The ambassador would like for you to:

1. wangle an invite to the Carowyn's party for the others. "There will be many good contacts there."

2. See if you can enlist them in the investigation for the Seneschal. "You're going to need help in Old Korvosa. It's gotten quite rough and the Red Mantis are deadly foes."

I reviewed Istas' sheet, and maybe she is another Father Corbin. I didn't realize you'd dropped so much into some of the skills you did. She's been so effective in combat, I might have inadverntly discounted her other talents.

Istas works hard. She's got temple resources and can call in help from the other temples and the city's physicians, including one Kenan O'Flarna who has risen rapidly in the estimation of the city's legitimate physicians. Agreement coalesces behind her ideas and plan, but compounding and testing a blood serum will take days.

Female Human (Shoanti) Cleric 6


Sounds reasonable. Her skills in the healing arts were always meant to be really high, both as a result of the unorthodox methods she learned as a Shoanti in addition to the skills she learned as a priestess of Pharasma. Combine that with her Knowledge domain abilities and access to the books taken from Rolth, Arkminos, and Dr. Davaulus...and I'm hoping it'll be enough to serve as the catalyst for making progress towards a cure. Even so, it'll take time.

Istas receives her invitation to the Queen's tribute through the offices of the Church. Keliwyn, being recently displaced, gets his invitation through hearing the public proclamations.

You've got a day to prepare to meet Ileosa on the steps of the Grand Mastaba. Anything you care to do?

Female Human (Shoanti) Cleric 6

Yes. Since the Grand Mastaba holds a particular reverence in the minds of traditional Shoanti...and, because Istas currently holds the Queen and her Gray Maidens in disdain...she'll take the opportunity to show up in ceremonial Shoanti garb to politically embarrass her. Basically, her attire is meant to announce, "Hey look! A Shoanti played a key role in saving the Korvosans and southlanders from themselves." :->

Going twice.

Female Human(1/2 Chelaxian 1/2 Varisian) Sorceress 7 (favoured class)

Heather still concerned about her pregnant friend Silena..goes to check on her.

She spends sometime ensuring her clothing for the ceremony is of the best quality and in a style that is obviously Varisian.

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

Emerion goes about taking care of his family's business, tidying up loose ends. He seems to chafe at the bit constantly, and makes preparations to get across the narrows to Old Korvosa, spying out the easiest way there unobserved.

When the time comes he readies his finery, but doesn't forget his sword.

Save the old stone bridge, all the bridges across The Strait of Alika have been torn down or dismantled. A strong force of Maidens holds the stone bridge. Several buildings fronting the Strait which provided routes over the waterway for Shingles runners have also been torn down. The Maidens periodically patrol the Strait in small boats. What's left of the Marines, supplemented by Maidens, watch the Strait and its seaward appraoches. All other boats have been removed from the banks of the Strait. The Maidens also patrol the Jeggare in two galleys. A number of ships and boats are tied up on both banks of the Jeggare.

A sufficiently authoritative pass would get you across the bridge.

Smuggling is inevitable. A man who knew a man might be able to hook you up.

Male Human, Varisian Pure-Blood Fighter 5/Rogue 2

Emerion will make discrete inquiries as to who might be the man to talk to - on both sides of the narrows, as the Maidens might not let anyone back out again. He'll also ready a disguise in case he needs it when on the other side - just to blend in with the other rough characters.

Ooops! I was thinking of Morino Shadowstep, but he's on the wrong side of the Strait to get to OK.

You're right. The Maidens aren't letting people cross back from OK.

Matt Arness is your man. "Something can be arranged, but it may take a day or two and it won't be cheap. The Maiden's galley ran down the last boat I know that tried. Then they shot the survivors while they swam to shore."

Just gathering inspiration. Ileosa's bash will be tomorrow.

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