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randall793's Three Days to Kill

Game Master randall793

A remake of Penumbra's Three Days to Kill

Abandoned keep map

Campaign Map.

Initiatives and armor:

Skane,19,armoured coat,kilt,shield,+2


LN Large Town
Corruption: 0, Crime: 1, Economy: 2, Law: -2, Lore: -1, Society: 4
Qualities: Strategic Location, Prosperous, Notorious
Danger: 15

Government: Trade Council
Population 4849 (3506 Humans, 569 Halflings, 284 Dwarves, 142 Half-Orcs, 94 Half-elves, 40 Elves, 214 Others)

Notable NPCs

Base Value: 3400
Purchase Limit: 20000
Spellcraft: 5th
Minor: 3d4; Medium: 2d4; Major: 1d4

Interesting Places
Withered Oak Inn

NPCs and Places:

Aleph - A merchant operating out of Deeptown.
Ghafar - Aleph's manservant.
Mallus Bruwer - Innkeeper of The Withered Oak Inn, Deeptown

Modus - A rumored kingpin operating in Deeptown
Lucien - A kingpin rumored to be based in Deeptown
Madame Nibong - A fortune teller briefly met by Betony and Rianna during the Festival of Plenty, Deeptown
Salian - A Sect of Sixty guardsman.
Dorangus - Handled the preparations before the hunt for Lucien
"Rhino Mask" - Involved in tasking the party in the task to disrupt Lucien's meeting.
"Raven Mask" - Main speaker for the group tasking the party to disrupt Lucien's meeting.
Silar - A hired mage who briefly appeared to assist the party before leaving for Deeptown via wagon.
Rianna and Bjorn - A married couple who are members of the party. Currently left, seeking a more settled life.
Karlan - Innskeeper for the Jovial Joker.
Kieran - A beefy man looking for employment as a man-at-arms in Holmstead.
Krill - A wiry halfling currently accompanying the party, leading to an abandoned keep rumored to be Lucien's hideout.
Ash - An alchemist who briefly joined the team before leaving, realizing the amount of trouble the party stirs up.
Dieredon - An elven ranger who was cut down during an orc ambush during the pursuit for Lucien. Was a member of the party. Buried at Trail's End mansion.
Rosslyn - A black haired adventurer who initially joined in for a while before finding her own way at Holstead.
Cutter's Guild - A guild operating out of Deeptown responsible for supplying timber.
Holmstead - A village stumbled upon on the pursuit of Lucien and his cronies.
Deeptown - A large town where money comes first and morality second.
The Jovial Joker - An established inn in Holmstead.
The Withering Oak Inn - An inn in Deeptown with its entrance a passage between two large oak trunks.

Abandoned Keep Loot:

1st Bandit Battle
6 medium mundane longswords
loose coins amounting to 234gp, 639sp, 684cp
7 silver rings of identical make
a medium mundane greataxe
a case of fine cider with 12 cork stopped bottles
rations for 14 days
6 mundane longbows
a gold chain with fang pendant.

A large chest sits in the far corner, locked.


Beginning at 3rd level, players are allowed to recruit hirelings to their cause.

Hirelings are NPCs under the GM's control who are working for the PCs for material gain.

They come in two flavors, muscle or service.

Hirelings in this category are not averse to risk and would accompany PCs on hazardous duties such as tomb delving, raids and the like, though negative reactions would occur if they are repeatedly forced in very dangerous combats.

They come without equipment and expect their employer to provide initial equipment suitable to their status as fighting men/women.

These NPCs would have morale ratings, loyalty, wealth and experience tracked by the GM. Their stats would be masked however.

These hirelings provide certain duties that could fulfill an adventuring party's wants such as expert healing, cooking, equipment repairs, guide, porterage, etc. These NPCs however are risk-adverse and refuse following the party into hazardous areas. Most of them would also require added expenses if they are to provide their services on the road.

The GM would track their moral and loyalty.

Hiring Process
For Service Hirelings, the intention to recruit them would be made a guildhall, inn or via agents depending on services needed.

A contract is agreed upon where time services required is stated and the requested payment offered. Usually the sum is paid in halves and completed when the time is up. Additional payment may be needed if there is a requirement for services on the move and possibility of contract extension.

Muscle hireling are through a different process where an effort to recruit risk-takers to join the party are made
Common methods are via agents, barkeep, advertisement and town crier if any. Interested applicants would turn up the next day and hear out the terms of the contract before agreeing or disagreeing. They come without any equipment whatsoever.

Contract terms would need to include signing on fee, living expenses, expected duration, equipment offered, wages, loot shares if any, and expected role.

Hireling loyalty would be influenced by charisma, alignment, role in party, hazards exposed, duration of current service, special services done by employer.

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