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cynarion's Carrion Crown PbP

Game Master cynarion

Professor Lorrimor, the renowned investigator and arcanist, has died. You came to his home in the town of Ravengro to pay your respects, but quickly discovered there was more to the wily old man's death than met the eye...

The Cursed Prison of Harrowstone

The Party

Current XP Total: 3,695 (Level 2)

Friends and Allies

  • Kendra A. Lorrimor, female human diviner, Professor Petros Lorrimor's bereaved daughter
  • Vesmera Avanaki, young female human (no class), middle daughter of the Avanaki family, owners of the Ravengro general store, and erstwhile friend of Walter's


  • Sarianna Vai, female human expert, innkeeper at The Outward Inn in Ravengro
  • Father Grimburrow, old male human cleric, Ravengro's Town Priest
  • Councillor Hearthmount, middle-aged male human aristocrat/cavalier, Ravengro Councillor
  • Alendru Ghoroven, middle-aged male human wizard/expert, proprietor of The Unfurling Scroll, Ravengro's magic curio store and school; also apparently a veteran con artist
  • Iona Geryn, middle-aged female human cleric, Pharasmin acolyte and Ravengro's historian
  • Zokar Elkarid, male human expert, proprietor of The Laughing Demon, Ravengro's tavern
  • Benjan Caeller, middle-aged male human fighter, Town Sheriff of Ravengro


  • 'Gibs', old male human warrior, antagonistic old man who thinks Lorrimor was a necromancer. Interrupted Lorrimor's funeral.

Vanquished Foes
The Piper of Illmarsh
A nameless serial killer from the town of Illmarsh, and one of the five most dangerous prisoners to ever be incarcerated at Harrowstone.

  • Vanquished by: Rose
  • Read about his demise here. (link to come)

Father Charlatan
A notorious swindler who impersonated clerics as part of a plan to part honest folks from their money. Incarcerated at Harrowstone and one of the five notorious prisoners who died there in the fire fifty years ago.

  • Vanquished by: Lem, with help from Raj, Dragomir and Theron.
  • Read about his demise here. (link to come)

Former Party Members

  • Flori, NG female half-orc sorceress

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