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In 1930-31, Miskatonic University funded an Antarctic Expedition which ventured forth into the icy wastes of the southern continent in search of new discoveries. Instead the intrepid adventurers found horror, tragedy, and a great and ancient secret.
Those secrets still lie under the ice of that mysterious continent waiting to be uncovered...

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Male Human Catholic Priest, Ex Army Chaplin


Male "Human" Engineer


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The Miskatonic University Expedition to Antarctica
Tragedy at the Bottom of the World

The Arkham Advertiser reported on the expedition to the bottom of the world led by Geologist Dr. William Dyer, one of Arkham’s own sons!

December 1, 1930

The expedition landed at Ross Island in the Ross Sea. After several tests of the drilling gear and trips to Mt. Erebus and other local sights, the land party, consisting of 20 men and 55 dogs plus gear, assembled a semi-permanent camp on the barrier not far away and readied their five big Dornier aircraft for flight.

December 9, 1930

The party established a second base camp on the Polar Plateau beyond the top of the Beardmore Glacier (Lat 86d7m Long E174d23m) and did a lot more drilling and blasting in that vicinity.

December 13-15, 1930

Pabodie, Gedney, and Carroll climbed Mt. Nansen many fascinating fossil finds were made using the drill rig.

January 6, 1931

Lake, Dyer, Pabodie, Daniels, and ten others flew directly over the South Pole in two aircraft, being forced down once for several hours by high winds. Several other observation flights were made to points of less noteworthiness during the week before and after.

January 10, 1930

Lake, Pabodie, and five others set out via sled to probe overland into unknown lands. This expedition was scientifically successful as more fossils were unearthed.

January 22, 1931

The agenda of the trip was changed on this day as it was decided to send a very large party northeastward under Lake’s command. The party consisted of 4 planes, 12 men, 36 dogs, and all of the drilling and blasting equipment. Later that same day the expedition landed about 300 miles east and drilled and blasted up a new set of samples, containing some very exciting Cambrian fossils.

Late on the same day, Lake’s party announced the sighting of a new mountain range far higher than any heretofore seen in the Antarctic. Its estimated position was at Lat 76d15m, Long E113d10m. It was described as a very broad range with suspicions of volcanism present. One of the planes was forced down in the foothills and was damaged in the landing. Two other craft landed there as well and set up camp, while Lake and Carroll, in the fourth plane, flew along the new range for a short while up close. Very strange angular formations, columns, and spiracles were reported in the highest peaks. Lake estimated the range peaks may top 35,000 feet.

January 23, 1931

Lake commented on the likelihood of vicious gales in the region, and announced that they were beginning a drilling probe near the new camp.

The rest of that same day was filled with fantastic, exciting news that rocked the scientific world. A borehole had drilled through into a cave, and blasting had opened up the hole wide enough to enter. The interior of the limestone cave was a treasure trove of wonderful fossil finds in unprecedented quantity. After this discovery, the messages no longer came directly from Lake but were dictated from notes that Lake wrote while at the digsite and sent to the transmitter by runner.

Into the afternoon the reports poured in. Amazing amounts of material were found in the hole, some as old as the Silurian and Ordovician ages, some as recent as the Oligocene period. Nothing found was more recent than 30 million years ago.

Later that evening Orrendorf and Watkins discovered a huge barrelshaped fossil of wholly unknown nature. Mineral salts apparently preserved the specimen with minimal calcification for an unknown period of time. Unusual flexibility remained in the tissues, though they were extremely tough. The creature was over six feet in length and seems to have possessed membraneous fins or wings. Given the unique nature of the find, all hands were searching the caves looking for more signs of this new organism type.

January 24, 1931

In the early morning hours Lake reported that the fourteen specimens had been brought by sled from the dig site to the main camp and laid out in the snow. The creatures were extremely heavy and also very tough. Lake began his attempt at dissection on one of the more perfect specimens, but found that he could not cut it open without risking great damage to delicate structures, so he exchanged it for one of the more damaged samples.

Just before sunrise, strong winds rising, all hands at Lake’s Camp were set to building hurried snow barricades for the dogs and the vehicles. As a probable storm was on the way, air flight was out of the question for the moment. Lake went to bed exhausted.

No further word was received from Lake’s camp. Huge storms that morning threatened to bury even Dyer at the base camp. At first it was assumed that Lake’s radios were out, but continued silence from all four transmitter sets was worrisome. Dyer called up the spare plane to explore Lake’s digsite once the storm had subsided.

January 25, 1931

Dyer’s rescue expedition left base camp with 10 men, 7 dogs, a sled, and a lot of hope, piloted by McTighe. They took off at 7:15 a.m. and were at Lake’s Camp by noon. Several upper-air gales made the journey difficult. Landing was reported by McTighe at Lake’s camp at noon; the rescue party was on the ground safely.

A radio announcement was sent to the world that Lake’s entire party had been killed, and the camp all but obliterated by incredibly fierce winds the night before. Gedney’s body was missing, presumed carried off by wind; the remainder of the team were dead and so grievously torn and mangled that transporting the remains was out of the question. Lake’s dogs were also dead.

In addition, the bulk of the specimens had been blown away or buried by the snow leaving only a few small, damaged specimens left for inspection.

It was decided that an expedition in a lightened plane would fly into the higher peaks of the range before everyone returned home.

January 26, 1931

Early morning report by Dyer talked about his trip with Danforth into the mountains. He described the incredible difficulty in gaining the altitude necessary to reach even the lowest of the passes at 24,000 feet; he confirmed Lake’s opinion that the higher peaks were of very primal strata unchanged since at least Comanchian times.

He discussed the large cuboid formations on the mountainsides, and mentioned that approaches to these passes seemed quite navigable by ground parties but that the rarefied air makes breathing at those heights a very real problem. Dyer described the land beyond the mountain pass as a “lofty and immense super-plateau as ancient and unchanging as the mountains themselves—twenty thousand feet in elevation, with grotesque rock formations protruding through a thin glacial layer and with low gradual foothills between the general plateau surface and the sheer precipices of the highest peaks.” The Dyer group spent the day burying the bodies and collecting books, notes, etc., for the trip home.

January 28, 1931

The planes returned to McMurdo sound and the expedition, heavy of heart - packed and left the seventh continent.

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Renowned Adventurer Sets His Sights on the Bottom of the World

New York (AP) May 26, 1933—World famous explorer James Starkweather announced today that he would lead a party of scientists and explorers into uncharted parts of the Antarctic continent this fall. Starkweather, accompanied by geologist William Moore of Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts, intends to continue along the trail first blazed by the ill-fated Miskatonic University Expedition of 1930–31. The Starkweather-Moore Expedition will set sail in September from New York City. Like their predecessors, they intend to use long-range aircraft to explore further into the South Polar wilderness than has ever been done before.

“This is not about the South Pole,” Starkweather explained this morning, in a prepared speech in his hotel in New York. “Many people have been to the Pole. We’re going to go places where no one has ever been, see and do things that no one alive has seen.” The expedition intends to spend only three months in Antarctica. Extensive use of aëroplanes for surveying and transport, according to Starkweather, will allow the party to chart and cover territory in hours that would have taken weeks to cross on the ground.

One goal of the expedition is to find the campsite and last resting place of the twelve men, led by Professor Charles Lake, who first discovered the Miskatonic Range, and who were killed there by an unexpected storm. The mapping and climbing of the mountains in that range and an aërial survey of the lands on the far side are also important goals.

“The peaks are tremendous,” Starkweather explained. “The tallest mountains in the world! It’s my job to conquer those heights, and bring home their secrets for all mankind. “We have the finest equipment money can buy. We cannot help but succeed.”

Starkweather, 43, is a veteran of the Great War. He has led expeditions into the wilderness on four continents, and was present on the trans-polar flight of the airship Italia, whose
crash near the end of its voyage on the North Polar ice cap received worldwide attention.

Moore, 39, a full Professor of Geology, is also the holder of the Smythe Chair of Paleontology at Miskatonic University. He has extensive field experience in harsh climates and has taken part in expeditions to both the Arctic and the Himalayan Plateau. Story Continues on page 11)

Intrepid Explorers Ready Expedition - (cont. from p.1) “We’re going back,” Starkweather said. “The job’s not done. We’re going back, and we’re going to finish what was started and bring the whole lot out to the world. It will be a grand adventure and a glorious page in scientific history!” Professor Moore, sitting quietly to one side, was less passionate but just as determined.

“A lot has changed in the past three years,” he insisted. “We have technology now that did not exist three years ago. The aëroplanes are better, brand new Boeing craft, sturdier and safer than before. Professor Pabodie’s drills have been improved. And we have Lake’s own broadcasts to draw upon.

We can plan ahead, with better materials and a knowledge of the region that none of them had when they prepared for their voyage. Yes, I am optimistic. Quite optimistic. We will succeed in our goals.” When asked what those goals were, the two men looked briefly at one another before Starkweather answered, leaning forward intently.

“Leapfrog, gentlemen!” he smiled. “We shall leapfrog across the continent. A base on the Ross Ice Shelf; another at the South Pole. One at Lake’s old campsite, if we can find it; and, gentlemen, we plan to cross over those fantastic mountains described by Dyer and Lake, and plant our instruments and our flag right on top of the high plateau! Imagine it! Like a landing strip atop Everest! “We’ll have the finest equipment, and skilled men. Geologists—paleontologists— we’ve got Professor Albemarle from Oberlin, he wants to study weather. Glaciologists, perhaps another biologist or two; the team’s not all made up yet, of course. We’re not leaving for another five months!”

“It is important,” added Moore, “to try to find Professor Lake’s camp and bring home whatever we can from the caverns he discovered. The prospect of a wholly new kind of life, a different taxonomy, is extremely exciting. It would be a shame if, having found it once, we were unable to do so again.” The two explorers plan to land thirty men on the southern continent, half again more than the Miskatonic Expedition. The expedition is privately funded and owes no allegiance to any school or institution.

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Celso Chellini:
Your father sits down with you after the release of the morning paper. While you have come to discuss the rumors of the end of Prohibition and what it means for the family business your father thrusts the paper into your face.

”Celso, you see this man here in the paper, this Starkweather? This guy is loaded. I heard a rumor that he is in town and looking to bring people on board this expedition. Now I know son that you are not a professor or some kind of globetrotter but with a small cash investment we can get you on that trip. Your name would be associated with a guy with a lot of cash. A small investment could end up with him owing us if let’s say you save his life on this trip, see what I mean? Tell me, this something you think you can pull off?”

Fergus Garrity:
Taking a last look around the vestibule of your Parish in Syracuse you sigh realizing that you will miss this place after all. It is only a shirt ride to Arkham from here and a new lease on life. Smaller town slower pace ought to do you some good.

In the distance you hear a telephone ringing. You hear a faint voice answer it but pay it little heed as you lift your bag ready to walk out of the church for the last time. Footsteps catch up with you, ”Father Garrity, a man is on the phone for you, name Starkweather, says he knew you during the War, you want to talk to him?”

Seamus MacHale:
The Spring has yet to be sprung in the Big Apple. You sit at your desk, a place you rarely spend a lot of time, can’t run any caper’s from a precinct.

The pone at your desk rings and the operator informs you it is a call from Mickey Gallagher, an old friend from the neighborhood. He’s been out for at least fifteen years you haven’t seen him since you were practically a kid! His voice blasts through, ”Mick how the hell are ya! Listen, I hear yer a copper here in the big city now, good on ya! I got a wee problem, had a grafter pull a fast one on me in a card game a few nights ago. I really need that cash, any way you can see to it that I get what’s mine?”

Stanley Chastain:
Seated in Mankren’s chair really brings back old memories of undergraduate days in good old Miskatonic U. Dr. Mankren, or Carl as he now insist that you call him comes back into his office with a three cups of tea and a man you have never met before.

Carl grins, ”Stanley I apologize for springing a meeting like this on you but I can’t help thinking that Professor Moore is a man who may change your life”.

You sit up a bit straighter intrigued by that introduction Moore delves into his speech, ”Mr. Chastain, Dr. Mankren tells me you are quite the avionics engineer. I know that you are an employee of Curtiss Aircraft but I have an offer that may well enable you to become your own man. I am starting an expedition to the Antarctic in a few months with a colleague of mine James Starkweather. We need a good avionics man with us. If you quit your job and this trip goes as planned, we will make enough money to fund your own avionics company. You will have to travel with New York to meet James in July but I am sure with your credentials, he will jump at the chance to have you along, what do you say?”

Thomas A. Greenwood:
You sit in your study opening (dwindling) fanmail. Still you believe in the new direction your writing is taking and know that it is the right direction for how you feel at the moment.

The next letter you come across is not fanmail at all but a letter from a man named James Starkweather.

”Dear Mr. Greenwood:
I am writing this letter to you in the hope that you will consider an offer to chronicle my expedition to the Antarctic. My wife has been an admirer of your books which quite frankly I felt to be trash. However, your last book showed me that you have got some real writing chops. I need someone who will make a book about this expedition that won’t just be thrown onto some dusty bookshelf in a college library. I want the experience to come alive. If the reports from the Miskatonic University expedition have any shred of truth, I believe that I am my colleague are on the verge of some of the greatest scientific discoveries since man realized that earth is not the center of the universe. Enclosed are instructions for travel itinerary and vouchers to come down for the final interview in New York City in July. Please send a letter acknowledging that you will attend.


Lieutenant James Starkweather.

Christopher St. Claire:
Based on the rough sketch I have of your character without a background I am going to wing it here!
Your driver navigates the darkened countryside heading home. You have little to say to him after such a long and exhausting trip south of the border. Of course he is right that you should not have left the party in the jungle but if you had not you would not have found those ruins and would not have the rare treasures you now carry in the trunk of the vehicle. A man can be right and wrong at the same time, why Luis cannot see that is beyond your ability to understand.

As the gates of the family manor finally come into view you breathe a sigh of relief, your father will understand and certainly not question your decision. Mother is of course, a different story altogether.

When you step through the doorway as the sun sets your father and mother are popping champagne. They are in such a jovial mood that they eve pour a glass of Dom for Luis.

”Christopher, it is wonderful. I received word from Starkweather, our donation has been graciously accepted! You will be taking a roll on that expedition later on this year. The things you will find will make private collector’s salivate. If you think we are wealthy now my boy just wait until you bring a few specimens home with you!”

Phoebe Barrett:
Based on the rough sketch I have of your character without a background I am going to wing it here!
After a long shift at Arkham Sanitarium you head to the administrator’s office to sign out for the day. Dr. Greyson beckons for you to come over. Not again you think is he going to point out something else I did wrong this week? You head over to his office despite the feelings of trepidation washing over you.

Seated across from the Dr. is a man you have never met or seen in the Sanitarium before. ”This is the young nurse I have been telling you about Dr. Moore. Why if Phoebe here were a man I have no doubt in my mind that she would be on her way to being a Doctor”.

Dr. Moore turns and assesses you, ”I have spent the past few weeks seeking a medical professional to accompany me on an expedition to Antarctica. Dr. Greyson here assure me that if you attend to me your job here at the Sanitarium will be waiting for you.

I simply cannot find a Dr. who has both the training in the medical and the psychological arts that fits the bill for me, at least not one willing to head to the south-pole at any rate. I am getting a bit desperate and as unusual as it may sound, I have opened my mind up to having a woman on this trip.

My Partner, on the other hand, is less enthusiastic about having a woman on the trip. Tell me young Lady, do you have thick skin? Thick enough to withstand the force that a man like Starkweather may bring to bear to convince you not to go?”

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Thomas A. Greenwood, the Novelist

For a moment Thomas thought about throwing the letter into the trash.

I'm a novelist for Christ's sake! If you want some kind of biography or a documentary, find such a writer with no imagination...

But then he read again the message, stopping at the word Lieutenant... His father was a military and if he had not had his accident, he would probably be a military himself, but this was not the motive of his sudden thoughts.

... perhaps if I help this man, I'll get some access to some confiscated books and cases... it is worth a try.

He then quickly wrote and sent a letter to the lieutenant, confirming that he would indeed attend the meeting.


At the day of his travel, he kissed his daughter Sarah before leaving.

"Please, be a good girl while I'm away, darling... please obey Miss Adams and I promise I'll bring you a gift!"

When Sarah left the room, Thomas looked deeply into Anna's eyes, unsure what to do... in the last months Thomas had felt a strange tension between the two. When he touched her arm, she trembled... of excitement, fear or any other sentiment he could not tell.

"Goodbye Anna... I know you'll take care of Sarah. This should be a quick trip and I should come back soon... Farewell."

When he left the room, he could swear he saw a little glimpse of disappointment in Anna's eyes.

Do not do this to me Anna... this is not right...

Good old Mickey, "Seamus thinks as he listens to his old friend. "Some things never change, Mickey." He laughs and adds, of course I'll find this guy who Chiseled you."

Continuing the conversation, "Where can I find the butter and egg man." He wrights down the information and adds, 'More importantly whats my share of the cabbage?"

Male "Human" Engineer

Stanley sips at his tea for a moment, to buy time for some serious consideration. He's been very grateful for his job, especially since the crash, but there's always been that niggling little part of his brain that disliked the fact that his work in R&D went directly to other people. Perhaps it was an unconscious reminder of the times when, as a child, he'd been knocked down and had what pocket money he could scrounge taken away by the bigger kids.

He looks between Dr. Mankren - it's still hard to even think of him as Carl after all this time - and Professor Moore as he finished his tea.

"The antarctic you say? Hmm." He sets his tea down and gives his chin a thoughtful rub. "I think I've reached the stage in my life where the attempt to strike out on one's own is not just somewhat expected, but quite important to one's long-term plans. If Mr. Starkweather requires an avionics guy, then I'm certainly the right man for the job.

"There are a few questions I have before I give you a full commitment and quit my job with Curtiss, though. The first is whether you have an estimate on how long this expedition is going to run. It makes the difference on whether I sell my house in Buffalo, or perhaps find a tenant. The second is whether you can tell me some more specifics about the intent of this expedition. What does it hope to accomplish? The cold continent, I've heard, holds many mysteries. My guess, based on your approaching me, is that this is going to involve a lot of long-range exploration with planes, or you wouldn't need an aircraft guy."

He takes another sip of the tea and eagerly awaits whatever information he can get.

Indeed. I will of course keep the pick of the litter for my own personal collection as per our agreement. The lesser items will still make you a tidy profit. Good night. Christopher moved away from his adopted parents, a childless couple who'd taken in the brightest boy they could find. Rather detestable folks, but they'd raised his standard of living far beyond what even he would have been capable of alone.

The money spent on private tutors, Professors from colleges far and wide and so much more. They had even taken to indulging his interest in the occult and his still modest personal library continued to grow with each foray. He carried over his newest acquisition, a tablet covered in various pictographs that he'd work on deciphering later.

The intro looks good to me. I assume the text blocks are published articles and or fliers so I know about them.

Phoebe sits quietly waiting while they explain things. So he condemns me constantly since I could be a doctor but for my gender. Ha! he is just trying to get rid of me. I should say no out of spite!.. Oh yes it is unusual for a man to admit he would have to settle for a woman. Ass! Ohh but I want to go. Thomas would hate the idea.

Phoebe clearly takes a moment to conceder the proposal. I assume your partner will be nothing less than a gentleman. But if he proves to be a buffoon I can weather anything he has to say. So long as he keeps his hands to himself than I am more than willing to go. Besides if he is going to insult my gender than he graciously opens the door for me to condemns him when he fails to live up to his.

While I was clearly your last choice in this matter I expect to not be treated as such while on this voyage. You need a medical professional as you said. What do you say to that!

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Phoebe Barrett wrote:
The intro looks good to me. I assume the text blocks are published articles and or fliers so I know about them.

Glad you enjoyed them. Chaosium has terrific PC Handouts most of which I will try to post in the thread directly. Yes, you all know about these articles, unless your character does not want to know.

Human Male Business Man

"Papa, it will be an honor and I am sure that profit can be made from such trip. There are bound to be others that go, those I can make friends with and you never know where or when we can benefit from such associations." The lad nods his head to his father and smiles, before both hands grab his father's shoulders and pull the old man towards him in a hugging embrace. Their cheeks touch, before each once kisses the others cheek and end the embrace, standing together smiling at the agreement and the opportunities ahead.

"I must get a list of things to take, it sounds like a very inhospitable place where the expedition goes, much need of some spirits to keep the cold away." the young man laughs.

Male Human Catholic Priest, Ex Army Chaplin

Well there is a name I haven't heard in a while. . Fergus stood for a moment in thought. The easy thing to do would be to ignore the call, and move on with his life... but the questions and nightmares were still there. With a resigned sigh, he sat his bag down and headed thar way. "Coming"!

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Thomas A. Greenwood:
You step out of the house catching a cab to the train station to bring you to the Big Apple.

Train ticket already in hand you settle in for the long ride to the Big City.

Seated near you is a middle aged man who is reading a book, your most recent book in fact!

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Seamus MacHale:
Mickey responds, "Mick, its the deal of a lifetime. My shares was going ta go to another guy who just of all things joined the French Foreign Legion. He was going to head with me to the south pole. Big expedition of one of these butter and egg adventurer types. Gonna be big news story on the way there and back! I know there is some way to chisel some clams outta this. What do you say? Up for a trip through some snow for fame and fortune?"
Love the reference sheets for the 20's and 30's BTW.

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Stanley Chastain:
Moore fixes his glasses on his face and responds, "Starkweather thinks about 9 to 10 months. I would like to explore and obtain samples to confirm the finding of what the Miskatonic University team claimed to ave found. Starkweather I believe seeks to map out the area. His approach will be mainly aerial reconnaissance whereas I will be operating on the ground to get what I need. Your expertise will be needed as the planes will need a significant engineer to keep them at optimal conditions in sub-optimal weather".

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Christopher St. Claire:
After a week home examining the relics you have obtained you realize that to a museum they will have value but they do not hold the mysteries of the ancients that you so prize.

A news article about the expedition your "parents" seek to send you on catches your eye. It dawns on you that they are quite right, if the claims being made are true there may well be something down there worth discovering. Of course, no one but you is hard boiled enough to go to the most extreme locations to discover the true gems buried beneath the snow.

Soon enough the date arrives for you to set off you New York City and meet with these big cheese's to see if they are serious or amateurs. After several hours you are at their offices located on 5th Avenue and 44th Street, the Amherst Hotel. Starkweather and Moore are the names you need to seek out at the front desk...

Luis is of course with you.

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Phoebe Barrett:
"He will be hands off I can assure you. I am glad you can stand up to the pressure from a man who has less... progressive ideas about a woman's role in the world.

Yes well I would not say you were my last choice among men but my first choice among women", he states matter of factly.

"Will you then accept this proposal?"

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Celso Chellini:
"Several bottles of whiskey should do the trick", your father chuckles.

"They will get the cheese and they can spend the money on the gear, what the hell do we know about this expedition crap? A warm coat and a gun just in case is all you should need Celso. This is gonna make us rich, real rich. Enough to get off the streets and let somebody else take the heat to make some dough".

In July, your father sends you to your first meeting with the two bigwigs of the outfit, Starkweather and Moore, whose offices are located on 5th Avenue and 44th Street, the Amherst Hotel. The only question you are not sure of, is what floor they are on...

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Fergus Garrity:
You pick up the receiver and hear a vice you have not heard in quite come time, James Starkweather.

"Fergus! A long time since we chatted. Listen, I am about to go on the grandest adventure of my life and I need you with me. You are a good man in a tight spot and it can't hurt to have the Lord on my side. You may well be the first mortal to see some of these mountain ranges in this Godsforsaken place since the good Lord created them! Er... excuse my language old bean you know what I mean!"

Christopher moves towards the counter he's only slightly taller than. Excuse me Monsieur. I see the rooms of ones Mr. Starkweather and Mr. Moore. I have an appointment with them.

Yes I accept. I will still have a job waiting once this is over. And this trip sounds interesting. If I came off as aggressive that was not my intent. She offer a small smile in hopes to lighten her previous aggression.

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Thomas A. Greenwood, the Novelist

Thomas looked at the man, trying to figure out if he was recognized by him. Since he changed his book theme, he had been receiving less than usual letters from his fans... and many of them were not kind in their words.

They are not ready for this yet.

Guessing if the old man was one of his 'new' fans, and he probably was, since he did not expect that such old man would be reading stories about elves and orcs and dwarves under the mountain.

"Excuse me mister, my I ask you what are your impressions on this book? I had heard a couple of enthusiastic comments about it... others not so quite. I'm thinking about buying it for my wife."

Male Human Catholic Priest, Ex Army Chaplin

Fergus is prepared to get on with the peaceful, fulfilling portion of his life, and prepares to tell Starkweather so, but somehow hears his voice answering... "Well I'm supposed to be taking on the responsibilities of a new church, but I guess I could speak with the Elders and see if I could get my starting date pushed back. How long do you need me for"?

He then sits down in the chair beside the phone as he begins to feel a bit faint. "On second thought, I need a night to pray about this decision". Even as he wrote down Starkweather's contact information and hung up the phone, he knew the answer... still it couldn't hurt to pray over it.

Early the next morning, after a sleepless night, he began to make preparations for his absence, and his journey.

Seamus listens to his old friends offer, Is he kidding. He doesn't really think I want to mess around with icicles and polar bears? Then Mickey mentions the money they could make, sounds like enough to put away or buy that apartment building I've always been talking about. Continuing his conversation he looks at his swollen knuckles and thinks, I have to start thinking about the future, how long can I keep up doing what I've been doing?

As he gets more details from Mickey he mulls it over quickly, I can easily call in some favors and get the time off from work. Plus since the Market Crash its been hard to get ahead on the crumbs I'm making on the side.

Mickey if the money is as good as you say, then you can count me in." He pauses for a second and continues, "Listen, I got to make a couple of calls and arrange things at work. I'll probably have to call in some favors but I think I can make this work."

Male "Human" Engineer

Stanley nods along. The answer is all that he needs to understand a good idea of how long he's going to be leaving the world he knows behind. In his mental calculations he adds 50% to the time he expects, simply because things rarely go exactly as planned.

"This definitely sounds like something I'd be happy -- and proud -- to be a part of. I'll make arrangements to get to New York in July, then, so I can meet with Mister Starkweather and make this official, though you can tell him I'm definitely interested earlier than that. If you can give me all the details about where and when to meet him, I'll make sure I'm there."

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Phoebe Barrett:
Moore shakes his head, "My dear, you will need all of that aggression to put my colleague and partner into his place! Make your way to the Amherst Hotel located on 5th Avenue and 44th Street by July 9th so that we may begin the interview process. A formality for you of course but still we have to weed out those who do not belong on the trip". He engages in small talk with you and your superior before clearing out leaving you to your thoughts and plans to make the trip in the summer.

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Christopher St. Claire:
The front desk clerk looks down towards you, "Are your parents here son? I should think they should attend such a meeting with you no? Is this for a school project? They are very busy men and cannot be bothered with anything which is not vitally important."

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Thomas A. Greenwood:
"Come now Mr. Greenwood. This is excellent work, you should not be ashamed of it", replies the man as he looks up at you.

"I apologize for not arriving to you sooner. I am after all a busy man. Mr. Lovecraft and Mr. Howard took little convincing to be dissuaded from the course of action you are about to take. Others in the genre had not even been granted the audience. I thought a single book by you would not draw so much attention but it seems it has", the train whistle blows interrupting him signaling last call to board the train before it leaves the station.

"Come along now, plenty of time for us to both get off and forget this offer ever took place..."

Shadow's Status

Fergus Garrity:
You arrive in Manhattan bright and early in the morning on July 9th the day that James told you to be there. The Amherst Hotel, where James has put you up, is not too far away from St Patrick's Cathedral. He has stated that he would like you to meet his partner in the morning but you might have time to see the Cathedral before the meeting. Want to hit the church first or go right to the meeting?

Shadow's Status

Seamus MacHale:
You call in a few favors and get Mickey's money back. Though truth be told once the full story unfolds it seems that Mickey wasn't exactly too honest about the whole affair.

Well, as long as his "opportunity" came through you would not have to put the hurt to him for that con.

Mickey asks you to meet him in the lobby of the Amherst Hotel on July 9th bright and early to have the final meeting with the adventurer and his scientist partner to get o the road to fortune and glory!

Shadow's Status

Stanley Chastain:
"Make your way to the Amherst Hotel located on 5th Avenue and 44th Street by July 9th. On that date the final selection of people will be made. You are obviously a lock but still need to go through the formalities for press and for the people who donate but will not be able to actually go with us. Not everyone is cut out for such trip after all".

Dark Archive

Thomas A. Greenwood, the Novelist

Thomas expression changed as the man spoke to him. This was not a simple coincidence. The man was playing with him or threatening him, two things that Thomas did not respond well... he was the son of a military, and pride was the first thing he learned.

"You are actually right mister, I should not be ashamed, for it is indeed an excellent work." The mention of Lovecraft and Howard only pushed him forward in the course of action he was already taking.

"The problem with my current line of work is the lack of good source material... and I agree with you again mister, there is plenty of time, until this train arrives to my destination, for you to persuade me... I must warn you, though, that I'm quite stubborn... by the way, it seams kind of unfair for you to know my name, and I do not know yours."

There was actually little interest for his part in this damned trip... he read about the last expedition and it indeed has potentially interesting material, but he was not sure if the effort wasn't too big.

Male Human Catholic Priest, Ex Army Chaplin

Fergus arrived early in the morning, and had the Taxi drop him off in front of the Cathedral. His hands were sweating like a schoolboy during his first slow dance, as he approached the imposing edifice. Although he'd been here before, the feeling of some unseen power always threatened to overwhelm him as he approached the building.

If he ever had any questions about the validity of his faith, that feeling always ensured him that he'd made the right choice... Well that and the other things he had been exposed to.

Never hurts to ask for blessing from above before a major journey like this one. the devout priest thought to himself, as he entered the building.

Male "Human" Engineer

"I'll make sure to be there," Stanley says. He takes a pen out of his pocket and a small notepad out of his jacket and writes down the details so he can't forget.

"Thank you -- both of you -- for approaching me with this. It seems like it will be the job and adventure of a lifetime."


Following the meeting with Dr. Mankren and Professor Moore, Stanely starts making methodical preparations. After returning to Buffalo on the conclusion of his business in Arkham, he contacts the realtor through which he bought his house and makes arrangements that, in the event of a telegram saying so, he should move forward with renting out the house for about a year, if a tenant can be found.

The next step is to give his notice to Curtiss. This is the step he's most conflicted about, having worked there for several years at this point, but one can't move forward when tied down.

Finally, just after June gives way to July, he takes a train from Buffalo into the city on the 8th, renting a room in the Amherst Hotel to avoid any travel delays for the next day. On the day of the 9th he leaves his room, eats a little breakfast, then looks for Mister Starkweather.

Seamus takes a break from his current case load and waits in the lobby of the Amherst Hotel. He sits on one of the plush couches, as he waits for Mickey he reads the paper and is happy to see that the Yankees beat the Red Sox 6-3 yesterday.

I will be there, thank you for the opportunity. Is there anything I need to make sure I have with me? I have never traveled this far. She happily chats with both men until Dr. Moore leaves.

Once he is gone, If there is nothing else you need from me Sir I would like to go home to rest for the night.

Once home she furiously takes notes on everything discussed then sleeps after a long and strange day.

Phoebe makes sure to arrive at the Amherst Hotel early.

I assume there is enough time for her to make any necessary purchases before the interview? Or after before the leaving?

Shadow's Status

Thomas A. Greenwood:
"What is in a name Mr. Greenwood?" he saks as he places the paper down on the seat.

He then stands up, "I fear this IS my stop, come along if you want, it should be yours as well. I have an idea for your next book. Otherwise, perhaps we shall see each other again soon".

He lingers for a second to see if you follow then proceeds to step off of the train as it rolls away from the station.

Shadow's Status

Fergus Garrity:
The Cathedral's vaulted ceiling and breathtaking appearance quite literally takes your breath away.

The sense of relief you seek here does not seem to come though. As you pray a stray thought crosses your mind this may well be the way that brings you back from the brink of the horrors you saw in the War or what pushes you over the edge to oblivion.

Shadow's Status

Stanley Chastain:
As you approach the front desk you hear the voice of a young man, a teenager at the oldest speak:

Excuse me Monsieur. I see the rooms of ones Mr. Starkweather and Mr. Moore. I have an appointment with them.

The front desk clerk retorts back, Are your parents here son? I should think they should attend such a meeting with you no? Is this for a school project? They are very busy men and cannot be bothered with anything which is not vitally important.

If you wish to intervene, go ahead and post both your name and the name Christopher St. Claire, in bold so he knows you have entered the scene.

You may also choose to wait and see how it plays out.

Shadow's Status

Seamus MacHale:
As you sit in the lobby reading the paper Mickey finally shows up, a half our late.

"Hey Mick, yer early! I've the scratch, let's go meet with these adventurers and make sure they're not a coupe of Grifters 'afore I give 'em my life's savings", he winks at you clearly having had a late night the night before.

Shadow's Status

Phoebe Barrett:
Phoebe as you arrive at the hotel lobby you see a surprisingly familiar face, Seamus MacHale speaking with a man who appears to have had an all nighter, someone you have not seen in quite some time...

If you approach him, please place your name and his in a bold bracket so he knows you are engaging him.

Dark Archive

Thomas A. Greenwood, the Novelist

"If you insist, mister, it was a pleasure to meet you, but I'm afraid I will stay sat here and continue my trip. I'm, after all, a man of word and I already have a meeting scheduled."

As the man walks away, Thomas made sure to have a good look at the man's face, focusing in any details that could be useful to identify him on the future. He then draws his pencil and journal and attempts to draw the man's face.

Art (drawing) (5): 1d100 ⇒ 34

He looked at his drawing and torn the page away... drawing, after all, was not his thing.

I should have practiced more...

I am well trusted to handle such matters as my family's dealings with them.

Late as usual, Seamus thinks as he winks back a Mickey. "Lead the way," he replies to to his old friend.

Male Human Catholic Priest, Ex Army Chaplin

Well so far the places I've looked for answers haven't worked, and as far as oblivion. The good father's hands absentmindedly stroke the small flask up under his cassock. I often visit there.

Fergus once again questions his decision... and then again, before rising from the alter with a sigh, and heading towards the meeting place.

Male "Human" Engineer

Stanley Chastain with Christopher St. Claire

Stanley approaches the front desk to see most of the encounter between the young man and the receptionist. It's been a long time, at this point, since his life was made hell by other, bigger kids, but the feelings are still well remembered. It makes him more than a little annoyed to see it happen to others.

"Hey now," he interjects. "There's no call to be rude to the kid. I, too, have an appointment with Misters Starkweather and Moore, so if you refuse to tell him, then at least tell me. And," he pauses for a moment, choosing his words. He doesn't really want to be overly threatening. "And in the future, you might reconsider being dismissive of someone so well dressed, regardless of their age. Times being what they are, those who can afford to be well dressed are hard to come by, and business such would do ill to antagonize them. They often talk to their friends."

Christopher looked over at the man. Quite well reasoned. My family has invested a large sum of money in this expedition and I'm here to represent our interests.

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