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Small town heroes fighting zombie hordes.

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Waiting on Eleeda to responde to Variziel. Griswald to post his evening actions (if any), and then we can advance to the morning and the festival.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

Just researching anything I can about this disease and checking on Anna before getting to bed.

Griswald finds Micha already in Klaudia's room. After giving her a brief look he sees her condition is unchanged, which can only be a good thing. From the scraps of information recorded from previous occurrences of this plague long in the past, it seems that the few victims who managed to recover entered into a retarded state of degeneration before they began convalescence.

elEEEEEda, where are yoUUU???

Female Human Adept/ 1

Sense Motive on Variziel: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Stroking the feathers of Keroc who sits in his regular place on her shoulder, Eleeda glances at the Elf and, after a moment of peering into his eyes, glaces away again. In response to his question she avoids a direct answer "I...I don't think I'm going straight home. I'd like to go check on Klaudia as well."

Sense Motive DC6 :

Bluff: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

Although not exactly sure what Variziel wishes to speak to her about, Eleeda is fairly sure it is not a discussion or subject matter she wishes to get involved in. Not now, perhaps not ever

If he allows her to, she accompanies Micha to the temple. Before Sister Pennitence leaves Eleeda stops her with a hand on her arm, asking quietly "Has she woken again sister? Has she said anything? Has she got any better?"

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 8

Hmm... Variziel bows his head to the girl. "Very well, Eleeda. Stay safe on your travels."

With that, the elf returns to his home for the night.

Variziel's activity, if you care:

After removing and oiling his gear, he lies on his mat and stares at the ceiling. What to do, what to do... With a sigh, he returns to a seated position. However, the elf cannot seem to fall into relaxation within the structure. Swinging his cloak back around his shoulders, he exits the house and heads to the forests on the outskirts of town, a dagger strapped to one thigh for protection. If he passes anyone on the streets, he nods to them.

In the woods, Variziel kneels down and folds his hands in his lap. Perhaps here I can find peace... With that, the elf closes his eyes and slips away, his mind filling with visions of a time long past, when the Children walked the Forest...

Sick Room:

"I'm afraid not dearie. Though she doesn't seem to be getting worse at the moment either. That can only be a good sign." Sister Penitence replies to Eleeda. "I suspect the Father will decide her fate before another full day has passed. Pray for his mercy darling."

Okay, so everyone can stay with Klaudia as long as they'd like. I'm gonna fast forward to the morning at this point. I'll get a post up about the festival as soon as I have some time. Might not be until tonight or tomorrow.

Klaudia's Rolls:

1d20 - 3 ⇒ (2) - 3 = -1
1d2 ⇒ 1
1d20 - 4 ⇒ (5) - 4 = 1
1d2 ⇒ 1

The morning comes, and with it a bright mid-autumn sun. The dew of the night is quickly burned away, and it looks like it will be a beautiful day. The Harvest festival is an all day affair, beginning with the blessing of the first loaf of bread baked from this year's flour and the Lord's speech. Once these formalities are out of the way the feast begins and goes until well into the night when everyone can no longer keep going.

All the guards have been called up for special duty, including you. You're all outfitted with sidearms and told to wear plain clothes to avoid arousing suspicion. Captain Simoneit doesn't want any trouble today. He's told you to keep to the Keep itself. Civilian volunteers from the militia will be patrolling the streets armed with clubs.

Father Griswald:
It's your duty to assist Anna with the blessing ceremony for the first loaf. You mainly just need to stand there in your vestments, sprinkle some holy water and repeat parts of the prayer with her. Sister Penitence should also be there, though due to her advanced years probably won't arrive until just before.

You are free to do as you wish. You know the blessing of the loaf normally happens a few hours before noon, and that most of the townsfolk mill about the keep beforehand socializing.

Hercule needs your help in the morning rolling extra barrels up from the cellar. It's going to be a busy night. He knows that you have better things to do though, and makes sure that you'll be done in time to see the blessing of the loaf.

Korostin is packed with unfamiliar faces today as all the outlying farmers, their workers and families roll into town. Also in attendance are a score of traveling merchants and their entourages here to trade their goods for the surplus harvest. This is the one day of the year that Korostin feels like a full, bustling town. There are stalls and stands set up along all the streets near the center of town. The temple and keep gates are wide open and there are hundreds of people and animals milling about enjoying themselves. Some are eating a light breakfast, others are hawking or buying goods. Many children are underfoot, running and screaming or playing with hoops and balls. People who know how are playing music, and the air is full of the smells of cooking meat and vegetables. Colorful cloth strips have been hung from the lamp posts and on strings over the streets. It's a genuinely festive atmosphere.

Go ahead and RP your actions out a bit. Once everyone's chimed in we'll move on the to Blessing of the First Loaf.

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2

Derryn had slept fitfully the night before and got up early in the morning. The previous days events seemed like a bad dream but as he picked up his uniform the lingering scent of smoke reminded him otherwise. Setting it down, he had dressed in regular clothing and armed himself. Despite the festive nature of the day he couldn't help but feel uneasy, as he restlessly patrolled near the keep.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Variziel rises from his meditative rest still in the early hours of morning. He proceeds to go through exercises that he hasn't practiced in years: push-ups, crunches, running, climbing, and leaping through the trees. The actions seem foreign to him for a few minutes, before he releases his inhibitions and lets the flow of his instinct as an Elven Warrior take hold.

After nearly two hours of this, the elf finally returns to the path and walks home as dawn approaches. He dives into a stream along the way, dousing himself with fresh water to clean the sweat and dirt from his body.

At his house, Variziel dresses in his finest clothing, and, after a moment's thought, belts his daggers to the back of his belt, so they rest at slight angles in the small of his back.

As the town is coming alive, Variziel exits his house in his finery: a white shirt with a dark green doublet, black leggings and his boots, with his hair tied back. He wanders about the town, finally making his way toward the keep, where he finds the half-elf. "Well met, Derryn," Variziel says, falling into step next to the guard. "How fares Korostin?"

m human expert 2

Micha would not be feeling festive. He will only leave Klaudia's side to eat and fetch some good smelling incense or candles she may like.

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2

He had still been going about his patrol when Variziel called out to him. Derryn couldn't help the surprised look that appeared on his face when he saw the Elf approaching. Variziel had cleaned up rather well and seemed nothing like the serious person he had been just the other day.

"All seems to be going quite well. There have been no signs of trouble and the festival continues unhindered." After a moment Derryn let out a small sigh. Why am I still acting the part of a soldier?

Realizing that he was still standing in a rigid fashion, Derryn allowed himself to relax. Being dressed in plain clothing would do him no good at keeping the civilians relaxed if he didn't at least act like he was having a good time. Letting a still boyish grin climb onto his face he turned to Variziel.
"So, I see you're dressed as someone who is going to enjoy the festival and yet here you are instead. What happened? Did someone reject you?"

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Variziel gives a dry grin back to the younger warrior. "Rejection? I'm twice as old as more than half the people here, Derryn. No, I simply didn't know what to do." The elf sighs, and looks out at the festivities.

"I've lived here for decades, yet I'm still something of an outsider. And besides even that, I've been somewhat... restless today." The elf pauses to consider his words. "What happened yesterday..." he whispers. "It worries me."

Then the elf smiles and claps Derryn on the shoulder. "But today's not a time for that. Today's a day for festivities and enjoyment. Rejection, you say? Why don't you try and succeed where I'd apparently fail?" The elf gives a small laugh and gently pushes Derryn toward the crowd.

Female Human Adept/ 1

Last Night:
Eleeda was unable to respond past the lump in her throat at Sister Penitence's not very encouraging reply and merely nods her head in understanding and farewell to the departing sister.

Moving over to stand beside the worried Micha, Eleeda puts a gentle hand on his shoulder. She stays for some time, in silence, not knowing what to say and not feeling much like talking anyway. After a while, hardly able to keep her eyes open any more after the long, sad, and strange day, she squeezes Micha's shoulder, saying with a question in her voice "I'll see you tomorrow?"

Nodding at his reply, she makes her way home and, taking less than her usual care when removing and putting away her nice clothes, is asleep almost before her head hits the pillow.


Waking up with a start and a gasp from a less than fully restful sleep full of strange dreams and images of Kravor and Fire and some...thing, some dark feeling, or entity, that she did not really understand, Eleeda spends a few moments catching her breath and calming herself. Petting Keroc, who had flown to her the moment she awoke, as has been her years long habit, she talks her feelings out loud with her best friend and constant companion.

As she speaks, gentle tears roll down her face "It's not fair Keroc! It's so not fair! Why Kaudia, of all people?? She has always been so kind to me, to everyone! Why would the Gods strike her down like this?? If They are even there, or even care, in the first place. Is it not enough that they took my mother from me at birth, so that I never got to know her, at all, but they're also trying to take the one person who has been most like a mother to me?? It's NOT FAIR!! I'm so Angry! And Sister Penitence tells me to Pray, to the Father, to please spare Klaudia's life?? NO! Why should I do that when He's the one who struck her down in the first place! I have no Father! Just like I have no Mother! I'm all alone!"

Collapsing on her bed in a puddle of tears, it is only a few seconds before the distraught young girl responds to the gentle pecking and brushing of beak against cheek and the feelings which flow through the emotional bond "Oh, I'm sorry Keroc, you know I am! And you know I didn't mean you. I know you're always with me. I don't know what I would've done all these years if you hadn't been. It's's just...I never had a mother, or a real father, and now Klaudia...."

As she listens to the long series of squawks and protests which come in immediate reply to her words, bird sounds only she could ever understand, the weeping young girl sniffles, rubs her face and then begins to giggle, eventually laughing full right out "Yes, yes Keroc, I know! I know there's no one smarter, or wiser or who loves me more than you! Yes, you're right, I am very lucky to have a friend as good and loyal and handsome as you. And it's very true, none of my human friends have beautiful feathers or can fly. Oh, what would I ever do without you Keroc!" and, ignoring the raucous protests, she picks up the bird in a big, yet still gentle, hug.

Sighing as she puts him down and looking in the mirror she winces "Argh! I look a mess! And Hercule said he needed some early help with the barrells! I must hurry!" and, washing her face well, knowing how upset it made her adopted father to know she had been crying, she then throws on her work clothes and hurries out of her room.

Spending the morning doing chores for the tavern is actually a blessing for the young girl, as it takes her mind off of her own problems. By the time she is finished, early as promised, she is feeling much better and much more her usual, confident self. She pays a quick visit to Klaudia and Micha, bring him some breakfast and making him promise her that he will not stay in the sick room all day, and threatening to come drag him out of there if he hasn't emerged by lunchtime.

Leaving the temple, although she had wanted to spend more time with her deathly ill friend, she has to admit to herself that she is happy to be outside, amidst all the festivities and new, happy, faces. Her mood improving step by step she speaks to winged friend again "Keroc, I had some of the strangest dreams last night. I..I can't seem to recall much of them, but Kravor was there, and the Fire...and, something else..I, does any of this sound familiar to you Keroc?"

Turning in suspicion at the unusual silence and the emotions which leak through the bond she accuses "Keroc!'re keeping secrets from me! That is not like you at all! And just this morning you were telling me that you're my best friend?? You better tell me now or...oh no! There's Variziel! I still don't feel like 'discussing' anything with him yet! I don't think he's seen me. Where can I hide??"

And, doing her best to duck behind the crowd and away from the Elf, the young lady leaves her conversation with her familiar unspoken, but unforgotten, for the moment.
Stealth: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

Hmm. Variziel notices Eleeda duck into the crowd, but makes no move toward her as he speaks with Derryn. Best to leave her alone for now, I suppose.

Just waiting on the Father Griswald now.

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2

After getting pushed forward, Derryn contemplated leaving his post and just running with Variziel's suggestion. Looking at the crowds, he wondered whether or not he could go out there and find a girl to talk and dance with. It shouldn't be too difficult.

It was then that he immediately spotted Eleeda. The bird on her shoulder made her stand out in the crowd, like an ember burning bright in the darkness of a dying fire. The fire. The image of the burning barn still fresh in his mind, he watched as she tried in vain to hide in the crowd.

"Is she..."running from me? Derryn no longer cared to find a girl to dance with, he was interested to know why she was trying to hide however. So he started making his way towards her.

I figured I wouldn't bother with rolling since my bonus to perception is higher than your stealth roll was.

m human expert 2

Thank you Eleeda. I will see you at the festival for a little tomorrow. But I don't want Klaudia to be alone when she wakes up.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

For the first time in anyone's memory, Father Griswald wasn't a laughing, booming force of merriment at the festival. He seemed preoccupied. He Smiled at the folks who approached him, congradulated and blessed them, and for the most part seemed his usual self, but his heart simply wasn't in it.

He found himself sitting near Anna, the Book of the Seven in hand, simply waiting.

Was waiting for something to happen with Eleeda and Derryn but it's apparently not going to.

DM Rolls:

1d20 - 4 ⇒ (16) - 4 = 12
1d20 - 4 ⇒ (1) - 4 = -3
1d2 ⇒ 2
2d6 ⇒ (5, 2) = 7

Klaudia's Chamber:

Micha stays with Klaudia throughout the night and into the festival the next morning. After Eleeda left the night before he's been alone in the chamber since. He gets a night of fitful on-and-off sleep in the chair next to her bed. Each time he wakes it's with a burst of terror that she passed while he was sleeping. The dawn comes and finds her still alive and well. Sister Penitence brings Micha some gruel fro breakfast and then says she'd better be off for the festival rights. It is shortly after she leaves that Kaludia breathes her last breath. There is no great fanfare, simply a phlegmy rattle and then silence in the face of inevitability. Her corpse lies in its own sweat like some kind of discarded rag doll, her neck horribly swollen and black her skin sallow.

Korostin Keep:

Eleeda and Derryn's game of cat and mouse is interrupted by the sound of cow bells as a cart makes its way through the streets. The smell of freshly baked bread proceeds it, and a throng of people follows it. "Time for the blessing of the loaf!" the large woman driving the cart cries repeatedly. The crowd behind her swells until it's difficult to maneuver as she approaches the entrance to the keep. The cart is piled high with hundreds of loaves of freshly baked bread. The volunteer guards at the gate force a path with the hafts of their weapons and the cart is let in.

Anna motions to Father Griswald up on the stage and stands ready to offer the blessing. Locals are given first seats in the courtyard. There are enough benches to accommodate anybody who's anybody, only the most lowly of laborers are required to pack in and stand around the edges. The cart is led up the center of the tables and turned sideways in front of the stage.

Okay, about to do the blessing. Please let me know where you want to be for this.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Variziel, feeling still lost and an outsider, stands on the edge of the crowd, within hearing distance using his keen elven senses. He focuses his hearing on the blessing, though his eyes dart around. No matter how you try, you'll never be part of this faith, he thinks. So why bother? Keep an eye out--you're more a soldier than a saint.

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2

Derryn had been trying to catch up to Eleeda without causing any alarm to the crowd. His sharp eyes never lost her for long but he made little progress on catching up with her. As such, when the call for the blessing of the loaf occurred, he found himself in the middle of the crowd.

I'll find her later then...

m human expert 2

Micha will head to the breaking of the loaf festival to immediatly let Father know. He will catch Fathers eye if Father is speaking and shake his head to signal Father if nothing else. Then he would go back to be by Klaudia's side.

Priestess Anna steps to the front of the stage, where a low pulpit has been readied. The woman driving the cart hands her up a loaf and she places it in front of her on top of a ceremonial rainbow cloth placed over the pulpit. She's bedecked in her full raiment, and looks quite beautiful.

She raises her hands for silence, and the whole courtyard becomes quiet within a few seconds. Talking in a loud, projecting voice she says, "Welcome, and thank you all for coming to this year's blessing of the first loaf! The Seven have blessed us this year with a bountiful harvest, and I'm sure you're all ready to enjoy it. So without further ado, here is the blessing!"

Motioning for Father Griswald to come forward with a small asperilligum full of holy water she begins to pray.

"The Wheel of the Year has turned once more,
and the harvest is upon us.
We have food on our tables, and
the soil is fertile.
Nature's bounty, the gift of the earth,
gives us reasons to be thankful.
Mother of the Harvest, with your sickle and basket,
bless us with abundance and plenty.

The power of the Harvest is within us.
As the seed falls to the earth and is reborn each year,
We too grow as the seasons change.
As the grain takes root in the fertile soil,
We too will find roots and develop.
As the smallest seed blooms into a mighty stalk,
We too will bloom where we landed.
As the wheat is harvested and saved for winter,
We too set aside that which we can use later.

As the grain dies, it transforms to bread,
and brings us life through the winter.
We bless this bread, and it blesses us in return,
and we are thank the Seven for the gift of the harvest."

(Adapted from Patti Wigington's, Hold a Lammas Harvest Festival)

At the break between each stanza Father Griswald does his duty, and sprinkles holy water over the loaf, making the sign of the seven each time. As the final line is uttered, Anna waits a few moments of respectful silence before saying "Alright everybody, let's eat!"

Workers move forward and begin to distribute loaves from the cart to all the tables.

DC 12 Perception check:
You notice a dejected looking Micha standing in the back of the crowd and shaking his head in the Father's direction.

I want to put a map of the courtyard, but due to communist party meetings in China, they've vamped up the great firewall and it's currently impossible for me to access Google Drive with any regularity. I'll get something up as soon as possible, sorry for the delay.

Female Human Adept/ 1

You're posting from China?? Wow. Are you from there, or an ex-pat? Or...? But very cool, as that is one country I'd love to explore. But also very, intense, yes? Must be kinda crazy to have to live with those kinds of restrictions. Oh, and sorry about the mix-up, Derryn hadn't mentioned that he had actually caught up to Eleeda and I didn't know if she's seen him. I think we were all waiting for someone else to make the next move ; )

Even more alarming than Variziel wanting to speak with her, for some strange reason, Derryn, one of the town guards, who was not that well known to her, seems to start coming after her. "What?? Why would the guardsmen be after m...oh no! The magic!! Am I in trouble for..why did I do that! How stupid of me! After all these years of keeping my magic a secret, and I blow it all by starting that fire!! But I was just trying to help! Oh, good I think I...damn it! There he is again! Why won't he leave me alone!

Getting more worried and frustrated by the second, Eleeda breathes a sigh of relief as the begining of the Blessing of the Bread begins to commence and the swell and press of the crowd makes it virtually impossible for the half-elf to follow her.

Finding a seat near the middle front, where she can clearly see Priestess Anna and Father Griswald

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13

Variziel, standing at the back of the crowd, offers his own internal praise to the Children, for supplying them with this world on which they can grow such crops. He also catches Micha out of the corner of his eye, and wonders what the boy is on about. He takes a couple steps toward him, still sticking away from the crowd, until he feels confident he can hear if Micha says something.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

Griswald catches Micha's glance during the blessing and swallows, nearly dropping the asperilligum, then continuing with a slightly shaking hand.

Female Human Adept/ 1

Seeing Father Griswald's reaction, Eleeda quickly turns, trying to see what caused him to react so
Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

With the press of people though, she cannot at all tell what disturbed him so. Unknowing, and with a feeling of dread beginning to build in her stomach, she is in no mood to eat, and sits again quietly, praying to the Gods for Klaudia's recovery.

m human expert 2

perception to notice Variziel

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

Micha chokes out She's gone Variziel. She died and she never even woke up so I could tell her I loved her. Can you tell the Father and Eleeda and the others? I want to get back to her.

With that Micha turns and runs back to the temple with tears in his eyes

So the festival is now officially on. What do you guys want to do? There will be a speech by the lord around dinner time, but in the interim people are just going to be hanging around eating. Griswald you aren't obligated to do anything else for the rest of the day.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

"Your Grace," Griswald says in a low whisper to Anna after the festivities begin and focus is no longer on them. "Klaudia passed during the commencement. I'm not feeling much like celebrating, and I should probably do something about ensuring she doesn't decide to get back up again. Any suggestions before I slip out?"

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2

Ah, yes sorry. I should have made my intentions more clear.

Derryn stands idly watching as the ceremony begins. He immediately notices when Griswald's hand slipped and followed the Fathers eyes back toward Micha. He could tell something was horribly amiss, since Micha had a forlorn expression on his face and the usually unshakable figure of Father Griswald had faltered. He could do little other than offer his sympathies.

He still had not forgotten that he had been led in to the crowd and opted to find Eleeda once the crowds had thinned as people began to eat. After waiting for a time, he sought her out once more and found her, quietly sitting at a table. Praying.

Derryn paused. His resolve was rapidly dissipating. Should I leave her alone? He turned to leave, then stopped. No, the Captain said to keep her under surveillance. He looked back at her. I can watch her from afar. She won't have to know... but what if she causes another fire?! He fretted with indecision for a moment, then felt the familiar, reassuring, weight of the pistol tucked in at his side. He breathed a sigh of relief while looking around, hoping that he hadn't attracted too much attention. He decided the best way to confront her walked up a smile on his face.

"Eleeda... I was hoping to speak with you about something. In private." He kept his voice loud enough to be heard over crowd but low enough to not be easily overheard.

Bluff1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Variziel frowns as Micha tells him the news. "I'm... I'm sorry, Micha." The elf reaches out as if to put a hand on his shoulder, then stops and lowers it, awkwardly. "I know the pain. I'll tell them."

Variziel also saw Griswald's reaction, so he knocks that off his list. He moves to find Derryn and Eleeda, and notices them in the front of the crowd. Here I go... He moves purposefully towards them, his face trying to keep from being grim.

Giving you two a chance to react.

Female Human Adept/ 1

Somewhat startled at the interuption, and then feeling a jolt of fear as she sees the young guard, her eyes wide and with a hitch in her voice Eleeda gasps slightly and invountarily scooches back "W...what?? I...what is it? In private? Why can't you tell me here?? Am I in..." but then she remembers the Father's reaction and she suddenly stands, the feeling of dread growing stronger in her "No! Oh no! It's not Klaudia is it?? She's ok, right?? She got better??"

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2

Perception1d20 + 15 ⇒ (9) + 15 = 24
As Eleeda responded, first with fear then with desperate questions, Derryn noticed Variziel approaching. What does he want?
Sense Motive1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29
The conversation was already heading a direction he didn't want, so he was annoyed at yet another distraction until he saw the Elf's face and knew it was something serious.

Putting a hand on the near hysterical girls shoulder Derryn tries to keep her under control. He didn't know what would happen if she became angry. "Calm yourself Eleeda! I don't know how Klaudia is doing right now but I do know that losing control of your emotions won't help anyone. Forget what I said for the moment."He turns his attention back to the approaching Elf. "Variziel seems to have somthing he wants to tell us.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

"Eleeda, Derryn... Klaudia passed away last night." The elf breaks the news bluntly, bowing his head in silent reflection. When he raises his face again, you can see tear tracks down both of his cheeks. "We had best go back to her, if you wish to say any final farewells." Variziel isn't sure what to do in this situation, so he simply turns and strides off into the crowd.

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2

Derryn stood very still for a time. The memory of his mother dying from a disease playing through his mind. Before it got to the end, he snapped out of the memory. His fists clenching in anger, he made his way through the crowd and back to his post.

Why would I go see her? I didn't even know Klaudia all that well. Whether it's old age, poison, disease, or the blade of Orcish raiding party that takes your life... "People die, it's what happens."

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Variziel turns as he hears Derryn's comment, and pulls him aside for a moment. In that split second, Variziel's look of a pleasant townsfolk disappears, as does his pretense of detached sadness. "I know that as well as you," the elf hisses, his voice low so only Derryn can hear, "but that girl was close to her! Eleeda's already in some sort of emotional state, I'm sure you can see that--do you want to set her further off?" Variziel closes his eyes for a moment, seeming to calm himself, and he whispers something. "Derryn, need I remind you we just discovered Eleeda touch the eldritch? She can tap into magic, man, and destructively so! Be careful how you speak to her--you should anyway, but her ability just makes it that much more imperative."

Perception DC 20:
Variziel whispered, "Children guide me..." when he paused to recollect himself.

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2

Perception1d20 + 15 ⇒ (8) + 15 = 23
Taking mental note of Variziel's prayer, Derryn begins speaking in a low voice matching his tone."I know that. It is precisely because of that ability that I need to determine how much of a threat she might be. Does she have control over her abilities? I don't know. A lot of people, including you could die. I'll heed your your advice and tread lightly around her for now." He takes a calming breath and continues.

"You knew Klaudia, why don't you try comforting Eleeda. I have little to say about her and even less desire to be around the corpse of a woman I barely knew."

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

"I did not know Klaudia very well," Variziel says. "I've been an outsider for as long as I've been here, despite the fact that I'm now older than most of the town's residents. But I'll do what I can."

The elf turns back to the young woman. "Pardon us--guard business. Eleeda, I know Klaudia and you were close. Would you like to say your farewells to her?"

Bluff: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11

Father Griswald wrote:
"Your Grace," Griswald says in a low whisper to Anna after the festivities begin and focus is no longer on them. "Klaudia passed during the commencement. I'm not feeling much like celebrating, and I should probably do something about ensuring she doesn't decide to get back up again. Any suggestions before I slip out?"

Stepping close to whisper Anna replies "The prescription is clear. Removal of the head, blessing the body with holy water and then burial."

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

Griswald just nods and slips out of the room, heading toward the makeshift infirmary.

Female Human Adept/ 1

As Variziel bluntly delivers his news, Eleeda's mouth forms a perfect 'O' of shock, as a bare whisper escapes her "Oh" So caught up is she in her emotion that she does not even seem to hear the callous remark of the Half-Elf.

As she gazes off into nowhere for a few moments while the Elf and Half-Elf have their whispered conversation, she is snapped back into reality when Variziel address her directly. Shaking her head no, she nevertheless answers I...yes, I mean I have to...I mean, yes, of course I want to say my farewells. And poor Micha!"

Then, as something seems to occur to her, she steps closer to the other two and, looking around unconsciously dramatically, she whispers the question, fear and concern clear in her expression "But...but, what know, the other thing...?" her big blue eyes turning to look up at the two tall guardsmen.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

"The cow?" Variziel asks, looking back into her eyes. "It's done with. It is no more, thanks to you. And even if we cannot let the townsfolk of Korostin know, I for one thank you for what you did." The elf drops to one knee and bows his head, bringing one arm across his chest. After a few moments, he rises again. "Come, Eleeda. You should say goodbye."

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2

It was surprising to Derryn when the Elf admitted that he did not know the woman well. Then, why did he shed tears for her?

Unable to figure it out, he came back to himself at Eleeda's question. He was about to answer when Variziel spoke first, thanking the girl. Seeing that the Elf would carry the conversation better than he could Derryn turned without another word and left for his post, leaving the other two to their business.

Female Human Adept/ 1

Frowning slightly as if she can't understand how the Elf is misunderstanding her, or unsure if he's doing it on purpose or not, she says with some frustratuon "What? No, of course not Bischa, I know she's gone, I was there. I mean...I mean what Father Griswald said about Klaudia maybe being infected with the same thing...that if she...she might...oh!"

And with a sob she cuts herself off, raises her dress a bit, and runs towards the temple as fast as she can.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

Looks like a few of us are converging on the temple. Jelani, what order do we arrive in? Can you set the scene for us?

Micha gets there first, then you, followed by presumably Variziel and Eleeda. Was waiting for V to post once more before doing the temple scene.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Hehe... V.

Variziel blinks as Eleeda says what she meant. Damn, I wasn't sure... Then he starts to speak and reach out when she sobs and runs off. The elf shakes his head. "Eleeda!" he calls, dashing after her. His long legs, elven quickness, and warrior's constitution ensure that he catches up to the girl along the way. "Eleeda," he repeats between breaths, "please, running won't solve this. I'm sure Klaudia will be laid to rest--the church of the Seven has ways to deal with this." At least, that's my understanding...

Female Human Adept/ 1

Not sure how long it would take to run from where the ceremony was to the temple, but...

At first, caught up in her worry and panic the young seems to ignore the Elf easily pacing her, but finally she slows down enough so a normal conversation can be had, while still keeping up a quick pace towards the temple.

Glancing up at te tall Elf, worry still plain on her face, she asks, " 'Deal with it'? How??"

I'm fine with us reaching the temple by this point, or however you want to roll with it

The temple is very near the Keep. Check out the map in the campaign tab for a refresher on the town's layout.

Everyone rushes into to the temple Micha first, then followed by Griswald and shortly thereafter Eleeda and Variziel. Micha heads to the sick room, but finds it empty. Asking around the acolytes direct him to the mortuary. The others are similarly directed.

The mortuary is under the temple, attached to the catacombs where the clergy are laid to rest. Sister Penitence is there, and has Klaudia laid out on a large stone slab. She's washing the body, preparing it for burial. She looks up and nods as the group comes trickling in. "I'll leave you alone for a few minutes." she says, walking out of the chamber.

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