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Zombie Survival Game (Inactive)

Game Master Brian Minhinnick

Small town heroes fighting zombie hordes.

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This is the gameplay thread.

It is the most beloved time of year for the people of Korostin. The great annual harvest feast is to be held tomorrow evening. It's the one time of year that everyone in town, from rich to poor can come together in celebration of the common bounty. The feast is held every year in the courtyard of the keep. Each member of the community has their own tasks when it comes to preparing for the event.

Father Griswald:

You've been asked to oversee the construction of the long trestle tables and the stage for Lord Slazak's table in the courtyard of the keep. As a well known handyman and person of authority this is a job you get stuck with every year. Most of the men doing the work are also old hands at this, and it has gone quickly this year. All that remains are a few finishing touches. You're currently standing with Haldorf and Micha watching them finish off the stage.


Lord Slazack has asked you to stand with the guard this year, at the request of his wife Lady Ilona. Your great age and experience put you ahead of most of the full time guards in fighting ability, and you sure do look fancy in your armor. For the most part the job is boring, and you've been standing around for the better part of two days watching the men assemble tables and getting stared at by the townsfolk.


Hercule put you in charge of organizing the delivery of the strong spirits for this year's feast. His Dragon's Blood beet liquor is prized throughout the area. You pulled a cart of bottles over from the Drunken Dragon and have been waiting your turn to see the keep's steward, Filip, for a couple hours now. He's finally ready to receive the order and give you your payment. He waits behind a small wooden desk littered with papers next to the lord's stage.


You've been roped into helping out with the construction this year, as you have been since you were big enough. Father Griswald is in charge, and he's got you pounding wooden pegs and nails into the tables and stage. The work is going well, and you're almost done. You're currently standing with Haldorf and Father Griswald finishing the job.


Just like every year, you've been sent to represent Feuerbart's Ironworks. You've been busy the last couple days smithing nails, spikes and iron joint supports for the tables and chairs. You've just delivered the final load of metal bits to Micha and Father Griswald at the stage, and are helping Micha finish the work.

The courtyard is bustling as everyone goes about their appointed tasks. There are people and animals everywhere. Chickens and pigs cluck and squeal as they are herded towards the kitchens and locked away in temporary pens. The air is full of the sounds of talking, and the smells of woodsmoke and freshly cut timber. The keep feels alive and festive, a sensation not often experienced in Korostin. Even the lord and lady of the keep can be seen looking on from above. They are standing on the battlements smiling, watching their people work happily.

A brief murmur draws everyone's attention to the main gate as High Priestess Anna Martinek comes striding into the courtyard. As the second most important person in town after Lord Slazack, she often has this effect. As usual, she's wearing her many-layered white kimono-like vestments, the rainbow striped stole of her office fluttering gently by her sides as she walks. Her shoulder-length wavy black hair is held back by a rainbow-colored headband. In her right hand she carries a tall, straight staff made of white ash. The staff is topped with a glittering seven-pointed crystal star which throws off refracted rainbows in the sunlight as she walks. On her feet are tall white leather platform shoes, the six inch high soles keeping her out of the muck that normal people take for granted. She looks around briefly before heading straight for Father Griswald.

"Excuse me father, may I have a moment of your time?" she asks upon approaching, her voice strong and clear, yet gentle. A quality often appreciated at her services in the temple. Her ice blue eyes take in Haldorf and Micha and a smile breaks her full lips, she waves to them daintily in greeting.

Male Human Warrior/2{HP 20 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | CMB +4 | CMD 16 | F +4| R +2| W -1| Init +2 | Per -1}

Haldorf lowers his last box of nails, spikes and joints, to the ground. He stretches back and groans pushing his knuckles into his spin and eliciting a loud crack. A once white shirt, but now black and stained, hangs loosely from his frame and stretches down to black trousers and a small pistol that hangs at his waist. He rubs his hands through his thick tied back hair, the black stands greasy from sweat. His Greatsword and armour which normally decorate his person are missing, due to the heavy and arduous labour.

He stretches once more before breaking out in a grin at the sight of the High Priestess, he quickly tries and fails to tuck his shirt in. He blushes a slight red before tussling Micha's hair "Need a hand getting this finished off?"

m human expert 2

Micha starts to smile back at the High Priestess but quickly drops his eyes embarrased. Greatful for Haldorf's distraction he struggles out a ' yes please'

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Variziel watches it all with a somewhat bored, but also content and even wary expression. Although everyone in town comes together for this event, the elf still feels like an outsider. Especially in his armor, with the curve blade, bow and quiver across his back, and the daggers strapped to his thighs. The last time he wore these was during the orc raid, and while they look almost the same as the day he received them, he still looks uncomfortable in them, though more mentally than physically.

Damn, but I could use a drink, is all he thinks as the High Priestess steps forward to Father Griswald. The memories the armor and weapons bring are hard on him, and Variziel wishes to at least quench his parched throat. This "honor guard" business is foolishness... Maybe I can slip off and ask Eleeda for some of the drink I saw her carrying.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

Father Griswald's wide grin hadn't left his face all day, even during the heaviest labor of erecting the stage and podium for the celebration. The big priest was jovial, efficiant and encouraging, loudly booming directions and words of caution as he oversaw the work. Now that it was almost done he was admiring their handiwork and congratulating his crew.

"Nice work, lads! Near record time this year! Only thing left to do is hang the banners and clean up."

As the high priestess approached he smiled even wider. "A'course, your Grace, just a moment."

"Take a break folks. Someone walk over to the tailor's shop and find our when those banners are due. The rest o' ye take a load off and get out of this sun for a few minutes."

Turning back to Anna, he wiped his ruddy brow. "What did ye break this time?" he said jokingly.

DC 10 perception Eleeda and Varisiel:
You can overhear the converstation between the priestess and father Griswald.

She smiles before saying, "It's nothing like that. Claudia was supposed to bring some special incense I had her get from the capital over to the temple. She told me yesterday that she'd be by this morning, but she hasn't shown yet. It's not like her to miss an appointment, so I sent Ken over to check on her. He said there's no one at the store. Can you get together a couple people and go make sure she's okay? I'll keep an eye on things here." she says.

Ken is the temple's acolyte. A mousy 15 year old with lots of acne and little confidence. Klaudia's house is on the northern outskirts of town.

You've often had dealings with Klaudia at the General Store when picking things up for Hercule. She's always been kind to you, and often gives you a little something extra for free when you come by. Like most people in town, you probably consider Klaudia a friend.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

"Hmm. Hope everything's alright down there. I have some things to pick up from the store to prepare for the festival, i'll take a wagon and some haulers and check on things. I was going to head out after hanging the banners, but I can leave someone else in charge of that. Give me a moment."

Turning back to his resting crew the big priest waved them towards him. "I need a few of you to come with me to pick up some supplies from the store. The rest of you just wait here until the banners arrive. Who feels like joining me?"

PC role call?

Bah, I just realized that I misspelled Klaudia's name once in my last post, and that Ken is totally not a slavic name. -smacks self-

Priestess Anna waves Variziel over. "You should take our resident elf. I have a bad feeling about this. Better to be safe than sorry." she says to Griswald.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

Griswald's usually cheery demeanor becomes concerned. He'd learned to trust his priestess' insight. "Aye, your Grace. Looking around, he picked out those he knew to be resourceful and capable.

[b]"Micha, Haldorf, you two just got volun-told. Eleeda, you come too, I think you know Klaudia and Hercule pretty well, right?"

Male Human Warrior/2{HP 20 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | CMB +4 | CMD 16 | F +4| R +2| W -1| Init +2 | Per -1}

"No problem Father." He moves over to stand near Griswald "Nothing will have happened to Klaudia, there has probably been a problem with the shipment or something."

Maybe Ken is short for something :P

m human expert 2

Micha gets a little worried about his "adopted" mom.

Yes Father, I would like to come with you.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Perception DC 10: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Variziel is preoccupied with his own thoughts, but his keen elven ears pick up the conversation between the Priestess and Griswald. Hm. Missing person? Perhaps I should investigate... But I'm supposed to stay here.

Variziel mutters "Bah" to himself and decides to go looking regardless of the "honor guard," but just then the Priestess waves him over, and Variziel catches her comment. Shifting his gear to be slightly more comfortable, and tossing his cloak back behind his shoulders for ease of movement, he stands with Griswald and bows to the High Priestess, not saying anything. Then he strides off with Griswald, Micha, and Haldorf, offering a nod to each of them, and giving Eleeda a small smile as she approaches at Father Griswald's call.

Female Human Adept/ 1

'Hours?? Does he honestly think I have nothing better to do then just stand here waiting around like tree stump?' the normally calm and pleasant Eleeda thinks to herself as her frustration finally begins to get the better of her during her long wait. 'Well, at least I've had a chance to see the boys work' she giggles internally to herself as she casts another sly, uncaught look over at the carpenters and builders. 'I really must be bored, thinking so silly like this!' she chides herself at the same time that Keroc squaks in indignation "Oh quiet you silly. You know that I love your company better more than anyone's. I would have been bored to tears already if you hadn't been with me. If I stand here any longer though I'm likely to start growing roots, and then you'll be able to perch on me to your heart's content"

Just then though Filip finally calls her over, and, putting on a big smile she steps up to receive her payment. A few times in the past Filip, who seemed to be a bit sweet on her, had slipped a tiny tip her way, and as every extra coin she received went to her 'escaping Korostin' fund, she figured a little extra 'umph' to her smile couldn't hurt.

Receiving the coins with another smile and thank you for Filip, Eleeda turns and begins to make her way back to the Dragon when the murmur of the crowd catches her attention and, along with most of the rest of the town, she stops what she is doing and watches the High Priestess glide through the crowd.

Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

When Mother Martinek makes her way to Father Griswald, Eleeda happens to be just close enough to hear the conversation. Not wanting to eavesdrop but honestly curious, the young tavern maiden unconsciously takes a few steps closer. When she hears the news is about Klaudia, she steps closer still, a frown of concern beginning to crease her features as she knows the Mother Superior is correct, it was not like Klaudia to miss or even be late for an appointment. Her heart skips a beat when High Priestess Anna says she has a bad feeling about it and Eleeda opens her mouth to volunteer to help when Father Griswald goes ahead and asks her to come. Not trusting herself to speak at the moment she simply nods her head and steps to the priests side.

After taking a few breaths she calms herself a bit and asks the two clerics "Klaudia is fine right? She has to be. Nothing has happened, right? I mean, what could have happened? Nothing ever happens here. She's ok, right? Just some silly reason she's late? You're feeling isn't a really bad one, is it Mother Martinek?"

Realizing she's babbling and blushing as a result, the young girl bows her head to cover herself embarrassment. On her shoulder Keroc steps closer to her and nuzzles her cheek in sympathy. The empathic bird then squawks inquiringly and Eleeda lifts her head and turns her face to look at him, a movement she has done so many hundreds of times now that it is no longer awkward. "Thank you Keroc. And oh, would you?? Thank you my friend, what would I ever do without you." Almost the whole town is familiar by now with the site of her carrying on conversations with her bird and she thinks nothing of it. Puffing his feathers in pride at her words, Keroc gives her another peck and then takes wing, making a bee line for Klaudia's store, going to check on the place for his mistress. Eleeda watches him go and then turns expectantly towards the others, clearly in a hurry to leave and make sure her friend is alright.

As there would be no reason to have it on her, Eleeda's 'Escape Korostin' backpack is back in her room at the Drunken Dragon. She does of course have her pouch belt on her person though.

Male Human Warrior/2{HP 20 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | CMB +4 | CMD 16 | F +4| R +2| W -1| Init +2 | Per -1}

Haldorf nods back to Variziel then motions at the weapons distributed around his body "I hope we won't be needing those." He smiles as he speaks "I've been thinking for a while now that maybe we should have a training bout sometime. Never know when those Orc's might be back."

Haldorf follows behind Father Griswald to Klaudia's.

Hello Loup Blanc. Didn't realise that was you :P

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

"Yes, well," Variziel mutters back, almost awkwardly. The elf considers how to decline from the bout without harming the lad's feelings. Finally, he decides to say, "I'm not sure that's a wise idea. If I wound up on the receiving end of that sword of yours, I'd most likely end up in twice the pieces I'd prefer to be."

Hello, Hairy. I thought about saying something, but decided against it... Also, by the way, I am the GM of a game where you're playing a Justiciar, if you hadn't noticed.

Variziel watches Keroc take off, marveling as always at Eleeda's connection to the animal. He walks over and puts a hand on the girl's shoulder, giving her a reassuring smile. "You're right, Eleeda-- nothing happens here in Korostin. I'm sure Klaudia is fine."
If only I truly thought that, the elf thinks, a dark feeling churning in his stomach.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

Hopping up onto the wagon where it was hitched and waiting, Father Griswald waited for the others to climb in saying "We'll take care of it Your Grace, don't you worry none."

Then he snapped the reins sending the old work horse down the road toward the store.

"Just keep calm now, Eleeda, the big priest said as soothingly as he could. "aint no use getting worked up before we find out what the trouble is, now is there?

As you all get into the wagon to head over to the store, Keroc comes fluttering back. He squawks noisily a few times and then shakes his head.

Male Human Warrior/2{HP 20 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | CMB +4 | CMD 16 | F +4| R +2| W -1| Init +2 | Per -1}

I just realised :P I am excited to get that game started :D

Haldorf smiles at Variziel's comment, not been one to decline a compliment "Yes, I guess that is a possibility." He takes a seat in the cart, staring out at the town as they travel.

The group quickly arrives at the shop. Unusually its front door is close, and the shutters are still shut on the windows, though it's well into midday. The hand carved and painted sign that says "Klaudia's General Supply" creaks and swings in the cool autumn breeze.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Variziel stares at the closed shop, his stomach dropping lower and lower into the dark pit that's growing there as the group approaches. Realizing that something could be very, very wrong, he unsheathes his curve blade and holds it in one hand, stepping closer to the door but not entering; instead, he places his ear against the wood and listens.

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

m human expert 2

seeing Variziel draw his weapon, Micha will shudder and draw the handaxe from his belt. He jumps down and wants to run into the store to make sure Klaudia is alright but if Variziel and Haldorf are being careful he knows to trust their lead.

Female Human Adept/ 1

Sense Motive vs Varizial: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21
Eleeda does her best at giving a genuine smile at Varizel's gesture of comfort, but in her heart she knows that the Elf is just as concerned as she is.

As she climbs in the wagon and Father Griswald speaks to her, she nods her head at his logic, and takes a few breaths to calm herself. The results are shattered but a few seconds later though as Keroc comes fluttering back, confirming that Klaudia is still not there. Barely able to refrain from yelling at the horses to go faster, she stands at the front of the wagon, holding tight to the railing as she looks ahead.

When they arrive she is second off the wagon, just after Varizal and moves to join him at the door, only to be stopped by his raised palm. Frowning while still obeying she whispers urgently "Do you hear anything??"

Male Human Warrior/2{HP 20 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | CMB +4 | CMD 16 | F +4| R +2| W -1| Init +2 | Per -1}

Haldorf sees the weapons been drawn "Wish I had my sword because it looks like Klaudia never even opened up shop this morning that really isn't like her." He slowly takes out his pistol making sure to keep it pointed at the ground. Something stops him from calling out, he can't say what it's just a feeling of uneasiness.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

Seeing all the other men arm themselves, Father Griswald makes the Sign of the Seven and prays under his breath that they won't be needed.

"Circle around and see if the back is open. If no one is here we should go check her house."

m human expert 2

I know where she keeps the key around back, she let me open up for her a couple of times. haldorf I have a spare dagger if you would like that. Or you can have my handaxe, you would probably be better with it.

offers haldorf his hand axe

Variziel hears nothing from inside the shop. The back door is also closed and locked.

Female Human Adept/ 1

"Haldorf! Please, open the door!...but...but be careful!" Eleeda pleads as she follows the young carpenter around back.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

"Shh..." Variziel whispers to Eleeda, placing one arm around her shoulder, more in a brotherly or fatherly way than that of a lover. "Quiet, calm girl. Even if something's amiss, it does no good to fret over it."

The elf then steps forward to the side of the door, readying his curve blade, hoping he won't have to use it. When the door is opened, he peers around the edge of the doorway, clenching his jaw and tightening his grip.

Using the spare key that most people close to Klaudia know about, Micha is able to get the door open easily. The familiar sight of the general store greets the group as they peer inside. It remains still and quiet. The shop is two stories tall, but the upstairs is only a loft that Klaudia uses for stock storage. The ground level is full of rows of shelves, and the sales counter in the back which everyone is now standing behind, having come through the back door.

Male Human Warrior/2{HP 20 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | CMB +4 | CMD 16 | F +4| R +2| W -1| Init +2 | Per -1}

Haldorf looks down at Micha and smiles, "Keep it, the only way to get better is with practice." As he walks into the shop he looks around, trying to spot any sign of Klaudia "Besides I doubt we will need to fight."

Perception: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13

You see only the empty shop, there's no sign that anyone has been here today.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Variziel moves in, his blade held in one hand at his side, his eyes sweeping across the empty store, his ears twitching almost imperceptibly as he strains to hear. Finally, he treads over to the stairs, peering up into the second floor. Then he says, softly, "Stay down here, I'll look upstairs."

The elf grips his curve blade in both hands then, and slowly makes his way up the stairs, trying to perceive anything he can while remaining inconspicuous.

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23
Stealth: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

Tense from waiting, Father Griswald pulled the horse's reigns and moved the wagon around to face the road again.

"Doesn't look like anyone's 'ere. Maybe she stayed home sick. Eleeda, has your mother been well lately?"

The loft is full of barrels and crates, stacks of cloth and sacks of flour. However, there aren't any creatures here as far as Variziel can tell.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

"Nothing," Variziel calls down the stairs, "Feel free to come up."

Variziel himself moves back downstairs, pondering this oddity. Where could she be?

Male Human Warrior/2{HP 20 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | CMB +4 | CMD 16 | F +4| R +2| W -1| Init +2 | Per -1}

Haldorf waits at the base of the stairs and at Variziel's call of safety puts away his pistol. "I guess we should head to her house then." He shrugs and makes his way out the shop.

m human expert 2

She hasn't said anything to me Father. She seemed fine the day before yesterday when we did the inventory.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

"Lets check the house." Griswald said trying not to sound as grim as he felt.

As their two scouts came back shaking their heads, the big priest gently snapped the reins and sent the wagon down the road again. The house wasn't far, but he didn't want to leave the wagon here in case they needed to transport anyone who might be sick or injured.

Though Klaudia's house is north of town, it's still less than a mile away. The group passes through most of Korostin on their way there. The townspeople are smiling and busy, finishing up the last of their work in anticipation of the morrow's feast. The leaves on the trees spread throughout town are a beautiful tapestry of red, yellow and orange. The cool autumn breeze is thickly laden with the scents of woodsmoke, livestock and damp woody earth. While the sun shines brightly overhead.

By the time they reach Klaudia's house the trees have completely replaced the buildings. Her two story cottage is set back about a hundred feet from the road in a large clearing. The yard in front of the house is dominated by a large garden, mostly picked clean at this point in the year. On the south side of the house is a pen where Klaudia keeps her cow Bischa. At the rear of the pen is a small barn, the doors are shut and Bischa is no where to be seen. The house itself is square and about thirty foot on a side. The front faces east, and there are two shuttered windows flanking the door there. The north side of the house boasts several fruit trees. You can see apples, cherries and pears hanging ripe on the boughs. The brick chimney up the rear of the house is absent smoke.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

"Micha, don't you folks own a cow?"

m human expert 2

Klaudia usually lets Bischa out in the mornings before she heads to the store, if I remember correctly.

(although Klaudia is sort of an adopted mom to Micha--he lives mostly in the guard quarters in town as it is closer to work.)

something must be wrong. I need to get in there

jumps off the wagon and begins running for the house.

HP 18/18, AC 10, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5, Rebuke Death 6/6, Hero Points 7

"Go with him." Griswald says to Haldorf and Varisiel. "Can't let him run around by himself if somethin's wrong. We'll hitch the wagon and be right behind ye."

Female Human Adept/ 1

Her worry and fear building by the moment, Eleeda takes comfort in the familiar claws which grip her shoulder as Keroc comes in for a landing after flying above the wagon on their way to Klaudia's.

She's only been to the merchant's house once before, but even she knew how odd it was for Bischa not to be out in the hard. Leaping off the wagon with the others, she turns to Father Griswald emoting "Something must have happened! Oh I hope she's alright! Maybe she fell and hurt herself or something! Please hurry Father!" before dashing after the others herself.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Variziel hops down from the cart, blade still in his hand, but he lets Micha and Haldorf go first, wary of bursting into a stranger's house. He holds out an arm to slow Eleeda. "Calm down, girl," the elf says, his voice soft. "We'll find out soon enough what's going on here."

Okay, is anyone going to knock? Go inside? Circle the house? I'm waiting on a definitive action to advance this.

m human expert 2

Micha is running to the front door and will pound on the door to start. If no answer will check to see if the door is locked.

Micha pounds on the door and then waits for a response.

Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

He hears a faint moaning coming from inside the house. Testing the door nob, he finds it unlocked.

Male Drow Rogue (Shadow Walker, Unchained) 3/Paladin (Dusk Knight, Tempered Champion) 3 | HP

Perception for Variziel: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

The elf moves up to Micha as he pounds on the door. "Hey, hey, lad." Variziel grabs Micha's arm. "Careful, now! Let's not just go breaking in! Be smart about this. If something's really wrong..."

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