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Zeb's Crypt of the Everflame PbP

Game Master ZebulonXenos

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Male Dwarf Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 3/Fighter(Two-Weapon) 2
(Hp's 51; Ac 16); Int: +3; Perc: +9; Fort: +8; Ref: +5; Will: +4

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

Garik looking curiously at the men, Wonder why they're not eating much? Seems like a waste of good food! Garik shrugs at the thought and digs in, unable to resist such fine cuisine.

DC 15 Sense Motive check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8

Drosk listens carefully to all that the Razmirans have to say. While he doesn't gorge himself on the food and spirits, he eats enough so as not to seem unappreciative or disrespectful.

female Human Fey Sor2

Perception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

Raven didn't pay much attention to what the cultists said or ate. She figured the cultists weren't going to share any secrets to brand new recruits. She started eating heartily, and only drank enough ale to wash down the food (she had never taken to the bitter taste of alcohol).

| HP 55/55 | AC 22/24 (T 13, FF 19/21) | CMD 20 | F +9 | R +8 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +11 Half-Orc Redeemer of Erastil 5

Amadea's stomach was twisted in knots by this whole affair. No matter the talk of camoflage this still struck her as deception.

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18

Food was the last thing on Amadea's mind at this point; she payed it no more mind than the cheep ale she was holding but not drinking. Her eye and attention is only on the fanatical creatures before her, and any signs of danger or ambush that might come from other quarters.

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

There are some explanations, such as they are, in the OoC topic as to my absence. I'll still be spotty for a couple of weeks, but for now I want to get a role call to see if I can get things started back up sometime next month.

Male Human Free Hand Fighter (3)

Having had more than his fill of drinks previously, Bolkin took no more of a few sips of the ale he was offered. He instead chose to indulge in the food sitting before him. He was too preoccupied with the food in front of him to notice the others' thoughts and words, and while he didn't quite gorge himself, he ate a generous amount.

Perception check
No mod
1d20 ⇒ 8
I should really put ranks into Perception some day.

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

One of the white-robed cultists turns his masked face towards Telperion and remarks, "This is a feast to your honor!" He edges closer to the elf before adding conspiratorially, "And besides, we aren't to show our faces to new recruits until they are properly inducted." Though his face remains unseen, it's hard not to imagine a knowing wink going with his tone of voice.

As if all is said on the matter, the robed man stands up to join his other masked companions. The meal goes on much the same as before, Garik, Morthos, and the group's new acquaintance Evlar work their way through enough plates for everyone. Raven, Bolkin, and Drosk eat less, while Telperion and Amadea abstain completely.

About five minutes into the meal, Evlar suddenly slumps over into a bowl of earthy woodland greens. Before anyone can make a crack about elves and their liquor, they realize that they, too, are feeling drowsy.

I want saving throws from Garik and Morthos at DC 24. You need to pass two of these or fall unconscious. This is a poison, so unless you substitute another trait for Hardy (or whatever Dwarves get), you have +2.

Raven and Bolkin ate a bit less, so they make the same saves at DC 22.

Drosk ate modestly, so he may attempt his save at DC 20.

Amadea and Telperion didn't eat, so they don't need to make saves.

Welcome back, Zeb! Hope classes are going well!

DC 20 Fortitude save #1: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
DC 20 Fortitude save #2: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Male Dwarf Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 3/Fighter(Two-Weapon) 2
(Hp's 51; Ac 16); Int: +3; Perc: +9; Fort: +8; Ref: +5; Will: +4

Fort: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20
Fort: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

I did not realize it but apparently the original Garik substituted the 'Stubborn' Alternate Racial trait for Hardy. Dang. Still wouldn't have succeeded but... dang. Ah well.

Male Human Free Hand Fighter (3)

Fortitude saves
+5 = 3 base + 2 CON
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21
The moral here is always take Perception.

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

Classes are indeed going well. Hiking around the campus and the nightmare that passes for parking here are a bit more trying, but nothing too bad. I'll be sending around a PM form-letter to let the others know we're finally back under way.

Garik starts to nod off shortly after Evlar, and slumps to the side, avoiding the indignity of (too much) soup in his beard. Drosk realizes what's happening and fights against it, but ultimately succumbs, almost looking comfortable laid back in his chair. Bolkin starts to slur something as he slowly sinks forward, a smile on his face at some quip that never quite saw utterance.

The other cultists look expectantly to Telperion and Amadea, growing more agitated as the two show no signs of falling unconscious.

Just a bit of flavor while we wait on Raven and Morthos.

| HP 55/55 | AC 22/24 (T 13, FF 19/21) | CMD 20 | F +9 | R +8 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +11 Half-Orc Redeemer of Erastil 5

Amadea tries to conceal her panic as her comrades start passing out.

Is this how they induct new members? What happens if I resist? They could be killing their inductees for their wealth, but that doesn't make sense, as most are poor. And if that many people were dying we'd have heard about the missing... Should I drink and pass out with the others? Should I fight? Or should I try to pretend I'm unconscious and see if I can learn something... Erastil, give me a sign!

Grand Lodge

Male Elf Rogue 3

Welcome back, everyone! Waiting on Raven before acting

Male Dwarf Barbarian(Drunken Brute/Invulnerable Rager) 5

Morthos enjoys the feast, eating and drinking with great gusto...

Fort: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 6 + 2 = 14.

...midway through his fourth helping, he burps loudly, then yawns, rubs his eyes, and slumps sideways in his chair, snoring loudly enough to rattle the cutlery on the table...

Male Dwarf Barbarian(Drunken Brute/Invulnerable Rager) 5

Morthos enjoys the feast, eating and drinking with great gusto...

Fort: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 6 + 2 = 26.

...midway through his fourth helping, he burps loudly, then yawns, rubs his eyes, and slumps sideways in his chair, snoring loudly enough to rattle the cutlery on the table...

female Human Fey Sor2

Raven only has a +1 to her Fort save, so there's no way she can make it.

"Ooh, I'm not feeling too good." Raven tries to keep her head up, but all she can do is push her food out of the way and lay her head on her arms before she passes out.

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

I'm only seeing one save from Morthos - and a successful one at that - so I'm going to roll a second one for him so Telperion and Amadea know exactly what the situation is.

Morthos Fort, second save: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 6 + 2 = 27

Dwarven fortitude, ladies and gentlemen.

Amadea's sign comes in an unexpected form. Morthos doesn't snore more than a couple of times before coming back upright, almost as if his own snoring had awoken him. Now the companions aren't so badly outnumbered - though really, if this was Erastil's will, he hasn't made himself terribly clear.

So the situation is now that there are five robed followers of Razmir and an innkeeper who is likely in their employ. Telperion and Amadea's abstinence has served them well, and Morthos is awake thanks to his mighty dwarven constitution. The rest are unconscious, which I believe is a different game term from 'asleep', so they're down until the poison wears off - no shaking them awake.

Completely OoC, I'm prepared to roll with whichever way you guys take - submit to the cultists or defend yourselves, though the latter route is certainly the harder one.

| HP 55/55 | AC 22/24 (T 13, FF 19/21) | CMD 20 | F +9 | R +8 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +11 Half-Orc Redeemer of Erastil 5

Amadea moves to Garik and examines him, checking his breathing.

Heal check: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (3) - 1 = 2 and fails to find out anything.

"What is the meaning of this? We came here to learn about your living god... and you have poisoned us? What did you give them? Will they recover?"


Male Dwarf Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 3/Fighter(Two-Weapon) 2
(Hp's 51; Ac 16); Int: +3; Perc: +9; Fort: +8; Ref: +5; Will: +4

Garik's head slumps and hits the table. After a minute or two, the ever so sinister drool starts to work it's deadly way out onto his beard.

Grand Lodge

Male Elf Rogue 3

Telperion looked at Raven with deep concern, but quickly moved to Amadea's side as she spoke to the Razmirans.

He had also assumed that the drugging was unlikely to be murder, but he was nonetheless upset.

"If we came here of our own free will, it seems excessive to have drugged us," he began. But then he looked down and to the left. "Unless of course you plan to take us to a secret location, then being unconscious would be beneficial to you without being overly hostile to us. That would be consistent with many secret societies throughout history. It is said the elves of the Mordant Spire use a similar ruse with mariners who...." He looked back up at the priests.

"I'm digressing. Sorry," he said apologetically.

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

The robed men start to get agitated as Amadea begins her questioning. For once, Telperion's overwhelming charm comes in useful as the cultists become bemused. After a moment, one of the gray robed ones nods slowly.

"You are correct, we have meant you to come to no harm. We value our privacy, our secrecy," he says, with some emphasis on the second word, "And we find that new recruits usually react better to a heady feast that puts them under than they do to a bat to base of the skull." The intonation of that last sentence manages to demonstrate both levity and threat.

"Rest assured, your friends are only unconscious, sedated, peacefully slumbering, for a short time. A few dozen minutes, no more than an hour, for your more... gluttonous compatriots," he says as he tilts his head toward the now-drooling Garik.

Reaching for a pitcher of ale, he proffers it to the three still awake. "I would recommend you have your fill - it is not every day that you enter the fold of the Living God, and I confess that it is not every day we have such lavish meals!" A few of his compatriots laugh lightly at this. "If not, then we ask that you please have just a sip of the drink - you will sleep just as well with that much, and then we may move you to your new accommodations, as members of the faith."

| HP 55/55 | AC 22/24 (T 13, FF 19/21) | CMD 20 | F +9 | R +8 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +11 Half-Orc Redeemer of Erastil 5

"I do not like to be helpless. If this is the only way to learn what we have some to learn, then I would accept a blindfold, or a hood."

Grand Lodge

Male Elf Rogue 3

"Yes, a blindfold would be much better", Telperion said hopefully, nodding to Amadea's suggestion.

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

Five masked heads swivel as one to regard the black-robed figure, their confusion evident despite their concealed faces. Likewise, Egarthis' posture indicates a magnanimous and almost jovial demeanor, with just a hint of imperious authority, sort of like a more sinister (and skinnier) Mayor Uptal. With the pained tone of a father denying a favored child some begged-for sweet, he replies, "It is against our traditions, and I am afraid there are some," he says with a particular eye on the last standing dwarf, "That do not need to see to be able to trace their route."

"However," he says, his voice rising as though he were offering an excellent bargain, "Your new brothers and sisters would likely welcome the explanations you would be able to offer. You two will be blindfolded, but the good dwarf should help himself to another round of ale."

Morthos doesn't need to be told twice, though he doesn't look as happy to be drinking as he usually does.

A couple of unmasked men appear from the back of the establishment, producing blindfolds so easily it's hard not to wonder if the priests of the Living God hadn't prepared for something like this. They blindfold Amadea and Telperion, and they begin to bind the pair's wrists until the black-robed man commands them to halt. "It is enough that they cannot see; they are our brethren, not our hostages."

The sincerity in his voice seems suspect, given the situation.

There's some scuffling and huffing as, presumably, their companions are hoisted on the backs of some of the men. Then Amadea and Telperion are lead out of the bar - no, into the kitchen, they realize, and into a room that smells of grain, spirits and liquor. Likely the storeroom. Telperion quickly catches on as he hears a door opening in the floor. The pair are marched down the stairs and through a tunnel of some moderate distance before being turned and directed up another, shorter flight of steps. There's a low rumbling, a few more steps and a turn, and then the two are split.

"Arms and armor off," a gruff voice says. "You'll get 'em back once initiation's done." They are in no place to argue, and the rustling around them indicates their companions are already being deprived of their own anyway. Any attempt to remove the blindfolds are met with reprimands.

Once they're down to their clothes, Telperion and Amadea are turned around and told to take three long steps forward. Amadea almost trips over something, and Telperion almost does likewise though he senses it at the last moment. There is a creaking of bars and the sound of clicking locks, and of several feet exiting the room.

Egarthis makes a brief throat-clearing noise to indicate he is near. "We will return in about an hour's time, once your companions are due to have awakened. Please, use this time to contemplate your choices, and rejoice in your awakening to the light of the Living God." He takes a few deliberate, loud steps. "You may remove your blindfolds once I close the door." Almost as soon as he finishes, there is a loud, final-sounding bang as a heavy wooden door slams shut.

Blindfolds off, the room the group finds themselves in is about thirty feet long by perhaps twelve feet wide. The group is split amongst six holding cells, Amadea and Raven (whom the half-orc had nearly tripped over earlier) paired on one end and Telperion and Evlar on the other. The dwarves and Bolkin each have their own cell between the two.

Each cell is nondescript, hard stone, with a number of plain straw mats equal to its occupants. Amadea's end of the room has a door, and the two who were conscious for the trip are vaguely aware that is from where they entered. Telperion's cell has a good view of a hallway that ends in some stairs some twenty paces down, with another hall branching off it midway down.

Feel free to react, discuss, whatever before Egarthis (the black-robed priest) returns.

As this is a major breakpoint, and I don't feel like double checking my bookkeeping to ensure all the experience is in order, I'm going to arbitrarily declare that everyone is now level 3. You guys have a while to fiddle with the details as the next few posts will probably be mostly roleplaying anyway.

I'll try to have a map up and ready by tomorrow.

| HP 55/55 | AC 22/24 (T 13, FF 19/21) | CMD 20 | F +9 | R +8 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +11 Half-Orc Redeemer of Erastil 5

Amadea removes her blindfold and looks around, taking stock of the room and their surroundings.

"Everyone, are you ok? Is anyone awake yet?"

Level 3 HP roll: 1d10 ⇒ 10

Grand Lodge

Male Elf Rogue 3

Telperion gave a small, furtive wave to Amadea, along with a wan smile.

"I'm fine. The others appear to be out, still. Thank you for the blindfold suggestion. I really wasn't looking forward to eating any of that."

He then began to survey the surrounding walls, bars, doors and stairs.

"Cell blocks such as this often have means of external observation", he said, scanning the walls intently. "It's argued by some that displaying the ability to watch a captive is more effective at enforcing behavior than the actual observation. That is, prisoners will act more docile if they believe they're being observed. It prevents them from focusing completely on the means of...."

His voice trailed off as his eyes found the lock on the cell door. Box style, ward lock, I'd guess. Housing intact, although a bit of rust on the bolt flange.

He leaned against the bars so he could run his index finger along the keyhole on the outside of the cell. Pulling his hand back he rubbed his index finger against his thumb. Decent oiling, key size is large enough for several wards, so, likely a good mechanism. But they had to purchase six at once, so probably not spectacular.

His hands reached instinctively for his belt pouch.


Did they talk all our gear, or just our armor and weapons? If I still have my pouch, I still have my thieves' tools.

Male Dwarf Barbarian(Drunken Brute/Invulnerable Rager) 5

Morthos continues to snore, loudly.


Drosk begins to stir groggily in his cell.

"Aarrgh! Me head!" Drosk exclaims as he opens his eyes and takes in his surroundings, seeing Telperion and Amadea conscious in their cells. [b]"Lemme guess - they drugged us an' locked us up in some secret hidey-hole. So much fer their 'al-tru-istic' church. Or is this just some kind o' juvenile hazing ritual?" he asks, his tone betraying his disgust with the Razmirans' actions.

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

They were thorough in their removal of your belongings - unless Telperion can fashion some make-shift thieves tools out of straw, the locks will remain as they are. Incidentally he is spot-on in his guess at the locks - solid, reasonably secure, but not a huge challenge.

As for Drosk's guess, there are three reasons (less them being actual prisoners) that pop to mind quickly; either he's right, and this is essentially just hazing. Those with religious training know that in some, usually more 'primitive' religions, there is a period of isolation, fasting, and general asceticism involved before induction (though it would have been nice if they'd told the group that). And given that they are a relatively secretive cult, this may be as much for security as for outright meanness or religious rite.

I apologize for not having the map up - it occurred to me that the previous method of using Google spreadsheets is slightly time-consuming, and now that I'm on a generally better Internet connection I might be able to find a solid alternative. I'll take suggestions if anybody has them - I recall someone suggested Dabbleboard when we were first starting, but they have unfortunately gone down. Otherwise I'll do a search and try to have a good solution going before we get into the adventure proper.

female Human Fey Sor2

As Raven's consciousness crosses the threshold, she sits up quickly. She sees the bars, and then checks on her own person to make sure everything is intact, and verify that their gear had been taken.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea..." she says to no one in particular, then she realizes herself, and checks around to take roll that everyone else was still here.

| HP 55/55 | AC 22/24 (T 13, FF 19/21) | CMD 20 | F +9 | R +8 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +11 Half-Orc Redeemer of Erastil 5

Amadea clears her throat and tries not to say I told you so.

Once she has her composure under control she says, "Are you all right Raven? Drosk? The Faithful just left us a little while back. They said we were to use this time to contemplate our lives and celebrate coming to their god. I don't know how long they intend to leave us here."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Th' headache's wearin' off a bit," Drosk grumbles as he rises to his feet, glancing around at the group's new accomodations. "Hope they don't plan t' leave us here too long. Garik an' Morthos're liable t' be hungry when they wake up."

Grand Lodge

Male Elf Rogue 3

As Telperion began twisting three pieces of straw together, he absentmindedly responded to Drosk, missing his joke.

"They've just eaten. Twice. They should be good for a day at least."

As Raven woke up, Telperion smiled warmly and waved some straw to her in greeting.

I'll try to fashion something to mitigate the penalty of not having tools for disable device.

"Let me pray fer me spells. Torag willin' He might grant me one that can help us get out o' here," Drosk says, watching Telperion examine the lock on the cell door.

Male Human Free Hand Fighter (3)

Bolkin started coming to his senses a good several minutes or so after Drosk. "Ugh," He groaned as he rubbed his temple, "I only had a couple sips. I'm not THAT much of a lightweight, am-" Bolkin looked around at his surroundings with mild annoyance.

"Man, can I not pass out in a bar ONE time without waking up in a jail cell?" Bolkin recalled the days where he and a few other co-workers would lock up their fellow guards who blacked out from too much drink as a prank, usually for an hour or two after the victim awoke. He had been on both the giving and receiving end of such mean-spirited acts in the past, and either way it usually resulted in a reprimand from the captain.

"So can any of you think of a way to pass the time until SOMEONE busts us out of here?" The tone of his voice made it apparent that he didn't particularly care if "someone" was Telperion or the owners of the cells they were in.

| HP 55/55 | AC 22/24 (T 13, FF 19/21) | CMD 20 | F +9 | R +8 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +11 Half-Orc Redeemer of Erastil 5

Amadea casts a wary glance at Drosk, "Big brother, are you sure that is wise? These folk don't seem the type that would appreciate us appealing to other gods, especially if we were to use there to disrupt their initiation tradition?" She casts her eyes about knowingling without moving her head, to indicate that we are probably being observed.

Male Dwarf Barbarian(Drunken Brute/Invulnerable Rager) 5

Morthos wakes-up with a snort, and then groans.

"Uh. I feel like I've been on an all-week bender, and woken-up behind me pappy's forge! I hate it when a 'job application' ends like this."

He pulls himself to his feet, and takes stock of his situation.

"So, what's the plan?"

Male Dwarf Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 3/Fighter(Two-Weapon) 2
(Hp's 51; Ac 16); Int: +3; Perc: +9; Fort: +8; Ref: +5; Will: +4

Garik snorts which forces him to wake instantly. "Huh?" He shakes his head vigorously to wake himself and then wipes the drool from his mouth. Noticing his predicament, "Could anyone be for tellin' me why we're in prison? I don't recall killin' anyone wrongly." He ponders that a moment trying to remember if he had.

female Human Fey Sor2

Raven returns the wave to Telperion, and looks past him to see that Evlar is also in one of the cells.

"Well, they threw the other two guys (with a nod toward Bolkin) in here, too, so I guess this is how they treat all their new recruits. We could play 'I spy.' I spy with my little eye something... grey!'" She laughs quickly, but begins thinking about the kind of people that would be running this cult.

Incidentally, Raven is levelled. I decided to go ahead and take "protection from evil" instead of "enlarge person" this time, since we have so many melee fighters.

Amadea wrote:
Amadea casts a wary glance at Drosk, "Big brother, are you sure that is wise? These folk don't seem the type that would appreciate us appealing to other gods, especially if we were to use there to disrupt their initiation tradition?" She casts her eyes about knowingling without moving her head, to indicate that we are probably being observed.

"Aye, lass. Ye're probably right. But that don't mean I'm not gonna prepare a few surprises fer them metal masks," Drosk replies, giving the half-orc a wink.

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

Drosk has sufficient time to commune with Torag, and if any other than his companions and the bare stone walls bear witness, there is no indication. Even Evlar, who partook of the feast with a gusto to match the dwarves, slumbers through it.

The half-elf awakens after a while, throwing a scowl towards Telperion but otherwise seeming to accept the situation without a word.

It isn't long after this that a black-robed, masked man and similarly-attired but truly massive priest enter, the latter carrying small, plain wooden bowls of water. The former begins to speak, and it is clearly Egarthis again.

“I must apologize for the way that you were brought here,” he begins in a calm, even tone as he walks down the cell block, stopping at each to pass a folded white robe for each inhabitant through the bars. “We must be sure that you are pure and properly prepared to join the faith. Today you shall fast and meditate on the glory of Razmir. On the morrow you shall be sworn in and given your masks, made one with the body of Razmir; one piece of the greater whole. You shall become acolytes, and be allowed upon the first step of enlightenment. Rejoice! The path of glory and fortune shall be open to you.”

Evlar gets to his feet and grasps the bars. "What, your hospitality's a prison cell? I coulda got in one of those on my own!"

Egarthis just looks to the other priest, who takes one of the bowls from his tray and dumps it out. He then goes to each cell in turn and passes a bowl through to each inhabitant, excepting Evlar.

The half-elf continues his scowl and retreats to a corner.

Unless you guys have further actions, not much happens until tomorrow. Every four hours another priest shows up with water, and if anyone says anything, dumps that person's bowl.

This takes place after Egarthis and the large priest leave the room after the first water delivery...

"Psst! Here lad, take my bowl," Drosk whispers to Evlar, passing his bowl of water through the bars to the half-elf. "Stick with us an' play it calm an' quiet-like, an' we'll see what th' morrow brings."

Grand Lodge

Male Elf Rogue 3

Telperion watched the act of kindness with interest. That sure was nice of Drosk. I wish I'd thought of that.

When four hours had passed, Telperion started to fidget. As the priest offered the next bowl of water, he leaned close to the bars and asked quietly, "Um, it's the last water you brought with which I need to deal. And there was this stew, before we came for your meal...well, you know."

He looked expectantly at the priest, confident that necessary facilities were nearby.

| HP 55/55 | AC 22/24 (T 13, FF 19/21) | CMD 20 | F +9 | R +8 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +11 Half-Orc Redeemer of Erastil 5

Sworn in! I can't take a false vow, I can't! Erastil protect and guide me, I don't know what to do! If it comes to taking a vow, I'll have to refuse. I'd die first!

Amadea sits in silence, obviously restless, but unable to articulate her thoughts.

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

The Razmiran tilts his head quizzically, hand uncertainly tilting the bowl meant for Telperion. After a moment, he goes about distributing the bowls and makes a wordless gesture that seems to indicate he will return shortly. Telperion noticed no keyring on the man's belt nor any pockets in his robe to conceal them.

A few minutes later a man, gray-robed and masked, enters, his body language indicating something less than enthusiasm. "It has been brought to my attention that we neglected to furnish chamber pots for your use, and in any case, we believe such accommodations to be lacking given the unusually large number of inductees," he says in a voice deep and booming, if not completely sincere, as though he were passing down orders he didn't entirely agree with. "The guard will be escorting you, two at a time, to the lavatory on this level. I advise you take advantage of this, as we are making an exception to the usual rule of total isolation, and would prefer not to have to do so again."

He is joined by a white-robed companion during this explanation, who brandishes a pair of keys.

"Volunteers?" queries the gray robed one.

Hopefully Telperion didn't get too Sandy'd, but in case he did I'm letting anyone who wants to go with his apparent plan of 'scout the place and/or subdue the guards' volunteer here.

Male Dwarf Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 3/Fighter(Two-Weapon) 2
(Hp's 51; Ac 16); Int: +3; Perc: +9; Fort: +8; Ref: +5; Will: +4

Garik perks up when the man ask for volunteers, "Over here! Pick me! I'm for needin' ta go!" He does an odd bathroom dance in hopes to keep himself "dry".

Male Dwarf Barbarian(Drunken Brute/Invulnerable Rager) 5

Morthos grins at Garik's display.

"Aye, well, hurry up; that ale went straight through me!"

Grand Lodge

Male Elf Rogue 3

Teleperion made ready to leave for the latrine with Garik and the new guards. The elf's fingers twitched slightly at the sight of the keys.

Easy now. There will be a moment. Find it and use it.

Only slightly Sandied, thanks. Now I'm ready to do get some keys...let me know if I can make the skill check!

Male Human L3 College Student / L1 Novice DM

With Garik and Telperion having been the quickest to respond, the guard opens their cells (the jingling of the keys being almost agonizing) and escorts them out into the hall, ushering them down a left turn. The two notice a wide open door into what appears to be a (currently unoccupied) bunk room on the south wall. The trio passes this one and enters another on the wall opposite.

This is a dining room, with two middling tables that together would seat about twelve dominating the space. A serving bar to the west separates a small kitchen area, which seems to be doubling as a guard post for the new arrivals. Another Razmiran in a white robe, his mask slightly askew, looks up from a game of solitaire only briefly.

The guard gestures to a door, and mumbles, "Well, take care of your business."

I'd like to see if Garik has any ideas before granting Telp a skill roll - if he doesn't respond in a day or two I'll go ahead and grant you one. And glad to hear you came through alright.

p.s. I'll try to get an actual map up between now and then too.

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