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Yaarrr Pirates! (Ryuko's S&S) (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

Five Swabs are faced with a life of ugly servitude. Will they rise above it?

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Grand Lodge

Echo Seijiro and Alexi.

Fun to all.

Wispyr wrote:

Echo Seijiro and Alexi.

BTW Ralo... I think you're in. Go look again.

Fun to all.

I am ecstatic to have been selected. I was expressing condolences to those who applied but were not selected. Thanks for looking out for me though :P

Gameplay and Discussion threads up.

I had a great time rping with everyone - we had quite the lively dice game, didn't we?

I'm looking forward to the campaign, and I hope that I'll get a chance to participate in a game with the rest of you sometime in the future.

Congrats to those that made the cut. I'd be glad to add my name to the hat for potential fill in characters if a spot opens.

I'll be the first to admit that I lost interest in the tavern role play after the first day or so; and never got around to adjusting my character for the recently clarified house rules. Regardless I expect we'll see more than a few PbP opportunities for this AP in the coming weeks. Thanks to Ryuko for being the first to step up!

A kobold over a gnome? maybe I should have taken that racial hatred feat! ; ) No worries. Good luck, All! It looks to be a fun AP and sure to have plenty of GMs looking for players. If you didn't get picked up this round, I know of at least two other GMs soon to be recruiting.

Fare thee well.

Obviously I'm still interested. I'd love to join.

Thank you Ryuko for the selection.

It was fun at the tavern, I look forward to opportunities to RP with many of you in the possible future

Guess I will post my thanks here (Durvin being my only example so far)

And look forward to playing with those from the tavern some other time.

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