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Yaarrr Pirates! (Ryuko's S&S) (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

Five Swabs are faced with a life of ugly servitude. Will they rise above it?

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"Hold Zaketta, Quillin be the one to expose the cheat, his trick with the mug did show his skills o' the magical arts."

The Moon waggles his peg leg club at the dice players again.

"And that cheat best be filling our mugs with rum right quick 'fore my peg leg be meeting his teeth!"

sense motive to notice the concentrating person:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

First I only need to concentrate when changing the image, second the dice was suppossed to appear when revealed to the whole table, though this works to I guess but once set I wouldn't be staring I would be just watching to see what happens exactly as if I didn't do anything.

Once people start looking about and mentioning the need to look for a caster, Zarque will turn to seijiro and "Ohhh, any bets on the cheater?"

Will roll dice later I'm on my phone till late tonight. So no formatting.

Oh and since everyone is likely expecting it to be a player instead of a bystander...

au, contraire. Silent Image has a duration of concentration.
(see the spoiler, scaly britches ;)

The spell lasts as long as you concentrate on it. Concentrating to maintain a spell is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Anything that could break your concentration when casting a spell can also break your concentration while you're maintaining one, causing the spell to end.

Quillin slaps the halfling. "Hmmm, that proves it. You're innocent, Shorty." He grins at Zaketta, "I wanted to do that anyway.

Seijiro shrugs to Zarque with a baffled expression. "No clue on who might be cheating, but I'd bet they're all lying. After all, that's the name of the game, isn't it?"

Allow me to propose Alexi "Crocodile" Montague the Human Rakshasa Blooded Sorcerer for your perusal.

Character Sheet:

Alexi "Crocodile" Montague
NE Hermaphrodite Human Chelaxian Rakshasa Blooded Human Sorcerer 1
Medium Humanoid (Human)
HP 8
Initiative +7
Str 7
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 12
Cha 20
Wis 8
BAB +0, CMB -2, CMD 9
AC 11, Touch 11, Flat Footed 10
Fort. +1, Will +1, Ref. +1
Move Speed 30 ft.
Skills: Diplomacy +10, Bluff +12, Disguise +9, Perform (oratory) +7
Traits: Hermean Paragon (+2 to Initiative checks), Barroom Talespiner (+1 to Perform (oratory) checks)
Languages: Common, Infernal
Feats: Skill Focus (Bluff), Spell Focus (conjuration), Improved Initiative
Class Features: Eschew Materials, Bloodline Arcana, 1st Level Bloodline Power Silver Tounge 8 times/day
Sorcerer Spells Known
0th Level Spells (4): Drench, Prestidigitation, Light, Detect Magic
1st Level Spells (2): Sleep, Disguise Self
Spells Per Day:
1st Level Spells: 5

Character Backstory:

Alexi was born on the island of Hermea in the city of Promise. Ruled by the magnanimous golden dragon Mengkare and the Council of Enlightenment, Hermea is a utopian effort to by the use of eugenics and strict government ensure that the best of humanity is brought forth. However,even the noblest of intentions can be corrupted by sinister forces. A small cell of Rakshasa agents infiltrated Hermea's shores through stealth and trickery. They intended to use the breeding program put in place to their own evil ends. When a human and a Rakshasa mate, the result is sometimes a human, sometimes a Rakshasa, sometimes something in between. By ensuring that they propogated their own seed amongst the genetically exceptional residents of Hermea, the Rakshasas intended to create an army of genetically perfect Rakshasas and Rakshasa blooded sorcerers bent upon world conquest. They were wildly successful, and several sorcererous children and Rakshasas were born as a result of their efforts. However, a number of strange and unforseen birth defects occured as a result of their covert breeding program, including animalistic and hermaphroditic traits. When Mengkare investigated the blight upon the gene pool of the island, he was able to eventually uncover the Rakshasa plot. He eradicated the Rakshasas and almost all of the children on the island. However, some of the children were able to escape with their servitors, the only remaining result of the Rakshasa plot. Mengkare, enraged at the betrayal of his grand experiment, sent out several of his agents to ensure that all of the remaining children would be killed.
Alexi "Crocodile" Montague isn't Alexi "Crocodile" Montague's real name. It's merely his, or possibly her, current alias. Alexi has been on the run from Mengkare's agents ever since the Rakshasa conspiracy was uncovered when he was eight. Hunted across the globe, he's watched his siblings and his protectors die at the hands of Mengkare's agents, one by one. Only he was able to survive due to his inborn talent for lying and disguise. Now sixteen, he has escaped to The Shackles in hopes of finally finding a place where the vengful agents of Hermea won't be able to track him down. He is extraordinarily paranoid, believing that practically anyone could be an agent of the Hermeans. Still, he hides his paranoia well, never letting off his fear to anyone. He's made a small living going from town to town, beguiling others with sorcery and trickery and then stealing whatever he can, leaving as soon as possible and never returning again. He has a quick tounge, fabricating lies swiftly and easily without conscience or remorse. In the past, he's worked for a variety of different thieves guilds in order to score ever more impressive prizes. So far, he's been fairly lucky, leaving just before things go sour. Quickly after acquiring stolen money, Alexi spends it recklessly on gambling and in bars and pleasure houses, indulging in vice as a way to fill the wound of being attached to no one and being constantly afraid of death because of his heritage.
Alexi has grown tired of constantly running from his past. He craves the stability of a singular occupation, an occupation that will offer him security. He craves the strength to fight against those who would do him harm, strength to revenge himself on those who killed his entire family. He is also aware of his Rakshasa heritage and his sorcerous ability. He knows that his bloodline offers him unique power to achieve greatness. Ever since reaching The Shackles about a year ago, he's collected tales of the Free Captains from news periodicals and local bars. He's grown to admire the resourcefulness and grit of the Captains, as well as the daring of their exploits. He sees possibility in a life of piracy, possiblity for greatness as well as profit, security as well as strength. Alexi wandered into The Formidably Maid in Port Peril seeking more tales of high piracy as well as a way to part with a few stolen coins. He is, however, unaware as of yet of the destiny that is to await him.
One name that stuck with Alexi since his birth is "Crocodile" because his left eye does not appear to be the eye of a human, but rather that of a crocodile. Alexi naturally looks like a somewhat scrawny Chelaxian youth with deathly pale skin, jet black hair, a sharp and strikingly beautiful face, and a thin frame with long elegant fingers. His body betrays what looks to be a slightly feminine set of curves, and there's evidence of a pair of budding breasts around his torso. The crocodilian eye on his left side is green, while the other eye on his right side is a deep blue bordering on the color purple, resembling the look of an ancient Azlanti. However, he's currently done much to abscure his features, and looks about ten years older than he actually is with no hint of his ambiguous gender. He periodically uses prestidigitation to change the color of his right eye and the color and style of his hair. He wears an eyepatch to cover his crocodilian left eye. He wears baggy clothes to hide his more feminine features and covers his face with soot to make himself less distinct. Right now, he's pretending to be a deposed trader from Cheliax who's seeking his fortune in the Port of Peril.

A gaunt looking Chelaxian man sporting a three cornered brown hat and a large cloak enters the bar. He wears a pair of white gloves, covering unaturally long, grasping fingers. They twitch at his sides, as though reaching desperately for something to hold on to. He wears an eyepatch on his left eye. The other visible eye twiches in discomfort. He looks nervously from side to side, perusing the bar for any people of interest. As soon as he manages to spot them he slips silently towards the gamblers, his nervousness giving way to an affected gentlemanly carriage. As he nears the table, he stands uncomfortably close to the gamblers, trying to catch a glance at what they've rolled. After examining the scene for a time, he opens his mouth as if to speak, closes it again, considering his words, and then opens his mouth.

Lier's Dice, hmmm? Looks like this hand's already been rolled. Do you mind if I join in for the next one, chaps? Or is this a private game?

And thats when the extra dice disappear.

youre right I got it mixed up with another spell, sry.
Didnt have a book last time or I would have checked before posting.

Looking at the new player through blery eyes, "Feel free to take a seat, only i have rolled and so far we have not bid." Morvius slurs out drunkenly. "It will be my pleasure to take your money."

Durvin pipes in, "I have rolled as well, but amongst the accusations," he levels a hurt but vindicated look at Zaketta, "that fact may have been lost in the excitement. That's not any fault of your own, Milord." He nods to Morvius.

Looking around with hooded eyes Morvius replys, "Sorry lad i forgot about you, no harm done though. Have a drink..."

Alexi sits down and curtly thanks Morvius, quickly turning his eyes back to the dice game.

"Thank you for your kindly offer to join your game. But, I assure you, if you think you'll take my money you'll be sorely mistaken. I have a certain amount of... luck with these sorts of games."

He gingerly extends a hand to Morvius.

"Oh, how rude of me. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Montague. What's yours?"

The conspicuous gnome steps back down from the table to his chair. "I'm out this round. I'll keep a weather eye for meddlers and anyway, I've got a better use for this cup!" So saying he lifts it for a refill and then sits back down looking more inebriated than particularly alert.

Several men inconspicuously hoist Idonias off his trident and yank the three-pronged spear out of the floorboards. Without a word, they drag him out of the tavern and into the night.

Lying sprawled across the table, an empty mug of ale in his right hand, his left clutching the hilt of his katana, Akai had been slumbering peacefully, or at least as peacefully as a drunk man in a loud tavern could. The sound of footsteps and a trident being pulled out of wood awaken him with a jolt.

"Gyahhh!" he screams, drunkenly pulling his katana free, waving it around with what little strength he has. A few moments later, clarity seems to hit him like an angry orc, and his face turns red with embarrassment as he sheathes his sword.

"Drunk...strong ale. Uggh... Need some air. Pardon me, Seijiro." He groans, muttering the words so as to be just barely audible. He gives a lazy bow to Seijiro, and in his drunken state nearly falls over himself as he returns upright, staggering out of the door.

Sorry about no posts for a while there, folks. Hard drive failed, combined with a crazy work week kind of screwed me over. I'm back for good, now.

"Morvius, Morvius Crispin. I make my own luck." Morvious looks Mr. Montague up and down, "Do you have a first name Mr Montague?"

"No worries, Akai-Sama. Take care out there, I hear this is a pretty rough town." He returns Akai's bow a bit more formally and then slips out of his corner. He heads out the back of the tavern to find the outhouse. Too much rum and other liquids...

"Aye, I be agreein' with Quillin, me cup is better served holding rum than cheatin' dice."

The Moon plunks his dice on the table and pours a fresh cup of rum, spilling some across his hand and tabletop as he wavers with inebriation.

"This be the sorriest lot o' bards to ever gather in a pub." sneers the Bosun, "If'n this lot can't sing a sea shanty whilst full of rum then when can ye?"

Determined to bring song to the ears of the forlorn sailors, the Bosun gives the Bard's Craft his best attempt, and surely even Besmara hopes he never tries that again.

There once was a pirate from Port Peril,
who's spent his days pukin' over the rail.
Though he called the ship his home,
he was more flighty than sea foam,
and went below deck at first sign of a gale.

Alexi looks back at Morvius, attempting to hold his gaze.

"I'm afraid I can't share that information with you at the moment, Mr. Crispin. In a town like this, it's... unwise to share one's full name, if you know what I mean. You never know who might be listening in... who might be watching... But it's no matter, at least no matter of importance. I'd prefer it if at the moment you called me by my last name anyway. After all, we have just met"

Alexi scans the room, trying as hard as possible not to pay any regard to the warbling Moon's drunken tune. Despite himself, Alexi's nose snivels a bit and his revealed eye glows in growing distaste. Under his breath, he mutters to himself "They beat men in Cheliax for offenses far less grave" He lifts the hem of his coat and sits down at the bar, brushing off his seat before sitting.

"It would seem that there's been a fight here recently. Would you mind, friends, telling me of the cause? Is there something I should know about before I start laying out my coins to gamble?

Seijiro chuckles, then laughs aloud.... calls out to Montague from the back door where he re-enters from, relieved at last. "Fight? Who needs a reason for a good fight?" He laughs again. "But honestly, it's mostly the ale.. and rum.. and beer... these folks are so drunk, they can't read their own dice." He slips back into his corner and goes back to observing the gamers at play.

Alexi looks back down at the table at the dice. He turns to the crowd, mustering up a smile.

"So, it's liar's dice. But what variant are we playing? What are the rules and what are the stakes? Are we waiting on someone's turn, or may I roll now?

From out of his pocket he takes out two small bags and then spills out their contents over the table. One is filled with six sides die, the other is filled with gold pieces. He takes out two or three of the pieces of gold from the pile and flips them to the bartender.

"The next couple of rounds are on me. There shall be rum for all tonight!

Alexi then turns to Seijiro and whispers in his ear.

I'm not much of a fighting man, as you can probably see. I prefer to settle my conflicts with... other means...

Durvin looks around, peering suspiciously for "who might be watching or listening." At finding no one looking to be paying particular attention, he introduces himself to the newcomer, and defends his actions still.

"Hello, Mr. Montague, my name is Durvin Tamish. For anyone watching or listening, it is Durvin Fairweather Happistead Tamish, of the Korvosan Tamishes. Not that we are a noble family or anything, but we are plenty and well-known there as good people."

He rolls his eyes at Seijiro's assessment, "There was no good reason to fight, other than people trying to exert their authority through force, based on unfounded accusations of cheating, that had nothing to do with misreading dice due to drunkeness. Someone was trying to be a prankster, and caused all manner of unnecessary raising of hackles."

He mumbles irritated under his breath, "All I wanted to do was play a little game, and find some work on a ship to enjoy the sea."

Seijiro nods at Durvin's mumbled words. "Aye, lad, I think that's what we all want - a chance to return to the sea and some honest work aboard ship." He gets a pensive look on his face for a moment as he contemplates the call of the ocean.

As for someone being a prankster, he purses his lips as he scans the room, his eyes lighting on Zarque with an amused twinkle... but then he lets his gaze wander again. The little kobold HAD told him to 'watch carefully'... was he the source of the trick? Seijiro had no proof, and even if he did, he had no cause to speak up... it seemed to be over now anyway. He just smiles... it HAD been amusing.

Hey all,

I just received the first volume of Skull and Shackles in the mail today and barring any other distractions, I will likely be making choices on characters tonight.

Further, upon reading it is obvious that all PCs are to start with little to no equipment. However, there will be an option to get equipment soon enough into the campaign. Therefore, I'd like each character to split his inventory into a second section for what he or she actually has on his or her person at the time. Luckily, the pirates who press-ganged you missed something. Each PC may hide one small, easily missable/hideable object on their person to have with them when things break out. This is in addition to anything your traits give you.

Happy Gaming!

EDIT: Also, it seems some of you misread what I meant with my stat point allocations. I am giving you one point buy every level. That essentially means you will get a 16 point buy character right now, and a 17 point buy character at level 2. In other words, next level you may raise your 9 to a 10, but not your 15 to a 16 (since getting a 16 costs 3 point buy points). You may save points to use on higher stats, but once spent they remain spent. Just wanted to clarify.

Akai leans against the outside wall of the Formidably Maid, drinking in the night air. The warmth of it, coupled with the taste of salt from the sea, seems to reinvigorate his soul, and color comes rushing back into his face. You've gone and made a right fool of yourself, Akai. You know you can't handle your ale. He sighs deeply, rubbing his face exhaustedly and pinching the bridge of his nose. Passed out on a table, swinging your sword around like a damned fool. If only the monks were here to laugh at you now. Better go act like you still know what you're doing.

Pushing himself off of the wall, he turns and purposefully strides back through the door of the inn, his drunk stagger being hidden somewhat. He lowers himself into a chair next to Seijiro.

"Did I miss anything good?"

Seijiro smiles as Akai returns and shrugs, saying "Nothing special. Nearly had a fight break out, but it was more comedy than drama. I think you were here for that, though you might have been drowsing. They are about to begin round two, but I'm not sure if they are sober enough to read their dice any longer, Akai-sama. In truth, they seem to have quieted down a good deal since the near-brawl dissolved."

Seijiro pushes away from the wall in the corner and slips into a chair next to Akai and fiddles with the bottle of rum he still holds. He more plays with it than drinks from it, pulling at the edge of the label and rotating in his hands some. You know, as good as it is to be on land and enjoy a good tavern or two from time to time, I miss the sea more than I can say when I've set foot on land. I need a new job, that I do."

He takes a drink from the bottle, then goes back to plying at a corner of the rum label.

Durvin has been updated with the extra point. For his gear he only carries what he owns, ready to hop on the next available ship at a moment's notice. As for the one thing he would keep, it would be his ball of twine, always tying small knots to stay in practice.

Durvin sees that the dice game is getting nowhere fast, people are just getting more drunk and violent, or drifting off from drinking too much. "Well, for as much fun as I've had, I will depart before any more accusations fly. Thank you all for an interesting game." He gives a slight bow and heads out.

Durvin decides to head down to look at the moonlight over the water, and if he can find a nice bundle of nets, he may be able to wake up to the sunrise dancing off the waves.

Seijiro watches yet another player in the game wander off and smirks. To Akai he mutters, "I think the game is over for now... Perhaps the entertainment for the evening is over as well. Too bad, it was fun while it lasted."

He gets a pensive, contemplative look on his face as he stares idly at the rum bottle. I really don't belong here,he thinks. There is no life but a life at sea, this smoke-filled room is no match for salt air and open ocean. I need a new berth and soon, I do. Before I go stark mad.

Alexi shifts his gaze from table to table, looking for any loose coins that might be left on any of the tables or any unattended bags that look like they might be of interest. He sees the drunken patrons, their coins practically spilling out of their pockets. He then stands up, brushes off his coat, collects his coins and his dice, and adresses his newfound compatriots.

"Excuse me chaps. Looks like I might've had a bit too much to drink. I'm going to go take a breather. If you'd be so kind, do wait for me before you start the next hand"

While outside the bar:
And with that, he exits the bar. He finds himself a dark alley, and then removes from his boot a disguise kit. From out of the pack on his back he removes a fairly common women's peasant outfit. He uses prestidigitation to change the color of his hair to blond, uses it again to style his hair correctly, and then he dons the peasant clothing. He then casts the spell disguise self to make himself appear to be one of the serving girls who works at the tavern. His hair suddenly extends in length, both of his eyes change into a vibrant blue color, and his features fill out in order to suit the contours of the dress.

Disguise Self Check Result:
1d20 + 9 + 10 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 9 + 10 + 2 = 41

With that, he walks to the door and reenters the bar.

Updated Akai, too. Since he just came off the boat not long before he wandered into the Maid, most everything he owns is on him. He would try and keep his journal full of his notes on the Ghol-Gan, if he could hide it well enough.

Akai looks over to Seijiro, his eyelids beginning to droop again. "I thought I heard some reverie while sleep took a hold of me. Guess it was not the kind I thought of." He lets out a hearty chuckle, still drunk and thinking too much of himself and his jests. "I've got a deck of cards on me, if they wish to bet with them. They'd soon call an ace a three, though, if it's as bad as you tell me."

Rummaging around in one of his pockets, he pulls out a deck of playing cards wrapped together with twine. One familiar with it would see the distinct artwork and know they are a common set in Tian Xia, much more lively and colorful than a deck found around here.

"A drunken game among drunken friends, perhaps?"

Kehlysch sighs as the raucous noises fade with the leaving of some and the inebriation of others.

"No captains tonight, it seems...may as well...hmm...barkeep, a bottle of something that burns going down."

He fishes out his last few coins and slaps them on the bar. Grabbing the bottle, he takes a deep pull.

A fresh breeze wafts past the table, and those nearby hear a giggle. Oooh goody, a game! Can I play?

With steps as light as air, a thin waif of a girl finds a seat, then perches on it, expectant and birdlike. What are the rules? What are the stakes? I just love games. She rummages thru her seemingly limitless pockets. I have a cockatrice feather around here somewhere, or maybe some bat guano? What will you bet against them?

I'll generate her info presently. Hereafter, she'll post as Wisp. I just wanted to say howdy before selections were made. Now off to work on the character.

One of the waitresses enters the bar from outside. She takes up an apron, a tray filled with drinks, and a cleaning rag. She walks over to Kehlysch, takes his coins, and lays a glass of ale down in front of him. She then proceeds to clean several of the tables, pocketing any coins she finds in the process. She lays drinks down in front of a few other patrons and then collects their money too. Then, she sees an unattended money pouch and, observing that no one is watching, picks it up and puts it in her pocket. She spots several bags left in the bar after their owners disapeared mysteriously. She takes these bags, hiding them within the folds of her skirt. She continues like this for a while, serving drinks, cleaning, and taking things off the tables.

Sleight of Hand Check to Take the Bags:
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

By the way, I too have updated my profile

Seijiro has been watching the tavern and is not nearly as drunk as some of the others. Having already appropriated not a few coins left on tables, he is watching for more left behind... And notes the new barmaid picking up coins, but does he spot her picking up pouches and other bags?

perception1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Whether he notices or not, he says nothing, just slips a hand over his own pouch, secure in the knowledge that it is safe where it is, though indeed heavier than it was when he came in.

Added a post-pressgang section to equipment. Just a dagger.

Updated Ralo's sheet for the pressganging.

Good luck everyone.

Ryuko-what are they suggesting for spellbooks? I guess if not that, all Quillin would have is a random bit of sand, leather scraps, etc for spell components.

Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 10

Kehlysch does a double-take as he watches the wench pocket a small purse from off the table.

She just stole something! Should I say something? Would anyone care? What if she pulls a knife on me? I'm not the greatest knife fighter. I'd have to resort to the acid. Everyone would see me use the acid. They'd drag me into the street and kill me. Keep quiet. Act a little more drunk. I am drunk. I saw NOTHING.

Tucked away in his clothing, Bosun Moon has a set of thieves' tools, his single item remaining after being press-ganged into service as crew on the Wormwood.

Grand Lodge

Just checking in. Basics of Character on Profile, still working. Wispyr ~Formerly Apocalypso

The list of characters I'll be bringing in:

Mwaj-The Amazing Tetori Cat
Ralo-The Half-Eared Warrior
Zaketta-The Fiery Priestess
Zarque-The Gold Menace
Durvin-He Who Was Slapped

Sorry to the rest of you, it was extremely difficult to whittle down selections in this one as I had so many interesting concepts. Discussion Thread and Gameplay Thread coming later tonight.


:( indeed

:( - let me know if anyone drops... I'm still interested in joining

Many thanks Ryuko. I have looked forward to this campaign for some time. There was great role-play going on here. I'm sad I won't get to play with all of you. Best of luck in your next endeavor.

I feel similar to Seijiro... if anyone drops, I'd love to join.

Those of you who are still interested will certainly hear from me if I lose a player (which seems to happen to me a lot).

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