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Yaarrr Pirates! (Ryuko's S&S) (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

Five Swabs are faced with a life of ugly servitude. Will they rise above it?

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Sitting nearby, a rogue of a man has overheard the boisterous conservation and grins wickedly while finishing his mug of ale. Several empty mugs adorn his table.

"Ye right round scallywags think ye be the blood of the piratin' type, but I've seen men more fearsome than the lot of ye be trapped in Davey Jones locker! I be humble enough to tell thee a true tale of piratin', one where men o' so called bold hearts shrank in fear and only them's that fled like sinkin' rats live ta see another sunrise. The few golds in me pouch and this peg leg", the scruffy man lifts his right leg and thunks the oaken peg upon the table, "be all the proof o' truth you needs to know."

He waves to the barmaid and waggles his empty mug in her direction, then turns back to the gathering.

"A bosun I's used to be, an a fair good one at that. The sea is me home, no matter what ship I'd be on or what short lived capn' called out directions. Twas our last voyage that shown me the might of Besmara an' I be loyal to her now. We weren't but a day's sail out of this very port when the Kraken got ta us. Ripped the very ship from beneath our feet, me leg was mashed by a fallin' mast. Sailors died all about me, some crushed on the ship, others tasty morsels for tha sharks in the water as we were plunked in the drink by the sinking ship. I grabbed a broken plank and prayed my soul to Besmara that she deliver me to safety. Through the whole night I paddled toward the coast until finally tha waves flung me on the shore. Of the whole frigate, only a few of us survived that fateful day. That me fellow piratin' types is what waits for ye on the sea!"

As he finishes the tale his fresh mug of ale is delivered and with a raised toast he tilts it back for a long swig.

Bosun Moon:

Male Human Rogue (Swashbuckler) 1
CG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +5; Senses Perception +6
AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13. . (+3 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +2
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Cold Iron Scimitar +1 (1d6+1/18-20/x2) and
. . Silver Dagger +1 (1d4/19-20/x2) and
. . Unarmed Strike +1 (1d3+1/20/x2)
Ranged Crossbow, Light +3 (1d8/19-20/x2)
Special Attacks Sneak Attack +1d6
Str 12, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 11
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 14
Feats Amateur Gunslinger, Prodigy: Profession (Sailor), Profession (Siege Engineer), Rogue Weapon Proficiencies
Traits Reactionary
Skills Acrobatics +7, Bluff +4, Climb +5, Diplomacy +4, Disable Device +7, Perception +6, Profession (Sailor) +8, Profession (Siege Engineer) +8, Sense Motive +6, Swim +5
Languages Common
SQ Earplugs, Gunslinger's Dodge (Ex)
Combat Gear Bolts, Crossbow (30), Cold Iron Scimitar, Crossbow, Light, Haramaki, Torso Piece, Leather, Arm Piece, Silver Dagger, Studded Leather, Leg Piece; Other Gear Alchemist's Kindness, Backpack (6 @ 8 lbs), Earplugs, Pouch, belt (1 @ 0 lbs), Pouch, belt (1 @ 0.24 lbs), Pouch, belt (2 @ 1 lbs), Powder (2), Rope, silk (50 ft.), String (50'), Sunrod, Thieves' tools, Twine (50'), Waterskin
Amateur Gunslinger Although you are not a gunslinger, you have and can use grit.

Prerequisite: You have no levels in a class that has the grit class feature.

Benefit: You gain a small amount of grit and the ability to perform a single 1st-le
Earplugs +2 save vs. hearing effects, -5 hearing-based Perception.
Gunslinger's Dodge (Ex) At 1st level, the gunslinger gains an uncanny knack for getting out of the way of ranged attacks. When a ranged attack is made against the gunslinger, she can spend 1 grit point to move 5 feet as an immediate action; doing so grants the gunslinger a
Prodigy: Profession (Sailor), Profession (Siege Engineer) Gain a +2 bonus on two Craft, Perform, or Profession skills.
Sneak Attack +1d6 +1d6 damage if you flank your target or your target is flat-footed.

Seijiro listens quietly to Bosun Moon's tale, then nods sagely.

"By Hei Feng's beard, you were fortunate that day, good man, to have only lost your leg when so many lost their lives. To face a kraken and live is some tale."

He shakes his head slightly.

"I guess I'm too young and inexperienced to have that kind of tale to tell, but to be honest, if I never face a Kraken during my lifetime, it'll be too soon, that it will... Let me buy you a drink, old-timer."

He lifts his glass and drinks silently to Bosun Moon's missing leg.

Would you consider me for your campaign? I'm still working on the backstory, and I may change the selected spells and skills a little, but all will be subject to your approval.

Liberty's Edge

Kelysch (above) is my character concept.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

An odd, hirsute sailor with a number of bandanas tied around his head begins to hoot.

Ooo! Ooo! Those be mightu fine tails! As fine as my own. Aw aw aw!

A long, sinewy tail, like that of an immense, man-sized monkey, snakes from around the backside of the hairy sailor.

Here, lets spice this grog!

Sindar dumbs some black powder into his pot and passes it to the man beside him.

I can't say as I have captain'ed a vessel, or come close to death by a kraken. Alas to the latter... But I have blasted the mizzen mast off more than one Cheliax carrack, and plundered their coffers of jewels and gold.

I know for a sad, but understandable fact that Cheliax marines are distracted by anything with painted lips that's draped in silks. Even yours truly... Ooo! Ooo! AH!

The hairy sailor giffaws, and pours a tankard down his gullet.

Akai Terukage, Sword Saint

Akai Terukage
Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint Archetype) 1
LN Medium Humanoid(Human)


AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16. (+6 armor, +2 dex,)
HP 11 (1d10+1)
Fort +2, Reflex +2, Will 0



Spd 20 ft.
Melee Katana +5 (1d8+3/18-20/x2)



Str 17, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 10
Base Atk +1, CMB +4, CMD 16
Feats Weapon Focus Katana, Dazzling Display, Skill Focus Intimidate
Traits Fencer, Ancient Explorer
Skills Climb +7 (+2 w/ AP), Intimidate +7, Swim +7 (+2 w/ AP), Knowledge (History) +4
Languages Common, Cyclops
Combat Gear Katana, Four-Mirror Armor
Other Gear Backpack, Ink 1oz, Inkpen, Journal, Cards



Challenge (Ex):Once per day, a samurai can challenge a foe to combat. As a swift action, the samurai chooses one target within sight to challenge. The samurai’s melee attacks deal extra damage when made against the target of his challenge. This extra damage is equal to the samurai’s level. The samurai can use this ability once per day at 1st level, plus one additional time per day for every three levels beyond 1st, to a maximum of seven times per day at 19th level.

Challenging a foe requires much of the samurai’s concentration. The samurai takes a –2 penalty to his Armor Class, except against attacks made by the target of his challenge.

The challenge remains in effect until the target is dead or unconscious, or until the combat ends. Each samurai’s challenge also includes another effect, which is listed in the section describing the samurai’s order.

Ronin (Ex): Challenge: Whenever a ronin is the target of a challenge, a smite, a quarry, or similar effect, and he issues a challenge against that character in return, the ronin receives a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls made against the target of his challenge and a +1 dodge bonus to his AC against attacks made by the target of his challenge. These bonuses increase by +1 for every four class levels the samurai possesses (to a maximum of +5 at 20th level).

Resolve (Ex): Starting at 1st level, the samurai gains resolve that he can call upon to endure even the most devastating wounds and aff lictions. He can use this ability once per day at 1st level, plus one additional time per day for every two samurai levels beyond 1st. Whenever the samurai defeats the target of his challenge, he regains one daily use of his resolve, up to his maximum number of uses per day. Defeating the target of his challenge usually involves reducing the target to 0 hit points or fewer, but the GM might rule that an enemy who surrenders or flees the battle is also defeated. He can use this resolve in a number of ways.

Determined: As a standard action, the samurai can spend one use of his resolve to remove the fatigued, shaken, or sickened condition. If the samurai is at least 8th level, he can alternatively remove the exhausted, frightened, nauseated, or staggered condition. If the condition has a duration longer than 1 hour or is permanent, this ability removes the condition for 1 hour, at which time the condition returns.

Resolute: Whenever the samurai is required to make a Fortitude or Will save, he can spend one use of his resolve as an immediate action to roll twice and take the better result. He must decide to use this ability before he rolls the saving throw.

Unstoppable: When the samurai is reduced to fewer than 0 hit points but not slain, he can spend one use of his resolve as an immediate action to instantly stabilize and remain conscious. He is staggered, but he does not fall unconscious and begin dying if he takes a standard action. He does fall unconscious if he takes additional damage from any source.

Iaijutsu Strike (Ex): A sword saint can perform a lightning quick iaijutsu strike against the target of his challenge to inflict devastating wounds while drawing his sword. After the sword saint has challenged a foe but before he has attacked the target of his challenge, he may choose to use his iaijutsu strike as a full-round action, making an attack roll with his weapon as normal. In order to use this ability, the sword saint’s weapon must be sheathed at the start of his turn. If he successfully hits his opponent with an iaijutsu strike, his attack deals an additional +1d6 points of damage. This bonus damage increases by an additional +1d6 at 3rd level and every two levels thereafter to a maximum of +10d6 damage at 19th level. Any extra damage as a result of a successful iaijutsu strike is not multiplied by a critical hit.

After making an iaijutsu strike, a sword saint takes a –4 penalty to his AC until his next turn, but his weapon is now drawn and he may continually to fight normally. Regardless of whether he hits his opponent with the iaijutsu strike, a sword saint cannot use this ability on the same foe more than once per day.

At 10th level, a sword saint learns to focus faster and is able to make an iaijutsu strike as a standard action, and the penalty to his AC is reduced to –2. This ability replaces a samurai’s mount.

Akai closes his book, laying it beside him. He then shifts himself out of his relaxed posture, sitting up, arms crossed on the table in front of him.

"I must say, these stories are quite fascinating. How about another round for my friends and I?"

He says as he motions to the barmaid, tossing her a silver piece with a flick of his hand.

"Perhaps I can tell my own."

He says with a slight hint of wistfulness, as he unbuckles his belt, laying his sword, still in its sheathe, on the table in front of him. He lays his hands on it delicately, as if it is something of wonder.

"Back where I am from, in Tian Xia, I was hired on a simple contract. Hunt down a Daimyo's former Samurai, now turned to the Order of the Black Daimyo. Nasty business, they are. No love for honor or traditional mindsets, all they care about is the next head they hack off. But I digress. Following him was simple enough; the man didn't even bother to cover his tracks. But when I found him, ah, that fight was something special."

Akai looks up towards the ceiling with a smile, and one could tell he is remembering fondly.

"When one gets lost in a fight, single combat to the death, they lose track of time and reality, only focusing on the next strike, the next dodge, the next parry. The Warrior's Dance is what we call it. You fight fatigue more than you fight the other person. In the end, he misplaced his parry, and the fight was over. Three hours it took, fighting at midday in the fields. Armor, dragging on you, feeling it get heavier and heavier. The blows come slower and weaker until finally.."

He snaps his fingers.

"It's over. Just like that. But that's what I was trained for."

He smiles at the group, thanking the barmaid as she brings him a new drink and quickly bringing it to his lips, leaning back in his chair.

There is a scream at the door as a middle-aged gnome with oddly decorated tricorner hat perched on a mass of black and turquoise dreadlocks gambles through glaring at the assembled menagerie. The decorative gray parrot on top of the hat screams again adding a curse, "Gozreh's Salty T-!"

"Hop down, Smudge!" the gnome commands holding forth an arm. The bird complies and once eye to eye with the parrot, the purple velvet coated gnome continues eyeballing the asssortment of tails, "Never know when churchy types might be around. Evidently the Maid's become a crazy old cat lady. Serving cream now are we?! Never you worry, Smudge. If 'Mittens' o'er there gets any ideas, we'll scorch her whiskers and see how she swims!"

can't trust a cat I say ; )

Speaking in Tien, Seijiro greets Akai in a friendly but respectful manner.

"Well met, Sir. It is good to hear a friendly voice and accent from home."

Switching back to Common, he continues...

"Ah, but we are being rude to our new friends. I am called Seijiro. Three hours... what a fierce fight that must have been. You sound like a very brave warrior to take on one of the Order of the Black Daimyo! Have you any experience on the sea?"

"Aye, thanks fo' the ale Seijiro, mighty good of ya."

Bosun Moon turns at the commotion of Quillin's enterance.

Smudge is it" he says while eyeballing the parrot, "I think me once knew a fire spider by that very name. Take a seat me purple coated friend and pull up a mug, there be no churchy types at this table."

With a thunk of his peg leg he pushes out a chair for the gnome.

Gregor looks about the Tavern at the folk who have gathered. As motley a lot as usual...but some fine sailors in the bunch, I'd wager.

Still, the promise of a patron eludes him. His last adventure cost him more than the coin lost by not being paid; it cost him his untarnished reputation and, as a result, the loss of future coin as well.

I was on well on my way to having enough to purchase my own ship. Now not so much. A few more years perhaps....

Gregor forces a smile back to his face and enjoys the tales being told at this table or that.

Stepping through the door is a lad in his early 20s adorned in an armored coat and a sheathed rapier hanging at his hip. Slightly cleaner than many of the other patrons, the man seems slightly out of place in the group of sailors and scallywags. He looks around the room, a little confused, as if expecting something that wasn't there. After looking around for a moment, he moves over to the bar and takes a seat, putting down some coin for an ale.

Once the ale arrived, he takes a swig before his face sours. It is obvious that the man isn't use to drinking, but the way he had walked to the stool, to the experienced eye, it showed a man who had spent some time on a ship. After a few sour gulps, the man looks around the room, taking in the exotic races that were present in this room. He spotted the odd gnome that he had seen entering just before him, but it was the cat person that made him raise an eyebrow. Now I see why Lindu told me to keep an eye out.

Character profile needs some work still, mainly with the crunch and the appearance and personality. Background should be finished though.

A young woman stomps into the Formidably Maid, her nostrils flaring in frustration. A sword and whip are stuck through a fine green sash at her waist, and she fingers both weapons with angry restlessness as she mutters to herself.

"Besmara's girdle! 'Bad luck,' am I? I'll show them bad luck..."

Tossing back her red hair in frustration, Zaketta catches sight of Moon carousing with a disreputable-looking bunch of ne'er-do-wells. The scowl drops off her face, quickly replaced by a broad grin.

"Well I'll be damned! If it isn't the old Bosun himself! Moon, you chip-toothed son of a slattern, it's good to see you!"

Zaketta pulls a chair alongside the one-legged sailor and turns it backward before plopping down in a rather unladylike straddle. She gives an affectionate knock on Moon's leg and laughs at the sound.

"Why Bosun, you seem a touch diminished since I saw you last - looks like it was a spot of good luck that your shipmates cast me off that last voyage. Well, good luck for me, at least. What are you doing washed up here like some lubber? I wouldn't expect a scratch like this to keep you from the sea."

Zekatta gives a polite nod by way of greeting to the others, slowly taking the crowd in. She raises an inquisitive eyebrow at Siejiro and Akai, and blinks widely at Mawj.

"Stuff me with a spar, you're a queer one! Where in the nine hells did you come from, fuzzy britches?"

Zaketta leans over and gives Quilin a nudge, pointing a thumb at Mawj.

"I bet he's a popular one to have aboard, eh? Keeps the rats at bay! A regular mouser for sure!"

Zaketta laughs loudly at her own joke and offers a cracker to Quilin's bird. Her mirth subsides a bit when she gets a good look at Gregor.

"You look... familiar. What's the name of your ship, sailor?"

Zaketta, Priestess of Besmara:

Zaketta Flynn
Chaotic Neutral Human Cleric 1 (Besmara)

Str 12 Dex 14 Con 10 Int 14 Wis 15 Cha 10

Fort: +2 Ref: +2 Will: +4
CMD: 13 CMB: +2
AC: 14 Touch: 12 Flatfooted: 12
HP: 11 Init: +2 Speed: 30ft

Rapier +2 (1d6+1 18-20)
Cat-o'-nine-tails +2 (1d4 x2) [nonlethal]
Light Crossbow +2 (1d8 19-20)
Dagger +2 (1d4 19-20)
Special Attacks: Storm Burst (domain ability)

Feats (2+1): Skill Focus: Bluff, Deceitful, Toughness
Traits: Shackles Seafarer (You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Knowledge (geography) checks while on the ocean. You also gain a +1 trait bonus on Swim checks, and Swim is always a class skill for you), Buccaneer's Blood (+1 Trait Bonus on Profession: Sailor and Intimidate checks, and a one-time +1 to Disrepute and Infamy scores)

Skills (6): Bluff +9, Diplomacy +4, Knowledge: Local +3, Sense Motive +6, Perception +2, Profession (Sailor) +7, Swim +6,

Class Abilities:
Chaotic Aura, Channel Positive Energy (3/day 1d6), Spontaneous Casting (Cure), Domains (Trickery/Weather)

(0) Light, Spark, Purify Food and Drink
(1) Obscuring Mist (D), Shield of Faith, Bless

Domain Powers:

Storm Burst (Sp): As a standard action, you can create a storm burst targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. The storm burst deals 1d6 points of nonlethal damage + 1 point for every two cleric levels you possess. In addition, the target is buffeted by winds and rain, causing it to take a –2 penalty on attack rolls for 1 round. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Copycat (Sp): You can create an illusory double of yourself as a move action. This double functions as a single Mirror Image and lasts for a number of rounds equal to your cleric level, or until the illusory duplicate is dispelled or destroyed. You can have no more than one copycat at a time. This ability does not stack with the Mirror Image spell. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Cat-o'-nine-tails [1lb, 1g]
4 Darts [2lbs, 2g]
Light Crossbow [4lbs, 35g]
10 bolts [2lbs, 1g]
Rapier [2lbs, 20g]
Dagger [1lb, 2g]

Leather Armor [15lbs, 10g]

Backpack [2lbs, 2g]
Wooden Holy Symbol [1g]
Sewing Needle/Thread [.5]
Belt Pouch x2 [1lb, 2g]
Waterskin [4lbs, 1g]
Mother's Locket

Cash: 62 gp and 5 sp


"I'm pirate royalty, you poxy bilge rat!"

Most sailors would say that Zaketta's had a hard life - her father abandoned her mother when she was still with child, and the poor barmaid did not last long with an extra mouth to feed. Zaketta was barely more than a whisp of a girl before she was left to face the dangers of Port Peril all on her own. But that was just fine by Zaketta - that just meant that no one could take credit for all that she's accomplished since then.

For some reason - no one knows why - Zaketta took it into her head that she was the daughter of Kerdak Bonefist himself - a notion that she wasn't shy about sharing when she was still a child. Most sailors laughed off the girl's delusion, but no matter how often she heard the cruel jeers and japes, Zaketta's faith in her parentage never wavered. Of course, the self-styled Hurricane Princess couldn't let a bunch of barnacle-sucking deck-moppers deny her title - she'd just have to prove her lineage by becoming the fiercest, most famous pirate captain in the Shackles.

Zaketta spent every free moment since she was a child preparing for a life of pillage and plunder on the high seas. She learned to drink, to fight, to swear, and to sail as well as any man in Port Peril, and dedicated her efforts to the goddess Besmara, confident that the Pirate Queen would bless her and see her through her trials. She also learned that, though it stung her pride, it was best not to share her dubious ancestry with others - she already had a reputation as a few sheets short of a full rigging - if she was ever going to earn anyone's trust, she would have to rely on her own wind to do so.

After many years of scraping and saving her meager barroom earnings, she finally had enough to outfit herself like a proper buccaneer. Unfortunately, few crews were willing to take on "Mad Zak" - it's bad luck to abuse the name of the Hurricane King, after all. Those few crews that would take her inevitably ran into disaster, and before long, Zaketta was back in Port Peril (and with a rather unfavorable reputation as being bad luck for any voyage). Now she wanders back into the Formidably Maid to plan her next move. She may be down on her luck, but nothing can stop the Hurricane Princess!

Motive for Becoming a Pirate: Fame/Following in Parent's Footsteps

Whether it's true or not (and Zaketta herself may not be entirely certain), Zaketta has drawn her strength from the belief that she is the daughter of Kerdak Bonefist, and she will not count herself satisfied until she's "proven" her heritage by becoming a famous pirate captain in her own right. She has a lifetime of scorn and ridicule to make up for, so she must work all the harder to build her reputation. No voyage is too dangerous, and no exploit too daring, for the Hurricane Princess!

Seijiro glances over at the newcomer and gives him a little smile. His amber eyes glow golden in the lights from the various sources around the tavern.

"Welcome, newcomer. You have the walk of a sailor, that you do. Why don't you come over and join us at our table. We've been trading tales of adventures on and off the high seas."

He pushes a chair out for Karn.

"My name is Seijiro," he says in his soft-spoken, heavily-accented Common. "How shall we call you? Come, tell us something about yourself."

and on that note, player is going to bed.. it's late - see you all tomorrow!

A gold kobold wearing black robes with blue, purple and red sashes, walks into the tavern. He immediately scrunches his nose at the rank smell of the place. Looking around he spots only one catfolk in the tavern.

He walks on up to the table, taps the catfolk on the elbow, and in perfect common he asks "Would you happen to be Tino?"

Zarque eyes the catfolk warily wondering if he was actually Tino, though was thinking it was likely not him. He hoped it was him for Zarque didnt fancy waiting around here.

He eyed the others at the table noting things about them. The woman seemed to be a cleric but oddly mannered for any cleric he had met before. The were two who seemed to be from Tien Xia and two sailor types. Then there was the gnome Zarque had no idea what to think of the gnome except that parrot seemed to be a familier.

Tino said a ship was needed to get where they were going. He liked ships and being small didnt mind the cramped quarters either but he hoped that Tino wasnt going to try to leave him stranded on an island somewhere, noting that he will have to make contingency plans for that, after all he was still learning to swim.

He stands up and bows respectably to Seijiro.

"It is my pleasure. I had not thought I would see such a friendly face in these parts.

Sitting back down, he switches to common as he enjoys his drink.

"And I am Akai. Mhm. When one wants to preserve their life, their is no limit to what they will try and do. Fool even offered some poor traveler a pocket of gold if he helped."

He lets out a hearty chuckle, giving a slight wave of his hand.

"I am no mighty warrior, just a man who knows how to handle his weapon. I do what is asked of me... and what is paid. Being on a ship hasn't been much different than that so far."

Gregor nearly falls out of his chair as the woman enters the room. I bet she's a fair bit adept with that whip... he thinks to himself and then double checks to make sure he didn't accidentally say that out loud.

Sweetheart! He calls over the barmaid with his usual charm. That woman who just walked in...she drinks on my tab.

The barmaid offers a playful frown at the prospect of no longer occupying the center of Gregor's universe. Gregor returns the jest. Ahh lass...we've had a good run you and me. But its time we both moved on to fairer seas. Gregor pats her bottom as she saunters away. Once more for old time's sake, eh?

Ah, darn. To be honest I'm not too beat up about it. I would still request I can be the psionic fighter. It's an archetype, and basically I can take psionic feats as well as combat feats. I don't think it will be overpowered at all because I want to specialize in throwing spears and tridents. But I need to take a few psionic feats to make it viable. I promise, it won't be any sort of overpowered. I'll be a short-range focused switch hitter. Also, can I be an undine? I would love that sweet sweet swim speed.
My backstory (assuming you allow it) is up in the profile, but my crunch needs to be updated.

Dotting with a character I had in a RotRL campaign that was cancelled just after the festival.

I need to make some adjustments based on the houserules/character creation guidelines, but the changes will be minimal. Once they are made I will jump in the chat.

A slender, bald, oily-skinned young man with large, almost luminescent eyes enters the bar. He is wearing a grimy, weather-worn robe tied in front with a old cloth sash. A dagger is tucked into the sash and a bag made of fishing net hangs over his shoulder.

He looks cautiously about the room, takes a deep breath, then pauses, as if weighing a decision. Finally, he speaks, just loud enough to be heard over the din.

"I..want to sail..on a ship. Anywhere'll do. I work hard. I'm a good diver...I'll pull my weight."

Seijiro bows to Akai formally.

"I'm honored to meet you Akai-sama."

He sits back down and takes another sip of his drink while he watches the other newcomers enter the tavern. He lofts a brow quizzically as he sees the woman enter. Not that women onboard ship were unknown, just a little unusual. And this one, he thought, was both brash and beautiful. He looks back down into his drink and blushes slightly, though it's hard to tell under his ruddy complexion. Out of the corner of his eye, he watches Gregor with a little consternation, wishing he had the human's easy way with women.

"As am I, Seijiro-sama. Perhaps we can enjoy a cup of tea together, sometime?"

He cracks open his book again drawing an ink pen and a vial of ink out of his backpack. Akai quickly dips it, and begins flitting across the page, his elegant calligraphy scrawling out neat letters.


Dot for interest.

Idnoias, who has been drinking steadily and listening to the stories around him, leans forward in his chair. His clothes and armor are soaking wet. I have a tale of my own. He leans on his trident, slightly drunk, and began speaking to those around him, whether they would listen or not. My name as Idonias Saltheart, as my good friend Gregor over here already knows. Up until this morning, I was the second mate on the Naked Maid. I'd worked my way up through the ranks ever since I was taken in as an orphan. I was always valuable for my natural talent in the water. I fished for the ship and managed docking. On one stop at shore, several of the men and I were in a tavern, drinking as usual. One of the barmaids was getting grabby with me, and she had the audacity to say that I was getting grabby with her. She started causing quite the ruckus, and some chivalrous bastard decided to step in. He pushed me, and before I knew what was happening, someone, not me, of course, had thrown a punch and a good old fashioned barroom brawl was started. Things started getting bad quickly, and soon we were outside and I saw this buffoon pull a pistol. He was aiming it right a friend of mine, but before he could get the shot off he had my trident in his chest. Needless to say, I got out alive and he didn't.

Idonias burps loudly and smacks his chest. The boys and I boarded the Maid and set out to sea. Unfortunately for us, the gentleman I had taken care of was first mate on the Diamond Cutlass. Before we knew it, we had a rival crew. Idonias chugs the rest of his flagon and looks to see if anyone listened.

Almost unnoticed amongst the menagerie filling the tables and chairs, a halfing enters the tavern, cheeks dotted with freckles and eyes wide in excitement. He surveys the room briefly, as he heads toward the bar and hops atop a stool without pause. He orders a drink and stands on his seat to better take in all the room's occupants. After a swig he recognizes someone familiar, and in his high-pitched, singsong voice he calls across the bar to him.

"Gregor! Hey, it's me Durvin! I haven't seen you since you got me to talk the patron's daughter into bedding you."

With the obviously false pretense of saying it under his breath he continues, "It's a good thing he had me along, he has as much charm with the ladies as week-old, sun-dried, fish innards." He finishes walking over to stand beside the man, "We had good times on that ship, but I told you, you shouldn't have messed around with her. Had you not gotten me drunk and convinced me otherwise, you'd still be at the tiller and I in the crow's nest."

He takes in the others all around, smiling at each in turn, and waving, before stopping at the lady bestride a chair, "Pardon me, Milady, and my being forthright, but I have to agree with my friend here when he told me that you were more striking a sight than the sun rising over a gently rolling sea. Have you met my friend Gregor?" he points his thumb in the sailor's direction. "He's only here for the night before he heads out on a special mission into dangerous waters. This may very well be his last night of peace, and I would hate for it to be a lonely one." He turns and winks at Gregor, letting him know that he never has to worry as long as Durvin's willing to send the ladies his way.

"You're not heir to any influential shipping families are you?" he adds as an afterthought. Worry beginning to cross his features.

Profile's done, with everything in it.

As the noise and conversations continue, Kehlysch makes his way to an empty bar stool.

"A bowl of whatever's in the pot...and some bread...if you have it," he says to the barkeep, fishing a few coppers from a pocket in his robe.

He listens to the others brag and bluster about their exploits on the high seas. One man even seems to have lost a leg and replaced it with a wooden peg, just like in Old Mag's stories.

Someone mentions the kraken, another of his step-mother's yarns.

"...a great and terrible monster of the deep..." he murmers, " me."

Idonias hears Kehlysch muttering. He stands and quickly walks over to the shaved-headed man and stares sternly into his eyes. Monsters of the deep? You think you know about monsters of the deep?

Kehlysch regards Idonias with the cold expressionless eyes of a shark. He gestures to the gills on his own neck, making sure the fierce warrior sees them, as well as his webbed fingers.

"I know that they are real," he calmly replies.

Durvin my old chum...I think you got the tale wrong. As I recall 'twas you caught in the bedchambers of the lass and her sisters. Lucky thing our old patron didn't have a dog otherwise there might be a litter of pups with a bark like a song!

Gregor stand up and offers Durvin his chair.

Sit old friend and have a drink with me!

Idonias looks forward and orders a drink. He sits next to the gilman and begins to drink silently, feeling a certain kinship with the strange humanoid.

Seijiro almost spits out his drink laughing as Gregor turns the halfling's tale around on him... then blushes at the mention of a litter of pups. He continues to watch the crowd around him... This place sure attracts an exotic clientele he thought. Then it occurred to him and I guess i'm included in that. Perhaps there'll be mention of a ship needing a crew... and with that thought he turns his attention back to the varied conversations in the room.

Durvin takes the proferred chair, but as he bounds into it, he goes further to stand on the table. Loudly he addresses Gregor, "Got the tale wrong? Preposterous! How could I get it wrong when I've been singing your exploits all along the coast?"

He beams a big grin at the onlookers, as his high voice, perfect company for a small squeezebox, grows into song.

Gather a drink / and I'll spin you a tale
of a hearty young captain / and the night that he fell
lost in the embrace / of a forbidden young miss
for here is the ballad / of fool Gregor Arcadis

He continues with a few refrains, the story of how a young captian fell for the off-limits maiden, and invoked her father's wrath. Culminating with him and his charming friend narrowly escaping a keel-haul.

He turns to Gregor afterward, laughing as he catches his breath. "If you've found any trouble from your name being out there I apologize good friend, but it was too exciting a story to not share." Pausing reflectively, he realizes "I guess I could changed the names, huh?"

To the others he, shrugs and explains, "If his name was familiar, it's my fault, but it is just a tale, don't think ill of the young captain here."

"You seem to know more of your nature then I know of mine. Until today, I've never met anyone even remotely like me. Old Mag never seemed to care, especially since I had such a knack for diving. The mussels sold well enough to keep us from starving. But I knew I'd never belong. The rougher kids of the wharf made sure of that, at least until I realized I could DO THINGS to protect myself."

I'm not sure I can play the outcast angle as well as you, but I've certainly got my own sad story about terrible monsters from the ocean's depths... Idonias looks down at his drink again, examining his muddied reflection. I think this is getting to me a little more than usual tonight. Strong drink. Tough day. I hope you don't mind if I don't have much else to say.

Zaketta Flynn! Ye ol’ minx, it be good to see ya! Sorry ‘bout that casting off and all, it wasn’t me superstitions ‘bout a woman at sea, I’s was just as pleased to have ye aboard and you’re a fair sight better to look at then them mangy scoundrels were. Besmara must ta looked out fer the both of us, she did, saved you all the hassle and took me leg as reminded to respect her good and proper. Have a mug with me and lets be discussin’ how’s we might both get back to the seas where we belong.”

Taking a moment to realize that the kitsune was calling to him, Karn grabs his mug and slips off the stool. Making his way over to the table, the lad says, "Thank you for the offer." After taking a seat, the human continues, "My name is Karn. I just got into port on the 'Bold Mar'. Not sure what else to say really. I just came into sea travel recently. I do have to say though that I am taking a liking to it." Pausing for the briefest of moments, just long enough to take a drink for his dwindling mug and determining how best to phrase his next words, the man continues once more, "And where do you hail from? I must admit that I am not so accustomed to meeting such exotic races."

Kehlysch nods his silent assent to Idonias' request.

Once again, you overstepped yourself. He didn't want to hear about your childhood! He's a real sailor, and a warrior, by the look of him. Keep your mouth shut unless someone actually asks you to speak!

After finishing his bowl of fish stew, Kehlysch turns on his stool and looks out over the crowded common room.

"Good to meet you, Karn... and of course you like it! What's not to like about a life at sea." Seijiro winks broadly at Karn as he continues speaking, "of course putting into port has its own charms, that it does."

Seijiro calls the barmaid over and has her refill Karn's mug and his own.

That's a good, lass, that one, eh, Karn? Anyway, I'm from Minkai. It's a fine, beautiful country far far from these shores. But I've always heard the call of the sea... something rare among my folk apparently. Though I'm not the only 'exotic' one here this night."

He nods in the direction of Kehlysch and Idonias quietly, smiles at them if they look his way and lifts his own mug in greeting.

Idonias acknowledges the strange fox-man's greeting. He couldn't help but think about what a strange place he was in. He was always the most exotic oerson wherever he went; tonight, however, there were two people there stranger even than he.

First was the kitsune. Idonias had heard of these shapeshifters from Tian-Xa, and had even met (and bedded) one in her human form on one of his farther journeys. He didn't know much about them, and certainly knew they weren't terribly avid sailors, which only served to make this one a little stranger still.

But to Idonias, the gilman fascinated him. Apparently he didn't know what he was, but the undine did. Idonias's life at sea and his history with aquatic aberrations had impelled him to earn a bit about aboleths and the strange mutated humans they had created to do their bidding, one of their many servitor races. Beyond this, he knew little.

Stumbling towards Seijiro, he held out his hand for a friendly, drunken shake, speaking slowly and loudly. Pleased to meet you, fox boy. I'm Idonias Saltheart, slayer of sea-beasts and, as of today, failed pirate. How do you do? Idonias plopped down in an empty chair at the table, spilling some of his rum. Get me another of these, wouldja?, he shouted, to no one in particular, as he slapped a coin down on the table. He downed his drink, tossed the mug on the floor, and leaned forward to listen to the words being said around him.

Mitabu enters the tavern and looks around the crowded room. He sees the undine leaving the gillman and decides to strike conversation with him. He sits next to the gillman and orders drinks for the two of them.

"Good evening, gentleman." he says with a wide smile. "You know, you remind me of my Gran. She was part sea hag. I'm Mitabu Red"

Seijiro looks almost stunned at Idonias' greeting, but not in a bad way - just surprised.

"Fox boy? oro?" he whispers, then speaks slightly louder. "Nice to meet you too, Idonias. I'm called Seijiro, and I do fine. Slayer of sea beasts, eh? That must be a grand tale to tell... I've never met your like before. Please, tell me about yourself and these beasts you've slain." Seijiro smiles as he waves over the barmaid, then slips out a dagger. He uses the tip to snag the handle of Idonias' mug and lift it back up to the table, setting it down upright for the barmaid to refill. The dagger disappears back into its sheath just as quickly.

Akai finishes his writing with a smile, neatly tucking his instruments back into his pack. He then proceeds to get up, mug in hand, and stride over to Seijiro's table, pulling a chair over and sitting on it backwards.

"Hope you don't mind if I join you. It often gets lonely in the corner with me and my books. And it seems you keep a better company, too."

He says with a slight chuckle, nodding to each of the men that sit around him.

Ah, Akai-sama, you are of course welcome here. No need to be lonely in a place like this. If it isn't too presumptious to ask, what are you reading? And I had just asked our friend here, he motions toward Idonias, to tell us something of his adventures on the high seas. Apparently he has slain many sea beasts, and mentioned something about pirates as well... He must have many great tales to tell.

Seijiro takes a moment to glance over at Mitabu Red, who just introduced himself to Kehlysch. Part sea-hag? He too must have an interesting tale to tell. What a fascinating group in the Maid tonight. He then turns his attention back to Idonias.

Zaketta Flynn wrote:

Zaketta leans over and gives Quilin a nudge, pointing a thumb at Mawj.

"I bet he's a popular one to have aboard, eh? Keeps the rats at bay! A regular mouser for sure!"

Quillin chortles at the joke and jumps up on a chair. "What's the matter, Felix? Someone else got your tongue for a change? Oy, where's me brandy?!"

"Brandy is dandy, but Leticia is easier!" Smudge yells then snatches the offered cracker.

"Ay, easy on the hardtack lady. Don't encourage him." the blue bearded gnome attempts to wave down a server for his drink.

Presenting Baggs Degrin. Sailor, fast talker, rogue, scallywag, and general guttersnipe....

The tale of Captain Baggs Degrin:

Baggs was born on the streets of Riddleport. His mother was a priestess of Calistria, his father a known pirate who visited there often. His childhood was not harsh but the streets of Riddleport were not easy by any means. His father wanted little to do with him, but he dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps non-the-less. When he was 12 he ran away and hopped on the first vessel that would let him come aboard, a pirate ship named The Shrew. He found out that his father’s name (Edward the Black) did have some use as this crew of murderous scum treated Baggs with some respect. He found out he had a knack talking with the crew and he became well liked by most of them. Several years later he was a full member of the crew and would fight with the rest to get his share of the spoils. It was just a few years later though when Bagg’s luck went sour.
The mist was thick, you could taste the salt water in the night air. It was a night for killing, a night for mutiny Baggs thought. “What say ye lads, ye ready to get even with the skipper for what e dun to us?” Captain Velos was a cruel taskmaster. We had been raiding the coast for months with little luck and the boys were done with him. His bad luck had cost us several of the mates, including me good friend, Gibly when we attached a schooner that was particularly well defended and they fought us off.
After Baggs got agreement from the lads they went up to Velos’ cabin and barged in. Velos stood there half naked about to enjoy his slave girl. He turned to us looking uncertain, “What you boys about? Get back to your stations before I have Hemar give you some lashes.” Hemar lay in his bunk with his throat slashed, I had already taken care of him. Hemar enjoyed his first mates position and particularly the whip a little too much. “I’m afraid Capin that Hemar won’t be handing out any more lashes or any more of ye orders. Your time is up, get im boys.”
We grabbed Velos, took him to the deck and threw him into the water. “To the sharks with ye Capin! Well boys, things are about to look up me thinks.” After a quick vote, I was named Captain of the Shrew, the 3rd since I had boarded her those 6 years ago. My first order solidified my position, “The Capin’s girl is to be shared among the crew tonight boys!” I was young, probably too young to be Captain but there was no one else who was as popular to oppose me, especially after that order. “Now none of ye be breakin the girl or else I’ll ave your guts, ye hears me?” We would need to head to port to get more men, the crew was light. We changed course that night for port in the Shackles. Our luck in fact did not look up though, in fact it was about to go very bad. I would be the Captain with the shortest length of service ever for the Shrew.
That morning we were ourselves attacked by a pirate frigate. As the ship was boarded I knew we were finished. The Silver Sword was a known pirate ship with an experienced and larger crew that made short work of most of the boys. Smart enough to know we were done for I dived overboard with a barrel and swam away as me mates were brought to their end. It was shear luck that a vessel, the Sassy Lady, would run across me in the water almost a week later. Barely alive, but mostly intact I began my journey with that ship going were it would take me.
Personality – Baggs is a sociable sort that uses people to get what he wants. He is not above doing anything needed to get it done. He is loyal to those who becomes his friends, but he is not foolish enough to throw his life away on a hopeless cause though. He is also very opportunistic.
Class – Rogue
Buccaneer Blood
Other TBD

Which one of ye land lubbers will buy a poor sailor a drink?
I've lost me ship ye see as well as me crew and me money. Got picked up in the sea when me ship was attacked by the luck o the Kelpie's I'll tell ye they found me!
Whose got a silver fur a man down o' his luck?

Seijiro quietly motions over the barmaid and has her fill a mug for Baggs, the man who just entered the tavern.

"Over here, good man, and tell us your tale if you've a mind... I've got a drink for you to warm yer gullet by."

He pushes out another chair for Baggs to join the rest at the table. Perhaps it might be interesting to have the victim of pirates at the same table with one who declared himself a failed pirate. Either they'll commiserate together, or sparks may fly... either way it might prove fun.

@ Seijiro
Thanks to ye never seeing a catfolk before Baggs is a little not sure what he/she is, No direspecting ye of course.
Let me whet me lips since I interrupted yur chattin...

Baggs downs the better part of the mug and grins at Seijiro, Yuv bought yerself a friend ye 'ave.

"Yes, well at least you didn't call me fox-boy. Thanks. No disrespect taken. I am a kitsune, also called fox-folk where I come from. And it's always good to have friends."

He grins at Baggs and then nods towards the others at the table.

"We were just telling our individual tales, taking turns so to speak, those who wish to, that is. This is Akai-sama, and Idonias and Karn. Please feel free to chime in and tell us your story as well."

He takes a swig of his own drink and sighs. As for my tale, there isn't much to it. I've felt the call of the sea since I was very young and left home to join a crew when I was but 12. I've been aboard a few different merchanter vessels since then, but my last berth left me high and dry, so here I am now, looking for a new ship to crew for. I still love the sea and everything about her." He looks wistfully into his drink... then smiles again as his thoughts brighten. He looks expectantly at Baggs and Karn for their stories.

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