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Yaarrr Pirates! (Ryuko's S&S) (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

Five Swabs are faced with a life of ugly servitude. Will they rise above it?

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Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Hey there Scurvy Dogs! Good to see you up and about. I'll be checking your character sheets over the next couple days for any weirdness and commenting on any recommended changes. In the meantime feel free to use this as your discussion space!

Hey all,

Really looking forward to this game. Some buddies and I have been trying to finish off the Savage Tide Adventure Path for a couple years now, and needless to say, the chance to play in a full-on pirate campaign has me totally stoked.

I think I've got my character info formatted correctly (including separate spoiler tag for my "concealed item"). I should mention that my daughter is having surgery tomorrow (nothing serious, just a little correction for her club feet). I don't anticipate that it should interfere with posting, but I thought I should give you all the heads up in case I'm a little late replying.

That said, Ryuko, would you like us to go ahead and begin posting in the main game thread?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10


Male Half-Orc Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior) 1

I've looked through everyone's sheets and I must say, I am impressed. We have a solid party here with very few obvious weaknesses. I'm sure we will find them in due course though :P

Would you all give us some background on where you were thinking of taking your character as far as progression goes?

Ralo is a two weapon fighter. I had thought of multiclassing to cleric of Besmara, but I don't think I'll need to :P At this point, I think I can effectively take him along the fighter path and push for him to be a real damage factory.


I love your story's "hook," as it were ;-) Really cool stuff.

Zaketta is going to do straight cleric, but feat/skill-wise she's going to focus on "piratey" skills that will tie in directly to the campaign (prof: sailor, siege engineer, a mix of social skills, etc.) Tactically, I see her playing a support role in combat (buff/debuff).

Along similar lines, should we try and coordinate campaign-specific skill coverage? Skimming through the player's guide, it seems like we'll want to have at least one person in charge of piloting, one or two people in charge of gunnery (siege engineer is the relevant skill I think?) etc.

Incidentally, that reminds me: Ryuko, would the Leadership feat be appropriate for this campaign (since I assume we'll be crewing our own ship at some point)?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

You will in fact, tjough I'll get back to you on if leadership will have anything to do with it.

M Kobald 1 Sorcerer(gold dragon/ learned)

I have update dmy char with the one extra point.

my one item will be a sml scroll(torn from a spellbook, made to prep from, not spell complete) hidden in my robes just for such a case as I lose my bag.

will always have such a scroll

Male Half-Orc Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior) 1

Thanks "Mad Zak!" I really hope we get to find out who your father is.

I can see Ralo as the pilot, but he wouldn't want to rise higher than first mate. He is happy enforcing what disciplines are needed (though truthfully he doesn't like rules) but he certainly does not want the responsibility of making rules.

Male Half-Orc Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior) 1

Oh yes, thank you Zarque for reminding me, I will bank my extra stat point for now.

One more thing I forgot to ask: How should we do dice rolls? This is not my first PbP game (I used to do several over on RPoL) but it is my first PbP game on the paizo boards - what's the preferred method for this?

Male Half-Orc Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior) 1

Generally you use the [ dice] code accompanied by [ ooc] text. Example:

Seeing an advantage, Ralo steps behind the scoundrel facing Zaketta and lines up a strike.

[ ooc]Flanking Attack[ /ooc] [ dice]1d20+3[ /dice] [ ooc]for[ /ooc] [ dice]1d6+2[ /dice]

which ends up looking like:

Flanking Attack 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13 for 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Thanks, Ralo!

Male Halfling Sea-Singer Bard 3 (AC: 17 [T: 14 /F: 14]; HP: 8/20; F+1, R+6, W+3; Init: +3; Perc: +8)

As far as roles in the party, Durvin is all about support. He's an okay combatant (esp with Wpn Finesse a free constant), but he is a decent face, and will be built to buff (Bard song, haste, etc.. to enhance the party).

As far as the ship, also more in support roles, like navigator and lookout.

M Kobald 1 Sorcerer(gold dragon/ learned)

Zarque will probably take up the navigator position as well, I didn't think of that aspect before but I will head in that direction now, it fits since Zarque likes knowledge and books and stuff, and he can't really do much of the heavy lift work.

Unless someone has another idea where he might be useful, position-wise?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Waiting about another 28 hours for Mwaj before I skip to my first alternate.

M Kobald 1 Sorcerer(gold dragon/ learned)

Now that I think about it, in a world of magic would ships have a "ship's Mastermage" type of position?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10
Zarque wrote:
Now that I think about it, in a world of magic would ships have a "ship's Mastermage" type of position?

I suppose so... no clue

Male Halfling Sea-Singer Bard 3 (AC: 17 [T: 14 /F: 14]; HP: 8/20; F+1, R+6, W+3; Init: +3; Perc: +8)

Sadly, as I was looking over what you have, I would almost say ratcatcher. Between Darkvision, natural armor, and small size, you'd make a pretty good mouser. Otherwise, they just grabbed you for another shiphand, possibly thinking you a rigger that takes up half as much space, and eats half as much food.

M Kobald 1 Sorcerer(gold dragon/ learned)

More like a hobbit, half as big, eats four times as much. :) lol

But Ill be the Mastermage then, when we get there.

You know I will have to make some spells that help the ship as a whole (+1 armor to one vehicle touched) sort of thing.

Male Catfolk Monk (Tetori) 2

Hello, hello, everyone! I'm very glad to be aboard and look forward to a fabulous game.

Mawj is very much a stealth-oriented character. I plan on maxing out Acrobatics, Perception, and Stealth at every level. I'm putting ranks in Heal for character background, but primarily to qualify for various feats (Jawbreaker, Bonebreaker, Neckbreaker). I think he would do a fine job as ship surgeon or up in the crow's nest.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Good to have you with us kitty, wouldn't want you to miss all the fun!

[/evil dm grin]

M Kobald 1 Sorcerer(gold dragon/ learned)

So dm, how long till I get my new bowstring made in the traditional manner out of catgut? Oh he's here, no I most certainly wasn't talking about you, Mawj.(tries to look innocent)lol

Male Catfolk Monk (Tetori) 2

Quite all right. After all, where do you think my new boots are coming from?

M Kobald 1 Sorcerer(gold dragon/ learned)

lol, the half orc of course! They have nice tough hides, perfect for boots and armor.

Male Half-Orc Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior) 1


Male Halfling Sea-Singer Bard 3 (AC: 17 [T: 14 /F: 14]; HP: 8/20; F+1, R+6, W+3; Init: +3; Perc: +8)

Sucks that I fumbled on that second roll, he has the skills for it (+8 climb, +9 acrobatics, +7 perception), but historically dice hate me.

[Treebeard Voice]

That's what happens when you get hasty, master hobbit!


Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

All right guys, your time aboard ship is split into Ship's Actions. Ship actions can be used to explore the ship, scrounge for gear (including possibly your old gear), interact with the crew, or other actions. You can generally take 2 ships actions per day. You can attempt to take up to two additional ship actions during the middle watch in the dead of night, but to do so you must make a sucessful CON check of 14 for the first extra and 18 for the second extra or be Fatigued for the next day. A list of Ship Actions follows:

Daytime Actions
Work Dilligently:Gain a +4 bonus on any one check for the job's daily task.
Influence:Attempt to Influence a Single NPC during your job.
Sneak:Make normal checks for a job's daily task, then attempt to briefly explore one area of the ship (make a single Perception Check in the area with no chance of detection.)
Shop:Take a -2 Penalty on all checks for a job's daily task and visit the quartermaster's store
Shirk:Take a -2 on all checks for a job's daily task and take some time to explore the ship. You can take 10 on a single Perception Check or other skill check, but must make a check to avoid being discovered slacking.

Nighttime Actions
Sleep: Go to bed early and sleep through the night (Recovers from Fatigue)
Gamble: Get the pirates together to create or join a game of gambling
Entertain:Make a Perform check to attempt to entertain the crew
Influence:Attempt to Influence a single NPC
Sneak:Take time exploring one area of the ship. You can take a 20 on a single Perception check or other skill check, but must make a check to avoid being discovered
Steal:Attempt to open a locked door or locker. Must make a check to avoid discovery.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10


All jobs require a check or two. Failing this check by 4 or less earns you a stern verbal warning, with a rope bash for the second offense. Failing by 5 or more earns you 3 lashes, with an additional 3 lashes for each extra day in a row you fail your assigned job.


Attempting Stealthy ships actions is generally a DC 15 Stealth or Sleight of Hand to avoid being caught. This may go to a DC 10 or DC 20 depending on the amount of risk of being discovered. Failing the check by 4 or less is a close call and means you are too jittery to try again today. Failing by 5 or more means you are caught red-handed by a crew member, who may turn you over to Master Scourge for discipline, particularly if they dislike you.

Influencing NPCs

Most NPCs begin with an indifferent attitude toward your group. Thanks to the odd habits among pirates you may use Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate to attempt to sway the attitudes of an NPC. Helpful NPCs will be considerably more useful to have around than those that hate you.

Can we use the "gamble/entertain" option to influence the general crew toward us, or do we have to do this on an NPC-by-NPC basis?

M Kobald 1 Sorcerer(gold dragon/ learned)

I hope we havnt died already, I would like to know where Zarque has awoken at least so I can interact with whoever was there looking me over, and did she heal me?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Course not Zarque, I just work all day and have very little personal time. I apologize if I miss a day here or there. I'll be updating at least every couple of days, more on weekends. Sorry if my initial amount of posting was misleading. Also forgot one more little ship rule.

Rum Rations

Rum Rations are served to the ship every night at dusk along with dinner. You have three options with the addictive and debilitating rum ration. You can Drink Normally, which deals you 1 Con damage (Which heals overnight) with no other effect. Drink Deeply, which deals 1d3 Con Damage and requires a DC 5 Fort save to avoid becoming addicted to the rum rations, but gives you +1d2 to any checks to influence the crew through the next 24 hours. Lastly, you may Cheat, requiring a DC 10 Stealth or Sleight of Hand Check, which gives you the bonuses from drinking deeply with none of the side effects, however, the penalty for wasting rum is 3 lashes.

We'll assume for the first day everyone just drank normally, so as to avoid any retcons or such.

EDIT: Sorry, almost forgot Zaketta's question. The Gamble option gives you a +2 to influence crew through the next 24 hours as long as you have money on the line (Whether you win or lose). The Entertain option gives a +2 to influence in the next 24 hours on a successful DC 15 check, but failing the check by 5 or more means the pirates are unwilling to let you have the spotlight again for at least a week.

Male Halfling Sea-Singer Bard 3 (AC: 17 [T: 14 /F: 14]; HP: 8/20; F+1, R+6, W+3; Init: +3; Perc: +8)

The healing overnight, is that regardless of whether we take one or two night actions, or does taking night actions prevent us from healing? Or do we only not heal if we fail the check to avoid Fatigue due to night activity?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

You will always heal the 1 Con damage overnight. Fatigue will only heal overnight if you sleep the night through.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10
Mawj wrote:
"Also, Cut-Throat is a large woman. Normally this would interest Mawj on a personal level in ways that are completely unrelated to our present predicament."

Way to go Mawj, you managed to make me spit my morning coke onto my computer desk. Great line.

That was, indeed, hilarious, Mawj.

Regarding the recovery of our gear: do other crew walk about with weapons and armor openly/would we be calling down the thunder if we did so? Obviously we want to get equipped again, but will we need to keep our stuff hidden away until we make our move?

EDIT: In anticipation of future skill checks, Zaketta will prep a different set of spells for tomorrow, swapping out Bless for Tap Inner Beauty.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Only the officers walk with open weapons or armor. You'd likely call some thunder.

And no problem on the spells.

Follow-up question: in a pinch, could we grab a belaying pin to use as a club or improvised weapon?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Absolutely, looks like a club to me. Also, the following items are so easy to find and common on the ship that you could likely swipe or walk away with them without arousing any suspicion: Barrels, Baskets, Block and Tackle, Candles, Canvas, Hemp Rope (up to 200 ft), Grappling Hooks, Lanterns, Waterskins, Sacks, and Simple Tools (Especially Saws, Hammers, Rope Knives and Picks). All Tools used as weapons function at a -2 for their unwieldiness.

Male Half-Orc Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior) 1

How heavily do you enforce alignment? After playing Ralo a bit, I do not think that my original assertion of CN makes sense for him.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10
Ralo Half-Ear wrote:
How heavily do you enforce alignment? After playing Ralo a bit, I do not think that my original assertion of CN makes sense for him.

I play alignment as dictated by actions, not the other way around. If you want to change Ralo's alignment because he's being more Lawful or Neutral or Good or whatever, feel free. Make those actions and I'll consider that his alignment.

EDIT: List of crew is up. I'll put in a short description of everyone later, but for now that's everyone in order of most likely to least likely to be influenced. The only officers that are influenceable are the Cook and Quartermaster (One other will be later, but there's an event first)

Male Half-Orc Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior) 1

Thanks for that. I see him as lawful to the point that he needs to be as far as life on a ship dictates. Beyond that, whatever is best for the situation.

It occurs to me that I didn't post a damage roll - I may not need one, since my attack was pretty lousy, but here it is anyway:

1d3 ⇒ 1

Wow! Zarque the Wonder Kobold!

Male Catfolk Monk (Tetori) 2

Who is Ralo attacking?

Male Half-Orc Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior) 1

Whomever I can. As I understand it, we are standing on a 10 foot wide staircase and I was in front of Fipps and got pushed a bit. Now Zaketta and I are up front in front of Fipps.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

I assumed Ralo followed Zaketta's lead to hit Fipps.

In combat I will wait 24 hours between turns, or whenever at least 4 of you have gone and I get the chance to make a post. If anyone misses their 24 hour window, I will post for them doing as I feel appropriate. Initiative is handled by me, and is generally broken into blocks so that the enemies can all go at the same time. I'm generally generous about this, taking PC initiative up if I have to in order to keep the enemies together. I generally only require mapped positioning in battles where it is very important, and in general you can make do with general movement, though it's not entirely ignored (for instance, in tumbling behind Aretta, Zarque is now smack in front of the last 2 bullies all alone.)

Also, within the initiative block, feel free to move whenever you get the chance. Any of the three who are up can move in any order.

Don't forget to include Durvin's bard song bonus in your rolls, everyone!

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10
Mawj wrote:
It might be helpful if the actions we can take during the day and night were posted under Campaign Info. It might also be a good place to list descriptions of the various jobs and the required skill/ability checks.

Done and Done! Character Descriptions up later tonight.

I'll likely have you roll your own jobs from here on out.

Will have an IC post up late tonight - I'm entertaining guests this weekend.

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