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Xyro's Legacy of Fire PbP

Game Master xyrophobic

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Vonna is fleshed out, but here is the concept. She's basically, a gnoll-bane. Gnoll Killer, campaign trait.

Vonna, Concept:

Age 21 yrs Height 5'10" Weight 160 lbs. Hair Black Eyes Green

Beast Master

Some rangers, particularly those in primitive lands or who were raised by animals, have unusually strong bonds with animals. Unique among rangers, they can bond with multiple animals of any kind, creating a menagerie of wild yet loyal creatures, like a strange family.


Some rangers study their favored enemies and learn their ways, applying this knowledge to their own abilities and using their foes' strengths against them. Infiltrators are willing to walk a mile in an enemy's shoes so as to learn eveything there is to know about their foes in order to more effectively hunt and kill them.


Many rangers rely on spells, but there are some who eschew aid from divine powers for their own reasons. Skirmishers rely on their wits, their wisdom, and sometimes even instinct to aid in their quests.


Born to a lower class home outside of Solku, Vonna never knew an easy life. Her father was typically away, taking work where he could find it. Her mother was a fletcher, supplying the defenders of Solku with arrows.

It was tedious eye-straining work, but it earned enough coin to feed herself and her one child, Vonna. When her husband would return from a work trip, they would eat a little better for a while and buy necessities they could not make themselves.

About 7 years ago, while Vonna's father was away came the trouble that would come to be called the "Battle of Red Hail". The gnoll forces were too close by the time defending forces realized and Solku was sealed up in preperation for seige. Many were left outside the walls, sacrifices had to be made.

Vonna and her mother were captured, taken by a particularly intelligent gnoll chieftain. He quickly realized these two were particularly useful, noticing their particular skills. A fletcher and a youth particularly swift on her feet. The youth was as fast if not faster than most of his warriors.

They were separated and each told the other would die if they didn't perform. It was like that for years, and they would not see each other for weeks, maybe months at a time. Her mother making her signature arrows with blue-tipped fletching, dyed with berry juice. Vonna running communication between scouts, war-parties and even tribes.

She paid her dues, studied her enemy and kept them close. Eager to learn everything they had to offer... They took it as a sign of submission, she just wanted to know how to destroy them when the time was right. It was like that, for three years.

Until a huntsman discovered her, this human oddity flitting among gnolls. He was a burly man, accompanied by animals... several of them. He had a preference for large two-handed weapons, a tracker and scout. A ranger. It's what she had been doing for 3 years, ranging.

He rescued her, she resisted for fear her mother would die. He convinced her to join him and his band in attacking the chieftain's village, rescuing her mother and destroying the village itself. They destroyed the village, but her mother had been dead months. And, her hatred for gnolls grew, sharpened and became more focused.

Having nowhere to go, she joined this... ranger. And, learned from him... adapting his ways to her higher agility. She especially liked his skill with animals, treating them as equals.

But, after just short of a year... he succumbed to his own reckless style. A bit over zealous, his whole group was killed when they took on a seemingly weaker force of gnolls.

As she surveyed the bodies, she examined the arrows... force of habit. They all had blue-tipped fletching. Her mother's signature. It was the work of that chieftain, he must have survived a year prior.

She knew what she had to do...


Long and lithe, Vonna cuts a striking silhouette at just under 6 feet tall. Long straight black hair frames piercing green eyes, that unfortunately look out upon the world with understandable distrust.

Serviceable sandy stone colored studded leather armor is fashionable enough. Armament includes composite longbow, several javelin, scimitar, kukri and dagger. At least one quiver on her person at any given time.

Bryan wrote:
Hey, Xyro! Good to see it's back. I would like to rejoin; only problem is I was playing around with Numair some time back (was considering using him for another game) and his stats and stuff are long gone. I know he was a 3rd level evocation-specialist wizard, but other than that, I lost all of his info. Don't recall his feats, traits (well, I remember his campaign trait was the one that gave a memento of a parent, but not the other one), gear, etc. Any problems if I rebuild him? I remember a good amount of his background.

Feel free to rebuild him at 3rd level. Core book only unless you have a specific rule/feat/spell you want then I will want to approve it. I am pretty sure you had something from the APG on him. APG is fine as long as you let me know what you are using. All the original characters were built using just the core book so I am trying to be safe vs power creep. I will assign gear above 1st level from what was found up to this point so just by starting gear

Nasir ibn Al'Said wrote:
For your consideration. Nasir is currently 1st level but I can bump him up if selected.

Oversized 2 weapon fighting is a 3.5 feat. Has Paizo added that to any of its books?

Dark Archive

xyrophobic wrote:
Nasir ibn Al'Said wrote:
For your consideration. Nasir is currently 1st level but I can bump him up if selected.
Oversized 2 weapon fighting is a 3.5 feat. Has Paizo added that to any of its books?


Oops, sorry about that. I had originally envisioned Nasir as an atypical paladin. Instead of the standard full plate-2 handed weapon type you almost always see I wanted to go for a more mobile lightly armored type, dashing and slashing his way across the battlefield laughing the whole time. I the two or three aborted campaigns Nasir has been in it hasn't been a problem because the OTWF feat is just there so he can dual wield his scimitars with facing horrendous negatives. I've promised other GM's and will make this promise to you as well that that is all it will be used for. No Monkey Grip dual wielding Greatsword garbage that the feat often led to in 3.5. If this is going to be a problem please let me know and I'll withdraw Nasir from consideration.

The other thing about Nasir is the Sacred Servant archetype from the APG. For delayed Smite progression a paladin gains access to one domain (and domain spells) from her deities portfolio. He also forms his divine bond with his holy symbol and can add enhancements to his spellcasting or channel energy abilities. At later levels he can summon a planar ally without paying the material cost or the "tithe" to the servant itself.
The write up can be found here: Sacred Servant

Thanks again for the consideration and don't hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions.

Marik Whiterose wrote:
xyrophobic wrote:
Nasir ibn Al'Said wrote:
For your consideration. Nasir is currently 1st level but I can bump him up if selected.
Oversized 2 weapon fighting is a 3.5 feat. Has Paizo added that to any of its books?
** spoiler omitted **

I have no issue with using that feat but I will be a little shy about the monkey grip route. I like the concept if light fighters that are not rangers, ask Faysal as I try to pull it on him every time he DMs. Please take Nasir to level 3 and head over to the discussion thread to meet the 2 previous players (faysal - ender, and numair - bryan)


BoyScout wrote:

I am definetly interested. I have an idea for a female rogue....

Hey, are you following me? ;) (I'm Willis in the S&S game)

Yes i am following you, is that a problem? :)

hah, nope, works for me :)

I would be interested in joining this campaign. This PC *was* in a previous Legacy of Fire campaign, which folded when the GM disappeared :-/

However, from what I gather, he... modded... the module a fair bit, so hopefully, that should not count against me.

I also have a fair amount of PbP experience, and can keep IC and OOC knowledge separate, if need be :-)

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd be interested in joining as well with an NPC I've submitted to two LoF campaigns but never got anywhere with it. For your approval, Fawziya bint Abdul-Wali's background follows:


Fawziya, as her name would suggest, is the daughter of the direct servant to the governor in the remote city-state of Agarabar in Katapesh. She was blessed in many ways - she was a bright child, and her father's position brought her a great chance to become an important part of the inner workings of Agarabar's government. She had little time or interest in such diplomatic matters, however, shunning such a cloistered life for more physical pursuits. She surreptitiously watched the guards training whenever she could, and by ten had taught herself enough about swordplay that she could best any of her peers. As she grew into her teens, it quickly became clear that not only was she a skilled warrior, but a beauty as well - she had several men vie for her attentions, but she had no interest in settling down with any of them.

Things would take a darker turn, however, when the sultan was ensorcelled by his wicked vizier Fahraz. Seeking power and position, Fahraz whispered honeyed words into the sultan's ear, forcing the sultan to order Fawziya's father to give Fahraz his daughter's hand in marriage. She steadfastly refused, refusing to marry a man who only had one interest in her alone, especially as that man was old enough to be her father. He came to her one night, intent on forcing the issue - not to mention himself upon Fawziya - but she had fought more dangerous men in her brief life. She whipped him soundly, throwing him into the street and beating him with her quirt. As she mounted her camel to leave Agarabar forever, she said to him, "If I ever hear of you attacking another maid's honor, I will make certain the only job you will hold afterwards is that of harem guard."

From there, she traveled extensively, using her skills at arms to make money and a name for herself. To listen to her tales suggests that she has fought an army of devils in Lastwall, stole treasures from the palaces of the Impossible Kingdom, and even shared a cup and a story with Caydan himself. Truth be told, she's only recently come to the attention of the Pathfinder Society, and the venture captain there sees her as a valuable enough asset to entrust her with a wayfinder. She sees this as evidence that her name and her story is only now beginning.

Havent filled out stats yet, but here is the alias for my rogue

She is a "former" theif, turned adventurer, though she refers to herself as an opportunist. Deadly with a blade or bow and a wide range of skills, She has survived on her own for a number of years. Her personality is as fiery as her hair and her temper in battle! She's an ophan, i'm thinking destroyed village, and though she missed joining the caravan she has decided to set out in its wake, hoping to write herself into its story.

she will be a good skill monkey, and the all improtant disable device. SHe will prefer to open combat from stealth if possible, and sneak atatck with others in melee. Alignment wise, i see her as having undergone a recent shift, perhaps from CN to CG. She has recently received help from new "friends" and is looking to turn over a new lead, well partly new anyway.

I will be out of town for a week so I probably will not be able to check the boards. Ender_rpm will check the thread and let you know who is chosen. Thanks.

Also catching back up after a heck of a week. Will update soon :)

Ok, so topping out at 6 PCS
Grandfathered from previous session
Numair Alazario (Male Human(Chelaxian / Kelesh) Wizard 3)
Makin ibn Fahd (Male Human Rogue 2)
Faysal Ibn Ahmad Ibn Aziz (Male Halfling Cleric of Irori 3)

Blessed by DM
Nasir ibn Al'Said (Male Human (Keleshite) Paladin (Sacred Servant) / 3)

Right now I think it will come down to who can post a legal build the fastest. Well, except for Keyva, sorry, we don't need another rogue right now. The ranged combat focus Vonna brings is good, as is the mounted/melee focus of Fawziya (if I read her Backstory right). With 2 clerics i would be afraid of a lot of overlap, though it appears Rashid and Faysal couldn't be more different otherwise. So yeah

Vonna the Huntress (Ranger)- Post legal build
Rashid al-Gahiji(Male Dwarf Clerc)- Post legal build or new character
Fawziya bint Abdul-Wali (Female Human fighter?)- post build
Keyva (Female Human Rogue)- Maybe try another concept? Caster or something else more complimentary.

Flame on :)

Would help if we updated what is "legal" :)

20 point buy, 3rd level, Paizo only book wise. I think APG, ARG, and the Ultimates are in play now, but we read the char op boards too, no breaking anything :) Average wealth for level, no more than 33% on any one item. I think that catches us up.

Fair enough.

I (previously known as 'Rashid') would like to present 'Setesh Bantling', a Neutral Half-Elf Alchemist, for consideration :-)

Setesh is lean and muscular, a testament to his harsh childhood. He has coffee-coloured skin, and long brown hair, which is usually braided and interwoven with multi-coloured beads. His mixed heritage is betrayed by his long, pointed ears and narrow, aquiline features, although his ears at least are usually hidden under his hair. His emerald green eyes sparkle with a fierce zeal, but he rarely smiles. When working, he typically dresses in a crisp white smock with plenty of pockets; when out and about, he trades that in for a comfortable shirt and breeches, but always wears a voluminous cloak, with a large number of internal pockets, perfect for carrying the tools of his trade. Despite his best efforts, he is usually surrounded by a faint aroma of spices and embalming fluid, which many find subtly disconcerting...

Setesh is the youngest son of the current crop of the powerful Subhi Trading Consortium. His father, an Elf originally named Galendor Ka'Narlist, moved to Katapesh more than 400 hundred years ago, and set-up a clearing-house for exotic goods along the caravan lines, adopting the name 'Subhi' to better adapt to the local population. Firmly believing that blood-ties provide the best security, he takes a new wife every seventy years or so (usually from a minor trading house within Katapesh) to produce a new batch of children to take over his caravans.

Over the years, Galendor has diversified his interests in Katapesh into more than just import/export, usually through what he describes as 'wise investments' (i.e. marriages) into small Keleshite-run family businesses, which he gradually over-takes, and then builds-up into powerful mercantile forces.

One such business is Bantling and Ancestors, Embalmers, one of the premiere undertakers of the city of Katapesh, whose motto is "The Only Real Choice When Considering Eternity."

Setesh was groomed by his father to eventually take-over BAE, but being a firm believer that in order to understand a business properly, one must understand it from the ground up, Galendor made certain that his son *really* understood the business, learning the secrets of the embalmers trade, starting first with animals, and gradually working his way up to people.

At first, Setesh was more than a little put-off by the macabre nature of his assigned profession, but over time, as he delved more and more deeply into the history of his profession, and the quasi-magical techniques that were a crucial part of it, he came to appreciate the artistry of what was involved, almost as much as the peace and quiet (the dead rarely talk back, after all). He even began experimenting with some of the techniques that he had learned, discovering that when his skills were applied to living tissue, it was possible to temporarily grant the recipient certain traits reminiscent of the Dead, such as unnatural strength, and superior resilience... He saw no harm in it, being a firm believer that the pursuit of magical knowledge, and personal betterment, is always justified...

...of course, others did not share this view, and when his father found out about his experiments, Setesh was quietly removed from his position, and sent-off on an enforced 'sabbatical'; not a banishment as such - more a suggestion that he take some time off to get his 'youthful restlessness' out of his system. His father has made it abundantly clear that he is welcome back, once he has come to his senses, and decided to settle-down properly (or at least learn to quietly hide his 'hobbies').

As such, Setesh finds himself on the prowl for some work, preferably something that will take him away from Katapesh, and outside his father's immediate sphere of influence...

Full crunch is available via his profile.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Fawziya's snapshot at level 1 can be viewed here.

Adjustments: skill adjustment (Diplomacy 1 rank, Handle Animal 2 ranks, Intimidate 3 ranks, Perform 2 ranks, Ride 2 ranks, Sense Motive 1 rank, Use Magic Device 1 rank, total = 12), 3rd level feat (Power Attack), class abilities (HP, saves, BAB, etc.).

Equipment: Masterwork scimitar (315), masterwork lance (310), masterwork half-plate (750), chainmail barding for Jamaal (600), Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000), total (2975 spent).

If selected, I will make these adjustments to the character.

Sorry for the slow response as I was on vacation and now Ender is out on vacation. I will look over Setesh and Fawziya but I am letting Ender have final approval as he is one of the original characters. I will get back in the next few days.

Scarab Sages

I would like to throw RatSkar Al-Farouk into the ring. He is a half Orc cavalier of the stars and a dedicated follower of Pharasma. His full sheet including hooks should be up on his page later tonight.

Forgot Vonna was rolled up, sorry folks. I'll withdraw my submission. Thanks for the good words.

Misroi wrote:

Fawziya's snapshot at level 1 can be viewed here.

Adjustments: skill adjustment (Diplomacy 1 rank, Handle Animal 2 ranks, Intimidate 3 ranks, Perform 2 ranks, Ride 2 ranks, Sense Motive 1 rank, Use Magic Device 1 rank, total = 12), 3rd level feat (Power Attack), class abilities (HP, saves, BAB, etc.).

Equipment: Masterwork scimitar (315), masterwork lance (310), masterwork half-plate (750), chainmail barding for Jamaal (600), Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000), total (2975 spent).

If selected, I will make these adjustments to the character.

Just a thought about the cavalier class, so far in the adventure you would have to had been dismounted for 90% of the combat. I am not sure what the future brings but I would keep that in mind in your design or think about a different class that can still use mounts when situationaly feasible. Up to you.

On a side note please to not include any gear beyond your starting cash as you will get a split of what the party has found so far. None of the original characters have had the chance to get new gear outside of loot.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm well aware of that, xyrophobic. I plan to make a cavalier that is useful on and off of her camel.

A little late to the party. Submitting Valeph, albino jungle dwarf alchemist.

Full character in profile.

Dark Archive

Ratskar is being used in a pen and paper Rise of the Runelords game (plus he also is a cavalier) so I would like to submit Shale instead. A half elf druid Lion Shaman and her animal companion Reginald. Her full bio is in her profile which can be viewed here.

REginald.... I like it :)

Why do I get last call? It's YOUR Game :)

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