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Xanxious Crystal (Inactive)

Game Master Shanosuke

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Male Orc Alchemist 2

I'm also okay with an extra, also I think I'm going to take the Dread Gnome alteration from the advanced race guide. It's just a Gnome with two alternate racial traits that has a story slapped on it. This is it:

Dread Gnomes: Moodier, less forgiving, and often crueler than other gnomes, dread gnomes trace their heritage to the darker, more bloodthirsty lines of fey. Though not all dread gnomes are evil, they all find humor in watching others suffer, and have little use for the bright colors and joyful pursuits of their more cheerful cousins. Dread gnomes have the fell magic and knack for poison alternate racial traits.

Fell Magic: Gnomes add +1 to the DC of any saving throws against necromancy spells that they cast. Gnomes with Wisdom scores of 11 or higher also gain the following spell-like abilities: 1/day—bleed, chill touch, detect poison, and touch of fatigue. The caster level for these effects is equal to the gnome's level. The DC for these spells is equal to 10 + the spell's level + the gnome's Wisdom modifier. This racial trait replaces gnome magic.

Knack with Poison: Some gnomes have an instinctive understanding of poisons and their uses. Gnomes gain a +2 racial bonus on Fortitude saves against poison and a +2 bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks to make poison. The bonus on Fortitude saving throws against poisons increases to +4 if the gnome accidentally poisons himself when applying or readying the substance. This racial trait replaces illusion resistance and obsessive.

So we're starting at level 2?

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Okay we have enough votes for traits.

Here's how traits work. They follow the normal rules, one campaign trait and the other two can come from other categories.

I have close to 100 campaign traits to choose from but there are only a few that apply to your backstories. I'll give you each a selection of five that pertain to your backstories. It is unlikely you will have the same choices as one another.

@Ridge: I'd like a little more detail on your backstory. Where your guy comes from, what he's preaching and why. Also, some additional character's would be nice, people you know or have influenced or vise versa. Just some names I can use down the road.

Again, this campaign is very involved and will require a good deal of social skills and a lot will depend on how people percieve and react to you. I noticed this party is leaning towards evil, that happens a lot with this campaign for some reason, anyways, be careful how open you are with evil actions. You cannot leave this city, you WILLL make enemies, just make sure you meant to make those enemies and are prepared for the consequences. If you upset a faction, they will hunt you. You've been cautioned. Also, if your about to make enemies, try to at least have allies to back you up. Good, evil, neutral, all alignments have friends and enemies.

Male Hungerseed Tiefling Unchained Monk 6 | HP: 52 | AC:20 (T:19, FF:17) | CMD:28 | Fort: +8 Reflex: +8 Will: +7 | Init: +2 | Perception: +13 | Sense Motive +13

For the record my guy is N. ;)

Male Dread Gnome Anti-Paladin

My story has been elaborated on my profile page and this is him! I'm excited.

Male (Usually) Deity of Change and Chance, Transformation and Chaos

Ok. I altered the profile page minus traits. Sorry for he long wait. Here's the backstory and ALSO some mention of possible NPCs he might know (subject to your approval). A lot of them 'like him' but I did that partially because, he DOES have a high charisma.


"Woe betide the unprepared and the unbeliever! The gods of battle shall place the city in a great fire, and then bring the hammer down upon it. The people shall either die, or be reforged as warriors! The wealthy will find their gold meaning little when steel rules the day! Great men shall huddle in corners praying for safety while timid maids will find themselves taking on armor and growing eager for the savagery of war! " the preacher limped along the avenue, yelling and scrreaming his words. Many were scared by him, and moved on, but some few looked intrigued by his words.

The guards came, the captain gestured, "That's the one, Bastard's been disturbing the peace and talking the fall of the city for days. Bring him in." the guards moved

(Years ago)
Arkham Ramel was taller than a boy in his condition had a right to be. Most lads growing up in the Gutter District who didn't eat much were stunted, but Arkham somehow grew like a weed. His parents were hard workers, but unskilled in a part of the city where jobs were hotly contested.
Then, one day, things turned around for them. His father, not normally a betting man, placed some coin in desperation on a wager...and WON. He won enough wealth to perhaps move them to a better area.

He went to his family, each chattering about how this could change everything, but the man who had lost, a corrupt town guard, was NOT happy. He told other guadsman that Arkham's father was a cheat and a a thief who should be brought in.

So later that night, three guards paid the rejoicing family a visit. Kicking down the door, they went to arrest Mister Ramel. While the good man pleaded his innocence, he paniced when he realized that if he was taken away, his family would starve. He tried to run, and in the attempt, was cut down.

Arkham moved to shield his mother, a move another guard saw as a threat. The soldier's blade shoved forward into his leg and pierced it deep.

Some sort of rage welled up in young Arkham. He seized the blade from the startled guardsman, and used the guard's own sword against him as if he'd trained in it for years! Strength and power flowed in him and with the element of surprise on his side, the boy slew the other two with surprising ease before moving to his father, healing him (How, he did not know) and collapsing into fever dreams.

Arkham dreamed of battle, of war, of savagery and chaos. Rather than scaring him, it excited him. HERE was the real power, not gold, but STEEL. Politics, magic, wealth, all were simple reflections of MIGHT, and might's simpliest and truest expression was violence, war. He did not love it, but in his dreams he came to realize the truth of it. More than that, the people would need to become strong and warriors, or they would surely die as his father had almost died. Meekness would see all dead.

He awoke to find his parents, his GOOD parents, had paid to get rid of the bodies and evidence. Arkham found the strange powers that had been graced upon him had remained, but at a price. The scar on his leg never healed, and he limped ever after.

Answering the call, as he grew older and surer in his gifts, he went out to preach the truth the battle gods had given him. The better districts didn't know this young man, and some began dubbing him 'Scrapeknee'.

It is a name he bears proudly.

People in Scrapeknee's Life:
Jonz and Elize Rammel- Arkham's parents, and some of the few people who still call him by his given name. The authorities assumed that the guards that came for them were attacked by thugs, not knowing the truth (or else Scrapeknee would have been in jail much sooner). They fear their son has gone mad except, well, his gifts at least a very real. They no longer trust the city authorities but are ever so polite to them. Scrapeknee sends them some of the coins he can now and then to help them out.

Kaster Vadayne- A mercenary captain, leader of the 'Bloodwinders' who has hired the oracle from time to time and kind of likes how he can work the men up in a fight. He and Kaster share a drink now and then and consider each other friends though each has their own priorities.

Jasayne Trumont- A merchant's daughter that Scrapeknee has 'corrupted'. that is to say, she finds his talk of battle terribly exciting and has even been learning weapon use from him. She hopes to be a warrioress one day.. She and Scrapeknee are secretly lovers though neither has promised to be exclusive.

Blotten Trumont- Jasayne's father, a merchant who sells mostly transport related goods (Wagon wheels, carriage basins, horse saddles etc).. he often tells Scrapeknee to stay away from his shop AND his daughter. He's unaware of just how close Jasayne and the Oracle are.

Eight Fingers Stol- a begger halfling and pickpocket. He sells information to people if he likes them, or they amuse him, and if the coin is good. He calls Scrapeknee a maniac and a madman to his face, but always with a smile and he has given good tips to the oracle now and then.

Madame Silk- Madame Silk runs a local brothel. Her girls are treated well, and if any customer mishandles one of her girls she spares no time in paying 'the right people' to hunt the abusers down. Some say she knows magic of some sort, but others say she just likes folk to THINK she does for the notoriety. She seems fond of Scrapeknee as he has healed injuries on the working girls with little thought of payment, though she herself has never taken him to her own bed.

{HP 18/18 | AC 17 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/3/5 | Inish +3, Per +8} Female Elf Inquisitor 1

Here's the worksheet I'm using for a few NPCs from the revised Xzevrra's background.

I made it editable as well, not sure why but meh. Didn't have much time to work more on it today, hopefully tonight though and start putting the actual character stats together. I'm still thinking inquisitor, though bard or rogue seems it could fit as well.

Male Aasimar (Azata-Blooded) Bard 2

Was in the mood to write a little something for Roku. Enjoy and forgive my lack of writing skills. ;)

Pay the Dead:

Yet another battle with the orcs left a field of bodies. Both sides unable to recover their dead, if they even cared at that point. Still the killing field was not still or silent. A few moans of the dying remained, mixed with the sounds of the vultures. Not all of which were of the feathered kind. One such man was picking the battle field clean of choice items. He came across a circle of bodies with a single dead man at it's center. The dirty rogue smiled with his crooked yellow teeth.

"You seem important, bet ya got some gold and silver on ya."

He rips off the dead man's robes and shakes them like a dirty sack. A number of sounds can be heard and a few trinkets fall out. But before the man could even start looking thru the first prize to fall he feels a swipe graze his back. Throwing himself forward into a roll while spinning towards his attacker, he whips out his dagger. Before him stands a soilder. Or what was left of him, the man had broken armor and his blade was no better off. The rogue figured it was some battle dazed helf dead soilder, he had no problem ending the mans suffering. Another slice came his way, a downward motion. The rogue side stepped it easy enough and rammed his dagger into the soilders helmet, right into his right eye socket. For good measure he twisted the dagger, yet the soilder did not make a sound. Then the blade came up into the rogues stomach. The rogue's teeth grinded shut to keep from screaming at the pain. By some pale light that came up behind him he saw his dagger had hit its mark, their was just no eye to hit. Only the hollow space where an eye would go. Their was only red bone under the helmet of the soilder. Then came the voice from behind him.

"Remove your blade and step back"

The skeleton obeyed, causing another wave of pain as the blade exited his gut. The rogue fell back onto the ground. A hooded man holding a staff with the chain of an incense burner attached to it in one hand and glowing orbs of light around his head stood above him. He spoke once more.

"Personally I do not like anyone who disrespects the dead. But I rarely have the right to say anything about it. While on the other hand I can not allow anyone to disturb certain dead, as it is my charge."

The rogue manages a bitter laugh at the priest.

"So your some priest cleaning the place are you. How is using the dead respecting them."

The hooded man tilts his head slightly.

"You misunderstand, I am no priest. Regardless I feel no need to explain myself to you. Had you left this certain body alone I would have left you alone in turn. You should have learned about the dangers of your profession."

With a motion the rogue is dead. The hooded man begins to collect the small items and places an unseen mark on the body with a spell. Using another spell to find the next body to inspect and mark for retrieval.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Good, I have everything I need so the last thing is the traits and then I can get this started.

At the moment I need to get ready for game night tonight but I will try and get the traits up either tonight or tomorrow afternoon and we can start soon after that.

Sorry this process took so long but I can promise it was worth it.

Male (Usually) Deity of Change and Chance, Transformation and Chaos

Oops.I should probably bump him up to level 2 huh?

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Okay these are the campaign traits. You each have your own list of traits I picked that would fit your characters. Since most of the traits for this campaign need reworking, I cannot provide the entire list. So I have only reworked the ones best suited to each of you.

Look over your options and pick the one you feel works for your character the best. Once you have your traits we can begin this game.

I will make a new thread and make this one inactive once we get going.


These are the traits you can pick from. Pick only one.

Your work puts you into contact with several people whose names you can recall for a dice roll. Once a day you can recall a contact who you’ve grown close to or owes you a favor and use either knowledge or diplomacy with a +10 representing the influence of your contact. Alternatively you can use this ability to sell a single item at 100% value or reduce the cost of a single item by 10%. Lastly, if the contact is a member of a faction, all members of that faction will recognize you as “friendly” for the purpose of Diplomacy checks. These contacts must be made up on the spot and only one is allowed per district. Once they are made, they remain persistent until either their trust in you has changed to negative or they die. These people can be in any position but aside from the bonuses listed above, they do not have the power to aid you in any other way.

You made several deals and exchanges with less than reputable fellows. You have made sure to be aware of motives and the value of the items you are attempting to sell, even if it is illegal. You gain a +1 to sense motive, appraise, and knowledge local. One of these is a class skill for you.

You are good and ferrying and delivering packages, parcels, or shipments. You know the quickest way through the cities and to find the recipient. You gain a +1 to survival, knowledge local, perception, and diplomacy checks made to find the fastest route to a location person you are looking for. This also applies to trying to find the persons address or a person in a crowd.

Guard: (This one applies to protecting cargo)
You are accustom to protecting someone or something when making your way through Borallas. You gain a +2 trait bonus to Perception and +2 trait bonus to initiative.

You can only take this trait if your character was raised in the Jasian culture. You would have one or more of the following identifying you as Jasian to others: Tattoos, jewelry, mannerisms, garb, piercings in places other than the ears, and accent. You are heavily enveloped in your culture and practices. You gain a plus +5 bonus to any checks in dealing with the Jasian people, this includes knowledges, perceptions, and diplomacy. You have also adopted some of their skill sets. Pick two skills, Perform, Diplomacy, Sleight of Hand, stealth, appraise and bluff, You gain +1 to each skill you took and both of them are class skills. You also know the Jasian language too.


Okay here are the best traits that apply. Pick only one.

Grave keeper:
You are accustom to tending the graves of the dead. It is a lucrative line of worth that has you working around dead people often and the occasional restless spirit. You gain a +1 to perception to find evidence of undead in an area, you also gain a +1 Knowledge Religion to identify undead and gain a +1 to diplomacy when speaking with the undead.

Morgue doctor:
You work with the bodies of the dead, you are good at determining the cause of death and preparing them for burial. You also have a stronger fortitude when dealing with such matters. You gain a +1 to heal and it is always a class skill for you. You also gain an additional +2 to heal when determining the cause of death. You also gain +2 circumstance bonus to fort saves vs nausea or sickened conditions caused by working with dead things.

Developed immune system:
You have been sick a lot or have worked in enviromnents that presented many sickening situations and have developed a strong resistance to future problems. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to fort saves to avoid poisons, diseases, or any fort save that may result in you being sickened or nauseated.

Hidden Heritage:
You are an Aasimar or a Teifling in a city that equally fears both. Therefore you have felt the need to hide evidence of your heritage to avoid the social stigma it would bring. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Bluff, disguise, and stealth. One of these is a class skill for you.

Closet Necromancer:
You have practiced the art of raising the dead secretly and privately to avoid gaining a social stigma. You may make stealth checks or sleight of hand checks to cast a spell from the necromancy school and in order for a foe to recognize you casting one they must make an opposing perception check in addition to their spellcraft. Also, you can confer your stealth bonus to any undead you summon, raise, or otherwise have control over.

These were the five traits that best stood out for you. If you had something else in mind then I will try to give you some others that may apply to your backstory. I will not give you the whole list.


Here are the traits I best felt fit. Pick only one.
Street Preacher Fancy that! I have a trait that is exactly what you are!
You spend your days standing on a soap box on street corners preaching to the masses to reprent their ways and turn over to your philosophy/religion, whether it be a legit religion or not. You have no trouble for fear making yourself heard and even believed for that matter. You gain a +1 trait bonus to diplomacy and +1 trait bonus to resist fear effects AND intimidation.

Misunderstood lunatic:
Weather intentional or not, you have been labeled the town screwball and out of pity no one has bothered to put you in an insane asylum as you often appear harmless. Whether this was part of your plan or not, it has given you the advantage of having people look the other way when you do something not immediately threatening, or even being able to use the truth as a way to bluff away curiosity. Your activities do not draw as much attention as would normally. You gain a +2 trait bonus to stealth and sleight of hand when doing out of the ordinary activities that don’t cause any immediate harm. You also gain a +2 to bluff checks when using your ranting or insane behavior to lie or even tell the truth. People simply will just disregard you as crazy and move on with their business.

You are the local loony. As a crazy person, your mind is already overcrowded with your insane ramblings and ideas to be affected by outside sources. You gain +2 trait bonus to will saves vs mind effecting spells.

You are well versed in your religion enough to know everything there is to know about it. You gain +1 to diplomacy and diplomacy is always a class skill for you. Additionally, you gain +1 trait bonus to any skill checks pertaining to your chosen religion.

You believe in your cause so much that you boldly run over anyone in your path to get your point across. This tends to make you both very brave and intimidating. You gain a +1 vs fear checks and a +1 to intimidate and intimidate is always a class skill for you.

These were the five traits that best stood out for you. If you had something else in mind then I will try to give you some others that may apply to your backstory. I will not give you the whole list.


Most of the story is okay, not sure how far a chaotic evil character will make it in this game, but we’ll see. Important thing to note. When you were thrown in jail, the rebellion was about to end. WHILE you are in jail, the orc siege begins. You are unaware of the orcs while in the dungeon. You can only pick ONE of the following traits.

Hired muscle:
You are accustom to being recruited as a thug to help folks who can afford you bully the week. You can use your intimidate check in place of your group spokesman and you gain a +2 when doing so. Normally you will gain a +1 to intimidate and it is always a class skill for you.

Mob leader:
Before you were jailed, you were a reasonably respected leader of a group of thugs or a small time organized crime syndicate. You have the ability to draw others to you. You gain a +1 to your leadership score and will not lose leadership points when you cause the death of followers. This bonus stacks with that of natural born leader.

Radical Crusader:
You defend your church and its name whenever needed to strike down blasphemers whether they intended it or night. If you have an ability that is divine and alignment based, smite or channel for example, you may use this ability against any foe you perceive as blasphemous whether they meet the conditions or not. This requires a Knowledge religion check vs DC 10 + target’s hit dice and can only be done once a day and against a single target.

Church Guardian:
You are a proud defender of your religion and gain a +1 trait bonus to attack against foes whose alignment opposes your deity’s.

You were often hired to put down another person’s rival, competition, enemy, or to help someone make an example of someone else. You gain a +1 to bluff, stealth, gather information, and perception, You gain either Bluff, stealth, or perception as a class skill.

Your traits were the hardest to pick as your story was very vague in many areas but there is still enough for me to go on. These are what I came up with.

Male Aasimar (Azata-Blooded) Bard 2


Closet Necromancer seems best in combination with bonethrall but if I may suggest a slight tweak, let it make stealth a class skill as well.

Btw could you tell me which knowledge skills will be useless or useful. As well as languages sense I am on the fence about investing in them. I would hate to waste skill points sense they are very important in this adventure.

{HP 18/18 | AC 17 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/3/5 | Inish +3, Per +8} Female Elf Inquisitor 1

Since level 2, are we doing wealth by level? (1,000gp)

Working on Xzevrra and just wanted to know.

Male Aasimar (Azata-Blooded) Bard 2

My understanding is we start as prison mates, so gear is nonexistent. Thats why I only have clothes on my guy. ;)

Both Martian Level 20 invader

@Roku. Very well you can have that.

@Xzevrra Roku is correct.

I should clarify this, even though you are starting at level two, You will not start with ANY gear you are in prison with nothing but the rags that are left of whatever prison garb you once had. You will not have the ability to claim personal belongings at any time.

This game will provide you many opportunities to obtain great wealth and lots gear but for the moment, you start with nothing.

Male Dread Gnome Anti-Paladin

what does the mob leader trait do for me? does that just effect the leadership feat you can get at level seven? right now mob leader sounds best for my story but hitman is best mechanically, so I'm torn haha

{HP 18/18 | AC 17 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/3/5 | Inish +3, Per +8} Female Elf Inquisitor 1


Completely forgot that part. I'll be done shortly now with the mechanics part.

{HP 18/18 | AC 17 T13 FF10 CMD 16 | F/R/W 4/3/5 | Inish +3, Per +8} Female Elf Inquisitor 1

k, think I'm done

Male (Usually) Deity of Change and Chance, Transformation and Chaos

DM- out of those traits, I think I will go with Street Preacher (surprise, surprise).

As for the other two, giving his past, Poverty Stricken is perfect for him ( I think so anyway) and I'll snag Deft Dodger as I imagine he's been grabbed by the guards or swung at by goons working for angry merchants as well.

And I think I'm done!

Both Martian Level 20 invader

What a crew of misfits and unlikely and potentially unwilling heroes of the times lol


Yes it applies to leadership but I add one bit better. I'll give you a +1 trait bonus to your choice of either diplomacy or intimidate. However, the ability to sacrifice your followers and not suffer leadership loss is huge. I think of Character's like Bane and Joker from Batman who can freely kill their followers and not suffer any loss of leadership.

Being any form of leader with followers in my game requires the leadership feat as a start. If you want to pursue the elements of your backstory I'd recommend it.

Anyways, I hope folks are done. I will give you until level 4 to make one character adjust.

How this adjust works, you can make minor mechanical changes to your character if you find a reasonable need for the change. You only get one of these, use it wisely.

Okay, the discussion thread is Here

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