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WotW: A Knot of Thorns The First Parchment (Inactive)

Game Master Xzaral

A group of villains escape Branderscar prison to take revenge upon Talingarde.

Roll20 Map Link

Google Doc Map Link (Currently not in use)

Our Villains
Alazandaru Viorec - Alexander Kilcoyne - Human Rogue (Knife Master, Scout)
Morthos “The Malevolent" – Javell DeLeon – Human Antipaladin (Knight of the Sepulcher)
Bostarg Halvardonwine – Mark Sweetman – Gnome Bard (Demagogue)
Tatya Ayresleigh - Joana - Human Witch
Aedorn - Count Buggula - Halfling Monk (Zen Archer)

Former PCs
Haruk - Monkeygod - Human Infernal Sorcerer
Arvandes Ghael – Steven T. Helt – Human Witch
Beatrix the Fallen - Count Buggula – Human Fighter (Deceased)

Cardinal Adrastus Thorn

The White Ravens
Elise Zadaria
Dostan Alfson
Trak Rackburn
Trik Rackburn

Seargent Blackerly
Warden Richter - Deceased


Helpful Links
The Loot Spreadsheet
Map of Talingarde

Balentyne's Key:

This key for the map will represent what information is useful and can be inferred from the dwarven map. This should not be considered a complete listing of each room in detail. I'll sort it based on the maps key.

1) Old dwarven built storeroom. Lots of supplies to survive a siege. Well made and little work needed.

2) Armory/forge

3-6) Captains' quarters, in order: Barhold, Varning, Mott, Eddarly

7)Garderobe. Dumps into river.

8) Main thoroughfare with servant's entrance (a)

9) Barracks. 120 beds.

10) Kitchens

11) Pantry

12) Mess Hall

13) Storeroom. Notes about amount of flammable materials present and various methods to implement to reduce risk of spreading. To be completed 4715.

14) Vestiary.

15) Acolyte Cells.

16) Clergy's shrine. Notes indicate holy water is kept here.

17) Father Donnagin's cell.

18) Bridge. Markings indicate ways to modify the bridge in case of attack. Drawbridge has been completed as of this time. Utilization of the Bridge of Death (24) also noted, though no modifications completed.

19) Gatehouse entry. Arrow slits on both sides, murder hole in ceiling. Portcullis is present, winch located elsewhere (25).

20) Gatehouse northern storage. Cistern is located here, only large enough for a small sized creature to fit through (this is inferred, not noted).

21) Gatehouse Southern storage.

22) Aldencross gate.

23) Walls. A winch is marked on the map but it's function is missing.

24) Bridge of Death.

25) Gatehouse level 2. Markings indicate two cauldrons of heated sand are kept here constantly heated in case of attackers. Winches for drawbridge and portcullis are both here.

26) Choir hall.

27) Fountain and courtyard. (a) is a discipline platform, noted that it needs to be rebuilt though still functional.

28) Statue of the victor.

29) Storage shed.

30) Stables

31) Great Hall.

32) Flag Room

33) Gatehouse Battlements. Two ballistae present. Two stonedroppers present. Crenellations currently being repaired.

34) Guardroom, hall of honor. Notes present of a cap to be placed to block from rest of keep. Notes improvements to be implemented within the next decade.

35) Prisoner cells.

36) Stairwell.

37) Torture chamber. Lists possible uses for dismantling to be performed within the next two decades.

38) Arrow room. Lists various methods to prevent possible fires to be implemented.

39) Upper guardroom.

40) Magister's laboratory. Lists methods for improvements in case of arcane mishaps.

41) Tacitus's quarters

42) Rookery guard room

43) Rookery. Lists various ways to improve the chamber. Side note states "Damn creepy birds".

44) Upper landing.

45) Guest room.

46) Lord's council chambers.

47) Havelyn's chambers.

48) Keeps roof. Trebuchet present. Another cap to roof. Lists methods to be implemented to improve defense.


LG small town
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +2; Law +1; Lore[b] +0; [b]Society +2
Qualities pious, prosperous, strategic location
Danger -5
Government hereditary mayorship
Population 1,800 (1,500 humans;150 dwarves; 50 halflings; 100 other)
Notable NPCs
  • Lord Thomas Havelyn, commander of Balentyne and Lord of Aldencross
  • Father Donnagin, priest of
  • Tacitus of Morimun, magister
  • Bellam Barhold, owner of the Lord’s Dalliance

Base Value 1,400 gp; Purchase Limit 7500 gp ; Spellcasting 3rd level divine, 4th level arcane
Minor Items 3d4 items (+1 Longbow, +2 Shortbow, +2 Longsword, +1 Light Wooden Shield, +2 Chainmail, Mistmail, Miser's Mask (available at Third Eye Oddities), Cauldron of Brewing (available at Third Eye Oddities); Medium Items 1d6 items (+1 Holy Light Crossbow, +2 Heavy Flail, Bracelet of Friends (available at Third Eye Oddities), Snakeskin Tunic (available at Third Eye Oddities); Major Items --

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