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See the google drive for this sorta thing.

Post here for metagame whatevers. Comments/concerns about mechanics or the like for example.

Now that we've just about made it through the prologue, I want to post some house keeping stuff.

Travel: I want to give this game a sense of time passage, especially with respect to things like travel and distance. As such, I don't want travel to be a case of me posting "you leave" followed by "you arrive." Therefore, when I make a travel status post, I will not post again until there are 3-4 character posts. Don't need to be anything major, discuss plans or previous encounters, make some knowledge checks about current events, tell me what your character is training or practicing, build intra-party relationships etc... I just want to keep a good flow of posts, from everyone, even if they aren't super eventful.

Skills and Rewards: I want to try something and see how it goes. When you advance skills (please do so with a post here for tractability) I want you to relate it to what your character has been doing. This can be a tenuous link, I don't want to go overboard, but just give me some explanation. Buy some books then tell me your studying them during travel. Buy a weapon and train with it. etc... If this doesn't work well, we can scrap it, but I'd like to try it. If you shot 2 arrows during an encounter, that enough to raise your archery. I just want to avoid "my character has been at sea for 3 months, and I'm putting 2d6 in horsemanship".

Character point rewards will be uniform across the party, fate points will be awarded individually.

Feedback: I have a lot of material and I want this game to run for a good long while, as such, please give me feedback if you have it. Mechanic you don't like, something I'm doing that's bothering you, etc... Feel free to post here.

I think we should go over how we met up, perhaps just a little, to establish a level of comfort/trust so our continued traveling/working together makes practical sense. I find myself slightly lost in terms of underlying character motivation to investigate a plot.

Topaz, I missed this post (guess everyone else did too).

In general, my concept was that adventurer's would be generally curious and nosy enough to be interested in strange happenings and machinations when they got caught up in them (as well as not having that much better to do).

But by all means, fleshing out backstory during play is certainly encouraged, especially if it will help give you a better sense of the character/how to play them.

In happier news...

Character Points. Get you some. Specifically, I'm thinking 8. That's a little bit a guess in terms of quantity although I imagine it's not a lot, but I wanna see how much you lot can do with it and that will help me determine that kinds stuff better in the future.

Please note my guidelines for character advancement above, and outline here how you are advancing your character.

Based on my understanding of the rules
Ula! Ulo Character Points usage
3 Character Points for a +1 to Medicine
3 Character Points for a +1 to Persuasion
and save the last two.

While traveling with his current companionship he has helped out and seen a lot of basic medicine / first aid / battle field triage being done. Being a reasonably smart guy who has spent a life time learning from his surroundings he's picked up a thing or two. Like wise while his tongue is far from silver he has learned to be more careful in picking his words.

Good choices and kinda confirms that 8 is a fairly slim upgrade. I will scale future rewards accordingly.

I think Sayyid is going to dump 6 points into persuasion to get a +2 and then save the other 2 points for later
Sayyid spent a good amount of time bargaining and convincing and seems to have been most successful in those comparisons

Character Sheet

5 points for +1 in medicine

Good and Good.

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