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Westcrown and Down (Inactive)

Game Master Jib916

The city of Westcrown is dying. A city best by criminals, a corrupt nobility, and a shadowy curse, Will you fight back against champions of both the law and the criminal world to bring Westcrown back to its glory?

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Shoots g2
Longbow attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11
Damage: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

+1 inspire courage

Janiven turns around and shoots the goblin approaching from the side, but misses.

Erliana watches as the healing spell delivered by her small friend does almost nothing. "Solly slop! That's just how things would go." She sighs deeply before plunging waist deep in the water, she reaches Ravishar and gives him a touch.

Healing Hex on Ravishar 7 HP healed

Ravishar can't help this time but to scream out in pain, which is cut short by a mouth full of feces. He gags on the awful taste, feeling sick to his stomach from it. He knows his best choice now is to try and stay alive, but that falling back to far would just let the goblins focus on someone else. He moves back and raises his shield.

Total Defense

Fizzwiddle continues his song as Guy moves in and strikes at the big goblin, slicing him to bits with his longsword.

Inspire Courage +1: All Party members receive +1 to attack rolls, Damage rolls and saves vs Fear/Charm

Longsword attack Vs Large Sewer Goblin 10 damage

Large Sewer Goblin Dead

Kara speaks some more words and the goblin approaching Janiven is once again covered in darkness.

Blinding Darkness Vs Sewer Goblin(2)

The goblin covered in filth starts to flee.

--Round 4---


Map Notes:

All of the water is 3ft worth of sewage.

Sewer Goblin(2) is Entangled and has concealment.

Sewer Goblin(2)
Sewer Goblin(3)

Male Human Gunslinger (Arbalist) 3 | HP 33/33 GRIT 3/3 | AC 17, T 17, FF 12 CMD 18 | F +5, R +7, W +2 | Per +5 | Init +6

Guy catches sight of a goblin fleeing down a passage as the large one falls. Dismissing it, he turns and jumps into the water, swinging viciously with his sword for the last goblin.

Move Action:
Move to N6

Standard Action:
Attacking G2 with longsword
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
1d8 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

Edit: Fixed

Dark Archive

Female Gnome Wizard 1

the effect only last 1 round

Male Human Paladin 1 HP 10/14, AC 15

Ravishar grunts again, as the healing washes over him and the large goblin falls. Seeing one goblin left he says "Let's finish this and be done with these sewers"

Move action:

Ravishar moves over to the goblin

Move to N7

Standard Action:

and attempts to strike him down.

Attack G2: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18
Damage: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

Inspire Courage ends

Letting the Iron Vial clatter to the ground Fizzy Draws his dagger and steps to n8

Fizzy flings his dagger at the nearby goblin.

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14 for 1d3 - 1 ⇒ (2) - 1 = 1

Female Half-Elf (Varisian) Witch 1 * Perception +2 * Initiative +2 * HP 6/7 * CMB -1 * CMD 11 * AC 12/12/10 * Fort +0 * Ref +2 * Will +2

Erliana looks through the large goblin's belongings.

Ravishar and Guy move in and demolish the remaining sewer goblin.

Erlaina searches the large goblin's body and finds Leather Armor and a Mwk Horsecutter , as she looks up she sees something shiny in the broken chest the foul beast was once using as a seat.

Female Half-Elf (Varisian) Witch 1 * Perception +2 * Initiative +2 * HP 6/7 * CMB -1 * CMD 11 * AC 12/12/10 * Fort +0 * Ref +2 * Will +2

"Oooh." Erliana looks at the shiny object and goes over to examine the chest.

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

Male Human Gunslinger (Arbalist) 3 | HP 33/33 GRIT 3/3 | AC 17, T 17, FF 12 CMD 18 | F +5, R +7, W +2 | Per +5 | Init +6

"You alright there, Gob-bait?" Guy asked, giving the human a companionable swat on the back. Ravishar would not be the first to underestimate a pack of goblins. Thankfully, he survived the mistake. "Vicious little things, gotta stay on your toes with 'em. They usually steal a couple of valuable things though. Let's have us a look."

Anything else valuable on the corpses?

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

Fizzy gathers up his dagger. He too checks the room. And throws out a quick cantrip. Casts Detect Magic

As he does he hums a little tune.

Male Human Paladin 1 HP 10/14, AC 15

HP 9/14

Ravishar grunts as Guy swats his back, then rolls his shoulders, stretching out a bit, flinching at the pain.

"I never would have made it through without Lady Vinhoven. She saved my life." Ravishar gives Erliana a sincere smile.

"Now, what do do about these goblins. I know they belong with the sewage, but I'm afraid it will just make the sewage worse." Ravishar slops the goblins into a line on the walkways once everyone is done frisking them.

"Well, once you are all done, lets be on our way. I believe Janiven said the end was close. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take." He sniffs a bit, then gags.

The remaining goblins have Dogslicers (2 each) and leather armor.

Inside the chest there is:

1d4 ⇒ 2 Copper Rings (10g Each)
4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 5, 6) = 19 Gold Coins
10d10 ⇒ (8, 4, 4, 1, 6, 9, 3, 10, 4, 8) = 57 Silver Coins
Potion of Cure light wounds

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

All told worth 217.7 for the MW horse chopper, dogslicers, armor and gold. Should we keep track of that, or is it safe to assume that we are able to sell it and just divide that by 5? Which is 43 gp 5 sp and 4 cp per person

Male Human Gunslinger (Arbalist) 3 | HP 33/33 GRIT 3/3 | AC 17, T 17, FF 12 CMD 18 | F +5, R +7, W +2 | Per +5 | Init +6

"C'mon, boy, this is part of the city you signed on to defend. If you want to do your job right, you've gotta get used to this sort of thing. Fair and foul is the city of Westcrown as my old Sergent-At-Arms would say." Loot, gnomes, humans and a half-elf collected, Guy starts prodding them along.

Female Half-Elf (Varisian) Witch 1 * Perception +2 * Initiative +2 * HP 6/7 * CMB -1 * CMD 11 * AC 12/12/10 * Fort +0 * Ref +2 * Will +2

Erliana gives all the other members of the group five gold pieces and fourteen silver pieces, gives the potion to Ravishar and the sunrod to Guy, while slipping the two rings on her fingers. Sleight of Hand: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

Hey what happenned to the rings?

Janiven leads the party down some twists and turns, stomping torbles along the way, before finally stopping at and arrow pointing up. A sewer grate is directly above the arrow.

"We have made it." she says climbing up a latter built into the wall, she quietly removes the grate and peeks her head out.

"The coast is clear, looks like we lost them".

Janiven then heads down the latter, and looks at the party concered.

"I am very sorry that I had to drag you through all this nonsesnse today, This was not planned"

She looks up at the sunset above.

"It will be dark soon." Janiven puts her head down in shame "If you do not wish to continue, I understand,. as I have allready put you all through enough"

The young lady once again looks up at the open grate.

"I have a bigger task on my hands now, for Arael needs me."

Janiven glances around the room, with a look of sadness and desperation in her eyes.

"And quite frankly, I need all of you. You have all shown you are all capable in battle, something I cannot say about my current bunch, and I fear without Arael, our leader, we will fall apart soon."

"I can house and feed you if you wish to help, but that's about the only payment I am able to offer at this moment."

She extends her hand out in a friendly matter.

"If you do not wish to help, once again I understand and I thank you for your time and ears, I hope you will do the courtesy of keeping are group a secret."

Male Human Paladin 1 HP 10/14, AC 15

Ravishar sheathes his sword and gives Janiven a sincere look.

"Lady Janiven, I have never turned away a person in need, and I'll be damned if I turn down a Lady in distress. Besides, I'm not sure how much of a choice we have. We have no idea if they knew that we were there or not. I need to head back to the church and gather my belongings, but I am with you until the end."

He snaps his feet together, thumps his chest with his fist, and gives a slight bow.

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

My lady! Have no fear, Fizzwiddle is here. I promised Arael that I would assist and so I will. Let us to your home and dine and drink and be merry because the war is all but won now.

Fizzwiddle cleans himself with a simple cantrip, then altrs he hair to a bright blue with a second casting, then MAkes his scarf flutter in the wind with a third.

Casts Prestidigitate x3

Come let us all retire and in the morning sell these goblin toys to prepare us for more.

Male Human Gunslinger (Arbalist) 3 | HP 33/33 GRIT 3/3 | AC 17, T 17, FF 12 CMD 18 | F +5, R +7, W +2 | Per +5 | Init +6

"If gob-bait over there is in, he'll need someone to make sure the locals don't skin and eat him." Guy slipped his axe back in place and sheathed his sword. He did not add that he wanted to see just how much information the Hellknights had and whether or not they woud be busting down the door of his apartment to drag him off later.

"I'll be staying here if it is all the same to you."

Female Half-Elf (Varisian) Witch 1 * Perception +2 * Initiative +2 * HP 6/7 * CMB -1 * CMD 11 * AC 12/12/10 * Fort +0 * Ref +2 * Will +2

"Well, I am in, but it will always be a priority for me to find my mother's killer as well."

Erliana looked at the surroundings before letting loose a long yawn.

"I don't know about anyone else, but I'm bushed."

Dark Archive

Female Gnome Wizard 1

Kara takes her hand. I'm in, after all Fizzy needs me and he promised me pie.

besides where else am I gonna go? back to the swers? been there-Done that.

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

Mistress Janiven...Is there pie available?

Janiven grins cheek to cheek as she looks at each party member.

"Thank you all, this means alot to me . Once we rescue Arael I think we will have a strong enough group to actually make change in the city"

The young woman laughs at the gnome's question.

"Why yes, we have an excellent cook, I'm sure he could whip us up a pie.."

She begins to head up the ladder to the the street level when she stops midway

"But first, let us rest, for tomorrow, Arael shall be free!"

The man hole leads to an ally in Rego Sacero (Priest Sector), behind a condemned building. She approaches the boarded up door and knocks three times, after a short while it is clear that it is not indeed a boarded up door but a disguise. The door is opened by a nervous looking man with a lantern, he ushers the party in.

She turns to Ravishar, "Gather your items quickly, and return here knocking three times on this "door" ".


This temple is an Old abandoned Aroden temple. Through out the years, the Church of Iomedae has gained ownership, but from all your prior knowledge, the temple is thought to be empty, abandoned and forgotten.

Janiven leads the rest of the party in, The inside has been restored quite nicely. She turns around to address the group.

She points behind her to a hallway. "Down this way are the washrooms and bedrooms, Two people per room. Feel free to wash up and get some rest."

Janiven then points to a room to her left. The room has a long large table surrounded by about a dozen people, all of them enganged deeply in a conversation. "If you are hungry, I am sure there is some leftovers from dinner, please help yourself."

She turns around and starts walking into a room to her right. "If you need me, I'll be here in Arael's room, trying to figure out our next move.

Male Human Gunslinger (Arbalist) 3 | HP 33/33 GRIT 3/3 | AC 17, T 17, FF 12 CMD 18 | F +5, R +7, W +2 | Per +5 | Init +6

Guy wanders in and strips his gear off. From his waist down, he is covered in the effluvia of the city sewers, a product of his rather enthusiastic goblin slaying down there.

"Hey Fizz, you mind giving me a hand here?"

Male Human Paladin 1 HP 10/14, AC 15

"I will be back soon." Ravishar heads out the door, moving nonchalantly through the city to the temple.

Well Ravishar, you've done it again. You're tangled up in more than you asked for. Remember the time in Andoran? Yeah. I guess this is exactly why I came here though. Looking to help this city. Beating things back in the night is ok, but it doesn't make a real difference. Maybe this is what I've been looking for?

Ravishar focuses back on his surroundings, trying to listen to people as he passes, see if there is any news about them or the Hellknights that were chasing them.

Perception 1d20 ⇒ 16

When he arrives at the church, he gathers his stuff, and heads back to the safe house as quickly, and normally as he can, knocking thrice on the door when he arrives.

Unless you say something happens, I'm going to assume everything goes well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

Fizzy claps.

clap clap clap clap

No problem, but why? The confused gnome asks.

Male Human Gunslinger (Arbalist) 3 | HP 33/33 GRIT 3/3 | AC 17, T 17, FF 12 CMD 18 | F +5, R +7, W +2 | Per +5 | Init +6

Fizz gets a befouled boot thrown at him for his trouble.

"That cleaning trick you magic-types are so fond of wise-arse. I don't want to track feces through our new residence."

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

My arse is wise? The even more confused Fizzy says, trying to see his arse and spinging like a puppy.

Casts Prestidigitation

Don't know why you didn't just ask for that the first time. You humans are so strange.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male Human Gunslinger (Arbalist) 3 | HP 33/33 GRIT 3/3 | AC 17, T 17, FF 12 CMD 18 | F +5, R +7, W +2 | Per +5 | Init +6

"Hmmm, yes, human. Complete with the horns and tail typical of my species," Guy replied, at least he was clean now.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

Are there horns up there?

Fizzy squints and shades his eyes as he looks up at Guy.

Come let's go find some pie.

Fizzwiddle gallops off to find the kitchen.

Dark Archive

Female Gnome Wizard 1

Kara watches with amuzement at the banter for a moment trying to hide a luagh. but when Fizzy offers to go for pie she jumps with excitement.

bout time, thought you forgot.

Kara goes with Fizzy in search for the kitchen area taking in all the activities and sights of the "safe house"

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Female Half-Elf (Varisian) Witch 1 * Perception +2 * Initiative +2 * HP 6/7 * CMB -1 * CMD 11 * AC 12/12/10 * Fort +0 * Ref +2 * Will +2

Erliana heads down the hall to clean herself and relax. She uses a cheap Varisian perfume to mask the smell of the sewage that lingers even after the brief washing. She curls up in one of the beds, with Rickard laying beside her head. She pets her companion and gives him an apple, which he greedily takes to the wash basin before eating it.


As you walk through the priest sector to your church, you do not hear about any hellknight activity. You do hear however, recent reports of a flock of bizarre small mischievous yellow skinned flying creatures, terrorizing the local docks and ship workers. Though they are heard not to be too dangerous, they have been a huge nuisance.

For those of you looking for kitchen / entering room with the long table

You walk into the large room with the large long table and many chairs. On one side of the room is a make shift kitchen, while a group of eleven people sits at the table. Some look up as you walk in as they continue on their conversation.

A beautiful tian woman looks back at the table. "We are rebels and freedom fighters, I think a name like "The Knights of Westcrown" would suit the group perfectly"

An incredibly muscular human man butts in. "Perhaps but, "The Scions of Aroden", would fit us more. After all we are trying to bring this city back to its glory, as the time of Aroden. I'm sure Arael would approve of this." he turns around in his seat eyeing who came in the room. He then has a look of confusion on his face.

A small female halfling stands up on the table. "I think we would do better off with a less antagonistic name to appeal to everybody. how about "Guardians of Cheliax" ?

A man with green hair, infact the same man from Vizio's Tavern, looks up at the halfling and adds in "We need something more local in my opinion. What about "Childern of Westcrown"?, it is a name even the average wiscrani could appreate."

At that moment, one of the partiicpants, a female gnome with bright yellow hair yells "બે જીનોમ મિત્રો! ખુશાલીનો પોકાર! Janiven જણાવ્યું હતું કે અમે વધુ એક છે, પરંતુ શકે બે!


Two Gnome Friends! Hurray! Janiven said we might have one more , but two!
She then gets out of her seat and tumbles to the newcomers, with a huge smile she says "Maybe our new friends can help us decide!" she smiles "You see, we are looking for name for this group, a name the city shall know us by so we can keep our individual identities a secret, but we cannot come to an agreement!."

The following observations might not come right away, depending on each PC's interaction but will happen over time inside the safe house.


You recognize the small halfing as Fiosa. You have met her at the church of Iomedae, and she has recently become a devote follower.


The Tian woman is one of the people you saw in the streets talking about forming a group like this


You recognize a man at the table sitting quitely, Rizzardo. After getting kicked out of the Dottari, you have seen and worked with the man at various odd jobs you have taken up to survive. The man has been known to have a temper and you have seen him fly off the handle more then once, though, he has always treated you with respect and you consider him an acquaintance if not a friend.

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

I knew I liked Janiven for a reason. She knows that if she wants to win this thing she needs gnomes....And these gnomes need pie!

Fizzy clambers up onto the table.

Casts Prestidigitation

Scarf fluttering behind him.

Friends I know that you are currently like a ship without a rudder in trying to decide on a name. It is obvious that with Fizzwiddle Glockenfleffor the XXII and Kara Deepshadow in your presence the only answer is. The Great, Glorious Gnomes of the Weary Wiscrani: And Friends A name that strikes fear into the hearts of enemies and shoves pride into the hearts of friends.

Now can someone direct me to the nearest pie?

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

Fizzy smiles at the gnome with the tall yellow hair.

I love your hair.

Fizzy makes sure his own is freshly coifed, and tall as possible.

Male Human Gunslinger (Arbalist) 3 | HP 33/33 GRIT 3/3 | AC 17, T 17, FF 12 CMD 18 | F +5, R +7, W +2 | Per +5 | Init +6

"I'm going to do us both a favor write that off as your stomach hijacking your brain, little one. We need something that harkens back to better days but still represents an active role in the city today." He did not feel the need to remind the gnome that out of the four of them, Guy and Ravishar had spilled the most blood and risked more.

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

Such a strange fellow...

The gnome turns to the group. "I second that idea."

She then begins speaking in gnome to her new freinds, blushing.

"આભાર Fizzewiddle, હું Yakopulio, તમને બધી પૂરી સરસ છું. તમે સ્કાર્ફ આશ્ચર્યચકિત છે! કેક? કદાચ Vitti અમને એક સાલે બ્રેઙ બનાવવા કરી શકો છો!


Thank you Fizzewiddle ,I am Yakopulio, nice to meet you all. You scarf is amazing! Cake? Maybe Vitti can bake us one!

The tian woman and the majority of the group laugh at this idea. She introduces her self as Amaya. "Nice to meet you Fizzwiddle, Who are your freinds?"

The green hair man looks over at Guy. " I agree with yah ... What was yer name son? I am Vitti, we briefly met earlier at Vizio's. he looks up at the gnome. "No cake here, we have some beets and some fresh bread left over if you hungry he points to the kitchen. He then points behind him to a barrel in the corner."If your thirsty, we have some white oak mead."

A burly looking man with long hair sits quietly in the corner, looking up as the tielfing speaks, he squints and says "Guy???"

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

Kara and that is his name. He is a guy and his name is Guy, I know confusing right?

Thanks! Does Vitti know how to make Gnomish Crumble Upside Down Surprise Custard Pie? I have promised my good friend Kara some pie and now I am on a quest! Will you join us?

Dark Archive

Female Gnome Wizard 1

Kara just sits and watches Fizzy do his thing (and making sure he does not do anything stupid regarding the "competition")

after Fizzy introduces her Kara goes to greet the new gnome.


Hi Yako, Not much I can say following all that but glad to be here.
she gives Yako a firm handshake.

After the intro Kara sniffing the air makes her way to the bread and digs in taking each piece breaking it in half eating one half and pocketing the other.

Male Human Paladin 1 HP 10/14, AC 15

Jib, let me know when I get back to the inn.

Yakopulio, turns to Fizzwiddle before giving Kara a firm handshake.

"પાઇ! મારી ઓહ! હું તારી કે ખોજ જોડાવા રહેશે! Vitti ખબર પડી શકે છે કેવી રીતે કંઈક બનાવવા માટે!"


Pie! Oh My! I shall join the quest of thy! Vitti might know how to make something similar to get us by!

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

Fizzwiddle scampers off into the kitchen with Yakopulio!

and I assume Kara

Male Human Gunslinger (Arbalist) 3 | HP 33/33 GRIT 3/3 | AC 17, T 17, FF 12 CMD 18 | F +5, R +7, W +2 | Per +5 | Init +6

"Rizz? How the Hell are you? I never expected to see your ugly mug amongst the ranks of these traitors and ne'er-do-wells." Guy actually manages a smile at this point, an almost entirely alien expression for his face but a welcome change none the less.

Guy got himself a mug of mead and joined the other conspirators at the table, putting his bootless and slightly clawed feet up on the edge. "I ain't the best with this naming business but if I can lend my two copper, how about the Faded Hands? Seems suitably mysterious for our purposes."

Male Human Paladin 1 HP 10/14, AC 15

Ravishar returns to the inn knocking three times on the door. When let in he moves down the hall, find an empty room to drop his gear, and immediately moves to the washroom to clean, despite the hunger he feels. Once cleaned off as best as possible, though the stench still clings to him, he heads to the kitchen to satisfy his ravenous stomach.

HP 8/17 STR-1 DEX 0 CON+1 INT +2 WIS 0 CHA +1 Armor 1 XP 3

As Ravishar enters the kitchen Fizzwiddle leaps to the table, a salami, in his hand.

Hold sir Knight! To enter and dine with this Gnomish Gathering you must recite the following.

I humbly admit that in the art of gastronomy I shall never question the opinion of the gathered gnomes

He raises the salami like a sword.

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