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Weekly Geeks - Revenge of the Kobald King Path (Inactive)

Game Master Krallek

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Staryth frowns for a moment, lost in his own thoughts A wife or the like. I don't see any female dwarves here. Ah well, why subject some poor dwarven maid to my stubborn father anyway. Wouldn't be fair.

Marianne Benedict wrote:

"But I suppose you are enjoying yourselves. But Shelyn pity the poor women who end up putting up with you."

Fulito looks to Marianne

and may all the blessings of Shelyn have pity on you and give you all ofher blessings. because you are most likely to be blessed with all of us. just as we are most likely to blessed by you.

Fulito approaches her as he speaks.

climbing onto a table so that he can place his arm around her shoulder. and turn to face everyone.

And Sheylyn's blesings on us all he announces with flair.

Gilthanis you have to roll your strength checks lol...oh and I'm trying not too. Chest colds suck...

Three more strength rolls...just roll a few Gilth and we'll compare them after and write up some fluff with them...
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

So in order that gives me a 13, 6, 22, 6. Roll up four and we'll compare line by line and go from there.

Grand Lodge

I figured I would give myself a -1 drunk penalty to my check which lowers it from a +3 to a +2 :)
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

You are up 2 in a row so 1 more win and you win

"Tis Bolka , the Golden Gift, that blesses Dwarves in romance. Helping arranged marriages bloom into love. But thank you for the blessings regardless." Staryth mutters

Grand Lodge

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

hope i force another roll lol...EPIC FAIL you beat me on strength mod alone

Seeing the halfling wrapping around Marianne, Lagash cannot help a grin.

Marianne, you are absolutely right - I have been on the road for too long now, and I guess it is wearing down on all the shine and politeness that I may have garnered over the years... I guess boys will be boys, and we are all getting carried away by the environment we are in.

Strength Check1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10

Jeggrim and Gilthanis sit at the bar arms quivering as they battle both each other and the effects of the brew, finally, with a burst of strength, Jeggrim slams Gilthanis's hand to the bar top. Jumping up he slaps the elf firmly on the shoulder; Bah! I knew ye didn't have it in ye moonkin! Though I must admit ye are stronger than ye look and I'm not one ta be forgettin ta pay respects where they are due. Ye've gained a measure 'o respect with me point-ear! Put up a better fight than I expected! Lets share another round, maybe ye can tell me more about the point-ears...mayhaps I have ye marked wrong. Jegg may be a lot 'o things but one thing I ain't is one whom foolishly clings to unfounded judgements! Jeggrim pounds Gilth hard in the arm, friendly but perhaps a little too hardly before raising his glass in a bit of a staggering salute.

Hearing Lagash's conversation with Merianne, Damn right ye are Lagash. Boys will be boys! Whats the point 'o life if ye can't let yerself find pleasure where ye may? Fer all yer ta be knowin, this may be the last chance ye have ta drink and carry on in such company!

Lagash nods at Jeggrim - True, but also we may be alienating a fellow traveller, when also we don't know if it will be the last chance to trade some words with her.

Lagash raises his mug at Marianne, offering: Friend, an idea for you and for all, let us raise our drinks and toast to what our heart calls out - I want to know what's deep inside all of you that now stand around me - be truthful or lie if needed - in the end it will always say something about you. I will start myself.

Lagash's eyes seem to freeze there for a second, and his fanged maw seems to soften ever so slightly, but he immediately returns to his usual somber self, proclaiming: To Revenge.

And with that, he pours his mug down the throat and looks intently to Marianne, waiting her toast.

While Marianne considers her own toast, Staryth, liking the idea Lagash suggests, raises his own mug "To True Callings." And downs it.

That is a neat way to both RP and sort of sum our characters up for the DM at the same time. Nice idea!

Liberty's Edge

Marianne laughs,

"Oh you're not without your charms. And I'm mostly only kidding anyway," she raises her wine glass at Lagash's toast and calls, "to wonderful things as yet unseen."

And the poor man laying on the floor! Damaran calls to the toasting folks holding one hand into the air.

to all the songs in our hearts nad the dance inour feet

Fulito takes his first drink of the evening and nearly chokes at the strength.

To Freedom, Tagrum says, his voice slurred, as he takes a large swig of ale.

Also, if it matters, this would be my fist PBP if I get selected.

Jutmon raises his mug of ale. His second for the evening. Cheers!

He wishes he something more profound or witty to say, but nothing really comes to mind. Oh, well, I'll just have to leave the poetics to the bards, I guess. Jutmon takes a tiny sip from his mug.

Jeggrim hoists his mug, clinking it against the others, his mind races All these lads an' lassies seem ta have deep desires, meself is content with so much less...what is it ye want Jegg? How do ye sum yerself up?... A massive smile crosses his face,

Fer glorious battle! Fer a few coins in yer pocket, a tune on yer lips, fer the road unknown, fer new friends, and fer the blood 'o yer enemies flowin' like a river from yer weapons!not quite the one-liner e'ryone else had but...bah! It's whats in me heart! Jeggrim pours his drink down his throat in one huge gulp, belching loudly before bursting into booming laughter.

Ok, this was a tough decision to be sure. I've loved the interaction between all of you. I loved the back stories created by each of you. I loved how during the rp and gaming part of the 'application' process you all not only took part, but also created a new game to play with that arm wrestling thing. It was incredible how much you guys participated in this process. There was over 260 posts to the recruitment thread over the 4 day period. That in and of itself is impressive. You guys kept the recruitment thread pinned to the top of the recruitment forum for 4 days straight. It moved fast and furious. I've worked almost 30 hours over the last 2 days but I found myself frequently peeking in on what was going on in the thread and taking part despite what I was doing in the real world. Honestly, I'd see a series of posts and sneak away from work to hide for 10 minutes or so to sit and read them on my phone. In the end it comes down to a few factors for me for the final tough choices. These are in no particular order other than how they fell off the top of my head as I wrote this:

1. Best character development either with the creation of the character or developing the character through rp.
2. Newness to pbp
3. Party balance
4. My own personal bias and love of the 'traditional' party
5. The appeal of your individual writing styles.
6. Your interactions with the others. Selection was based on what rp flavor each of you brings to the party.

Gill looks at the note and reads it to himself nodding in agreement at the selections. Then he opens up the bag and takes his commission out by carefully counting out 100 coins of solid gold which he carefully tucks away in a strongbox under the counter. Ladies and gentlemen, gather round, the man in red has hired a number of you for a job.

Each of you notice immediately, even in various states of inebriation, that Gill has lost his accent and pleasant demeanor. He is all business right now. After a brief pause, Gill continues, he wants to hire the following people for a one time job ... a somewhat dangerous one time job. If you perform well, you will be compensated well and possibly be given an opportunity to do more lucrative jobs. Otherwise ... he stops for a moment to look up at you well you can fill in the blanks there I think. Congratulations Staryth, Jeggrim, Gilthanis, Fulito, Damaran, and Marianne you are hired.

Gill then reaches into the bag again and pulls out a single odd looking coin and hands the rest of the purse to Marianne with a serious look. You've been designated as the one to look after the accounts. Given your family history and your familiarity with money that shouldn't be a problem. Yes the man in red knows all about you ... all of you. I'd not cross him if I were you. He does business in here from time to time and more than 1 of his employees have mysteriously gone missing. There is a list of supplies you will need on this paper. Go get them and gear up. Once you are ready, you are to meet at a warehouse near the docks. When you get there just ask around for The Ferrett and someone will tell you where to go {or a knowledge local check dc 14 will get you there too}.

Then Gill hands Marianne the strange looking coin. That one deary is of most importance. Do not lose that. Do not give it to anyone other than the foreman at the warehouse. Do not show it to anyone else ... Well you get the idea right? Once you have all the supplies on that list, get to the warehouse and hand over the coin. You will be given some cargo and a destination at that point. Again I must reiterate, buy everything on that list. If there is any coin left over, then by all means get anything else you might find of use and/or split the remaining coin amongst yourselves.

Congratulations to the successful applicants and I'm sorry I cannot run another game for the rest of you. If you want to follow along you are more than welcome to do so. There may be an opportunity to join us should one of the others not be able to continue. I will be creating the campaign thread later today and will post the link here. Once the thread is up, please feel free to go ahead and buy the supplies. I will put the contents of the note in the campaign information on that forum.

EDIT Marianne, you notice the mysterious coin he hands you isn't a coin at all but a wax seal roughly the same size as a coin. On the surface is a symbol of a ferret with a snake in its mouth.

Liberty's Edge

"To second chances" Leanen says quietly from the bar, draining his cup.

Perception for the man in the cloak 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13

Leanen takes notice of the man in the cloak's activities It seems we will just have to wait and see what happens.

"your appreciation of women is understandable" he addresses the group, "I would advise caution however". With a nod to Marianne "I mean no offense to the lady in our presence, but women are one of the two greatest causes of criminal activity, in my travels I have often seen the pursuit of them cause more trouble than good".

Liberty's Edge

After Gill's speach Leanen pulls his cloak over his head and bids farewell to is fellow patrons and exits the bar. Somewhere evil is afoot for me to uncover, but not here it seems.

Thanks for a great few days guys, sorry I couldn't post more. This was my first time doing PbP, and even though I didn't get in it's made me excited to do more. So thanks a lot and good luck with the game.

Hearing his name Damaran lifts his head from the floor, struggling to see the speaker. Uph, I suppose the festivities are over. The man struggles to his feet. Come friends! There is work to be done. He slides on pair of worn leather gloves and stands near the door. Hopefully I don't die from a hangover first...

Thank you very much. I am very excited. Good luck to everyone else. I hope you find a good one soon.

Staryth nods professional like as he is selected for the mission. Sounds very mysterious, but we'll learn more. The priestess is no fool, so she'll like smell something funny about this before we do.

The dwarf gathers his things and looks to the others in the room, "It was educational to meet you all. May your steel ever be strong and your fires hot."

Yay! Good RP all around. Thank you folks. Hope those that didn't get in this one find another one soon.

Luck to all. Member to make now better before end.

Gronk leaves to continue spreading the good news of the ending.

Have fun folks!

Grand Lodge

A one time gig...well i better make the best of it then.

Thanks Gill for the drinks and good time, Gilthanis smile kindly to Gill and tips him 5sp for his trouble.

A shame it is... And unexpected...

Jeggrim lifts his head at hearing his name. He straitens his beard, adjusts his ragged kilt, and pounds his fist into his other open hand. Well lads an' lasses, seems lady luck, that fickle harlot, has favored the few 'o us today! To all those whose roads will branch from me own today, I thank ye heartily fer the drinks shared and the stories swapped. Mayhaps our paths will cross again. I wish ye all the best 'o luck!

Jeggrim heads over to the group of those selected, throwing his heavy arms around Staryths neck and Merianne's waist, with a sloppy grin and a chuckle he says Well then, shall we?

Thanks everyone for this. This is my first PbP and it has been amazing. I honestly wish we all got to keep going. Some of the character development/relationships that were forming here are so interesting and amazing. Thank you all. Lagash, out of everyone I must admit I'm a bit sad you won't be joining us. The crazy dwarf/orc "odd couple" thing we had going, especially since it started out with us not really liking each before turning to this open minded respect, was simply one of the most compelling RP experiences I've had to date. I was really looking forward to exploring that possible friendship.

That said I'm excited to continue with this! Thanks for selecting me DM! I'm excited about where this is going!

The game thread is now up.

Liberty's Edge

Marianne listens to Gill's words giving each soul named fro employmenbt a congratulatory smile, though each gets just the tiniest bit more brittle until her own name is called and she squeals in glee - before turning beat red and trying to pretend she did no such thing.

She takes the coins with a solemn nod, she has no love for accounting, but she can get by. And examines the strange wax seal for a moment before tucking it away carefully in a pocket on her blouse beneath her chainmail, a feat which requires some barely decent adjustments.

Then when Jeggrim throws a tree trunk arm around her waste she cannot help, but laugh out loud,

"This is going to be brilliant! We've got a halfling, an elf, two dwarves, a dancer, and me! Fulito can even sing a song about our exploits!"

Elated she kisses both dwarves on the forehead, but then catches Lagah's eye and sobers up swiftly,

"I'm sorry I won't have the chance to work with the rest of you, hopefully we'll see each other again and get to work together. But for now I wish you all the best, except you Gronk - I hope the worst happens to you and you end up deciding the world is a splendid place afterall and being happy. I suppose we better be off then, wish us luck everyone! Thanks Gill!"

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