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We be Goblins and you be food

Game Master The Most Righteous Overlord

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Now I'm pretty new to play by post DMing, but I've played the game for a few years. Now from what I've seen there are about 3 or 4 other goblin campaigns and I think there are still a few players left out.

Now, we begin our story deep in Brinestump Marsh in the Licktoad Tribe village. Goblin life goes on as normal, slashing, burning, mutual theft. However, one day, you find out that one of your very own had been taking part in the most heinous of taboos... writing things down. When your village found out what he had been doing, you and your fellow goblins had no choice but to punish him severely. He had been writing things down and therefore allowing misfortune and the words too be stolen out of all of your heads. So you branded his face with his beloved letters and ran him out of town. He is now known as Scribbleface and as his "used to be" possessions were being claimed and burned that a very odd chest was found. The chest was taken into the Moot House where your great leader His Mighty Girthness Chief Rendwattle Gutwad rules. Now, you have been secretly invited to the Moot House.

I'm looking for 3-4 players maybe five. Evil characters are allowed, however I will not allow pvp, (unless in good fun). Please remember that you are in fact small, green, psychopaths, that are running around lighting fires, and causing general mayhem. Have fun with your characters. Now for those interested in playing here are some basic stats for making a goblin character. Also, I have some pre-gens from the adventure path that includes a rouge, cleric, alchemist, and fighter.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Dotting for interest.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I toyed with the idea of a goblin alchemist in an earlier We Be Goblins PbP recruitment thread. I'll try to get a character ready for submittal and consideration this evening.

What are your preferences for character creation? Ability scores by point-buy or rolling? Source books allowed? Number of traits? Average or max starting wealth?

Best regards!

uh huh....goblins....isn't this like kinda like trying to ride a squirrel on meth with his head caught in a beehive? (That is one angry squirrel!!)

Ok so I have never in 20 years of gaming played a goblin. SO just because...I'm in.

*goes to read the infos*

Thank you for pointing that out, 15pt buy ability scores. No third party rules and, or races/classes. Any thing Paizo is good, unless it really doesn't fit the setting, i.e. guns/gunslingers, not sure just ask. Average gold for classes. When creating something like a wizard as a character, keep in mind that you may be asked for an explanation of how you write down your spells. Also, goblins are mostly chaotic and evil or neutral. So no pallies or monks, other then that, go nuts.

and thanks for taking an interest.

Ok, this is too fun not to throw my hat into. While I love the idea of a Goblin Alchemist, I think I might put in for a Goblin TWF Rogue. Call him Cutter.

While it saddens me to see all this flagrantly anti-goblin bigotry (No goblins paladins? I am a goblin paladin!), I would like to play.

Zarongel, controller of goblins wrote:
Any thing Paizo is good, unless it really doesn't fit the setting, i.e. guns/gunslingers...

Aw... I gotta say Guns & Goblins sounds like an awesome combination to me. :D

Definitely interested.

I'm thinking of a goblin houndmaster cavalier. Would you allow that archetype? It's not official Paizo, but it has been endorsed by a number of designers.

If not, then I'll go with a gravewalker witch.

Dark Archive

I'd like to play a goblin oracle or sorcerer with lots of fire

Ok names "Flashgit Facemelter"

How should I submit this sheet to you?

Flashgit Facemelter:
Flashgit is an odd goblin in that he prefers Acid to Fire. He is often shunned and feared for his ability to "make water melt you". He loves to cast his acid Splash spell on things just to watch them melt. He must use acid on the things he eats and therefore is missing more than a few teeth. His normal love of goblin fire is overwhelmed by his desire to watch just about anything bubble and burn under the acridly wonderful aroma of acid on flesh.
As a part of the Licktoad tribe it is Flashgit's job to sniff out any magicky stuff and possibly destroy it with his melting water. His Mighty Girthness Chief Rendwattle Gutwad uses Flasgit as a bullied advisor because of his ability to turn even the most difficult goblins to goo fairly quick.

Secretly every goblin in the tribe hates Flashgit because he likes his water more than the revered fire, but he saved the chieftain once by using his water to put out a particularly nasty fire potion that was spilled on his favorite alchemist wife. When she ran to the chieftain in hysterics, Flashgit put her out with several well placed acid splashes that actually made her uglier!! The chieftain was both upset for the fire being put out and happy that his favorite wife was now even uglier!!!

Hmm. I'm thinking a Cleric of Monster Mother (Lamashtu) or Sickly Death (?) perhaps.

@Rysil, you can post it on the thread or just PM it to me
@Doomed hero, just tell me how it's different from a regular cavalier, if it's just to specialized to goblins and dogs it will probably be fine.
@Dark network, If you want to poke around This website, it gives the gods that goblins worship and as something funny I found was that the four goblin gods are servants of Lamashtu. Just scroll down and look to the left under monster pantheons, then they're under goblin pantheons.

Zarongel, controller of goblins wrote:

@Rysil, you can post it on the thread or just PM it to me

Is sitting in your inbox, sir :D

I can link it in a few hours (posting from phone right now), but if you do a site search you'll find it really easily.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Regarding the 15-point buy, what is the minimum allowed score before applying racial modifiers?

Pedro Coelho wrote:
Regarding the 15-point buy, what is the minimum allowed score before applying racial modifiers?


Are we using traits?

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Working on a goblin barbarian with the wild rager archetype. How much backstory are you looking for, Zarongel?

@Enchanter Tim, yes everybody gets one.
@Pedro Coelho, I want know your about character. You don't need to cover every detail, but enough to explain his class and/or any special traits or feats you want to explain to give your character more depth.

Here is the Houndmaster.

Just let me know if it looks ok. If you don't like it I'll get to work on a Gravewalker instead.

That Archtype is fine.

Dark Archive

I Would like to play a goblin caviler.

Is This Holden?

Dark Archive

scratch that i will do a Druid

Stabby Facecutter, Knife Master Rogue.

Stabby Facecutter:

All Goblins love sharp weapons, but Stabby adores them, particularly daggers. He regularly carries several of them on his short, goblin body, and he hides them so you never know how many he has. What’s more, he’s very good with them. Whether he throws them or stabs with them, he is a terror when he holds a small blade, especially when his target doesn’t know he’s there. And that’s not hard for him. Stabby can sneak up on nearly everyone in the Licktoad tribe; he was the champion sneaker and hider for four years in a row.

Last year, he actually snuck up on the His Mighty Girthness Chief Rendwattle Gutwad and swiped his walking cane. Stabby ran through the streets with it and then was found whittling on it with one of his daggers. He was locked into the box for that, but he got out himself after less than an hour. His Mighty Girthness was angry, but even he had to admit Stabby was impressive.

Doomed Hero here, with my nasty little Hound Master.

He's pretty much done, but with a few kinks to work out.

Sovereign Court

I'll submit an application, why not? Goblin Fighter. Also, do you approve of the piecemeal armor rules?

Tek Metalmaw:

Goblins are an entertaining bunch, and usually quelled easily - so most adventurers might believe. But give them time and ingenuity with someone's old armor, and you'll have yourself somethin' crazy indeed.

Enter Tek Metalmaw - a goblin with a decent amount of size, probably more than most of the bunch. As it happens, he had this exact situation occur, finding a dead man with his armor mostly crushed and destroyed by a few orcs who'd wandered through. He took what he could, chuckling with a malicious delight, and ran back to engineer for himself protection - and fashioned a very good (by goblin standards) set of metal armor. This brought too much attention, though, and he had to make his point known.

Once, a goblin tried to steal from Tek. Tek wasn't too pleased with the results, and with helmet attached, found the poor thief and bashed his skull in, for steel's harder than bone with impacts. Of course, he hurt his own head, but that's just the price to pay to secure what's yours. After all, nobody messes with Tek unless they want a fight. Nobody.

Now, after finding this heretic of words, the maker of letters, Tek could only laugh with his deep voice, lower-pitched than the rest of the gang. But this... 'secret' invitation? This meeting in the Moothouse? Suspicious, and Tek wasn't going in without his favorite helmet - the one with a metallic lower jaw attached as a faceguard, bolted in by his own hands.

Uff, dotting for interest! Seems like something to look at

KMBCross wrote:
Do you approve of the piecemeal armor rules?

If you can tell were to find these rules or just PM them to me, I just want to know about it.

Here is Krunk the druid

Krunk & Lord Chompy Bits:
Krunk is not a normal Druid, saying he "respects" nature is a big stretch. he is a druid of frogs, goblin
dogs, and various other goblin animals.he is obsessed with fire like most goblins and often lights his helmet on fire in great battles.

Krunk raised Lord Chompy Bits from a cub.

LCB's sheer power makes him a wanted ally for Krunk's tribe

To all people wanting to play in this adventure, to be considered I will need not only your backstory, but also your character's crunch. You can post this on the thread or PM me. I will most likely continue recruitment until June 18th or 19th. Depending on how many people apply, I will chose players either earlier or later.

On a different note I would like to thank everybody for taking an interest in my campaign, and also I'm really enjoying the backstories for your characters.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Here's the link to Freigaar Stingtooth, goblin wild rager barbarian. Crunch still needs some tweaking but is mostly there, as well as backstory.

Rumple Stickskin of the Order of the Sticker, reporting for duty! The WBG campaign he was in just shut down. Let me know if you need anything else from him- there's not much backstory with the assumption he has been living a relatively normal life, although chock-full-o'-honor, in the village. His personality would dictate his past actions.

"Dis git's reddy fo' lootins, boss!"

The goblin cackles deeply, and slams down his jawplate to cover the lower part of his face.

Looks like someone else has good taste in avatars...

"Stabby here, boss! I stick 'em 'fore dey know we der!"

A dagger suddenly appears and then disappears in his hand before he hurls another one at the wall, sticking it deep in the wood.

Profile is up

Dogdog an Dogdog's dog, Dog here to bite man's an' mandogs!"

....mumble mumble sizzzle CACKLE!! "dis one here for duties oh wise and powerful chieftain of the greatest clan *cough hack spit* in all of Brinestump Marsh." bows only slightly keeping an eye on his own back before going back to mumbling and cackling incessantly. The smell of acrid burning acid and flesh following him.

Hope to play a lil fun with you all. :D

Can I use the Dread Codex Goblins? I have a character in mind,a N male High Goblin struggling to be 'good' named Darts Torchfist,a yellow goblin kidnapped by the Licktoad tribe to be a member after their numbers have dwindled due to various misadventures----and the fact he has survived being Vorka's (unwilling) lover after stumbling upon her lair.

Striker,a type of rogue class
Its got a lot of goblin options

e-terah earthenchild wrote:
Can I use the Dread Codex Goblins?

What exactly are dread codex goblins? I have never heard of them/it.

OK, it looks good.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like a challenge, so here's Squagbulbs, goblin wizard. I'm writing some of it in goblin-ese, but if that's too irritating let me know and I'll do it again in English.

Me fluff:

"Squagbulbs woz scribleface freind. squagbulbs woz regluar gobbo til scriblefaece show him dreded writting. squagbulbs lern writting good, then wun day, squagbulbs find speshal book in marsh on ded humie and squagbulbs read book and squagbulbs think and think and think and werd come into squagbulbs hed and POW! FIRE! YEAH! Sqaugbulbs think writting best best thing then, but scared of cheef and wot happen to scribbbleface so pretend to be like flashgit and make spell from nuthing. No one kno squagbulbs can do writty, and squagbulbs keep it that way"

Squagbulbs' spellbook is a skull filled with pebbles (writing steals thoughts from your head, so obviously, if you're stealing thoughts back from someone else's head, you should be absolutely fine). He's painted symbols on the pebbles (we won't ask what with) to use as mnemonics (i.e. a little arrow surrounded by bolts of lightning for magic missile), but he does have a mouldy, grubby spellbook stashed somewhere super secret. He has a giant cockroach familiar is this allowed? called Bugsby and has to be constantly on guard to stop his beloved pet becoming a tasty snack for one of the other tribe members. He spends his time producing revolting and highly intoxicating concoctions for the tribe, hoping they’ll all be so out of it they won’t notice him sneaking off when it’s dark and (gasp) reading...

Me crunch (basic):

Goblin wiz 1 (universalist)
Stats: Str 8, Dex 16, Con 13, Wis 10, Int 16, Cha 8
BAB + 0, CMB -2, CMD 11
Skills: Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (nature) +7, Profession (brewer) +4, Profession (alchemist) +4, Spellcraft +7,
Feats: Scribe Scroll, Improved Initiative
Traits: Focussed Mind

I’ve got to nip out, but I’ll try to get the rest of the crunch done later today.

Limeylongears wrote:

I like a challenge, so here's Squagbulbs, goblin wizard. I'm writing some of it in goblin-ese, but if that's too irritating let me know and I'll do it again in English.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

I’ve got to nip out, but I’ll try to get the rest of the crunch done later today.

Ymean u use scrimshaw? I remember a source book with goblin classed scrimshaw wizards who scribbled spells onto bones and hurled them like spell bombs.wish I could find it..awesome concept by the way

Scrimshaw's a better idea actually - thanks! :)

I'd thought of painting the symbols on pebbles, but having them carved on bits of bone is a much better fit.

Squagbulbs now has a profile!

looks at this newcomer with sly eyes "Must keep and eye on this one. He seems tricksie. Yes must watch and maybe burn." Cackles maniacally.

Darts hate swamp!Got away from Vodka now stuck with Licktoads...grumble...

Thank you all for applying, recruitment is now closed I will now go over each character and make my choices. I will probably post my choices tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Dogdog is best! You pick Dogdog! Dogdog play fetch and bite ugly humans and have Dog. Dog is good Dog. Him bite ugly humans too.

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