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Wayward Kings (Group 2) (Inactive)

Game Master AdamWarnock

A group of adventurers stumble upon a mad lord with dreams of being a king and a young druid that he wants to awaken an ancient artifact.

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Male Human Ranger (Freebooter/Trapper) HP 25/25 AC 17 (18 with Shield) FF 14 T 13 CMD 16 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +0 Init +5 Per +5

Genisen replies, "Nah, I figure its best to give back this money to the community. Maybe to a church here in town."

Bluff: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

Genisen actually intends to donate it to some sort of worthy cause if he doesn't drink or gamble it away first, yet he doesn't want anyone to know that. So his bluff is to appear that he is lying even though he is telling the truth. Hey, he's a complex man

Krol shakes his head seeing the outright thievery infront of him and done infront of the serving girls at the bar too.
"Gentleman please, can we not strip their weapons and gear in public, atleast let's move on and donate the money to the church as young sir Larkova has suggested here."

Krol: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (6) + 0 = 6

Ava: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

Luther nods, "Donating the money is a very charitable thing to do. Let us keep the potions and other weapons, they could be handy fighting in the warehouse."

"Actually...shouldn't the innkeeper here and his staff be compensated for the trouble these ruffians have caused them?" he asks curiously as he looks to the serving girl. "For Formal introductions, I am Krolmnite Underhill the first, son of a family far off and this is Ava my companion on this jurney. I wish to learn more about the world rarther than sit at home and study about it in books."

f human monk 1 (drunken master)

Senior Krol, You'll quickly learn that humans value might. Those who fall in battle forfit their lives, wealth, or even their sex. TheSe ruffians are lucky we don't geld them and parade them about as eunuchs. Dolgana gestures at the prisoners with a smile.

M Human Paladin 2; Init +2; Per +0; HP 24; AC 18, T 12, FF 16; F +5, R +2, W +3

"We 'ppear t'be 'n'agreement, then. S'good," added Fearghus, nodding before following Durnak and Denisen out the door.

Male Human Ranger (Freebooter/Trapper) HP 25/25 AC 17 (18 with Shield) FF 14 T 13 CMD 16 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +0 Init +5 Per +5

Genisen makes a mental note not to lose a fight to Dolgana.

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

Durnak looks at Genisen quizzically. Ya keeps play'n games, you'll find a dagger in yer back 'fore ya know it. Iffn, ya wants ta keep lie'n, den y'll be do'in it by yerself.

Dolgana wrote:
Senior Krol, You'll quickly learn that humans value might. Those who fall in battle forfit their lives, wealth, or even their sex. TheSe ruffians are lucky we don't geld them and parade them about as eunuchs. Dolgana gestures at the prisoners with a smile.

"By Desna!" he exclaims, clearly shocked by what she just said "You do not mean to tell me that where you come from you castrait prisoners, do you? How barbaric!"

Luther looks at Krolmite and says with complete seriousness,"I am sure they only castrate prisoners that truly deserve it."

Luther's sense of the law is fairly strict.

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

Looking at the gnome for a minute. Whelp, when yas takes da balls from da bull, he gets bigg'r 'n strong'r. More meat. I'sa think iffn ya dids da same to a man, he'd be a bett'r slave.

M Human Paladin 2; Init +2; Per +0; HP 24; AC 18, T 12, FF 16; F +5, R +2, W +3

"Welcome t' th' Empire of Kavun, Krolmnite Underhill. Ye mightn't care f'r it, but we 'least try t' make th' punishment fit th' crime. Sometimes, leastaways."

Moving things forward a bit

Fearghus, Genisen, and Durnak haul the now unarmed and unarmored thugs to guardhouse just a couple of blocks away, with Luther tagging along. Outside are several guardsmen, all human. They have a quiet discussion when they notice your approach. One of them turns to meet you, his expression is sour and he looks rather annoyed.

"Well, whaddya wantin' with us?"

M Human Paladin 2; Init +2; Per +0; HP 24; AC 18, T 12, FF 16; F +5, R +2, W +3

"Y'r pardon, sirs, but we'd like t' turn these 'ere men in f'r assault, destruction a' property, an' 'tempted murder. An' I don' know if'n it makes a diff'rence, but they's also admitted 'complices a' some fella' named Yale," replied Fearghus to the guard's query.

No' tha' I 'spect it t'matter: from wha' Durnak said, is as likely as no' th' guard's're 'complices a' Yale t'boot! The law may not be much 'spected 'here in Redwall, bu' tha' don' mean t'ain't no such thing as right 'r wrong f'r them as know it.

The guard gives Fearghus an incredulous look when he sees two of the thugs are pretty badly beaten and the third is barely standing.

"Assault? What'd they pick a fight with? A dragon?"

He shakes his head and motions for three of the other guards to come take the thugs away.

"Nevermind, ye just get goin'. We'll take care o' them."

With that, he follows the other three inside the guard house and closes the door. The setting sun reddens the western sky and the first signs of night are appearing in the east as you walk back to the Sleeping Leopard.

Perception DC 15:
You hear what sounds like a death scream from the guard house.

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

As the group walks back, you suddenly see Durnak grimace:

Dats why I hates cities. Dem guards 's 'ready rend'r'd judgment. Dey 's either not friend a Yale, or da judicial syst'm 's very 'fficient. Eith'r way, we's not gotta worry 'bout dem three no more.

Krol: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10

Ava: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

Krol and Ava being blissfully unaware of the situation take a look at the group with Krol putting his hands on his hips with a wide grin.
"We have removed some of the scum of the streets, now all we need to do is have a meal before heading to bed." he strides over to the bar, more comfortable now in these surroundings. "Barkeep, a round for everyone on me and your best room in the inn."

Ava sits a few feet away, keeping a watch on him just like she was before and remaining silent as she watches everyone who approches him.

unless anyone would like to approch her? Would be funny with that rouge trying to hit on her, lol.

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

When we get back to the inn, Durnak grabs an ale and gathers the rest of the group together:
Well, we done da right thang. I'sa not sure 'bout da law as I does believe da guards done whacked em 'fore we was out da door. Iffn y'all 'll a join me, I thinks that dis good innkeep'r 'n his gals 'll be in danger from dis Yale. I'da like ta find dis Yale and 'sure dat der innkeep 'n dees fine gals 'll not be in no dang'r from Yale.

"First thing tomorrow we take the fight to this Yale. I have a feeling he will not want to answer for his crimes. But let us enjoy some hot food and cold drinks, I have worked up an appetite."

M Human Paladin 2; Init +2; Per +0; HP 24; AC 18, T 12, FF 16; F +5, R +2, W +3

Perception (guard house): 1d20 ⇒ 5

After returning from the guard house, Fearghus guzzles a Krol-sponsored ale. "Ah, t'ain't nuthin' like a good day's work! My thanks it is, Master Krol, f'r y'r gen'rosity!"

"Now, as f'r Yale, I 'gree wi' Durnak an' Luther tha' we should take 'im out tomorra' since we'll be rested an' prepared an' 'e still won' be s'pectin' us."

f human monk 1 (drunken master)

Next time, I hope you'll all take some of my advice on dealing with prisoners. There's almost no reason to put down a pair of dogs who've lost their hunt. So... Tomorrow, let's make sure that we execute our own justice before handing any ruffians over to the lawmen. Dolgana says, nursing her drinks.

M Human Paladin 2; Init +2; Per +0; HP 24; AC 18, T 12, FF 16; F +5, R +2, W +3

Perception (Dolgana): 1d20 ⇒ 16 In hearing Dolgana, Fearghus pauses in troubled thought.

"Y'r pardon, Dolgana, but c'n ye please clarify what it is y'r after by sayin' t'execute our own justice? I'm not after pryin' into y'r past, but it's curious I am as t'what makes ye say such as that."

"Now, t'ain't my place t'tell ye how t'live y'r life, and I'm not after such as that, for th'Blessed Elk knows there's many a folk as ain't served right by th'law. But just cause there's some as ignore th'law to suit don't give us cause t'be turnin' vig'lante. Do that, an' we ain't no better'n them for doin' as we please no matter how much we think some as deserve whate're comes to 'em whether by your hand or th'court's order... an' tha's th' diff'rence a'tween justice an' vengeance."

"Leastaways, 'is be th' type a' thin' Luther's Lady's after more'n Old Deadeye 'n me, and 'e knows like all too well I weren't much f'r th' learnin' a' books so p'raps it's a shut mouth I should be after!" Fearghus finishes with a self-deprecating grin to Dolgana.

"Now ye seem a mite fond a' th' ale. If'n ye needs a glass more it'll be glad I am f'r th' payin' a' it if'n ye like: 'tis impressed I was t'see ye give one a' 'em thugs a right good kick t'th' nose!"

Male Human Ranger (Freebooter/Trapper) HP 25/25 AC 17 (18 with Shield) FF 14 T 13 CMD 16 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +0 Init +5 Per +5

After they return Genisen starts to get his drink on. Clearly someone told him the liquor was on the house for the night and he plans on drinking as much as he can.

"Sho thish Yale fella. Who ish he and when are we going to vishit him?"

Talus and the two girls are more than happy for the company. Ale and food are generously given and after a few drinks even Talus is in high spirits.

"Yale, he'sh a right vishous one. Ye hearsh rumorsh shee. Shome sssssay that he wuz a hunter an' turned to huntin' humansh an' other folksh. Othersh ssssay he'sh a demon-shpawn. I shay he'sh ash goo' ash defe-- defe-- DEAD!"

The two young women, on the other hand, are much more reserved. Shalyna keeps thanking the group profusely, and Valyana is more than happy to fill Dolgana's and Genisen's tankards over and over again.

about an hour after nightfall, there is a sharp tap on the window, and both of the women freeze, and look at each other with more than a little fear.

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

Durnak looks up from his mug he has been carefully sipping. A history of getting set up in cities and general distrust of the people in them tempers his willingness to overindulge while in a city or town. Catch him on the trail, and it is a whole different matter.

Yous guys 'spectin' someone?

Without waiting for a response, he grabs his axe and walks over by the door in case whoever enters is not of a friendly demeanor.

f human monk 1 (drunken master)

Dolgana chokes down another swig To achieve nirvana, you must not let yourself be weighed down by negative karma. Justice clears the balance sheet. Sometimes the way to earn that balance is through boot to the head. Her voice drops a bit, almost innocently For the record, I've not 'actually' gelded anyone... yet.

Krol looks back to the group after hearing the tap and with a grin takes a step to the door.
"If it's someone causing trouble, I'm certain we can deal with them with ease." he grins as he turns to the group. "Durnak, would you like to do the honors in opening the door to whoever it might be?"

Male Human Ranger (Freebooter/Trapper) HP 25/25 AC 17 (18 with Shield) FF 14 T 13 CMD 16 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +0 Init +5 Per +5

Genisen will stick to his drink like he didn't hear anything

M Human Paladin 2; Init +2; Per +0; HP 24; AC 18, T 12, FF 16; F +5, R +2, W +3

"Ach, let 'em come. We'll do th' same for 'em as th'others." Swagger aside, Fearghus readies his morningstar and shield in case they become necessary.

Luther backs up the outspoken ranger at the door.

Ava gets up ready, tensing her hands back and forth as she breaths deeply, using her keen sense of smell to find out who might be on the otherside of the door.


From her scent ability can she get a trace of the scent of the man or whatever is out there? If so is it a familiar scent? Your ruling really if she can actually pick up the scent or not.

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

I wait for a sign from the barkeep. If I get a nod, I will open the door and step back at the same time.

f human monk 1 (drunken master)

Trouble??! Dolgana whispers at her top volume; her inebriated state is now evident. See the thing is, they always wait for you to open the door. They're... coming in! What we need to do is go OUT to them. Let's break through the door- they'll never expect it! she proposes her wild plan to the nearest person holding a beverage. Her eyes gleam expectantly, waiting for a response.

Your not too sure, but you think it is probably some kind of bird at the window.

After about half a minute, whatever's at the window taps again, and third time right after.

"I guess we'll have to tell 'em Val, I can't keep Ka'eln out there for much longer."

Valyana looks from Shalyna to Talus, then sighs as she rolls up her sleeve to reveal a set of intricate intertwining tattoos around her arm.

Durnak/Anna/Fearghus INT Check or Knowledge(Local) DC 12; Everyone else DC 17:
You remember something from some time ago. Maybe from a mentor, or from rumors whispered with fear, but you have heard of a group from the nearby Iron Pines that tattoo themselves. Most of the people in the surrounding villages blame them for blighted crops, missing children, goblin raids, and other such unpleasantries.

Durnak/Anna INT Check or Knowledge(Local) DC 17:
You recognize these tattoos as being those worn by the Druids of the Iron Pines. They are secretive, but are not guilty of any of the atrocities they are blamed for. They protect the woods and fae from the ravishes of the orc, goblin, troll, and ogre clans that make their camps at the edges of the Iron Pines.

Shalyna goes to let in Ka'eln, who turns out to be a fine hawk, as Valyana begins speaking.

"Me and Shalyna are not yer normal barmaids." Valyana rolls her sleeve back down to hide the tattoos. "I don't know where we came from, and neither does she. We were raised by the other druids in the woods. We were taught what they knew, and even became skilled enough to gain the respect and friendship of our companions."

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

Int check: 1d20 ⇒ 20

You see a big grin come across Durnak's face:
Geez, a priest'ss a da woods. One don't see dru'ds in da city none to much. Whata brings you gals ta dis cesspool a h'manity. 'n da kitty done be yer companion I 'pose.

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1
Dolgana wrote:
Dolgana chokes down another swig Sometimes the way to earn that balance is through boot to the head.

Boot to the Head - Ti Kwan Leap

Male Human Ranger (Freebooter/Trapper) HP 25/25 AC 17 (18 with Shield) FF 14 T 13 CMD 16 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +0 Init +5 Per +5

Knowledge Local 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15

With the rolling up of the sleeves of Valyana and Shalyna Genisen's attention is finally drawn away from the booze. He doesn't recognize the symbols, but the women seem much more interesting to him now.

M Human Paladin 2; Init +2; Per +0; HP 24; AC 18, T 12, FF 16; F +5, R +2, W +3

Knowledge (Local) [DC 12]: 1d20 ⇒ 16

Query for DM:
Should that be Fearghus instead of Anna for the second Knowledge check? Given the info in the first, would Knowledge (religion) work as well given that's exactly the type of thing my character should know given his background and archtype (vow against savagery)?

If so, either my first roll above would count, or Knowledge (regligion): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

Huh, a 1. Nevermind.

Fearghus waits tensely for the druids to respond to Durnak. His backwoods, childhood instincts were to not trust them, which didn't at all square with what he'd so recently come to know of Shalyna and Valyana as being "young lasses, kind a' heart an' fair a' face".

"So, why don't we invite our guest in and we can start from the beginning?" Luther says with a smile.

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

Guest? The person at the window was a bird.

Well,the reason Anna is listed instead of you is her background would have placed in an area that is more friendly to the druids. Kael'rathen's elves would get along well with the Druids of the Iron Pines since their aims would be similar, protect the sanctity of the forest, etc. Fearghus grew up near the Iron Pines, but he would not have known about the true nature of the druids, or even that they were druids because of the fear. I also want to say that you did a nice job playing that bit out. The other thing is I am assuming that you headed south and trained in Sal Kavun. If that is the case then most of the priests and other people you would have ran into would probably dismiss the rumors and tales as nothing more than the delusions of the northern peasantry. Basically what's happening right now is a very big leap of faith for these two and it is going to have major implications down the road. >:)

Shalyna closes the window and shutters. A sad look clouds her face and her voice is low when she begins to speak.

"The two of us have been friends for as long as we can remember. We don't know how we wound up orphaned in the woods, but I guess the Starsong was lookin' over us, because it was one o' the druids that found us an' not a goblin or worse. It was a group o' about a dozen druids that raised us and taught us the ways o' the wood. Then, they-- they--"

Tears gleam in her eyes and her voice breaks as she tries to get the words out. Ka'eln, the hawk gives a little squawk nuzzles the girl's cheek.

Valyana comes to Shalyna's side and wraps a comforting arm around her friend.

"Right after our initiation as one of the forest walkers, when we gifted our tatoos and found our companions, a band of goblins attacked. They slaughtered all but the four of us. We were told to hide, so we hid under the roots of an old pine. We ran after the goblins left, there were no dead to bury, they took them all. We ran until we saw the town walls. We snuck in and probably would have died here, if not for Talus. He found us alone on the streets and took us in, and let us stay after he heard our story. That was almost seven years ago."

Though her voice is calm and even, a tear runs down her cheek and pain is all too clear in her eyes.

"Now ye shee? Now ye shee why I callsh 'em me daughtersh?"

Though he still slurs his words, Talus seems much more sober and subdued after the girls recount their tale.

"Ish not fair for 'em to hash to live in dish hell-hole. An'-- an' wut ye ish doin' ish gonna make tingsh better fer 'em."

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

Lol - just realized that I have Blade of Mercy as a trait. I don't take -4 for dealing non-lethal damage. Would have been nice to remember in the earlier fight.

Grrr, I hates gobl'ns. Ev'n more 'n I hates cities. My st'ry done be da op'site a yers. I'sa born in Sal Port 'n growed up fight'n fer ev'ry bite a food. Fight'n fer food gots me inta pris'n 'fore I's thirteen. When's I 'scaped, I done said g'bye ter da city 'n goed ta da woods. Been liv'n off da land fer neigh on ten years. So you good gals done growed up in da woods 'n fled to da city. I growed up in da city 'n fled to da woods.

With this, Durnak reaches out and scratches the big cat behind the ears and takes another swig of his ale.

Wild Empathy: 1d20 + 1 - 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 - 1 = 20

M Human Paladin 2; Init +2; Per +0; HP 24; AC 18, T 12, FF 16; F +5, R +2, W +3

Fearghus relaxes as the girls relate their tale. "Seems we've got a lot more'n common than'd be guessed af'er," Fearghus addressed the girls quietly.

"Valyana, I tol'ja in'a kitchen a'fore all mess broke 'at we've all 'r secrets - an' since we all seem t'be in a sharin' mood, mine's more'n a mite like y'rs: three years back, my whole village - all a' way north t'th'Iron Pines - was killed by th' damned goblins. I was in th' next village over t' see th' smoke an' such, but t'ain't a-one a' my whole fam'ly made it out alive an' that day I swore 'venge on 'em filthy greenskins an' never a day goes by I don' get all in a fury thinkin' 'bout it an' wantin' t'head up there 'gain an' slay 'em all."

"Aye, an' if there be any other kin'a service it is I c'n do f'r you, I will, no matter a' cost in gold, steel, or my life's blood, cuz t'ain't right what ye been through 'n s'pas' time someone 'sides Talus 'ere made good f'r ye both."

Male Human Ranger/1, Rogue/1

Thinking about posts. Is Anna still with us? She has not posted in 6 days. Her last post on any board was 5 days ago.

Dunno, but I think I may just need to move on without her, something similar happened in the other game. I can try and get another spell caster or I can make a DMPC that you pick up later, entirely up to you guys, just put your thoughts in the discussion thread.

Durnak Zweiblatt wrote:
Thinking about posts. Is Anna still with us? She has not posted in 6 days. Her last post on any board was 5 days ago.

might just be busy, it has been east and such afterall. Might only get net from computers at work.

"I'd like to learn about this lord you mentioned before sir." Krol turns to the inn keeper. "I have never exchanged pleasantries with other nobles and I am also curious if he really is as thick as you claim or if he is simply unable to cater to all the people who live here. Afterall, owning a town is a difficult task. Balancing allowences, hiring guards, keeping employment high, but not so high that no job gets done."

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