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Wayward Kings (Inactive)

Game Master AdamWarnock

A group of adventurers stumble upon a mad lord with dreams of being a king and a young druid that he wants to awaken an ancient artifact.

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Cleric 1st - HP 7/9 - F+3.R+0.W+5 - AC 14.10.14 Init. +0 - Perc. +3

Holding his ground and threatening the thug with his morningstar, Longthorn tries to surprise the brute with a fist to the jaw instead.
Non-Lethal punch to the face of Thug 3 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9 Damage 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

...unless by the time his turn arrives the thug manages to really hurt which case Lucky will grab the mornigstar in two hands and hit for 1d8+3 damage.....not that it matters because it looks like he's going to miss anyway. Lucky has no appetite for bloodshed here.

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

Kyle gives a visible sigh as he pulls himself up from his chair, I'm sure more swords would keep the place from getting trashed. Besides do I really want to help the magic using demon girl? Gods, the things I get myself into.

Kyle stands, and rushes closer and shots to the 3 ruffians, Fellas, I smell brimstone, that means the she-devil summoned more o' her kin. We need ta get more Pikes a'fore they get here!, he then moves towards the door as if he's going to lead the charge outside.

Bluff: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

As the thugs scored a few hits on her, Shael reacted instinctively. As she spoke the incantation and tossed red dust at her foes, a great burst of color shot forth from her fingertips and enveloped a couple of the thugs. The burst of color lasted but a moment, and as the light in the room returned to normal one thug lay on the floor and the other was unaffected.

She had been trying to bring down all the thugs in a single burst and sadly her magic wasn't strong enough. At least one was down, but now the entire room was on the move and coming towards them. Some surprisingly had joined in on bringing these Bloody Pikes down but now that she revealed herself as a caster they were as likely to club her as well. Smooth, real smooth Shael. I wonder which will kill me first the lynch mob or burning at the stake?

The thugs boastful remarks are greeted by a mocking laugh from Shael as she started to berate them. "The Bloody Pikes? I wonder how they treat failure so far I alone bloodied you and downed your mate. Let see how you explain that to your boss. I am sure he would love to hear about your failure."

Sense Motive 1d20 ⇒ 2

She felt like glaring at the the man rushing towards the door as his words added fuel to the fire. She didn't have time to add more to her mocking comment, she knew she wasn't facing them alone, she just wanted to rile them up further and throw them off kilter, she had no idea who all was on her side in the room though. So with little options left she drew her longsword and tried to smack the thug in front of her (I-8) with the flat of her blade.

MA: Draw Longsword
SA: Swing at I-8 Thug 1, Attempt to inflict non-lethal damage 1d20 + 1 - 4 ⇒ (9) + 1 - 4 = 6 Thats not gonna work! D:


Malcom <=
Kyle <=
Leopard *
Shalyna *
Thug 1 *
Shael <=
Valyana *
Gurni <=
Thug 3 *
Barkeep *
Lucky <=
Thug 2 1/4 *
Goodwin <=
Ray <=

<= gone

Alright I'll have what happened up in a minute.

GM Screen:

Thug 1 HP: 1/10 Gone.
Thug 2 HP: 10/10 unconscious, blinded, and stunned for 2
Thug 3 HP: 3/10 down and dying.

Thug 1 and 2 Sense motive:
1 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8
2 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18

Shael AoO:
Attack: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

Bite: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

Malcom does little but shift his gaze to Shael and grab his sword. Kyle, on the other hand tries to get the two still standing thugs to run away.
The fat thug makes a break for it, and manages to get out the door and down the street as Shael's dagger thrust misses. The lanky thug, the only one still left fighting doesn't follow.

"Get back here ye bastard! He's a lyin' co-WHOA!"

The thug barely manages to avoid the leopards jaws as the cat tries to bite him. Shalyna and Valyana run into the kitchen. Shael turns to face the last thug and drops her dagger. Her starts to smile, only to realize that was so she could draw her longsword. She tries to hit him with the flat of the blade, but finds that the thug managed to parry the blow with his club. Gurni, seeing only one target rushes up to the tall lanky man and delivers a sound blow to the last thug's head. A sickening crack resounds through the common room. His knees crumple and he hits the floor hard.

Several seconds later, the hawk-nosed thug sees the trail of blood the fat thug left behind and the lanky thug down.

"I GIVE UP! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" he screams as he throws his hands up.

The two serving girls come out a moment later, Valyana has a quarterstaff in her hands and Shalyna has a club in hers. The barkeep looks around and moves to close and bar the door.

He turns on Shael and speaks through gritting teeth, "Watch yerself. I don't wanna have to see someone who helped me with that problem die 'cause she was careless 'bout where she was castin' spells!"

He sighs and makes his way over to the bar. and pours himself a drink.

Out of combat, you have a thug that surrendered another that's out cold, and three very relieved people. So what are all of you doing?

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

"Are you okay, miss?" Ray asks, glancing at Shael and lowering the staff.

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

Kyle turns back towards his table with a nod to the "Demon-girl" and a look at the bar keep as if to say "Are you satisfied?" and grumbling under his breath takes his seat.

Male Human Ranger 1

Goodwin sits back down and suveys the room.

"No lasting damage, thats good. Hopefully these thugs will think twice about messing with this establishment again. But who is this so called Bloody Pike?"

While keeping an eye on the others who jumped to the tieflings aid he flags down a serving girl and orders a cold beer.

Now that the fight seems to be over, Malcom resumes his weary demeanor. Overhearing the Ranger order a drink Malcom decides to order another also. Not satisfied with his last beverage he decides to try something different.

"Make that 2 please, and this time I'd like what the Dwarf is having."

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

"I'm having one of everything! Brawling makes a wicked thirst."

Turning to the tiefling, he asks "You ok girl? You certainly know how to make an entrance."

Addressing the assembled hall:"What are we doing with these boys? That one's going to wake up with a mighty headache...but this one came to his senses. So who are these Bloody Pikes? More like the Bloody Fools...Barkeep, you've heard of them?"

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael looked to almost be ready to lunge after the fleeing thug but smirked darkly at the thought of what his boss would do to him and instead left him to his fate. If they come for vengeance I will deal with it then. She was brought out of her moment of satisfaction by the angry hiss of the bartender. Sheepishly she sheathed her longsword and placed the dagger back in its wrist sheath with a quiet click. She mumbles to the bartender as he walks away."I mean't to avoid too much bloodshed... It didn't go as expected..."

After exchanging an uneasy nod to the cloaked man, who had tricked the last thug into running, she looked at the man with the staff and nodded. "I am fine, thanks to everyone's help. You have my deepest thanks. My name is Shael and I am sorry you had to step in on my account, I hadn't been looking for trouble." She says this as she takes the downed thugs cloak, ties up their prisoner and staunches the bleeding before the wounded thug bled out. Once they was secure she took the clubs from the thugs and tossed them into the fireplace. As the clubs burned she walked back over and looked at the last thug, nodding to the dwarf as she let a warm smile creep across his face. She was fluent in dwarven and "A azl waara Lazthkah Tzhazhwa, High Pass was far rougher then these thugs. I am glad no one was injured on my account. Now the question remains do we geld this one or perhaps he will be so kind and tell us more about the Bloody Pikes. What will it be Hawk-nose? The knife? Or information?" To emphasis her point she starts easing the dagger back out of its wrist sheath.


"I am fine Master Dwarf."

Intimidate - Hawk-Nosed thug 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

The thug looks as if he's about ready to wet himself when the barkeep pipes up.

"Just tie 'im up or knock 'im out. Anythin' he tells ye is like to be truth as not."

He downs a shot of whiskey and gives a heartfelt sigh.

"Name's Talus. Thank ye fer beatin' the strach outta those three, but lettin' that one get away might've made things worse. Take o' those two an' pull up a chair an' I'll spin ye a yarn."

He walks around the bar to the long table worn smooth by years of use. He's carrying three bottles and a few shot glasses. He sets them down and goes back to the bar and grabs the bottle and shot glass he was using. He sits down and points to the two serving girls.

"Valyana, Shalyna, pull the shutters tight, we won't be havin' any business tonight."

Then he waits for everyone to finish their tasks before beginning his tale.

Cleric 1st - HP 7/9 - F+3.R+0.W+5 - AC 14.10.14 Init. +0 - Perc. +3

Longthorn helps to gather chairs and settle around the table with the others. He sits and lights his pipe....puffing on it luxuriantly as he listens to Talus. Lonthorn lives for a good tale.....

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael gives the thug one final cold look before cutting the nastiest, filthiest rag off his unconscious friend and jams it in his mouth as in impromptu gag. She leans in close, close enough he gets a whiff of hot leather and can see the slight glow in her eyes. She whispers low and with cold confidence in the thugs ears.

Sweet Nothings~:
"Since I don't wish to bloody his floors with your filth I will mark your faces instead. If I hear of a single girl be harmed in these parts, I will hunt you down and end you and your gang. The last thing you'll see if my hoof crushing your skull into the cobblestone."
She stands then, leaving the thug shivering while gagged and bound on the floor.

What are the thugs armed with other then the clubs?

Once she gives the downed thug a once, searching his person before over she joins the others around the barkeep. Pulling a chair away from one of the tables and sitting down. As she sits down her face twists with pain for a moment before she sighs and unwraps her stiff tail. It snaked out, through the back of the chair, and twitches contently much like a cats would as she sat relaxed. "Apologies and I too enjoy a good story~"

Malcom, who is already sitting at the big table looks genuinly interested in what the barkeep has to say. He neatly places bid dishes in a pile at the edge of the table for the servers to pick up and pulls his chair in close.

Shael, where are you sitting at the table? Sit next to me if you haven't already picked a spot.

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1
Shael_ wrote:
"I am fine, thanks to everyone's help. You have my deepest thanks. My name is Shael and I am sorry you had to step in on my account, I hadn't been looking for trouble."

"I'm Ray, and you are welcome. I couldn't just stand by and let you deal with the drunkards alone, could I?"

The Thug does wet himself. Valyana sighs and shakes her head.

"I know he deserves it, but couldn't ye have had him wet himself outside?"

She gives a little chuckle and doesn't seem too unhappy about the whole thing.

GM Screen:
2d10 ⇒ (8, 7) = 15

On the two thugs you find two potions of Cure Light Wounds, two sets of studded leather, two rapiers, two clubs, four daggers and 17 gp. (This is all the gear and gold from both of them.)
By the way, does anyone want to make a perception check?

"Yer tale would make fer a better story than the one I have to tell, lass." Talus seems oddly at ease with the odd looking woman. Valyana and Shalyna clear the tables and bring Gurni, Malcom, and Goodwin their drinks. He smiles and offers everyone gathered a drink before settling into his chair and beginning.
"It all started about ten years ago. Lord Gurat Redwall has never been the kindest or even the most lawful of lords, and Redwall has never been the kind of town ye'd want to raise a family. Well, things started going down hill when he started looking for something. He won't tell anyone, but his own soldiers, and that is one of the few things they keep their lips tight about. Both the town guard and the house guard were put to work looking for this thing. At first only a few thieves and thugs were bold enough to start messing with things, but as Gurat's obsession grew, things got worse. He started hiring the thugs that came in. The monsters started coming in to raid the surrounding villages and bandits hounded traders on the Old King's Road."

Talus sighs and shakes his head.

"Adventurin' types started coming up here to fight the monsters and bandits. The king down in Sal Kavun even put up a bounty to encourage them. For every one that did some good, there were five or ten that found banditry and thuggery to their liking. Gurat was even hiring some of these people, you probably noticed this when you came in to town. No one messes with the guardsmen, but they let gangs form and have wars over what they control. One of these gangs is the Bloody Pikes." He shudders and downs another shot of whiskey. "They came in here about two years ago claiming the place as theirs. When I said something, the leader, the fat one that got away, started-st-started..." He puts his head into his hands and begins to weep. He manages to get himself under control and resume his tale after a minute, but it's obvious that it's painful to him. "He started to threaten me girls." He gives a sidelong glance to the two serving girls. "Mentioned every little detail of how he was going to make them scream. I couldn't stand to listen to him go on like that, so I gave in. They took most of the liquor and gold and left me with barely enough to support the three of us and the inn."

He pours himself a fourth shot and downs it slowly. He sets the glass back down and looks the seven of you in the eyes.

"You lot seem like the decent sort, even if you are a little slow to help." His gaze shifts to Kyle, Goodwin, and Malcom in turn. "I thank ye, and I'm sure me girls thank ye. Sadly, those three are only a part of the problem. Once the leader of them damned Bloody Pikes hears about this he'll probably kill us all, but not before he learns more about you. He's cautious, and sharp as a razor, and that's why he's so dangerous. Take him and the rest of the Pikes out and we'll all rest easier. Do that and I'll give ye a place to stay as well as food and some drinks. What say ye?"

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

Oh for the love of... I just wanted to sit and mind my business. Don't get involved. Now there's a damn price on my head.

Kyle sits there for a long moment in the silence that follows the innkeeper's story. He finally sighs and shakes his head, "Well, it doesn't appear that we have much of a choice. We either go get them, or we wait for them to come get us. I'd much rather it be on our terms."

He looks over at the collection of items Shael takes from the thugs, "I have a need for those daggers, if no one minds?"

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

"Pah! First pick's to those who did the thumping, starting with the girlie here." He nodded at Shael. "But if she don't mind, do for 'em. I pick my teeth with bigger steel...

Gurni takes a moment to size up the group; those that leaped into the fray as well as those that didn't. "Now, I don't know about you boys, but I came to this town looking for some trouble. Appears it done found me out itself. Give me the place and I'll go crack some heads, barkeep! Sounds like this 'ole bunch needs a lesson in courtin the fair lasses o' the town." He throws a wink at Valyana.

"Who's with me?"

While he waits for the groups consensus, Gurni narrows his eyes at the thugs and their belongings...
Perception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

Not even in town for an evening and already I feel as though I am starting to fit in here. An offer for a place to stay in the meantime and good company, how could I pass this opportunity up.

Talus wrote:
"You lot seem like the decent sort, even if you are a little slow to help." His gaze shifts to Kyle, Goodwin, and Malcom in turn.

"I apologize for not helping earlier. Had I known your situation beforehand I would have been the first one with my sword in the air."

Malcom pats Gurni on the back.

"Your cause is a just one Talus. I will do what I can to help."

Malcom raises his tankard to the middle of the table for everybody to clink mugs.

Perception: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (9) - 1 = 8

Male Human Ranger 1

Slow to help? I suppose I could have been quicker on the draw but the situation was well under control, in any case the Pikes do need to be stopped

"This wretched hive of scum and villainy could do with some cleaning, so if you lot are going on the hunt for these bastard you can bet Winter will be right behind you"

Goodwin Raises his mug to Malcom's

Goodwin's nickname is Winter for those of you who aren't aware

Cleric 1st - HP 7/9 - F+3.R+0.W+5 - AC 14.10.14 Init. +0 - Perc. +3

Perception 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22

My people have long suffered from the likes of these thugs. They prey on the fear we hold for the safety of loved ones...they prey on that as if it were our weakness. But they are fools in the end, for it is that love which strengthens our resolve when we stand together to throw off their yoke and defeat them. If we decide here to take up a common cause, Talus, will your girls know of the dangers? Are they ready for this challenge? Are you ready for that risk?...for all of us will be in danger. I for one am ready to stand and fight.

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael nods to Ray, bowing her head in thanks. "It is good to know that chivalry isn't dead, I was afraid my looks would convince many to leave me too my fate. Which how could I blame anyone for that?"

She takes the items from the thugs, leaving them with only the filthy rags they call clothing. She gives Valyana a wink and cracks a small smile as her emotional armor cracks some. Perhaps she had been wrong in expecting to be lynched or burned. "After there threats he deserves much worse but..." she thumbs through the thugs purse and pulls out a handful of coins, handing Valyana ten gold coins her smile softens. "Hopefully this makes up for my mess, if not you can name your price." She gives her another wink before carrying the remaining items to the nearest table.

She chooses a seat next to Malcom, spreading the thugs gear out on the table and nods in agreement to the barkeeper but remains silent as he starts his tale. At the end she nods in agreement with the others. "Your in luck as I'm looking to begin my trade as a bounty hunter in Redwall, what better way then breaking these Bloody Pikes and scattering them to the winds."

With an icy glare to the bound and gagged thug, she turns back to nod at the others and grabs up one of the remaining gold coins along with one of the healing potions. Other then that she leaves the rest of the items on the table. "Feel free to help yourselves, especially are hosts, I am sure they won't mind. Will you Hawk-nose? Now. If we are to face the Pikes it would be good that they find their once submissive marks are armed and ready to fight them. We also should find out who else has been threatened, I want to pick their territory apart piece by piece, weaken them enough where other gangs will start picking them off. Then once they're beaten down enough we can cut them down and start cleaning up their turf and, in a sense, make it ours. Except instead of fear we build community and start taking back the streets from the gangs."

She smiles at the thought, so many strong hands about, it would be all to easy to strike at the Pikes. "Before we can though we are going to have to learn more about each other. As you all know I am a... Magician of sorts. I can fight decently enough but I'm not as strong or durable as well... Some of you appear to be."

sorry for the long posts, I am traveling and trying to cover as many bases as I can. ;) now there is 6 gold a potion and a ton of gear left over. Have at it!

I will add the one gold and potion to my sheet later, just posting it here for quick reference~

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

Kyle rolls his eyes at Lucky's flowery speech and picks up two of the daggers making them quickly disappear. He looks around to see if anyone wants the other two, if not he'll grab those also.

"Name's Kyle. I'm what they call a 'Problem Solver'. Underneath the cloak you can see he has a shortsword strapped to each leg, and he wears a chain shirt.

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1
Shael_ wrote:
Shael nods to Ray, bowing her head in thanks. "It is good to know that chivalry isn't dead, I was afraid my looks would convince many to leave me too my fate. Which how could I blame anyone for that?"

"A couple of days ago, I might not have struck a blow against them." Ray says as he returns to his seat. "My outlook has changed a lot though."

The man with his glass still raised looks as though his armor was pieced together from various dumpster raids. His sword looks to big for a person of his size and stature. He is unshaven, dirty and smells. There is something about him though, in his mannerisms, or the look in his eyes or the half smile on his face which clearly give away the fact that Malcom is both a happy and good man.

"I am Malcom. I"m currently looking to start a new life far from Goldton. Redwall might not have been my first choice but I'm happy to reside here for the time being."

Cleric 1st - HP 7/9 - F+3.R+0.W+5 - AC 14.10.14 Init. +0 - Perc. +3

I am Longthorn. Some people call me Lucky. My people deemed me a chosen one of Desna on account of my auspicious birth. The Goddess favours those who are willing to stand up and take a chance to break their bonds and pursue their dreams. Since I was born I have sought Desna's way beneath the stars. I have fought for freedom and she has blessed me in turn with a measure of her power. When needed, I can call upon her to work minor marvels, heal wounds, strenghten resolve or swing the balance of fate.

I have been wandering these lands looking for adventure and seeking like-minded people to join in a worthy cause.

"Valyana and Shalyna re probably safer right now than they've been in a long time."

Talus gives a laugh that comes from his belly and shakes his head as if he could hardly believe how these strangers were rallying around him to help.

"You have my thanks and ye are more than welcome to stay here. I will tell ye this, don't go stirring too much trouble. That'll bring the guardsmen down on us, and they won't have second thoughts about selling those of us they can to slavery and killing those they can't."

He scratches his head, ruffling his thinning salt and pepper hair.

"Easiest way to end the Pikes would be to kill the leader. More than one gang here has fallen apart because the leader's lieutenants couldn't let the others order them around. Only problem is we don't know where ye could find him."

You notice that both Valyana and Shalyna have tattoos peeking out from under a sleeve or a wrapping. You also notice that the two of them are far more at ease around the leopard than is normally wise. The leopard eyes also show an intelligence far above what you would expect out of an animal.

Perception DC 5:
A foul stench is beginning to come from the hawk nosed thug. You also notice that the lanky one Gurni dropped is coming to.

Perception DC 10:
The two serving girls, Valyana, and Shalyna are far more at ease around the leopard than is normally wise.

Perception DC 15:
The leopard eyes also show an intelligence far above what you would expect out of an animal.

Perception DC 20:
Both Valyana and Shalyna have tattoos peeking out from under a sleeve or a wrapping.

Perception DC 25:
Valyana doesn't seem quite human. Her hair and skin seem to glow. When she speaks, it's like listening to soothing music.

Lucky Perception DC 25:
Your holy symbol seems to hum a pleasing little melody whenever she's near.

Shael Perception DC 25:
The heat coming off you seems to be more in control when Valayana is nearby. the

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

perception - I will take 10 if that's allowed if not here is my roll~ 1d20 ⇒ 1 LOL! Nice! Well let me know if I can take 10th as take 20 seems extreme, if not. Oh well :)

Blissfully unaware, feeling the blow she received from the thugs club, Shael shakes her head as she clarifies her thoughts. She keeps her voice low as she eyes the still awake thug. "My mentor always said I spoke too quickly before gathering my thoughts appropriately. I will think on it some more." she leans back in her chair, her tail flicking back and forth as she thought. "Since we've stirred up the hornets nest you could use me as bait or these two to attract their lieutenant, last thing the Bloody Pikes want is to look weak in there own territory~"

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

"Hmmph. Barkeep has the right of it. With a lot 'o thugs like these, you cut off the head and the rest go scurrying away fast as fast can be. Now, by my way, you point me at their front door and I'll walk right in with a smile, bust some heads. But, might be our 'lil devil here has the right of it. Maybe the, mmmmmm, indirect approach has some advantages." He throws another wink Shael's way.

Gurni looks around at the assembled group. "So do we beat where to find this big boss man out of one 'o these? Or maybe barkeep can tell us where this lot holes up? Go in all sneaky-like?"

"And if ye don't know, the name's Gurni. They call me the One-knuckle, 'cuz that's all I need to give out a thrashing. Had a smidgen of trouble up north a while back. Figured this stinkhole of a town, no offense barkeep, was as good a place as any to, err, find meself, as the oracles long as its well supplied in bustable heads, eh? Ahahaha." He doesn't seem to care, or notice, if anyone joins in the laugh.

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

Assuming the perception is for everyone who cares to try...
Perception:1d20 ⇒ 17

"Speaking of heads, the one you knocked out is coming around and his is bound to be hurting." Ray tells Gurni as he watches the leopard out off the corner of his eye. It reminded him of Lobo in a way, obviously more than a typical creature yet at ease next to humans. Of course, he doubted the leopard could talk to him in his mind.

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael returns Furni's wink with a coy smile but Ray's comment made her features darken. "Is he now?" She rises from her seat and swiftly closes the distance to the thugs. She pulled out her dagger and started cutting up his clothes to make some impromptu bindings. It wasn't perfect but it would work. She gives hawk nose a cold smile as she looked down on his friend as he started coming to. "You want this one Gurni? Maybe he knows where there boss resides and so far my good looks and kind words have got me nothing but a stain on the floor..." She gives Talus an apologetic look before shaking her head in disgust at the pair of thugs. And you were going to teach me a lesson? So gutless when the tables turned...

Ray wrote:
"Speaking of heads, the one you knocked out is coming around and his is bound to be hurting."

"It appears he also s#+* himself. I can smell him in addition to the odors both One-Knuckle and I are putting off."

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

"Huh..."Gurni eyes the awakening thug askance. "I didn't mean to clean up this town literally...feh."

He gets up and crosses to the newly bound thug. "Well, boy? How about you tell us where these Bloody Pikes call home? Where we can find the boss? If you do, maybe we don't feed you to our pet here..." He points out the leopard.

Intimidation check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

"I suppose I could ask around, see what the locals say on the subject.

Assuming no one objects, and when things are settled in the bar, Kyle will go out and try to gather information and use his Knowledge: Local to find out more about the Pikes and their leader:

Gather Info (Diplomacy): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
Know: Local: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

Malcom takes a long, slow zip from his drink. He then looks to everybody who is still sitting at the table.

"What will we do with these two once we get the information we need? Does Redwall even have a prison and if so, would they even bother throwing gang members in there? I have a hard time imagining we'd just let them go once they tell us."

Male Probably human Computer Scientist 1/ Character Synthesizer 20/ Crazy 99

Post to come later. Actually several posts, but you get the idea.

Lucky and Shael, I goofed up and didn't realize that the two of you could not make a DC 25 at this time, if you roll a twenty on a perception check, or higher, you can look at your spoiler under the general DC 25.

"I'm sorry that happened. At least let me see if I can help you with your shoulder."

Valyana pulls Shael off to the side and helps her take off the leather armor. She winces a little at the heat, but other than that, makes no comment. Her hands work gently over the rising bruise and the pain and tightness just seem to vanish. All te

Shael perception DC 12; Everyone else perception DC 20:

It sounds like she's casting a spell.

Spellcraft DC 16, only if you made the perception check.:

The spell is cure light wounds.
CLW: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

Shael you heal 8 points of damage.

Talus' laugh once again fills the common room.

"I couldn't begin to tell ye where those rats are holed up. As for those two, I'd take 'em to the guard house down the street. No sense in letting 'em smell up the place."

Cleric 1st - HP 7/9 - F+3.R+0.W+5 - AC 14.10.14 Init. +0 - Perc. +3

Perception check #11d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13
Perception check #2 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
Spellcraft check #3 N/A

When Shelyna profers a dram of strong whiskey to Longthorn he smiles,and downs it while looking into her eyes.

"That's a remarkable pus- ahem - cat you have. Do you not worry that it might create trouble with patrons? of you must be a master animal trainer of the highest order to tame such a beast - hic"

The lanky thug that Gurni knocked out is still to groggy to do more than mutter about how his head hurts, but his friend is much more cooperative.

"The warehouse! The warehouse behind the abandoned smithy!"

The hawk-nosed thug's outburst brings the lanky one from his stupor.

"Shaddup! Ye wantin' Yale ta kill us!"

Lucky Longthorn wrote:

When Shelyna profers a dram of strong whiskey to Longthorn he smiles,and downs it while looking into her eyes.

"That's a remarkable pus- ahem - cat you have. Do you not worry that it might create trouble with patrons? of you must be a master animal trainer of the highest order to tame such a beast - hic"

Shalyna gives Lucky a reassuring smile, and a little laugh.

"She's better behaved than that. If yer looking for the 'master trainer' ye'll be wantin' Val."

Male Human Ranger 1

"My name Is Goodwin, many choose to call me Winter, the choice is yours to make. If were done chatting it appears there is work to be done, so Mr problem solver lets hit the streets and see what else we can dig up."

Goodwin wears a green cloak that obscures his face, all but the snow white beard that is. The rest of his body is tough hairy and contains a good number of scars. A longsword at his hip and a light shield slung across his back. His eyes constantly scan for trouble and his lips look as if they haven't formed a smile in years.

It's starting to get dark out there, are you sure that you want to go out at night?

Talus looks a little nervous as Goodwin and Kyle are discussing going out to gather information.

"It's not that I don't appreciate the help, but ye might wanna just take those two to the guard house just down the street and leave the Pikes for tomorrow. Ye don't have much daylight left, and it's worse at night. Besides, I think at least one of you asked for a bath, and I think many of you could use one."

He turns to Valyana and Shalyna. and motions for them to come over.

"If ye two could start gettin' baths ready I'll be along in a minute to help." He returns his gaze to the party and gives an apologetic smile. "I'm afraid that there's only two tubs, and only a curtain between 'em. Decide when ye're gonna go," his friendly voice takes on a distinct edge, "but the lady who took the hit goes first. And I don't want any of ye peepin'. Got me?"

"Since I was the one who ordered the bath I hope you all don't mind if I go first. I'm exausted from my travels and think it would be best if we waited until tomorrow to go after the Pikes. If Kyle and Winter here want to hit the streets, why not have them drop off the captives to the guard house tonight. We can all get a good nights rest and start fresh in the morning."

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Perception - DC 25 (need a 20) Fail 1d20 ⇒ 9
Perception - DC 12 1d20 ⇒ 19
Spellcraft - DC 16 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

Shael tenses as Valyana takes her to the side and starts removing her armor so she can commence her tender ministrations. She held up her hand when Valyana recoiled, from touching Shael's skin, stopping her momentarily as she spoke quietly. "I cannot control it... The hellfire never stops, so please be careful..." Shael had never been gifted with being overly watchful but she took noice of what Valyana movements meant, but she wasn't able to decipher what she was casting. As her bruising vanishes she quirks an eyebrow. "Destruction magic is easy to master, its creation magic I have never been able to learn, especially restoration. Thank you, Valyana."

She remains silent as to the fate of the thugs, they'd been stripped of their gear and humiliated and if they didn't take her threat seriously...

They would regret ever being born.

Shael smiles warmly at Talus's comment and waves Malcom to go ahead of her. "Since there are two tubs I can wait for Malcom to get in his bath first, no worries though I shan't peep in on him. I promise~ Oh and don't worry about warming the water, I prefer it cold please." She took her time to follow after the large man and stripped off her clothing quickly. She enjoyed the cool feeling of the water as her skin was finally cold after days on the road. It wasn't long though before the eternal hellfire that burned within her began heating the water, slow at first and more rapidly as the minutes wore on.

Quickly cleaning up and toweling off she pulled on her clean set of clothing and strapped on her armor before she eventually rejoined the others back in the common area...

While baiting Malcom speaks to Shael through the curtain.

@ Shael:
"I couldn't help but notice during the scuffle that you are practiced in magic. I wouldn't normally bring it up on account that the subject is taboo. I haven't ever shared this with anyone, but you seem more open of the subject than most people. The thing is, I have this strange feeling inside me. It's like raw energy coursing through me, and if I concentrate on it I can manifest it into what I think might be magic. I have a hard time controlling it though. Is magic something that can be taught. I'd like to get a better grasp of what is happening and learn to harness this energy. Would you be willing to teach me?

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

"Of all the places to end up tonight, I get the one place that has a woman that was going to be attacked because she was different." Ray thinks as he sits back at his seat.

"Erastil, Desna, you both have a strange sense of humor." Ray sighs. He looks at the leopard more obviously now. He'd only heard stories about the large cats that stalked through forests and mountains, and was glad one had never found it's way to his farm.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

"Righto. Tomorrow it is, then. We'll pay this warehouse, and this Vale, a visit....someone should drop these two at the guardhouse, like our friend here suggests. I would volunteer, but perhaps someone who looks a bit more....local should take on that task."

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