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Way of the Wicked - a Tale of the Fall of Talingarde (Inactive)

Game Master Mark Sweetman

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Minor Crab-beast

Welcome to the unholy five who have made it through the meat grinder and are ready to be put in chains and locked away to await their execution...

Order of the day to start with is getting profiles and the crunch locked away. Once you've got it ready for review, please let me know in this thread and I'll give it a review and ask any mechanical questions I have.

Any remaining detailed questions should be posed in here, and I'll throw up the Game thread shortly (for you to put a dot in so it shows up on your campaign tracker).

We have the following party members:
Tark - Summoner
Black Jack / Merck - Human Antipaladin
Peanuts - Gaav (goal of Cornugon)
Set - Human Cleric of Asmodeus
Nostrus / Albrecht d'Famion - Human Magus

Dark Archive

(AC 17, hp 24 of 43) Cleric of Asmodeus 5

Woo-hoo! Cleric of Asmodeus, reporting for duty!

Greetings all, Albrecht reporting for dut... err, imprisonment! First things first, I've got a couple of possible links to other members of the party in my background. First of all, an minor devil conversed with Albrecht to steer him onto the Magus path. Peanuts, do you want that minor devil to be your gaav?

Secondly, Albrecht attempted to divert interest from his own worship of Asmodeus by setting his lancers after a scapegoat. Anyone want to volunteer for that to be them?


Dark Archive

(AC 17, hp 24 of 43) Cleric of Asmodeus 5

Albina spent a lot of her younger years hidden away, due to poor health, so she's not easily designed for having long term ties with others, but *someone* got her interested in Asmodean doctrine, and her family hobnobbed above their station (merchant house, dealing with shipping concerns and trade, more than anything, but a fairly well-to-do one), so she might have met a young nobleman at some point or another, particularly if his own family was involved in some matters of trade (and, perhaps, shady trade, such as the smuggling of Asmodean texts into or out of Talingarde, since that would tie into her own introduction to Asmodean tenets).

Anyone else who might have fallen into Asmodean worship through smuggled texts and articles of faiths might also be tied in with the smuggling family.

I foresee the d'Famion's as having been a military family, possibly even having been involved in the purge of Asmodean worship from Talingarde. That one of their own has fallen so far...

However, most noble families have fingers in a number of pies, so it isn't out with the realms of possibility that Albina and Albrecht know one another in passing.

Arcanist 8 | HP: 30 | AC: 15 (14 Touch, 12 Flatfooted) | CMD: 16 | Fort: +3, Reflex: +6, Will: +8| Init: +9 | Perception: +3, Sense Motive: +1

Dotting for now. Thinking im going to settle on a master summoner to complement the fairly good number of beat sticks we have.

Antipaladin lvl 3

Nice to meet you all. Jack used to be a crooked watch and had ties to one of the thief's guilds so it is possible that he had dealings with smugglers in the past, maybe the Mariposa family?

He too have dealt with the servants of Asmodeus before so its possible he knows Peanut's character. Do you guys wish to link our backgrounds?

@DM Voice. My profile is ready but I have been contemplating the Knight of the Sepulcher archetype. Do you think it would be a good fit for this campaign or should i just stay vanilla antipaladin?

Also, should we pick a race for humans, like Varisian or Cheliaxian?

Minor Crab-beast

Just a quick check in - weekends are more busy for me so I can really only get a decent chunk of time in the evening. (which will be in about 8 hours where I'll have some more for you.)

Looks like we're still waiting on one victim to check in as well.

Don't sweat on trying to tie everyone's backgrounds together. Do it if you want to, but it isn't needed. Alternatively once everyone's backgrounds and crunch are locked down and reviewed I can breadcrumb what people would know based on their fluff and skills.

Albrecht - your tempting devil would have to be one of the unnamed legion in hell. Gaavs are expendable footsoldiers, so wouldn't have been tasked with the offer. An imp would be most likely.

Shendalyn - Master Summoner is doable, as long as we keep it reasonably tasteful as far as numbers and minion control goes.

Black Jack - choose what you would like. Both are perfectly fine. As for ethnicity, you can leave it blank if you like, or select it - either works fine.

No worries, Voice, just wanted to see what we could do regards backstory. I think we could let the pieces fall into place. Jack and Albrecht probably know one another professionally, as Talingarde isn't at war with anyone, I would think te lancers would act as some kind of 'bounty hunters' or 'outriders' for catching criminals.

What kind of information would Albrecht and Jack have on Branderscar already? Given we'd have both been involved in law enforcement, would we have information on the Warden and other characters of note?

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Sorry about the delayed response, was overjoyed to find I had been selected when I checked this morning, but Saturday is my weekly RL game day too :D Also I live in Australia and work night-shifts just to make things even more confusing :p Don't worry bout me though, it's rare I'm not on at least once a day with enough time to post, and I'm very much looking forward playing with you guys.

That said here's my sheet, let me know if it needs any tweaking.

Peanuts, AKA Mi'Dre

Minor Crab-beast

Excellent - that brings us up to quorum and ready to rock.

Mi'Dre - no worries, weekends are slow for most of us. I'm also technically an Aussie (though have been living and working in Malaysia for 6 years now), so you're not alone in this part of the world ;)

Albrecht - you'd not know much of Branderscar itself apart from it's reputation as a formidable prison. Apart from those that actually staff it or deliver the condemned from the magistrates, no one else really interacts with them in a tangible manner. I'll go over in thread what is common knowledge to all.

One other item. Each of you will get one or two free skills that you don't need to invest any points into. It will increment with your character and counts as a class skill (if it didn't already). If you have already put a skill point to the skill in question - then you can redirect it to another skill of your choice. This is my way of ensuring that as a group there aren't any obvious holes in knowledge bases, etc.

The skills and some partial character feedback are as follows:
Albina - 1) freebies to Heal and Knowledge (Religion)
2) Your crime is Heresy which counts as a trait and gives you +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against divine spells
3) Sheet looks ok apart from that.

Albrecht - 1) freebie to Knowledge (Nobility)
2) Sheet looks ok.

Black Jack - 1) freebie to Knowledge (Local)
2) Sheet looks ok.

Mi'Dre - 1) freebie to Knowledge (Planes)
2) Also, add Common to your list of known languages. While it can be fun sometimes to work with limited communication and the telepathy would bypass it - I'd prefer everyone to share the tongue of the continent.
3) Might want to drop the the Gaav from the back of your profile name while you have the chance. Assuming (as I hope it does) this PbP lasts out to a devilish promotion, I'd hate for you to have to make a new profile up.
3) How do you feel with the level of ability that you currently have?

Shendalyn - freebie to Knowledge (Nature)

I've included the freebie. Bring on the guards!

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Ahh, another Aussie eh? Cool, looks like I'm only about 2 hours ahead of you then. It's like you're in Perth.

Alright moved the rank I had in planes to local (for an awesome +1), and added common. Don't think it would have been too much of an issue at least between the group, but it's appreciated nevertheless.

Ah yes, hehe, a good point about the name; didn't really think of that :p

I'm fairly satisfied :) with the fairly strong stat array you gave me he's ended up being the strongest and fastest in the party so I'm good. Skills wise two of them are somewhat lacking (disable device and knowledge (local) in particular with his Int, wouldn't mind if he got that one as a freebie), but they'll eventually become class skills when he gets his rogue level at 5. Can't complain really :)

Arcanist 8 | HP: 30 | AC: 15 (14 Touch, 12 Flatfooted) | CMD: 16 | Fort: +3, Reflex: +6, Will: +8| Init: +9 | Perception: +3, Sense Motive: +1

Should be good and clear now on my sheet unless someone spots something I missed. I picked my one trait and await to be sentenced with my other trait.

Minor Crab-beast

Shendalyn - 1) looks good to me, your crime is Consorting with the Dark Powers and the benefit You receive a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (planes) and Knowledge (arcana) checks, and one of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.
2) you'll start without your eidolon in play; but of course can summon him as soon as you're able to without drawing in the ire of the guards for a beatdown.

Mi'Dre - you also get to treat Know (Local) as a class skill - for a +4

I'll have the first in game post up tonight my time, complete with some lead in information on the prison and a special note for each of you...

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Woohoo! Can't wait to get started. Been waiting for a chance to play this game since I first learned about it :)

Minor Crab-beast

Aaaand we're up and running :)

Let's get our evil on!

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Before I post, have Mi'Dre's powers been nerfed by some ritual, or based on the knowledge (planes) spoiler, are all gaavs now 1hd critters?

Minor Crab-beast

Your powers have been 'supressed' by the torment you've suffered at the guards hands; which will take you some time and effort to recover from. No ritual was involved, just a period of time after your capture where you've been beaten down.

When you 'level' in the game, you'll essentially be healing some of that damage and recovering that which was lost to you.

Make sense enough?

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Alright, that's more or less how I figured it would work, just needed to know how to play it :) Working on post now.

Antipaladin lvl 3

Sorry for the delay, I am neck deep in family stuff this weekend. I will post an introduction in the gameplay thread in a few hours when I get home.

Antipaladin lvl 3

DM Voice:

Just to let you know. I ended up picking the Knight of the Sepulcher archetype, figured the 5th lvl ability would have better synergy with an evil cleric in the party. At least from my character point of view lol.

Minor Crab-beast

Black Jack - no problems.

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

So tempting to click all those little spoiler boxes :p

Minor Crab-beast

Honor system :P

As long as you don't use any of the information interred within to metagame or the like and act only on what your character truly knows - you can take a peepsie if you like - up to your own preference.

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Yeah I know, I'll be good :p

I already have something of an inkling (a very small one) what's going on currently anyway to be honest, as I followed the product threads (own the first book in print/pdf and second is on it's way, but have not read either) as I was planning to try and run this for my group eventually, but I'm now having to refrain from clicking the little boxes in those threads too.

Minor Crab-beast

I'm fully aware that some of you are likely to buy the PDFs yourselves and not be able to resist reading up. In fact I highly recommend that you do buy them! as they are very cool and by supporting Fire Mountain Games we can help to make sure that the guys continue to churn out quality product :)

All I ask is that you judge this game on the merits of what is posted in the main thread - which I'm sure you're all well behaved and disciplined enough to do so.

Arcanist 8 | HP: 30 | AC: 15 (14 Touch, 12 Flatfooted) | CMD: 16 | Fort: +3, Reflex: +6, Will: +8| Init: +9 | Perception: +3, Sense Motive: +1
DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:

I'm fully aware that some of you are likely to buy the PDFs yourselves and not be able to resist reading up. In fact I highly recommend that you do buy them! as they are very cool and by supporting Fire Mountain Games we can help to make sure that the guys continue to churn out quality product :)

All I ask is that you judge this game on the merits of what is posted in the main thread - which I'm sure you're all well behaved and disciplined enough to do so.

His enthusiasm chafes our delicate sensibilities. SUMMON US!

"But...he's the gm he needs to be respected. He said to be tasteful in my minion control."

Screw his wishes! SUMMMMONNNN USSSS!!!

*summons horde of devils to consume the GM*

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Mmm, I'm planning on picking up all the books (print and pdf). I skimmed the print copy of the first book and I must say the quality is incredible. Gary and Michael definitely deserve the attention they're getting :)

Antipaladin lvl 3

DM Voice:

Can I use knowledge local to recall any information on this prison building, maybe from the time I was with the city watch...I can have been here once or twice a couple of years ago...
Also, could use the same knowledge to find old contacts from the thief's guild outside, like smmuglers or weapon dealers.

Minor Crab-beast

Black Jack - no to the first (as Branderscar is not somewhere that you would have been unless you were specifically a prison guard) and yes to the second.

And no need to put questions like that in spoilers, you can pop them straight up here.

Minor Crab-beast

As an addenda to that - my assumption for this PbP is that you are recently arrived to Branderscar and that you have very little idea of what it looks like beyond your cell. You are cornered rats condemned to death, it's up to you to squirm your way out of it.

However, here is the look you would have gotten on approach...

Picture of Branderscar

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

ooh, we're on an Island...

Another question about Mi'Dre's current nature. You said you were going to make him a Native outsider. Is that already in effect somehow, or will there be something after he escapes?

Minor Crab-beast

You're already a native outsider - the tenuous reason to back it up is that you've been kicking around on the mortal plane long enough to have your spiritual roots dig in; but it's really just a handwave to get you on a level playing field with the others.

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

ahah, fair enough then :)

Antipaladin lvl 3

On a more seriuos note, the eternal problem of every evil party is the PCs turning on each other. If I am coming out with too much agressiveness I apologize. The last post was not intended as an attack on you Mi dre. I will try to lower the stakes a little bit.

Male Orc Expert 5

I'd like to note that Mr'Dre, despite his manners, is from a race of ineffable evil that takes joy in duping people into damning themselves. Forgive us if our first reaction is not to trust the alien creature who is known to fly the skies of the nine layers seeking souls to rend. :P

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

I didn't take it as one Jack, so no worries there, I'm just trying to get things moving is all :p Guess we probably should give them a night to mull over the situation and spy out the guard's routine first anyway.

Off to bed I go. Will check back in 8 hours :)

Dark Archive

Some dude

Albina trusts Mi'Dre far more than anyone else. He is the only one among us who is guaranteed to be a creature of ironclad law, with respect for a well-crafted agreement (and who will predictably take advantage of one that is not well-crafted...).

And, at the moment, she's taking Shawn at his word. When he turns out to be a 1st level schlep like her, and proves unable to produce armies of devils with a flick of his fingers, she's going to be disappointed.

Arcanist 8 | HP: 30 | AC: 15 (14 Touch, 12 Flatfooted) | CMD: 16 | Fort: +3, Reflex: +6, Will: +8| Init: +9 | Perception: +3, Sense Motive: +1
Set wrote:

And, at the moment, she's taking Shawn at his word. When he turns out to be a 1st level schlep like her, and proves unable to produce armies of devils with a flick of his fingers, she's going to be disappointed.


So will he.

That will be half the fun. :D

I'm well aware he's in for a lesson in humility. He's operating on the assumption that the ritual for which he's in here made him into a big living gate and that he can puke Pit Fiends and crap Dukes of Hell.

Unfortunately it simply does not work that way with marely magical petty nobles whose hobbies are sword fighting and snorting coke off hooker's asses.

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

Being evil is a blast!

Minor Crab-beast
Shendalyn Shawn wrote:
snorting coke off hooker's asses.

Manfully resists making a punnish comment about crack and cracks...

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Albina's definitely the only one who's earned Mi'Dre's respect, as she seems to be both sensible, and intelligent. Albrecht seems practical and is probably next after Albina. Jack just seems a bit unstable, and Shendalyn is an arrogant ass (no offense there Tark :p). Mi'Dre is going to be amused when these supposed legions fail to manifest, and instead Shendalyn ends up summoning a couple of fiendish animals :)

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Lets hope my luck with the dice gets a little better from here :p

Just jumping in quickly to try and send you some of my lurker's luck with your next set of rolls Mi'Dre! What an unlucky streak you've been having!

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Alright. Let's do this thing *puts on sun glasses*

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

So with the action tracker, we don't necessarily have to post our actions in initiative order then, but in this case Albrecht and Blackjack should post, then the guards post from VoV, then the rest of us can post? Or should we just post in initiative order? This is my first PbP so any tips appreciated :)

Minor Crab-beast

Yep - got it right. I fully recommend posting as you can and not waiting until your turn. If things happen that invalidate your action, I'll give you a chance to revise, etc.

If you want to read through a recent fight - have a look here

Male Gaav (52/52 hitpoints) Inquisitor

Hmm, alright, skimmed a few posts there, seems relatively simple. We'll see how we go :)

Antipaladin lvl 3

Damn, ninjaed by one minute...

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