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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Wardove's Side-Treks

Game Master Laithoron

Current Characters

Arion Hithraen

played by The Katalyst (202 posts)
Felmor Traker

played by Eric Swanson (664 posts)
Hior Celadrendir

Lord Minister: Treasurer

played by Laithoron (20 posts)
King Tut

played by Laithoron (43 posts)
Lureene Ourson

played by Laithoron (3 posts)
Female Fighter
Malinda Ardagnir

played by Laithoron (38 posts)

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

played by stormraven (529 posts)
Simulacrum of Vraxeris the Illusionist
Sareth Antirel

played by Laithoron (8 posts)
Sasha Nevah

played by Laithoron (853 posts)
Elvish Fighter
Thrandel Gaeros

Commodore of Arrowhead Citadel, Ilmarond Royal Navy

played by Laithoron (19 posts)

Current NPCs

Kaerishiel Neirenar

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20
(3,572 posts)
Cleric of Pharasma
Alexis Kirmoon

played by Laithoron (1,273 posts)
Masquerade Womane
Alis Kirmoon

played by Laithoron (2,357 posts)
The Horned Hunter
The Brute Squad

Male Human Fighter 4

played by Laithoron (214 posts)

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2

played by Laithoron (47 posts)
Danse Macabre
No One of Consequence

played by Laithoron (408 posts)

Previous Characters

The Forever Man
Dark Archive Eric Swanson

male Human (barely, he he)
(2,373 posts)
Trinia Sabor

Fem Elf Bard 3
(886 posts)

played by Eben al'Jol (813 posts)
Aldern Foxglove
Eben TheQuiet

played by Eben al'Jol (2,842 posts)
Lureene Ourson

played by Eric Swanson (2,110 posts)

Male Dwarf Barbarian 1

played by Odingaard (102 posts)
Shocker Lizard
Mutant Alpha-Squirrel

played by stormraven (4 posts)
Sajan Gadadvara

played by stormraven (1,168 posts)
Eldran Tesh

played by stormraven (985 posts)
Trinia Sabor

HP: 08/22, AC: 17(Max 21(T13,FF14), DR: 1(Water Based Critters), F:+4, R:+7, W:+2, Perc: +6, Init: +3.

played by Sunset (1,351 posts)

Previous NPCs

Shiyara the High Mediator
The Big Bad

(57 posts)

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