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Wardove's Rumble in the Jungle

Game Master Laithoron

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Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

While Lureene and Alis briefly exchange words, Isaac tries to recall what he knows of Arrowhead Citadel...

Arrowhead doesn't exactly fall under the purview of the city guard. It's the city's chief naval base so it isn't under the same jurisdiction — doesn't really need to be.

That said, Isaac has visited the facility before...

It's designed to withstand bombardment for prolonged periods with enough food stores to last several months if needed. Even though the island itself is artificial, it was created by magic and the lowest cellars are reportedly below the level of the riverbed itself. It contains its own internal well so even without magical aid, the defenders still have access to fresh water. Unless Isaac is mistaken, the two sub-levels and the first ground floor are only used for storage and well access.

Ground 2: Baring flight or scaling the walls, the only entrance from ground level is atop the plinth on the east side of the 2nd ground level: there are heavy iron doors, a portcullis, and a rather large stone golem that the giants left behind. Most of that floor contains space for visiting brass and space for the officers to take their meals or hold conference.

Ground 3: This level is mostly taken up by the citadel's kitchen and barrack space. Controls for the portcullis, and access to the entryway's murder holes are above the entrance on the eastern side.

Ground 4: The great hall is two floors up though, same level as the battlements with the ballista emplacements.

Ground 5: Above that, you have barracks for the enlisted men...

Ground 6: ...and then officers.

Ground 7: The 7th story contains more storage, but more importantly, that's where the main workshop is for alchemical and magical munitions.

Ground 8: Just below the trebuchet's turret, the 8th story is where Commodore Gaeros' quarters are and where the city's naval records are stored.

Ground 9: The trebuchet itself is enchanted. Master Glorohir and Lady Mithluil worked together to put a permanent enchantment upon it so that it can reset and pivot for whomever holds its control rod. There's also a pair of stone golems whose purpose is to reload it with ammunition. As far you know their only orders are to reload the sling when the trebuchet resets, and to defend it against attack.

There may also be a matter of some magical defenses guarding the uppermost parapet against airborne attack and return fire. (Commodore Gaeros may have cleared his throat a bit too loudly when Glorohir began to explain exactly what they were.)

Taking a deep breath, Isaac knew he had to keep a leveled head about what was going on and turned his attention on the princess once more.

"My Lady, this is what I know See spoiler." He explained to them, a slightly displeased look on his face. The scene that had taken place not moments ago had been horrific and he hated to see innocent people get hurt.

Dwarf Lightbringer

"Does that mean an aerial assault won't be possible?" He asks.

"Difficult to say for certain without first examining whatever wards are present. It may well be possible, but the true question is if that is the optimal or only option at our disposal. Even so," she muses, "given the enormity of that siege weapon, I can safely conclude that the abilities of those who animated it far outstrip my own."

As the rest of you discuss the matter, Alis begins casting a spell.

"Well... at least we'll have a strong defense against the Freebooters... if we can avoid demolishing the place."

Seeing Grak again, Alis remembers what she was about to ask when O'beilumanji's tirade interrupted her. "Oh! El, could you do something about Grak please? I doubt all of the defenders have the ability to see invisibility. He's going to give away our position if he hasn't already."

"Now then," she turned her attention to the fleeting figure below, "let's see what's on our interloper's mind... keep quiet, everyone..."

With that, you hear a faint rush of air as she dives away from the rest of you, drawing near the individual running across the water, her presence as well as her gentle probing unnoticed.

Let's hope for both our sakes that our goals are aligned...

Detect Thoughts wrote:
O'beilumanji, you fool! You will be the death of those you think you help! ... You are too dangerous to be left alive, O'beilumanji, and your actions this day leave me with no choice. I will break your soul so that it may never pass beyond for what you have done!

That's good enough for me...

Looking back to the others, she gave a wave to Ieana, and a thumbs-up before beckoning for the rest of you to approach.

Spellcraft DC 18
D 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
I 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15
L 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (1) + 12 = 13
T 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

Perception Checks
M 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (1) + 14 = 15

Will DC
M 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11

"So... does that mean we need to get real close so Ieana can have a look or something?"

"Closer than I should feel is comfortable at any rate. Oh! It would appear that Alis signals the all-clear. Follow my l er... towards the water at a 30° angle of descent bearing north east."

When she heard only crickets, the professor continued with a sigh, "Ooor just follow the sound of my voice. Sasha, no stabbing, are we clear?"

"Uh huh, yeah sure," the huntress says dismissively before something suddenly dawns on her. "OOH! Are we clear? Aaahahahaha! I get it now!"

Even as Amhranai continues running, she spies something out of the corner of her left eye and pauses for a moment, catching her breath. Descending straight towards her, from the south west was a peculiar sight — a gleaming white serpent with pearlescent scales and broad, leathery wings!

At the same time, from somewhere behind her, she heard a sigh of annoyance, and a warm, clear voice speaking Elvish.

"That would be my retainer's familiar, Grak. I assure you, no one in my elite guard bears you any ill will. Like you, we are here to stop O'beilumanji before his madness tolls any more lives. My friends call me Alis, might I have your name?"

Retainer? A knight then? Elite guard? No, they're a Lady at the very least. The name 'Alis' sounds vaguely familiar, but you can't place it. Her accent suggests she hails from Ilmarond, yet wasn't that new ship you spotted flying the golden swan of Aramol?

Perception Checks
M 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (20) + 14 = 34

Know: Nobility 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
Know: Geography 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15

Cursing herself for being caught off-guard, Amhranai turns in the direction of the voice, but not so far as to lose sight of the winged serpent. The kukri that had appeared in her hand wavered for a moment before, with a rueful smile, she slammed the weapon back into its sheath.

"You'll have to pardon me, Alis. Old habit. My name is Amhranai."

Looking up at the imposing citadel, she made note of those who patrolled its walls as well as the massive, now-silent trebuchet at the top. With a quick glance towards the serpent, Amhranai shifted her gaze to where the islet met the waters of the bay, trying to discern a way up the rocks. Looking back to where she had first heard the voice, she spoke again: "I assume you're not here to stop me or you would have done so by now. If my guess is correct and your aims coincide with mine, I suggest we move somewhere we won't be observed. And much less exposed. Like the outcropping there."

"Pleased to meet you, Amrahnai." She pauses, noting the blackened armor the woman wears.

"I wish it could be under better circumstances, but in this case it's good to have allies — particularly Royal Army."

Assaying the island citadel with the elven woman, the Princess shook her head and commented, "Assuming we don't confer for too long, perhaps under the piers would be better. At least that way, we have cover from archers if our invisibility spells fail..."

Though only Ieana could possibly see it, Alis frowned a bit. "I'll catch up in a moment, I need to ask a favor of my retainer, Lureene."

Lureene OR Perception DC 25 (Darv, Isaac, Grak):
Very faintly, you can hear Alis' voice whisper to Lureene, "El, she's Royal Army. We're regrouping under Arrowhead's docks. Can you have Grak decoy away from us? His gleams like a mirror in this sunlight."

Perception DC 25
M 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (2) + 14 = 16
D 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (12) + 15 = 27
I 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (17) + 13 = 30
g 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (11) + 18 = 29
T 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15

S 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (11) + 11 = 22

Lureen looks over the area where she hears the female elf newcomer with not a bit of curiosity and interest. She noted her tone and accent, which marked her as elvish, but anything more than that escaped her.

She sounds like she has been warring for quite a long time...she definitely sounds capable, which I have a feeling we will need her skills in order to assault the Citadel.

When Alis makes her request, she nods slightly and with but a thought sends Grak peeling away from the group and soon plunges into the water, emerging a few seconds later dripping wet, his scales glistening in the morning light! He then flies up into the sky circling the harbor lazily.

Time: 2:20db (morning, 8:20am / round 60)

With only about a minute remaining of Gelik's invisibility spells, Alis uses her detect thoughts spell to reconnoiter a quiet place for all of you to regroup beneath the expansive docks on the east of Arrowhead Island. It is a mere 5 minutes since you set out from the Zephrys, yet you cannot help but feel that time is against you. The fact that most of you begin reappearing shortly after you have hidden yourselves adds to the tension.

"It may be of some comfort, Amhranai, for you to know that my companions were successful in rescuing Marshal Hlokenar and his younger sister. As you'll no doubt see in a moment, the Major is present among us and had a few insights to share on the defenses we are up against."

As Alis summarizes what Isaac related to the other, she becomes the first to fade back into view.

In spite of the eloquence with which she speaks elvish, Amhranai is perhaps a bit surprised by her appearance. True, she and the swashbuckler before her were the same height, and of comparable muscle tone. Yet in spite of possessing the fine-boned beauty and more tapered eyes of the eldar, she had the curves of a human. The much older elf could only conclude that she must be of mixed parentage.

Note: Darvesch then Isaac will be the next to fade back into view followed by Tyralor, Sasha, Lureene, Amhranai, and lastly Ieana (barring Lureene or Amh dismissing their invisibility that is). Given how long it would take to recap the citadel's defenses, let's just assume that everyone but Ieana has appeared so that you guys can go ahead and have your introductions and describe what you look like.

If Amhranai is surprised by the appearance of the elvish lady, the appearance of the would be rather stunning. Appearing before the elvish woman is a young lady barely out of her teens with pale creamy skin, long wavy blonde hair with streaks of brown and grey in it, currently pinned up. Dark blue-black eyes with long sooty black eyelashes gaze at her, interest and curiosity mingling together on her face. Amhranai also cannot help but notice her lightly shaded golden smooth leathery bat wings sprouting from her shoulder blades, a clear sign of her mixed ...demonic heritage.

Lureene smiles at the older woman, an easy smile full of charm designed to influence one even as it is meant to put one at ease. "I am Lureene Ourson, 'Lis' retainer. I see you already met Grak earlier. It is nice to make your acquaintance, though I wish the circumstances were less dire." As her gaze wanders to the top of the Citadel, her hands grip the smooth hickory staff tightly and she mutters something under her breath in a foul tongue.

Dwarf Lightbringer


Darvesch takes after his father, his hair already beginning to show signs of silver-grey. Any colour has now faded to a light brown, once coal black, living on the surface has lightened his hair significantly. He is only slightly taller than average height for his race, still short in comparison to the taller races. Not unattractive, but being battle-hardened as he has been, relationships of any sort don't come naturally or easy. He's rarely seen without his battle equipment, he's always ready for a fight.

"It's good to have another ally. This fellow is just begging us to serve justice. Why don't you and I team up against him, when the time comes.. What do you say?" Darvesch smirks. Unsure of the groups new ally, Darvesch wants to see his battle prowess first hand.

Amhranai takes cover under the pier, glancing up through the wooden slats as if she expected someone to walk past overhead. Satisfied with her spot in the shadows, the elf patiently listens to Alis' account, eyes widening at the mention of the Major and his sister. That's a start at least. While she listened, Amhranai's now blue eyes never lingered in one spot for long, watchful for the elite guard the half elf had mentioned as well as any interlopers.

When Alis' invisibility wears off, a smirk spreads across Amhranai's face. An odd outfit for a lady, but circumstances being what they are, not entirely out of place. Perhaps she's more of an active lady than others I've met. We'll see. Feeling as if she should return the favor, Amhranai drops her invisibility after one last glance up.

Perhaps the first thing that draws the eye is the dark tattoo that runs the length of her brow and ends in a point at the tip of her nose. Equally dark hair flows in waves and ringlets on either side of her pale, nearly grey face. Tapered ears and almond-shaped eyes belie her elven heritage. Plain clothes, torn in spots, adorns her small frame, which seems short for an elf, even accounting for the height added by whatever held her above the water's surface.

Amhranai smiles and nods at each as their invisibility wears off, eyes narrowing at Lureene's wings. An odd sort. I don't think I've ever met a demon that wasn't trying to kill me. And a dwarf, too!

"I'm Amhranai, from Silvaurea. I've been here for the past number of years helping those that need it. While I don't necessarily agree with what the Major represents, I don't personally know what he knows or has been led to believe. I imagine it's a number of half-truths." She crosses her arms before continuing, "Regardless, we have bigger problems in front of us and, Iscandu willing, we'll be successful. I've fought your kind in the past, Darvesch and Lureene both, but will offer what aid I can now. I do not think mercy will be in O'beilumanji's future."

Dwarf Lightbringer

"Nor should it." Realizing he should probably be more formal, "Princess, permission to carry out O'beilumanji's execution? If there's nothing else, may we get underway?"

Finally Isaac's own invisibility wear's off at this point, his strong arms crossed over his chest as he slowly comes into view, staring at the elvish woman who just outwardly disagreed with the things he had been working very hard for.

Stern, but tired green eyes stare down the small elvish woman, he's a tall, broad shouldered man with tan skin, from spending so much time working in the sun, with naturally light blonde hair that was short on one side, and long on the other where it hung over his shoulder, his hair would almost seem out of place if it weren't for the simple fact that he himself had some elf in his bones.

"I see that you already know who I am, Major Isaac Hlokenar, or Marshal as Lady Alis likes to call me... I would like you to know that I try to do as much as I psychically can for my home. Though it would seem that people who I thought were loyal to me haven't been telling me the entire truth, and I am honestly a little miffed about that." He said, sounding a little miffed, but obviously keeping a cool head on his shoulders.

Just from their simple greeting, Isaac figures this Amhranai is a confrontational person by nature and as long as no toes are truly stepped on, he wasn't going to take many of her words to heart.

"It would seem a deranged murderer has taken a strong footing in the citadel and we need to take him down... Mercy for his crimes weren't even on the table." He explained to her, quirking a dark eyebrow at her.

Glancing quizzically at Alis, Amhranai levels a smile at Darvesch. "By all means, let us proceed."

The elf then swung her head to Isaac, cool blue eyes meeting his tired green. "Yes, I know of you, Major. And I hope that your new-found knowledge leads to changes that will benefit all of us. I only wish it had come sooner, before the Obanohi had decided they'd seen enough. No point in looking back now though, what's done is done. We can sort out the rest later."

Lureene watches the interplay between the Major and the newcomer with more than a bit of passing interest. She also realized the elvish woman recognized her own demonic heritage and was less than pleased about that. Her own eyes flashed as she returned the woman's look, her gaze lingering over the unusual tattoo. As Amhranai proceeded to scold the Major, it took a great deal of willpower not to leap to the Major's defense.

How dare she beschmirch his honor? He OBVIOUSLY was NOT aware of any slavery here! She thinks he is as bad as those foul Freeport slavers. I need make no apologies of WHO I AM to ANYONE!

Yes, Amhranai, a wise decision. We need to bring that...that...O'beilumanji' to justice!" She replies, her voice tinged with ice.

Isaac couldn't help but hear the icy tinge in Lureene's voice and wondered if she was upset that Amhranai was blaming him for this supposed slavery that is going around. For all he knew, this O'Beilumanji was fed the wrong information as he was. But of course the chances of that were pretty low at this point.

Turning his gaze back to Amhranai, he frowned at her slightly and nodded, "Of course... I want what's best for the citizens of Port Eldarion..." He told her, his tone leveled as he quirked an eyebrow at her, not too surprised that she was quick to take control of the situation and wondered how many times they were going to butt heads during this escapade of theirs.

Before she had gotten into it with the Marshal, it had occurred to Amhranai that while Alis' companions did otherwise, the Princess herself at least had refrained from bringing rank and title into the conversation for some reason. Yet even as she contemplated the tack of the conversation, another three people faded into view.

The first of them is the most surprising. By Alis' side, a tall figure of regal good looks appeared, borne aloft by wings of living flame. He was resplendent plate armor that seemed to be formed from overlapping feathers of translucent, solidified fire. Together with his flowing mane of coppery hair, and glowing amber eyes, he had all the seeming of an angel or perhaps a prince of elemental fire.

While there was gentleness and caring in his eyes, there was also resolve and a fierce loyalty etched into his face. His bearing spoke of a man who had seen much suffering yet had learned from it compassion and stewardship rather than despair.

When he gave a nod and opened his mouth to speak, the speech that issued forth was melodious and beautiful, but the meaning of whatever words he spoke was beyond all present except perhaps the princess. As this realization quickly registered, he grew silent and gave Alis an intense, imploring gaze.

Sense Motive Checks:
M 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (11) + 11 = 22

Alis laid her hand upon the fiery knight's armor, yet though flames licked at her the thin leather of her fencing gloves, there was no scorching upon either them or the pale, ivory flesh of her forearm. "My Lord Tyralor bids our new-found ally welcome, and urges us to be mindful that that which divides us is not so great as that which unites us... all of us."

"For my own part," she said look first to Amhranai then to the rest of you with eyes of the same otherworldly hue as the fantastically large blue-violet diamond pendant she wore, "I not only agree, but welcome additional points of view. Please remember, it is not only the people of Port Eldarion we are committed to helping, but all those who call Dafar home."

"A diplomatic if not prudent intention," another woman's voice said in the authoritative tone of a Malatestan. "History can provide numerous examples of failed and hated rulers who surrounded themselves with only sycophants and yes-men. I should certainly hope Dafar's new Governor is sufficiently self-assured so as not to fall prey to such... boot-lickers, to borrow the colloquial term."

As the woman speaks, Amhranai notes her creamy complexion and long, dark brown hair worn in a tidy ponytail. While not unattractive, her scholarly robes and spectacles presented a mousy, unassuming presence. What was truly surprising then was the long serpentine tail that emerged from the base of her robes where her feet should be. Though the woman looked like she should perhaps only be the same height as the succubus, she had to be nearly thrice that length.

"Of course," she noted with the faintest hint of mirth as Alis' sidelong gaze met hers, "from what I have seen of you and your compatriots thus far, your Highness, I should rather enjoy the opportunity to observe such attempts at tomfoolery. I imagine it would prove... entertaining."

Even as Alis smirked at the blatantly ironic flattery and shook her head, the snake-woman extended her hand in greeting to the black-haired elf. "Professor d'Adora, archaeologist, recently escaped from Reaver's Shiv. No doubt being my senior, however, you may call me Ieana. I must say, the markings you bear are quite fascinating, I should like to document their origin and proscribed purpose when time permits, Ms. Amhranai."

While in any other group a tall shapely woman with long, wavy red tresses would be the center of attention, amidst this eclectic group, the green-eyed beauty seems mundane by comparison. She also seems to be standing rather defensively in front of the golden-winged succubus, eyes narrowed and head cocked to one side, appraising the shorter elf like an alpha she-wolf sizing-up its next meal.

She doesn't stand still for long though, frequently shifting her hips, tossing her hair, or fingering the corded grip of her gold-nocked longbow. Judging by how she's carefully muffled the links of her chain shirt with tight-fitting leather over muslin, Amhranai can tell that the woman is far more accustomed to stalking thru the brush than the others. The intricately carved leaves and vines on her bow are expertly contrasted against the darker wood of its limbs — it was not the weapon of any mere scout but that of a professional hunter.

"You may have fought dwarves and demons before, but if you mess with Ellie, Darv, or Lissi, you'll be sorry. Oh, you too Isaac. Er... I mean don't mess with Isaac either, Ramani. Didn't mean you'll be sorry Ize, well, unless you hurt Ellie that is..."

She sighs and rolls her eyes in annoyance and impatience, "Can we go kill this guy now, Lissi? All this talk is boooring!"

Stranger all the time...

At the mention of her tattoo, Amhranai raises a gloved hand as if to hide it, turning her head to the side briefly. A second later, her jaw grows rigid and, when she faces the group once more, her eyes are narrowed. While she notes the red-headed human's presence, most of her words are lost on Amhranai, except when her voice trails off.

Opening her mouth slowly, he elf's voice is low as she speaks. "I earned these markings helping some of my 'wilder' cousins. For that, I was ostracized. But that was a while ago. As Alis and Lord Tyralor remind us, there are more pressing matters. And I trust that you want what's best for the people here, Major. Let's see what we can do about that. At this point, anything else is secondary."

When she sees that Amhranai has no intention of returning her gesture and indeed seems offended, the professor withdraws her hand. "I assure you, I intended no disrespect..."

With a sigh, she acknowledges the sentiment shared by the three more adversarial women, "Yes, I suppose that we should proceed. Have any of you formulated a stratagem? If I can draw nigh to the battlements, that should be close enough to analyze the dweomers with which we must contend."

Lureene looks up at the top of the Citadel where the terrorist leader awaits. Sighing inwardly, she shakes her head. "I do not think it is a good idea to risk exposing ourselves to whatever wards have been set up for airborne assaults." She rubs her eyes tiredly, still feeling the effects of the previous evening. "Plus, we KNOW he has a witch helping him. No tellimg what extra traps or guardians were set up as well."

She turns to the Princess, 'Lis, I suggest we go through the main gate as quietly as possible. I can charm any one of their guards so they do not raise an alarm, although judging by the size of that place it STILL won't be easy..."

Dwarf Lightbringer

"I'd still like to finish this as quickly as possible, and take out the main guy first. Though, I'm interested in what our new friend thinks.." is all Darvesch says as he contemplates the situation.

Sasha's gaze doesn't stray from from the odd-looking elf, but at Lureene's suggestion, she does her head a bit towards the blondes behind her and asks, "Hey Ize, Didn't you say there were iron doors and a big stone goblin guarding the front?"

"I believe the good Marshal said it was a large stone golem, Ms. Nevah. Think of a statue at least 9 feet tall made of granite, now imagine it has come to life yet never grows tired and has no emotions to play off of. That is a golem."

"Sooo it like one of those big living statues from back home? The ones big as the giants?"

When Ieana replies with a solemn nod, the ranger simply replies quietly, "Oh..."

"What about a sally port or a hidden passageway?"

Suddenly, Alis recalled a stray thought she had picked up on earlier while validating the intentions of the cloaked figure now before her.

"Amhranai, you didn't come here without a plan of your own." She gave the woman an encouraging smile, and a knowing, trusting gaze, "You have something in mind, don't you?"

Sense Motive DC 42 (Darv <partial>):
You're not totally sure if your Frænka knows something or is just bluffing, but she certainly seems confident that Amhranai has a solution.

Bluff Checks
A 1d20 + 23 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 23 + 2 + 1 = 43 GH, Eagle's Splendor

Sense Motive Checks:
M 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (8) + 11 = 19
D 1d20 + 18 + 5 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 18 + 5 + 2 = 41 familiarity, GH
I 1d20 + 11 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 11 + 2 = 19 GH
L 1d20 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 22 alertness, familiarity, GH
T 1d20 + 11 - 1 + 5 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 11 - 1 + 5 + 2 = 26 negative level, familiarity, GH

S 1d20 + 2 + 2 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 + 2 + 2 = 25 human, GH

Lureene turns her attention to her fellow mage. "Ahh, that is true and as we know golems are immune to almost all forms of magic." She chews on a piece of hair which has escaped from her pin. "This begs a question: How was O'beilumanji able to infiltrate the citadel and bypass its defenses?"

When Alis poses her question, she nods in realization as that possibility had not occured to her.

"None taken, Professor." Amhranai's eyes soften, as does the rigid set of her jaw. A long, drawn out breath escaped her lips as she continued, "I'm sorry. I've lived here long enough that their presence goes unnoticed, so I haven't been questioned about them in some time. As you can guess, there was a time where that wasn't the case, but in light of the events now unfolding, that story will have to wait for later. Which I'll share with you, if you'd like, over some ale or wine. In either case, it's nice to meet all of you-this is all of you, right? No one else floating around invisible?" Glancing once more through the slats of the pier, the elf's eyes make a slow circuit of the surroundings, listening intently as the others speak.

Hearing her name, Amhranai locks gazes with the Alis, the corner of her mouth tugging upwards in a mischievous smile. "Indeed I do. A bit north and west of us, there is a well, as I believe the Major mentioned to you earlier. Of course it's locked, but it just so happens that I have the key." Unslinging her pack, Amhranai opens it and pulls out an oiled cloth bundle. Carefully unwrapping the bundle in the palm of her hand, Amhranai holds up a key attached to an iron ring holding a number of other keys. "I have a habit of acquiring things that allow me access to places most people would rather I not be in. Coupled with a propensity for moving around unnoticed has saved my life more than a few times. And it never hurts to have the help of Iscandu. He loves the unexpected." Reaching into her shirt, she pulls on a chain until a medallion comes into view. Closing her hand around it, Amhranai places it against her chest, on top of her linen shirt. Bounded by four bars is what looks like a circular shape, a shape difficult to discern as other rounded shapes seem to swirl across it.

"So, my plan was to use the well to gain entrance to the citadel and make my way to the top, avoiding as many people as I can. Shouldn't be too hard, right?"

Lureene nods approvingly at the older elf woman's resourcefulness. "That is a good plan to gain entrance." She turns to Alis, "I think this is also how O'beilumanji was able to gain entrance as well. We should be extra careful for any guards or traps he set down to prevent easy access to where he is holed up."

Amhranai wrote:
"I'm sorry. I've lived here long enough that their presence goes unnoticed, so I haven't been questioned about them in some time. As you can guess, there was a time where that wasn't the case, but in light of the events now unfolding, that story will have to wait for later. Which I'll share with you, if you'd like, over some ale or wine."

Ieana gives a wry smirk and tips her head towards her long tail. "I suspect that I too shall be subject to more than a fair bit of curiosity myself. After this has all been resolved then."

Amhranai wrote:
"In either case, it's nice to meet all of you-this is all of you, right? No one else floating around invisible?"

"Just my diminutive friend, King Tut," Alis says, reaching for the tiny backpack she wears, "Although he's not so much invisible as he is hidden. Don't be shy, your majesty, say hello to our new ally!"

There is a slight rustling behind Alis' back when the small, white face of a tiny capuchin monkey with a tuft of gold fur atop his head pokes thru the Princess' silken tresses. "Ooo?"

When his mistress nods, and extended her hand towards Amhranai, palm open, the little fellow runs his hands over his face as if grooming himself before making his way down her arm to sit upon her hand. Giving a broad smile, he waves at the stranger before racing back to his hiding spot inside Alis' pack.

The Princess shrugged. "He's quite brave against crustaceans and murderous dolls, but Tut's ever so mindful of his appearance when he hasn't had enough sleep."

"In any event," she looked to Amhranai to allow her to finish what she was saying.

Amhranai wrote:
"A bit north and west of us, there is a well, as I believe the Major mentioned to you earlier. Of course it's locked, but it just so happens that I have the key."

There was a twinkle of amusement in Alis' blue-violet eyes as she stole a glance at Isaac, half expecting to see steam rising from his head. "How very proactive of you!"

Amhranai wrote:
"I have a habit of acquiring things that allow me access to places most people would rather I not be in. Coupled with a propensity for moving around unnoticed has saved my life more than a few times. And it never hurts to have the help of Iscandu. He loves the unexpected."

When the black-haired woman revealed the pendant she wore, Alis' lips spread from a smirk into a warm smile.

The cloud-wreathed eye of The Dreamer. No wonder we were drawn together.

In a gesture Isaac had only seen performed by his sister, towards other members of her monastery, Alis crossed her hands in the shape of a butterfly, thumbs interlocked, and bowed her head, hands held to her chest. Amhranai was a priestess? ...of Gaius?

Sylvan (Amhranai):
"Grace of The Divine Muse shine upon you, my sister. Ever do we welcome The Unexpected in our lives and in our dreams."

Know: Religion DC 10
A 10 + 8 = 18 loremaster take 10
D 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29
I 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18
L 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18
T 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (14) + 9 = 23

S 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (13) + 0 = 13

Know: Religion DC 15
M 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25
D 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29
I 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15
L 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27
T 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29

S 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (12) + 0 = 12

Amhranai wrote:
"So, my plan was to use the well to gain entrance to the citadel and make my way to the top, avoiding as many people as I can. Shouldn't be too hard, right?"

Even as Tyralor looked on in mild confusion, unable to understand what everyone else was saying, his Princess turned to him and laid a dainty gloved hand upon the center oh his breastplate. Although the words she spoke to him in the tongue of angels was like a balm unto his soul, he did not necessarily like what she had to say, even if he did recognize the truth, necessity, and logic behind them.

At length, he bowed his head in understanding and with great gentleness raised Alis' tiny hand to his lips whereupon he placed a kiss upon the inside of her pale wrist. With a nod to Ieana, he grabbed hold of a support and allowed his fiery wings to dissipate, biding his time until he could bring his strength to bear against the enemy.

Alis squeezed Tyralor's gauntleted hand and looked toward the rest of you. "I can only extend the ability to breathe underwater or swim to so many of us. More importantly, an infiltration requires stealthiness and for some of us, our strengths lie in different areas."

Spellcraft DC 16 (Isaac, Lureene):
Alis is casting Share Language

Alis speaks softly and touches Ieana on the lips with her fingertips. "Ieana, you should now be able to communicate with Prince Tyralor. together with Grak, you shall be our eyes and ears on the outside. If O'beilumanji attempts to fire the trebuchet again, I'll need you three to alert us and attempt to foil him. Try to intercept the projectile and rescue whomever he intends to execute. I don't expect that will be easy, but we have to try. At the very least, it may buy those of us on the inside the distraction we need to catch him off guard."

Spellcraft DC 16
D 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
I 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20
L 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (9) + 12 = 21
T 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15

"Not easy indeed," Ieana commented, "nevertheless, we shall be at the ready, your Highness."

Alis nodded. "Alright, everyone else will follow Amhranai's lead. We should be able to use the islet's retaining wall as cover against being spotted by any of the defenders in the citadel. Are there any questions before we move out?"

Dwarf Lightbringer

"No questions. I'm ready to go." Darvesch acknowledges as he readies to move out.

Lureene slips into a brief trance as she communicates Alis' plan with her winged companion Grak. Once she has received an acknowledgement from the silvery-winged serpent, she nods in readiness. "I told Grak to stay out of sight as much as possible. We are ready to go 'Lis."

Isaac, who had stayed quiet to listen to the rest of them, couldn't help but notice the glance that Alis had given him, and was curious as to why she looked towards him as if expecting him to lose his temper and go off.

Turning his attention towards his other lovely blond companion, he cleared his throat some to catch her attention, which wasn't too terribly difficult, he was sure. "I believe being on your guard will be best advised, he's trying to make a statement and obviously doesn't want to be bothered, if he's the head of this organization, he's going to have guards set up through out the building. It would be stupid on his part if he didn't and he obviously has a bit of intelligence if he was able to get to where he was now." He explained to her.

"I'm ready, my lady." he said nodding his head towards the rest of the group.

Sense Motive 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21

Lureene nods in agreement with the handsome Major. Inside she feels a sense of pride as he acknowledges the salient point she made. Seeing a chance to build some camraderie with him (especially since Lilyana was not here), she lightly taps him on his chest, while giving him a saucy grin. "I am SOOooo GLAD you listened to me, Marshal!"

Lureene wrote:
"That is a good plan to gain entrance. I think this is also how O'beilumanji was able to gain entrance as well. We should be extra careful for any guards or traps he set down to prevent easy access to where he is holed up."
Isaac wrote:
"I believe being on your guard will be best advised, he's trying to make a statement and obviously doesn't want to be bothered, if he's the head of this organization, he's going to have guards set up through out the building. It would be stupid on his part if he didn't and he obviously has a bit of intelligence if he was able to get to where he was now."

Alis winces a bit when the Marshal's response make her realizes she missed a good point her faithful retainer brought up.

That will teach me to linger on a single person's thoughts with my spells...

"Sorry Lureene, I was a bit destracted in my thoughts."

Lureene OR Sense Motive DC 32 (Darvesch):
You realize that Alis is alluding to the fact that she had been concentrating on the detect thoughts spell she was using to gauge Amhranai's allegiances.

"That is a good point though. Sasha? You're probably the sneakiest and most athletic of us, could you take point when we reach the base of the well shaft?"

Bluff Checks
A 1d20 + 23 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 23 + 2 = 32 GH

Sense Motive Checks:
M 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27
D 1d20 + 18 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 18 + 2 = 35 GH
I 1d20 + 11 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 11 + 2 = 30 GH

S 1d20 + 2 + 2 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 human, GH

As you fly around Arrowhead, following Amhranai's lead, Sasha grins, looking back at Isaac and Lureene. "Yeah, I am pretty flexible. Don't worry Lissi, I'm not afraid of dark, wet places."

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