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Wardove's Rumble in the Jungle

Game Master Laithoron

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This is the discussion thread for two campaigns:

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Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Glad to have you! :)

As far as deities go, there is a listing of them on the first page of the wiki with links to their descriptions. Thus far I have Elvish and Human names for all of them, but haven't come up with dwarven names for many (although I'm open to suggestions). The ones that are most popular in Dwarven society are...

  • Elvish name / Human name / Dwarven name - Significance to Dwarves
  • Bälezu / Dalus - Ancestor worship
  • Corollairë / Keva - Earth (soil), food, drink
  • Fëarianna / Uniel - Fate, solemnity
  • Kamina / Karmëa - Recordkeeping, blessing new endeavors
  • Olarë / Olcán / Lar - Craft, earth (stone), strength (protection)
  • Tuonwë / Híro - Honor, justice, strength (prowess)

Note: Many cultures on Elsemar take a pantheistic view of the gods. Individuals may have favorites, but many people are inclined to pray to the deity who governs whatever is concerning them. Clerics are the candidates most likely to serve only a single deity, although even they would still respect (or vary extents) the other gods in the pantheon.

BTW, since I like to have everyone's profiles follow the same basic layout, I scrubbed and uploaded a blank template to the wiki. It should be linked from both the tools category and in the character generation page I put up.

If you don't feel like using my template though, at least try to layout things as mentioned here. Makes things much easier when having to flip between several different characters.

Oh and totally understandable about NPCing another person's character. I believe you added me to gTalk, so just hit me up on there at some point and we can work out your character hook and figure out where to add him. :)

Welcome to the war, man.
As a note on domains, Priyya's are Sun and Healing. Feel free to double up if either of those is appropriate to your character or pick something else and know those bases are covered. :)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Jason only please:
Justin and I got to talking last night about a way to get you in the action faster, so I wanted to run this by you...

Since the unrest in Dafar has been going on for a couple months at least, your character and another dwarf (brother, superior, wife, assistant, etc.) might have been dispatched before Morgaard returned. (Yet they still could be kin to him or otherwise know of his elvish affiliations.)

Traveling light rather than having to put together a huge entourage like Alis did, the two dwarves could have been en route to Dafar when their own ship wrecked on Reaver's Shiv. Whether it was due to pirates, a saboteur, or assassins, you ended up on the island.

From there, it was only a matter of time before you and the other survivors (mostly human merchant sailors) were captured. Sadly your companion and all the others were eaten by the cannibals, however after the tribe got terrible indigestion after eating the other dwarf, they decided eating you wasn't the best plan. Instead they were saving you to sacrifice to the Red Mountain Devil instead.

The reason you figured out this much is because you speak Giant, the official language of Malatesta, one of the strongest empires in the known world. Luckily for you, a prison-break is about to be attempted...

While you would start out having little more on you than tattered clothes, the rest of your gear might still be on the wreck with whatever you were wearing/carrying at the time of the crash stashed inside the lighthouse tower by the giants.

What do you think? It would let you enter-the-game almost immediately instead of having to wait. :)

BTW, in terms of languages, have a look at the chart on our party matrix. The most logical choices for bonus languages for you would be Malatestan (Giant), and Elvish. Given your mission, you might also have been tutored in Zuck, and I'd allow Terran as a plausible planar tongue for a dwarven secret society (if that strikes your fancy).

Oh, and in case it was unclear (since I don't think it was actually stated anywhere), your character should be level 5 (i.e. fighter 5/inquisitor 5 in this case).

Dark Archive

Cool, thanks for all the info, it sounds just fine =)
I have a template of the statblock paizo uses in this profile, it's the one I typically use, will that be okay?
Also, I'm kinda confused about the "tracking bar" you use.. just exactly how am I supposed to use it?

Edit: Also, how much starting gold do I get?

Dwarf Lightbringer

This is the profile for my character. It's still a work in progress, but i'm working on it right now. I haven't decided on an alignment, and i can't access your wiki (it seems to be down), so I can't look up some information ill need, like the domains for the deities you listed.. Also, which XP progression will we be using (as it tells me how much XP i start with)?

rolling for hp: 4d10 ⇒ (8, 4, 7, 1) = 20

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Oops, forgot to mention HP in the char gen article! (I knew I'd forget something):,_Rumble#Hit_Points


As for equipment/gold, that I did remember! :D,_Rumble#Equipment

Laith, are you going to trick him out with the extra stat, bonus feat, bonus trait achievements we got for parity's sake?

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

As far as the tracking bar goes, it's basically a set of quick-links to the rest of the party and to your own record-keeping resources (i.e. wealth, spells, wishlist of items your character would like to get their hands on, etc.)

Most of us are keeping track of such things on the wiki now since it remains up even when Paizo goes down, uses simply formatting, and has a few other tools that make life easier — i.e. linking to any spell in the CRB or APG just by typing {{S|bless weapon}}.

I've gone ahead and created a fresh tracking page for Darvesch on the wiki and entered all the links into a brand new tracking bar for you. Simply reply to this post and copy everything between the dashed lines and paste it at the top of your character's profile. I'll email you your login to the wiki.


[ Tracking Info | Party (Matrix) | Expendables | Profile | Inquisitor Spells | Wealth ]



Due to a chance to review the HP rules, I discovered Lureene gained another HP due to her STR increase earlier...she is now at 41 HP!!

Laith, please update the matrix, thanks.

Bring on the Giants!!

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20
Priyya Surya-ka-Vahaak wrote:
Laith, are you going to trick him out with the extra stat, bonus feat, bonus trait achievements we got for parity's sake?

I was actually thinking about letting him catch-up on them over the course of the game, gaining them every 500 posts until caught-up. If you and Eric think it better to just gain them all now though then we can do that.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

As far as your profile goes, I realize it's still a work-in-progress. The basic layout is readable enough, although I'm liable to scratch my head when looking for your ability scores speed, init, and CMB/D. Otherwise please don't forget to add the bio and description areas.

The only other change I'd like to see is this:

Please start each skill listing with the d20 modifier rather than placing it at the end — that allows everything to line-up in an easier to read fashion. Also, please list all skills that are usable untrained rather than just the ones you've put ranks into.

Laithoron wrote:
I was actually thinking about letting him catch-up on them over the course of the game, gaining them every 500 posts until caught-up. If you and Eric think it better to just gain them all now though then we can do that.

Not sure it would be fair to penalize Darvesch for simply not being on the team from the beginning. I would vote for giving him the goodies to start out.

I will leave it up to you though, Laith.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Eric: That seems to go along with what Justin was suggesting then. It will certainly make book-keeping easier too...

Jason: Every 1000-2000 posts or so, I like to reward the PCs with a minor (or sometimes not-so-minor) 'achievement'. For the sake of parity with the other characters, go ahead and add the following to Darvesch:

  • ?000: Bonus Trait (looked all over my post and mail history, damned if I can find it)
  • 3000: Bonus Feat
  • 4000: +1 to one of your non-signature ability scores (Str, Dex, Int, or Cha in Darvesch's case)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

OK, after review there was no point at which bonus traits were given as achievements so scratch that. Here's what actually happened:

3000: Bonus Feat
4000: Ability Score bonus

During the course of the voyage however, various characters befriended some of the NPCs. By doing so, certain characters gained NPC boons. These are story-based rewards and not post achievements. They are not automatically granted but are part and parcel with forming deep connections with the various N/PCs.

  • Alis befriended Gelik (bonus to DC of charm/language-based effects)
  • Lureene befriended Sasha (bonus to AV vs AoO and CMD)
  • Mal befriended Alton (bonus to Sailor, make checks untrained)
  • Priyya befriended Aerys (save bonus vs. compulsions)
  • No one befriended Ishirou before he went overboard. Likewise, no one has befriended Jask yet (hasn't been enough time really since he was originally a prisoner).


Jason: Go ahead and pick out a bonus feat and add +1 to one ability score that is not already 18 or higher. Ignore the extra trait thing, that was an error/miscommunication on our part. Regardless of post count, whenever I determine that Darvesch has formed a strong enough RP connection with another character or NPC, he'll be eligible to gain the corresponding benefit.

Oh and see if you can come up with a clan name for Darvesch too. He could be part of the Hellhammer clan if you like (kin to Morgaard), or belong to some other house. In terms of a deity, given that you are going with the Travel domain (as of our last chat), Lar might make the most sense as a patron deity. (Crafting implies trade and trade implies travel.)

The other likely choice would be Tuonwë. (One cannot hope to simply outpace the forces of Justice forever.)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Jason: I've filled-in the spells you picked out last night and discovered that you've still got 1 more 1st level and 8 orisons to pick. Then? Shopping! :D

Dwarf Lightbringer

Just wanted to let everyone know my character was done. I didn't disappear. I am, in fact, playing lol. Peruse my character, if you'd like. Any pointers, any incorrect math i missed, or other comments?

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Sweet! Hopefully I'll be able to get the raid on the giant's camp going later tonight. It's been hella busy today! @_o;

I'll get Darvesch added to the Party Matrix as time permits...

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

The only thing I see thus far that looks off is that your shield is applied to your flat-footed AC. That doesn't seem right considering you actually need to be in a state to react to an attack in order to bring your shield to bear, same as using something like 2-weapon defense.

Have to head out now so I'll have to pick this back up later...

Looking good there Jason...I don't see any other errors than what Laith already mentioned.

Lureene is SOOOO looking forward to have some frontline protection...for once, he he.

"That no good Captain Traker, he was the WORST bodyguard! He just kept ogling Priyya endlessly. Seriously, I was about to rip him a new one!! Didn't even have the courage to stick around after she broke up with him!"

Darvesch looks to be a combat BEAST. Nice!

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

I encouraged Jason to pick Teh Spiffay Armour™ as Dar's heirloom item. ;) Full plate, heavy shield and only -1 ACP... which will become 0 ACP in 2 levels! >:D

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

OK, Jason and I have finished working out Darvesch's backstory (which I think I should copy to the GM wiki so I don't forget). Should dovetail quite nicely with where everything has gone before. :)

Also, I finally thought of a good dwarven name for Tuonwë/Híro, the god of justice and righteous anger: Kahn!

And no, you can't yell it yet. That privilege goes to Jason. >:)

Your CMD should be 21, you get to add the deflection bonus from the ring to CMD.

Here are the results of me calculating your skills. Let me know if I missed anything...

+14 Intimidate = 5 ranks + 3 class + 4 str + 2 (1/2 inq lvl)
+12 Survival = 5 ranks + 3 class + 4 wis (Track is a conditional bonus)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

OK, Party Matrix has been updated with Darvesch's stats! We're pretty much good-to-go! Heading to bed now, but hopefully work will permit posting tomorrow.

Dwarf Lightbringer

I didn't intend for him to be completely "combat beast".. I would have gone an entirely different route if I did that ;)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Well, Mal's got the edge on raw damage output, but Darvesch is significantly harder to hit. Given an inquisitor's fighting style with the teamwork feats, I suspect Alis will have a new combat buddy. :)

Dark Archive

I love the fact that I gain the benefits of teamwork feats without actually requiring my "combat buddy" to have the actual feat lol

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Yeah, that's a really cool thing about Inquisitors. :) Also since she's got some sneak attack damage, a flanking buddy means that she can really go to town! Darv and 'Lis will have to have some I.C. conversations about tactics and such. :)

Dwarf Lightbringer

Ja! If the group ever finds me :P lol

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Soon now, very soon... >:)

....assuming all goes according to plan....

Oy! Feel free to NPC or DMPC Priyya... I'm going to be gone from noon tomorrow through Tuesday. I may have a chance to read but I doubt I'll be able to post.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Been trying to get thru the climbing as quickly as possible, but this is a pretty complex situation. Was hoping to get you up there but looks like I might be too late. ^_^;

Alis (green): Smile for the camera Ellie!
El (purple): Ooh yay!
Alexis (blue): Uh, Priyya, that's not a camera, it's the new photon canon I was working on and–
Priyya: *click*

*B O O M*

Alexis looks at the new hole in the deck where Priyya was just standing.
Alexis: –aaand the barrel plug is still in place. *sighs* I lose more good inventions this way.
*begins casting make whole on the hull

Dwarf Lightbringer

I'm baaaaaaaack! =D

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Sweet! you've got 5hp and are wearing only your axe. Oh and there's monkey next to you that sets things on fire when it looks at them. Good luck! :D

Dwarf Lightbringer

What effects do I have active at the moment? Judgement (and which one), spells (from myself or others), statuses (am I prone, grappled, sickened, etc.)?

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Your damage judgment is active and that's it.

Here's the run down on various status symbols:

Grey X: Disabled
Red X: Dead or bleeding out
Blue Circle: Prone
Red Diamond: Grappled
Yellow 'Halo': Flying
Red Dot: Poisoned
Purple Dot: Charmed, Fascinated, etc.

Sometimes I'll use other ones but it will generally be evident what the symbol and effect is since you'd suddenly see something new on the map just after a spell got cast.

Jes' don't beat on the charming woman rounding the corner and the world will be a beautiful place. :)

Priyya Surya-ka-Vahaak wrote:
Jes' don't beat on the charming woman rounding the corner and the world will be a beautiful place. :)

...Or Priyya either, he he

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Hmm, come to think of it, all three of the women are at corners right now, aren't they? I'm just hoping that Alis doesn't do any 'coming' around the one she's at right now... at least not with tall, dark, and greasy. O_o;;;

Alexis sighs and shakes her head. "Not that I don't appreciate the thought, Mr. Traker, but... Are you certain you did not forget the rest of this piece of... 'couture' at Lord Aernelóth's studio when you set out?"

A few months earlier...
The Countess of Caen Carrinac gives Sir Traker a dubious look. "Wildethar you say? Why yes, I could arrange an appointment for you to see my tailor. No doubt my niece would dearly love some new gowns. Come to think of it, what do you think of this dress? I do not imagine Alexis would care for the flowers, but the cut would suit her," her eyes narrow a bit, paying close attention to Felmor's gaze, "would you not agree, Captain?"

Felmor eyes the gown pointed out by the Countess, and fights to keep the blush from his face. He was pretty sure he was not successful, however. Ach, I shoulda stayed wit' Alis an' Priyya, they be probably 'avin' a grand time at Port Eldarion by now.

He clears his throat noisily and reaches for some tea (while wishing it was something a bit stronger) and responds, "Aye , that be a lovely gown, an' I t'ink 'Lexis be looking...ummm...quite..."SEXY the thought springs unbidden in his mind..."lovely in it." Seeing the cut of the gown, and imagining Alexis wearing it...almost causes him to choke on his tea, while his face nearly blossoms a bright crimson.

Mebbe the punishment be swift.... he thinks, but after spending so much time with the Kirmoons, he knew he would not be given such a quick release.

Alexis Kirmoon wrote:
Alexis sighs and shakes her head. "Not that I don't appreciate the thought, Mr. Traker, but... Are you certain you did not forget the rest of this piece of... 'couture' at Lord Aernelóth's studio when you set out?"

Felmor shakes his head, more to help cool the blush quickly rising on his face, than as a negative response.

"'Lexis, I brought the same concern you have to Laithoron's attention, and he personally assured me that outfit was complete, down to the last stitching."

Bluff check 1d20 + 11 - 5 - 20 ⇒ (16) + 11 - 5 - 20 = 2 flaw, Alexis intuition.


Sense Motive 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11


There is a sharp intake of breath as Alexis examines the fabric and discovers that there are in fact seams. She eyes Felmor critically, a wand somehow suddenly in her hand as she mouths an activation phrase.

"Lord Aernelóth doesn't stitch fabric together, he makes use of transmutation spells to join the very fibers of cut fabric together. This is..." her eyes go wide with horror, "from Sir Fredrique's of Jehiril!"

And in the next moment, Felmor did get a lovely upskirt view of the perturbed elvish princess as he looked up, suddenly wondering why he felt the urge to go chew slop in a trough.

"Hmmph, men are such pigs..." she commented as she changed back into something more proper.

As Felmor feels his arms and legs shrink and his body compacting in the throes of Alexis’ arcane spell, his last conscious human thought was fixated on the last sight he saw of her lovely form, ACH! COMPLETELY worth every copper!

Soon the spell finishes altering his thought patterns, and he is soon overwhelmed with thoughts of delicious slop, and a cool mud puddle to wallow in.

Still, a strange sense of…something he cannot quite place, intrudes on his piggish mind. It is quite some time before he is able to recognize it as…

...Deja Vue

Pete looks up from his workbench as he sees one of Princess Alexis' retainers guiding a slobbering pig to the trough outside of the courtyard.

He shrugs and shakes his head to himself, Ahh warned him it wouldn't work.... He watches the pig slobbering happily in the mud for a few moments, and sighs again, a sardonic grin on his scarred face. At least the Captain be happy fer a little while, he he.

Shrugging his shoulders, he turns away from the scene and resumes working on his alchemical concoctions.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Finally having had enough of being upstaged when it comes to being dressed to kill, Priyya sees Lord Aernelóth about a new look...

LOL! Not... going... to... happen!

Dwarf Lightbringer

I'm going to be at work for the remainder of the night. I wont be back till around 2330 est. In the mean time, my AC is 30 vs giants, judgement (destruction) is active, flames of the faithful wore off, I have divine favour active (+1 atk/dmg), and if I find it hard to kill the witch, I'll reactivate fotf. Every attack toward her will be a power attack. He'll try to set up to flank her with an ally, so he get's his +1d6 sneak attack.

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