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Voyages of the Avanestra

Game Master Tyrn Jade

Explore the universe and discover the mysteries of life in a space-fantasy setting.

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I believe Raal only got selected.

Grand Lodge

Raal has a seriously sick profile. Good synergy.

Grand Lodge

What to do with this character now? He was so much fun to make.

Yasserian wrote:
What to do with this character now? He was so much fun to make.

Put him on stand-by just in case a spot opens up in the future?

Grand Lodge

Yeah DM just PM me when you need 1 more.

Grand Lodge

Me too please.

Hey guys! Sorry about the delay. I worked all day and then chilled with a buddy right after so I didn't see any of this until now. The elected specialist for the expedition team are:

Harbinger One, Commander and the captain's number-one.
Kieran Crane, Counselor, theologian, and xenobiologist. Advisor of the captain. Also is considered a cultural representative of Rhaelians.
Mathesar Leezma, First-Contact specialist and master linguist. Has an ingenious interpretation of communication.
Erest (or Thak on this current thread), cultural representative of the Kajiiatans and a capable protector. He's an esteemed figure in Kajiiatan society.
nightflier (not game name), I cannot disclose inorder to maintain the veil.
Raal, a war hero of the Kajiiatans and protector of the expedition team. A true "against all odds" kind of solider.

I really appreciate your guys' enthusiasm for this game and I of course will call on you if a replacement is needed or even for cameos. I have no objections to that. Maybe adjust your characters to be specialized (not that they aren't, but I'm just saying) so that you can truly excel on missions where we require a specialist. Even consider roles just on the Avanestra (but not part of the expedition team). There are other ways to make xp, such as completing research projects (which can involve a number of subjects [medical, weapons, engines, ships, etc.]). Think about that.

Thank you again guys and please feel free to follow the story. You can even PM me questions about the world as it develops or if you're wondering about a concept. OR! if you have ideas for quests, which you will be given credit of course, as I'm certainly interested in what your imaginations are like about other worlds (it's really the whole point of this game). Those that are interested in quest contributions, you can PM me questions about the world; I have plenty of other information. I cranked out some pages for about a week straight and sacrificed lots of school work, haha. But I think using your imagination and creativity is equally educational. So I have no regrets. Talk to you soon, star-seekers.

King Ghidorah

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