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Voyages of the Avanestra

Game Master Tyrn Jade

Explore the universe and discover the mysteries of life in a space-fantasy setting.

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I'm wondering about technology and skills. What skill would cover using/analyzing alien technology? Kn. arcana, kn. plains, spellcraft, use magic device or are you introducing a new skill? How about using computers and piloting?

Edit; Also, are we using armor as DR or sticking to the regular AC?

Going to try and get H1 finished today.

Ok so im feeling the tribal again. I can work around the paladin if neccisarry and if you dont hear from him I will gladly be the loner. Hes going to be an exile most likely anyways i just dont know why. Probably breaking a taboo or just being too badaso for his tribe. What ill probably do is submit 2 charachters. One a mech junkie with a strong bond to the Avenestra, and one a tribal philosopher and lover of the primal entropy of the universe. Then you can pick which one you like best.

Thak: Oooooo!!!! CAn you make it atmatite!? Well, in addition to one you'd already have (I'm going to use a sort of materia system). If your familiar was gestalt, would that provide any significant advantages rather than having two familiars? I'd say it should be fine to just pick one and combine their abilities like you would a gestalt but if anyone has experienced with that before, let me know what your take is on it. Thanks!

John: Yes! I had originally changed it to where Vigor would have the Con modifier, but then I realized why they took that away (double Con score for Wound, thus increasing your life). So if you pick Vigor points for a favored class, it'd be +2 instead of +1 one, but don't add your Con modifier to Vigor just in general. Should be an easy fix.

Raal: Good question! It would depend on what type of alien you'd be trying to gain knowledge on. Things that are more carbon-based, or more similar to life on T-class (Terra Class) planets, then you'd use knowledge nature. But if it's a very different organism with a very different environment, it'd be knowledge arcane. Knowledge the planes will help you more with astronomical knowledge, good for navigators that fly the ship and for general knowledge of astronomy. K-nature will be for more things like ecology, biology, and such. For those with the more sociological edge, things like k-local (general knowledge and observations of communities), k-nobility (for assessing hierarchies of hominids within a society), and k-geography though that might not be such a useful skill because most places you'd be going to have never been mapped. Oh, can't forget k-religion. This would be good for interpreting religious symbols and such, and along with decipher script, can make for a good archaeologist.

Oh, I rambled and didn't even answer your question. For alien tech, it'd probably be a k-engineer check with a high DC or either the check doesn't provide too much (unless you rolled a nat 20 and had a revelation of the mind!), but no worries, a lot of this stuff will be handled on the ship as well in terms of identifying your salvage. More will be explained during orientation. For piloting, just use Ride. And computers do not exist in this world! Well, not like you'd think they'd exist.

H1: Sick-dick! Lookin' forward to it.

Shiz-dizler: I actually did hear from the Pally. Again, it'd be interesting with two Eridani (and how symbolic that two possibly opposing people find themselves together aboard a ship named unity), but if you went Kajiiatan, that'd be fine too.

Oh, and still using AC!

You nerd! That's exactly what I told you Monday, haha!

Do you want us to roll for Vigor? Take Max? Max at level 1, roll the rest? Take the average? What-WHAT-WHAT!?

Tyrn, sorry to poke you but with Saturday drawing nearer I need your opinion on the questions I sent. I've got the other character mostly worked out aside from that.

Oh, I should probably make sure all of ya'll know so this universe might make a little more sense: This is not a beeping computer future. It is fantasy first, WITH space-travel. So of course a lot of beliefs must be suspended (but that's why we play DnD). And if anyone's an astrophysicist, forgive my denaturing of the universe. A good basis for this style is to think of the live-action movie Thor and their (what I thought) beautiful depiction of Asgard. They were just an advanced society with ingenious ways to utilize the properties of the universe.

What makes these societies so advanced and capable of going these distances is their efficient use of atma (magical energy). For example, many structures and devices are made with atmatite, which gives objects, even ships, magical properties. So the mess-hall on the Avanestra would be complete with a station that casts create food and water all day errday. Rare-earths are still used, but that's to just augment electricity (which has different properties in this universe. Refer to my post about the Animus on this thread).

So in this world, despite being in the relative future, you'd just as likely see armored warriors in the military and all of that. Clothing is very ornate, as more resources have essentially diluted the industrialized use of luxury goods, so more things are custom made. Very common for people to have unique clothing or weapons. Also, guns. I imagine something along the line of Fable II and III (III sucks), in terms of it's design. But the mechanics are different. You'll definitely have more than 1 shot in a chamber and whatnot. But cosmetically, that's kind of what I'm picturing. Just ornate, beautiful looking clothes and items that accentuate detail and the crafter's perception.

I wonder what the properties of Neil Degrasse Tyson's space-vest would be.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So I was rolling up a psion/roguish type, but if we are short on arcane I could roll up a wizard/rogue.

And either one will happily go LE as well. It would fit the concept of someone that is something along the lines of a special operations and investigations. He does the dirty work others dont want ot know even occurs. And he does it for king and country!

There are rules, and within those rules he has quite a bit of latitude in how he gets the job done.

As for what others were saying, the effectively free feats you are handing out are great for melee/ranged people, not so friendly for casters.

Not sure where power attack fits in for a wizard or psion. Of course actually giving silent spell as a feat works into this. Though I might modify silent spell to add that primary spell casting modifier times per day it doesn't use a higher slot/take longer to cast. (similar to having a rod)

Other options would be a free spell focus, spell penetration, allow the player to pick one of the feat choices (I like metamagic school focus from 3.5 which gives 3x day reduction by 1 lvl for metamagic feats in the chosen school).

Haha. You're a turd. Hmmm.... for H-pizzles? (or Vigizzles?) I usually give max. I think you guys should considering you don't add your Con mod to Vigz. I also tend to increase the damage enemies typically deal so you guys are put into more suspenseful situations. Don't worry, I never force those situations to where you have an unfair advantage.... I just like it when you guys squirm (it's a sickness really).

Marko: I'll skim back and look them over. This thread filled quick so I may have missed them.

So who do we have so far in terms of people making apps getting done?

I know im going Hexcrafter magus2/Vivisectionist beastmorph alchemist 2.

Fnord: I know what you mean. I had actually removed Power Attack from the feats, but the other feats do alleviate prereqs for more melee characters. But I think treating spells silently and not needing materials to use them is sufficient. Well, the spell isn't silent, but you don't need to speak anything to cast it.

Tyrn, I sent them via PM actually. XD The thread has been updating very quickly.

My questions I can repost here however. I remember the warforged has a slimmer build that you could choose, taking away some bonuses but making them a lot less clunky. Do any Animi come in such a flavor?

No worries if not. I've already worked out another set of skills to make the idea useful.

And the second part. Now I'm in a bit of a twist. Part of me wants to go back to my Animi character because I love those kinds of characters (robots, golems etc with sentience). But I just put up my Scientist character as well and already had a sort of story going for him in my head... I'll let you decide which one you'd rather have and go finish the druid real quick. XD The story for the scientist is a Rhaelian named Dr. Adam who once worked as a Demo expert for a defense force dealing with something (any friction, dangerous factions or so on that you might have on the home world?), but when he lost his best friend and a little bit of his sanity (he's a tad eccentric now) he decided to put his extreme intelligence to science instead. He found an aptitude for it and jumped at the chance to explore more of the universe. (Mechanically he's very versatile with his spell selection ranging from buffs to utility spells, can create potions and scrolls both, has very good knowledge and stealth skills, and has bombs for damage.)

Here's a link to Dr. Adam, by the way. And a link to Gestalt rules, the ones that I know of at least. To your idea that you can't choose two classes using the same source of magic, in the Gestalt Combinations it seems like a recommended idea. Up to you if it's actually allowed or not, of course, but as far as I know Dr. Adams (Wizard/Alchemist) is legal.

What I may actually be lacking is a diplomatic figure.

Also, I should note that making Observations is like using Perception but with K-checks. If you choose to be a more action type character instead, that's fine. You are just as useful as any expedition team needs protection, and despite the fear of what it could mean when killing any organism on a completely unknown planet, the bottom-line is you have just as much entitlement to survive, so such collateral is taken into account.

Oh, Marko. I meant like, doing wizard/sorcerer. Combining two arcane classes. I thought that was a no-no in gestalt. But having just read that more clearly, I guess that's even okay. It's with gestalting already "gestalted" classes, like Mystic Theurge and shyt. As for the Animus, they are different than warforged. That -4 to stealth is a -5 racial point in order to accommodate their awesomeness. Or else they'd be at 20 RP compared to 15. So if I take that away, I'd have to adjust a lot more. -4 aint so bad! ::clunk clunk stomp stomp crashes into fine china::

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Anyone want to play the Captain's pet cat? ;)

That works! I made him a tracker instead of a stealth guy. He'll do very well at helping a group survive in wild area and he'll kick butt as a frontliner (Someone out in front hitting things hard and helping to take damage).

So what are the wolf equivalents in the campaign Or are they just close enough to be wolves?

Does a Animi's metal armor interfere with the druid class casting ability? Does the an armored carapace that's the equivalent of medium armor slow the wearer down?

Grand Lodge

Anyway is my backstory consistent now? For the ship, is there a huge galactic ship that house thousands of inhabitants and that we are the representative of these people. Imagine Gundam Flying space civilization or its more like Mass effect where the ship just comprises of the heroes and a skeletal crew.

Also since you mentioned its like high space asgard fantasy, how is the design of the interior of the ship look like? Is it like a medieval warship setting with modified steering wheel magical crystal balls for communications and navigation etc or its like star trek setting where people sit front of a system feeling them information and navigating with a keyboards etc.

Lastly I am checking is there an ecosystem on board lol a garden dome etc etc.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Are you familiar with David Weber's Honor Harrington series? I'd consider playing something like that as a captain's pet (they are empathic/telepathic so playing one that is a psionic character would be interesting).

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tyrn Jade wrote:
Anyone want to play the Captain's pet cat? ;)

Only if I can be a Sand Cat

Marko wrote:

That works! I made him a tracker instead of a stealth guy. He'll do very well at helping a group survive in wild area and he'll kick butt as a frontliner (Someone out in front hitting things hard and helping to take damage).

Does a Animi's metal armor interfere with the druid class casting ability? Does the an armored carapace that's the equivalent of medium armor slow the wearer down?

Also, what exactly do Animi look like. Are they like statues made of blue glass, marble and covered in metal, or are they more blocky and unfinished looking?

Working on equipment.

When you say that pistols will have more capacity than 1 how do you envision it working? A magazine? Some sort of clip? And how much capacity?

I'm asking so's I can figure out how many bullets to buy and if I need black powder to go along with them.

I've got one in the works, should get him up tonight.

1d10 ⇒ 5

1d8 ⇒ 7
1d8 ⇒ 6

1d8 ⇒ 7
1d8 ⇒ 5

Alright, here is Alpha, a very young Animi Druid (Pack Lord)/Ranger (Shapeshifter). He has two animal companions, Hawk and Wolf that he cares for a great deal and, with odd amount of skill for a construct, has trained for different tasks. Alpha is, thanks to his time spent observing and studying both his own animal companions and nature in general, quite skilled at wilderness survival and tracking. He's also fairly strong and quite dangerous in combat and fights with Wolf by his side.

His form has changed subconsciously from the amount of time he has spent with his animal companions. He now has rather dangerous claws. He's rather intelligent and seems to pick up on things quickly, but he has very little experience with people at the moment, proffering the company of the animals that follow him around. His youth is also evident in the way he has named both himself and his companions. Alpha, for leader of the pack, Wolf and even Hawk are all very simple names, more like titles then anything else. Recently he's learned to understand his companions emotions and even see from their perspective, using the U.T. as a base. With his companion Hawk in the air, Alpha can use this ability to survey and scan an area for danger amongst other things.

Tell me what you think and if it needs any changes or improvements. Also, unless you really prefer Dr. Adams, I want to go with this guy. I found the kink in the mechanics that I was having issue's with (trying to decide the other class to take mostly) so I am really happy with Alpha here.

Hi DM, gonna ask you an epic question. Any chance you can start a character level 3 campaign? As level 2 is great buuuttttt it's just lacking a little bit and level 3 would definitely give us more chance to flesh it out a bit. Just asking, I with level 2 too. ; P

working on story for my two dudes now. it will be a while. the stories are in my head but friends are coming over so I'm gonna go chill and munch out with them. Then the epic past of Izz E. Elehandar and Xan will be revealed for your pleasure and examination.

Do bard spells still require verbal components?

@Tyrn- Sounds like a good idea in theory but there's really nothing to combine; each have basically the exact same abilities just with a slightly different flavour. I'd rather just have the psicrystal than both a familiar and a psicrystal, and again combining them just won't work.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

bard spells requiring verbal skills?

nope, of course your audience probably wont be affected by the power of your silent singing...

I think this is one area where the most spells are silent aspect comes in.

On the other hand, reading the RP on a mime bard casting lullaby would be interesting.

Made a new race and the proto-typical example of their kind. Just need to do gear and make any alterations you suggest, provided I meet your approval of course.

Ehren Karn wrote:
Made a new race and the proto-typical example of their kind. Just need to do gear and make any alterations you suggest, provided I meet your approval of course.

You might want to change the name, there's already on of those

Bearded Ben wrote:
Ehren Karn wrote:
Made a new race and the proto-typical example of their kind. Just need to do gear and make any alterations you suggest, provided I meet your approval of course.
You might want to change the name, there's already on of those

I know, but I went with the name due to the name of the Rhaelian homeworld being named Midgar, wouldn't be the first time someone named their super science project after something mythological/historical.

Harbinger One's sheet's done. Working on an alternate possible backstory depending on who and what Tyrn picks.

So judging by what I've seen so far the Apps are.

Harbinger One : Animi Vivisectionist Beastmorph Alchemist 2:Hexcrafter MAgus 2

Ehren Karn Fighter2:Ranger2

Thak Val Zsing: ZenArcherMonk 2/ Infiltrator Inquisitor 2

Mathesar Leesma Alchemist: (Internal Alchemist, Mindchemist, Psychonaut) 2 // Bard (Archivist) 2

Alpha: Druid (Pack Lord)2/Ranger (Shapeshifter)2

Lazarus Warp Ghost: Male Rhaelian Monk/Vitalist 2

Thrak'el Raal'orn: Kajiiatan Ninja/Magus (myrmidarch) 2

Yasserian: Male Animus Fighter 2/ Xenogenic Cleric 2

Kieran Crane: Rhaelian Inquisitor//Monk (Ki Mystic) 2

Who am I missing?

I'm frankly surprised at the amount of monks im seeing. Also surprised we haven't seen more full casting gestalts either. Or at least full casting halves of gestalts.

Speak of the devil, TarkXT-

Nearly complete character sheet for Erast of the Void, Psion/Wizard

-and he shall appear.

Erast of the Void: Kajiatan Psion(Shaper)/Wizard(Conjuration) 2

TarkXT wrote:
I'm frankly surprised at the amount of monks im seeing.

Probably a combination of a high point buy, gestalt covering monk weaknesses (BAB, hp, skills), and armored heroes and SF not fitting well in people's minds. I'd have built a monk//gunslinger a la Malcolm Reynolds if there weren't two monks already out there.

Bearded Ben wrote:
TarkXT wrote:
I and armored heroes and SF not fitting well in people's minds.

Iron Man, Forever War, Starship Troopers, Bolo, and virtually any military SciFi that features power armor would like to ahve a word with these folks.

Maybe, I still think most SF characters who wear armour are robots. Rest are monks or monks+weapon, IE River Tam and Jedi.

The pitch sounded more like "Kirk punches aliens in a torn shirt" than "Master Chief shoots aliens in power armor" to me. Which probably explains why I tried to build a good Star Fleet bridge officer.

Given the typical PbP crowd around here I'm afraid we're looking more towards Red Dwarf than Star Trek.

How so?

TarkXT wrote:
Given the typical PbP crowd around here I'm afraid we're looking more towards Red Dwarf than Star Trek.

Not seeing how that's a bad thing... :)

Then again if it'll get me in I'm happy to obsess about the beauty and wonder of the galaxy and interfering with young civilizations and respecting my fellow crewmembers.

Hilarity will ensue.

It might have to do with the way everything has been pitched as this huge exploration. We're going out there to explore. Their might be some danger, hence the defenders and warriors we'll have, but for the most part we're there to learn.

Military Sci-fi usually ends up or even starts out with some big threat already, and most are thus focused on protection first.

Grand Lodge

I am the guy that will be healing the ass off you guys when you get in trouble...errmm cant say for the metal heads though.

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