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Vonzara's Homebrew Skype/PbP Game

Game Master Vonzara

Recently the adventurers went to stop two assassination attempts. They have temporarily stopped these attempts form happening. In the process they found several maps that could lead them to the person who wants the people assassinated.

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You have heard rumors that the small town of SandPoint has recently become inhabited by the walking dead. If was said that they came back to life after a magical black candle was lit. During the day it is fine to venture out but at night things are not as safe. Most of the attacks on local people have occurred around the cemetery and crypts. The mayor of SandPoint is looking for a group of adventures to find out the cause and has asked the Pathfinder Society for their assistance.

I am looking to run a Skype/PbP Game. We will use Skype twice a month on Fridays @ 9pm CST starting August 10th. Combat and some RP will happen via Skype and there will be a discussion thread to PR and do things out of combat like loot, shop, chase NPCs for info. I'm not looking for a large amount of posts but wanted to make something available for everyone to communicate with the GM(me) and each other.

Here is what I'm looking for from everyone.

Crunchy Stuff:
*25 point buy (max: 18 after racial mods)
*Starting 3rd level, 1st Max HP, 1/2+CON for rest
*NO EVIL must be neutral or good.
*Must choose a faction from one of the 10 PFS faction
*2 traits. On from your PFS faction and one additional trait.
* Archtypes are allowed
*Anything from CRB, UM, UC,APG, and ARG are acceptable
*3rd party feats must be GM approved before use. If you want a 3rd party feat please provide a link for GM approval.

Gear and Skills:
*100GP Starting
*MW Armor and weapons allowed.
*Anything from CRB, UM, UC,APG, and ARG are acceptable
*Can take a profession and craft for skills, you will have down time occasionally.
*Recommended you have an item that can Bludgeon.

*All traits worked in to story. EXAMPLE: Deft Dodger: you grew up in a rough or dangerous neighborhood. So tell me about that neighborhood and how it was rough and how you developed the trait.
*If you take a craft/profession incorporate that. EXAMPLE: Weapon-smith:My family has a shop called the Iron Ring where I am learning to craft dwarven weapons.
*Where in Galorion are you from.
*We will begin our adventures in SandPoint. Tell me what brings you to the area. SandPoint has roughly 1200 people and boast one of the best academy's in the area. Twilight Academy is a center of learning for all walks of life and every class type. At the academy you can hone weapon skills, crafting skills, and even learn about the history of Galorion.

*You are being offered a large sum of gold by an extremely rich noble to go and retrieve an artifact from a secure location. The location is a museum and the noble claims the artifact actually belongs to his family and he feels it belongs in his home not the museum. What is your response?
*Do you think looting crypts, ruins, and dungeons is stealing or more like Indiana Jones? Why?
*A group of 3 Orcs have raided and captured a group of travelers. One of the hostages is rumored to be one of the King of Absalom children. How would you go about rescuing the hostages and making sure the King's child is not harmed.

Never played on Skype, but that timeslot is nearly perfect. Just a one time taking or more AP style? Think I'm going for it either way, just curious for character design.


Did you mean 1000 gp or 100 gp. Last night, you told me "whatever you can get with 1000". Just wondering.

What's the campaign's 'firearms' level? In case I go Gunslinger.

I tell the noble that he will need to give me some proof, however small it may be, that the artifact is actually his. He also needs to tell me WHAT it is. I think looting crypts, ruins, and dungeons is not stealing, but more making use of what "resources" I can find. I would attempt to ambush the Orcs with help and try to kill them. After that, I would free the prisoners and be on my way. I'm taking defender of the society as my society trait because I have trained in combat with my armor many times and the suspicious trait, because he was told starting at a young age that he would be the next in line to run his family's forge, "The Weapons' Choice", but when it came his time, control was taken by his brother, whom he had never much liked, due to the lies spread by him. Calin has lived in Andoran all his life. Calin has traveled to Sandpoint to meet an old friend at the Academy and practice his skill with beloved Great Axe, Shatterfear, and to gain more knowledge of crafting weapons. When he first arrived in Sandpoint, Calin was informed that the undead were roaming the region at night because of some candle, and bought himself a Heavy Mace.


CORRECTION!! It is 1000GP for gear

@Black Thom, It will be AP style and you can go gunslinger if you wish I have no issues with firearms

I know you told me my spot was already set, but I thought I would post that tidbit anyway. Besides, figured I was probably supposed to anyway.


Recruitment will be open until Friday, August 3rd, Midnight CST. At this time I will make a selection. I have two spots that have been reserved and you both know how you are. I am looking for 3-4 more people to play.

I've also never been in a Skype game, but the time slot is good for me too. A new experience might be just what I need to get out of the funk I've been in for awhile.

So looking over character creation rules... :)

Hmmm, how does a Strix Daredevil bard sound? I'll answer questions here in a moment... =)


That is fine. (I'm rather flexible with race/class combos. I just want everyone to have fun.)

so fare I have:
~Baron of Sands:Calin/Human/Fighter, Questions Answered.
~Arkwright: Nathaniel/Half-Elf/Synthesist Summoner, Questions Needed.
~BlackThom:dotted, working on a character.
~Arazni: dotted, possible Strix Daredevil bard.

I would like a party of 6. Yes I know this sounds like a lot but trust me its not. I GM PFS events and have to run with 5-7 people at the table. If possible we need some kind of healer and a skill monkey.

Can I have perform (legerdemain) or something like that? I'm thinking of a bard who's very good with his hands, and is more likely to inspire by feats of dexterity and showmanship (whipping an object from a hidden location, or other things like that) than by voice. It would still be charisma-based as it relies on showmanship. Its just a more physical style of performing. Kind of like Sleight of Hand, but more for performance purposes (and obviously so).

It might be a style of Oratory... so I'll go with that if legerdemain doesn't make any sense.


@Arazni, yes that makes sense and I'm fine with it.

@Arazni - Sorcerer/Street Performer?

Shadow Lodge


1. Go to the museum and talk with the curator and find out the truth. If the noble is telling the truth, set up a dialogue between him and the noble. If he is not, do not steal the artifact and try to politely refuse the mission from the noble. Lust for a shiny object is not enough to justify theft, but if the noble gets angry then steal it. Theft of a shiny object IS justified by avoiding the wrath of a very rich and powerful merchant.

2. Taking items from a tomb is not stealing, because the living lose possessions in the material world when they cross over. Desecration is still dishonorable.

3. Go unarmed to the orcs and attempt to negotiate, and if they are about to fail or I see an opportunity, gesture to the group of guards I have gathered on the promise of a reward for saving the king's heir to attack from behind/above.

Lol - Nah, just a daredevil who likes to show off. =)


I am Vonzara on Skype if you would like to add me please do so. I can answer questions about builds or anything else that may arise that is game related.

Also, as a collective whole we need to figure out if we want to use a virtual table top, if so which one.


Well, there weren't any names suggested for the Strix, and their language is Strix, so I assumed most names have an X in them somewhere (I gather it's easier for them to say).


1) Accept the job. Get the item, ensuring that no one and nothing is harmed unnecessarily in the process.

2) The living need valuables more than the dead do, but it is best to let dead men lie and not disturb their graves.

3) Open negotiations, prepared to pay a ransom for all three. If negotiations are ineffective, grab the children and run, employing theft, deception, magic, as necessary.

Dotted. I would like to play some kind of a half-orc Oracle of Battle. That would actually be a really fun character to play. :3 Let me do the crunch, but I'll answer your questions right now:

*You are being offered a large sum of gold by an extremely rich noble to go and retrieve an artifact from a secure location. The location is a museum and the noble claims the artifact actually belongs to his family and he feels it belongs in his home not the museum. What is your response?
Museums are foolish ideas, stealing the cultural heritage of other people and nations to display uselessly to those who cannot appreciate it. If this artifact belongs to someone else, it should belong to them to use - so long as their intentions with it are not nefarious.
*Do you think looting crypts, ruins, and dungeons is stealing or more like Indiana Jones? Why?
The dead should be honored, those who lived full lives and deserve their respite from the Material plane. Their spirits should be respected - but if their belongings in life can help to enrich and give advantage to the living, it should be done. They cannot use their magic weapon or armor after Pharasma has taken them.
*A group of 3 Orcs have raided and captured a group of travelers. One of the hostages is rumored to be one of the King of Absalom children. How would you go about rescuing the hostages and making sure the King's child is not harmed.
Cow these foolish orcs with a display of divine might and power, have them beg for mercy before the full force of the gods smites them where they stand - then, while they're distracted, have the others of the party sneak around and bring the hostages to safety.

Also, for a virtual tabletop, I suggest


Really quick what faction is everyone ?


Salixin or "Blackwing the Magician" is Sczarni.

Shadow Lodge

Shadow Lodge.


Just making sure I don't end up with an Andoran/Chileax feud going on lol.
@azrael sounds good. Please make sure you pick a PFS faction when doing the crunch.

PFS faction will be Silver Crusade. Where can I find the PFS traits?


PFS traits can be found in the PFS guide to organized play. This is a free PDF down load here on the site.

Most of the crunch done, meet Zeljka Battlebred, Oracle of Battle. Will update with background and appearance info later.


I'm really liking the way everything is coming together. Looks like we will have a balance. Also one thing I forgot to mention is I/we will be using action points. As things progress I will elaborate how these work.

@blackthom wondering if you are still interested in playing.

Recruitment closes Friday @ midnight CST. At that time I will start up the game play thread with the setting and give you all the week to introduce yourselves to each other and get acquainted with the world.

If you are looking for SandPoint on the map it is on the west coast below the horseshoe shaped mountain range in that cove/bay area. I do have a PDF map of SandPoint for everyone and I can share this with you via Skype if you would like one.

*You are being offered a large sum of gold by an extremely rich noble to go and retrieve an artifact from a secure location. The location is a museum and the noble claims the artifact actually belongs to his family and he feels it belongs in his home not the museum. What is your response?

"You own it? Well that's horrible they're keeping it from you. I'll look into it and see what I can do!" I would then proceed to check out the back story of the item through third parties if possible, then talk to the curator about the origins of the item and how it came to him.

*Do you think looting crypts, ruins, and dungeons is stealing or more like Indiana Jones? Why?

Possession requires a possessor, those items no longer have an owner. All things must die eventually, and when they do we can't sanction everything they ever touched as sacred.

*A group of 3 Orcs have raided and captured a group of travelers. One of the hostages is rumored to be one of the King of Absalom children. How would you go about rescuing the hostages and making sure the King's child is not harmed.

Attack in the daytime when the orcs are least active. There's not much use negotiating with them as their intent is pretty clear, but if an opportunity to negotiate arises which will not jeapordize my element of surprise I am fine with it.


I have put together what I have so far. If there are any corrections let me know. Also I have looked at and think its ok. However I'm liking A LOT better as I dont have to download a bunch of crap. has integrated video and chat along with an IM system. All you have to do is sign up for a free account. I'd like to try out here in the next few days if anyone is interested let me know so i can coordinate everything.

*Baron of Sands/Calin/Fighter(no archtype)/Human Male/Andoran/Questions Answered

*Arkwright/Nathaniel/Synthesist Summoner/Half-elf Male/Shadow Lodge/Questions Answered

*Arazni/Salixin Versa/DareDevil Bard/Strix Male/Silver Crusade/Questions Answered

*Azrael Dukshi/Zeljka BattleBred/Oracle of Battle/Half-Orc Female/Silver Crusade/Questions Answered

*Gates/Percival Gates/Ranger (no archtype)/Human Male/Chileax/Questions Answered

So... What do you suggest... A pure Wizard?


Play what you want to play. If you want to be a Gunslinger go for it if you want a wizard go for it. I want you to play something you will enjoy.

Looks like we're going to have the Andoran/Cheliax anyway. How do you propose using in the next couple of days?


ive been trying to figure out how to add maps and create files and everything. I just want to make sure everyone can get it to run and can at least figure out how to add their character and move around.

OK. I'll try it out. I already have an account and it looks simple enough.

roll20 looks absolutely awesome.

Sczarni <-- correct link.

Here is the link to the game.

I'm having trouble finding the faction traits, can anyone tell me where to find them?


After a good bit of trial and error I have the figured out for game play. The interface has a dice roller, chat window and supports audio and viedo chat. SO, skype may not be needed.

Thank-you to those who helped me figure everything out today.


Actually, Salixin (Blackwing the Magician) is Sczarni faction. :)

Sincerest apologies. But, after much consideration, I think I'd best stay strictly PbP.

The group is shaping up nicely (perfect for a wizard), the DM is welcoming and open, I LOVE low level undead stuff. And, honestly the timing is good.

I fear I'd just slow you down. I hope to be your loyal wizard in some PbP campaign in the near future.

PS: Sorry it took so long to figure that out. Or come to terms with it.

This sounds both interesting and awesome. I would like to join however I would not be able to make the first day of play otherwise I would be able to make the time pretty easily. If it's a problem I understand.


Gates wrote:
I'm having trouble finding the faction traits, can anyone tell me where to find them?

They are actually in the Pathfinder Society Player's Guide (its a free download here on


Hragas wrote:
This sounds both interesting and awesome. I would like to join however I would not be able to make the first day of play otherwise I would be able to make the time pretty easily. If it's a problem I understand.

I am able to work you in. You may run into the group or you may get rescued by the group it all depends on where they are in the story. Go ahead and create a character if you have any questions feel free to ask.


Alright, I still need to work on Salixin's backstory. I know he's had a dark past. A darker past than he cares to admit to or relive.

But in the meantime, let's talk career. Since an individual can make more money with the perform skill than with craft or profession, I decided to ignore those other two, but that may have been an error.

Salixin (Blackwing the Magician) is a stage performer of legerdemain - an illusionist of wit and sleight of hand, rather than magic, though magic can be used in conjunction with it. But Salixin prides himself on illusions based on engineering, contortion, and common means which can be more baffling and illusive than spells of illusion.

This is one of the reasons why he took Knowledge (engineering) as a class skill, as I hope to represent his ability to construct such devices with that skill, though I suppose I could take Craft (mechanical illusions) instead, if that makes more sense.

Of course, such mechanical devices could also come in handy in combat. A secret compartment for throwing knives? A cloak that distracts through subtle movements and providing a narrow escape? A hat or boot with a secret compartment?

The other things which I am strongly considering is that alchemy might come in handy quite a bit for a fellow like Blackwing. So anyway, just throwing some ideas out there for how Salixin will be played. Before I go start working on his background.


I like your concepts and the things you want to do with Salixin. I see him like David Copperfield/David Blaine kinda guy. These are all things that we can work into the storyline and develop as we play.

What I want to know is why he became decided to become Blackwing and why he finds the art of illusion so attractive.


Yep... here we go:


Most strix are satisfied to remain on their isolated island, preventing other races from interfering with their limited lifestyles. Salixin was never one to be so intimidated by the outside world and found a natural curiosity that led him to explore beyond the perimeters of the islands and cliffs of Cheliax. So one day he just stretched his wings and flew. He did not cease until he came upon a Varisian caravan where he alighted.

There he met Zathrelia Veras, a lovely varisian performer: dancer, pickpocket, and diviner who took pity on the clueless Salixin and invited him to stay with her. He quickly learned the varisian way and became a performer with Zathrelia. At first he performed mainly feats of aerial acrobatics, but the crowds grew bored with seeing a winged man fly. "Not enough danger", they said. "Tis too easy." In order to please Zathrelia, and to gain his place in the caravan, perhaps even his own wagon, Salixin had to think about ways to endanger himself to entertain the crowds that had grown bored with the sight of the exotic winged man. He learned to juggle knives, while flying in midair, then flaming torches, then juggling and somersaulting in midair, then juggling and somersaulting in midair while flying through a ring of fire. Each act thrilled his viewers, but the thrill never remained for long and Salixin found himself questioning why.

Zathrelia mentored him then, taking him under her wing. Before she had only provided food and lodging and basic training for the acrobatic feats he had undertaken. "You are too far away, dear Salixin. If they cannot see the performance, no one can enjoy it. Take the performance to them. You have added danger, but they see your wings and know you will always be able to avoid it."

The next day, Zathrelia and her acting troupe performed The Burning of the Witch Zahara, with Zathrelia being the one tied to the stake. The black smoke billowed thickly around the woman, Salixin cringed at the sight of the flames lapping at her feet, the sound of her coughing in the midst of the black chaos, screaming out revenges and curses against her accusers. A sudden flash of light in the midst of the fire, Salixin averted his eyes, looked back up again and saw that Zathrelia had vanished. The smoke cleared away and the crowd burst into applause. They never tired of these performances, where the performers faced death squarely and managed to defeat it.

This changed Salaxin's life. He never took wing again after that moment; demonstrating to the varisians and the audiences they performed for that he was as fallible as any. He was close to death as well. He learned to escape from rope bindings over burning coals, to catch thrown daggers in his teeth, and to do so with such grace and ease that none could tell they were practiced maneuvers. He began to challenge himself, to think outside the box. And indeed it was thinking about the box that he was thinking outside of that he stumbled upon the idea of a deadly box, one with a secret trap door to let the performer escape.

When the day came to perform this new illusion, he demonstrated it to the varisians first. He was bound in rope and locked in the box. And the box set in a burning fire. Within mere moments, he had escaped his confinement, bursting out of the fire on wings as a phoenix from the ashes of its predecessor. The show was very impressive. Too impressive for his matron. The student had surpassed the mistress, and in a jealous rage she tried to have him thrown from the only home he had known for the past 5 years, even throwing her hidden daggers at him in a fast paced barrage of deadly skill. In the performances, he could dodge them, grab them, juggle them even. But this was far mroe deadly than a performance. This was real. He still managed to grab one, flinging it back as he turned and fled from his pursuer. The blade struck Zathrelia between the eyes, killing her instantly. Few varisians saw the whole argument, but the killing blow seemed to have been witnessed by all. He ran back to the wagon he shared with Zathrelia, grabbed what belongings he could and flew into the sky, never to visit that particular caravan again.

He later wrote to the Pathfinders, hoping to join their ranks, and was contacted by a member of the Sczarni faction, who had seen that fateful performance, and had heard something of the attack that followed. Although he could offer him no legal protections, he offered him something he could actually use, the fearsome reputation that the Sczarni have, sending him the purple and gold scarf with small rubies to let all who saw him that he was a killer, protected by the Sczarni, and was not to be harmed. The Sczarni protect their own, usually, as there is some honor amongst those who cling to the Varisian ways of thievery.

With this protection, Salixin became known more popularly as Blackwing the Magician, who continued to focus on his performance abilities and more ideas like the trap-door box. He successfully crafted and performed with a disappearing cabinet, a magnetic levitation platform, a transpositional trap door maze once built into a stage for a series of vanishing and transposition acts. Of course, where possible, Blackwing introduced the possibility of death and carnage. The escape act was always the most popular. Nevertheless, he had a need for new illusions, new designs and his own mental capacities he feared had reached their capacity. Twilight Academy in SandPoint seemed a good place to start expanding those capacities. Hopefully he could find more engineering techniques.


All I can say is WOW!

Love the backstory

Liberty's Edge

I might be interested in submitting a character. I have a question. How long do you think the skype sessions will last on friday nights? 3 hours? longer? shorter?


I'm looking at 3 hrs. I'm going to mostly run combat via Skype. Everything else can be done here in the disscusion thread. We are going to use for our virtual tabletop.

I ended up going with Grand Lodge I think, no chance of Gates wanting to support any sort of Chelaxian theme.


Cool I make a note.

Just a reminder recruitment closes tomorrow at mid night CST. If you want in you need to post a character or message me with one. Also if you have not signed up for a free account please do so. We will be using this for our tabletop. In addition please make sure you have Skype installed as I am not 100% sure yet which way I'm goIng to do the to do the voice portion of our game. has voice and video capability.

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