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Vonzara's Homebrew Skype/PbP Game

Game Master Vonzara

Recently the adventurers went to stop two assassination attempts. They have temporarily stopped these attempts form happening. In the process they found several maps that could lead them to the person who wants the people assassinated.

Current Characters

Sczarni Vonzara

Female Elf
(265 posts)
The Cinderlander

Male Human Ranger 3

played by Hatch240 (35 posts)
The Exchange Gwendal The Sellsword

Male Human Fighter/4

played by Tirq (55 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev
Grand Lodge Janthe

Male Human Rogue 3

played by Octavian42 (28 posts)
Lord Glorio Arkona

Male Manakete 4

played by Tirq (5 posts)
Nolveniss Azrinae
Shadow Lodge Nathaniel.

HP 100/100, Fort 13 Ref 20 Will 11, AC 21 TAC 16 FFAC 15, Init 8, CMD 33

played by Arkwright (868 posts)
Ramiel Torv

Male Sylph Wizard 3/Rogue 1

played by Hassan Ahmed (13 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Tiberius "Spear-Head"

played by Batista Grave (35 posts)
Half-Orc of Averaka
Zeljka Battlebred

Female Half-Orc Oracle of Battle/4

played by Azrael Dukshi (60 posts)

Current NPCs


Female Elf Bladebound Magus/5

played by Vonzara (87 posts)

Previous Characters


(15 posts)
Grey Maiden

played by stardust (591 posts)

played by Octavian42 (53 posts)

played by Hatch240 (773 posts)
Arnistolientar Popswicker
Scarab Sages Namfoodle_Stumbleduck_Turnippin

Male Gnome Alchemist (grenadier)

played by Sloth_the_Mighty (6 posts)
Guard Captain Blacklock
Liberty's Edge The One Called Calin

played by Baron of the Sands (1 post)
Sczarni Salixin Veras

played by stardust (11 posts)

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