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Vonzara's Homebrew Skype/PbP Game

Game Master Vonzara

Recently the adventurers went to stop two assassination attempts. They have temporarily stopped these attempts form happening. In the process they found several maps that could lead them to the person who wants the people assassinated.

You have heard rumors that the small town of SandPoint has recently become inhabited by the walking dead. If was said that they came back to life after a magical black candle was lit. During the day it is fine to venture out but at night things are not as safe. Most of the attacks on local people have occurred around the cemetery and crypts. The mayor of SandPoint is looking for a group of adventures to find out the cause and has asked the Pathfinder Society for their assistance.

After finding out that the undead where being raised by a magical black candle, the adventurers head off to Twilight Academy. Here they have the opportunity to study, craft, and work on honing their skills. The overseers of the academy just happen to be retired adventurers. They each specialize in different areas of magic, skills, and crafts, making the six of them the most sought out individuals in Galorion. Hymo, Lost, Farsain, Sir Wolfram, Lairith, and Lady BrightStar have made Twilight their home and their mission now is to educate younger generations.

It has come to light that Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch has been given orders to have a pair of children murdered in order to stop then from rescuing their father. Our skilled adventurers have set out to find Heidmarch and stop her.

Venture-Captain Heidmarch managed to escape the adventurers. However, they have found several maps that may lead them to the leader of the cult. A magical orb containing a fish reviled a map of The Isle of Krotos (where Abaslom is located) with a red marking in the mountains indicating a place called home. The other maps that have been found also have marking in the mountains labeled home as well. A note was found in a raid on an estate which may tell the exact location of the cult leader.

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