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Vengeance is Nigh

Game Master Jubal Breakbottle

Alright comic fans, Defenders is just about to drop on Netflix, and I’ve got the bug to attempt another Super campaign. There appears to be some appetite for Supers games here on the Paizo Pbp site, so I’m starting to recruit. I plan to use the game mechanic of BASH UE (Ultimate Edition).

You don’t know about BASH? You should, because it’s great. It’s a super simple, Supers game mechanic (pun intended). Here’s the preview of the rules that we’ll be using. You don’t need to buy the game, because I’ll be making the characters to ensure power level playability.

The game will be set in Megapolis. Characters will be first year members of the local URGENT team. Description of Megapolis and URGENT are on the Campaign page, but think Avengers.

Since I will build your characters after selection, your submission will be ALL DESCRIPTION. I’m looking for a team of characters to work together against local super villains. If you need to see how the game mechanics work, in order to imagine how your character will be built, there are two links to follow:

For your submission, please include the following descriptions of your character:

  • Summary Give me an overall description of the character is few sentences to set the tone. Feel free to use famous comic characters as a guide. For example, you could start with, “she’s Batman without the wealth.”
  • Stats Use page 8 as your guide here. Remember think Year One characters.
  • Powers Think of just a couple powers to identify your character as “gifted.”
  • Skills What are they trained to do?
  • Mental Malfunction Why are they superheroes?
  • Origin & Current How did your character become gifted? Who else is in their life?
  • Picture Worth a thousand words. Not required but very cool. You could say, she looks like this except with green hair.

I prefer once per day, but games can get a bit slower especially around holidays. After a couple of weeks of silence, characters are written out. After a couple of characters are written out, I’ll reopen recruitment.

I’ll use Roll20 for maps and combat. Plus, the chat there is nice.

I would like to set the deadline for Sunday, August 20. It could change depending on the amount of submissions. I would appreciate a final post with your complete submission. You could link previous posts if you build the character in stages. We will start as soon as possible, but I probably will open the Gameplay sooner rather than later for you to start role-playing while I finalize the character builds with you.

Summary Joe Wesker was born psychic and sensitivity to the vibrations of the supernatural. He markets himself as a 'supernatural investigator and go-between'. Joe Wesker is much like John Constantine, but not British, but American midwest.
Stats Brawn (1), Agility (1), Mind (2 or higher).
Powers Sense supernatural, Empathic, Psychic, Mental Defenses, Astral Projection. Later in game, powers derived from supernatural artifacts and weapons.
Skills Knowledge (mythology), Knowledge (religion), Knowledge (occult), Knowledge (arcana), Sense Motive.
Origin and Current Joseph "Joe" Wesker was born into a family where psychic sensitivities run. Initally raised catholic, Joe branched out tried other religions, like Judaism, Spiritualism, Shamanism, Rosecrution, etc. Little Joe Wesker was troubled by monsters in closets and dream bogeymen until he realized he could fight back. And fight back he did. But Joe has some supernatural friendships as well, like his dead grandma on his father's side, who died 6 months before Joe was born; a mostly-rehabiliated imp who was Joe's first spiritual teacher; and his trustly pug dog, Kaixin, who is actually a foo dog in disguise, a gift from The Emerald Emperor.
Joe recently moved to Megapolis from Michigan, finding the large city has many dark corners due to it's long history. He's currently dating Valeriya Perchanko, a witch and recent immigrant from Romania.
Picture Winter, but with brown hair and a 9 month old beard to match.

Joe Wesker looks good.

Don't forget Mental Malfunction. There is no such thing as a “normal” superhero (or villain). The very nature of being a superhero warps one’s reality. Every superhero/villain has some mental quirk. One hero may be the prototypical boy-scout while another has an unending thirst for vengeance. One may have amnesia while another is trying to forget his past. What is your Mental Malfunction?

An easy way to come up with an answer is to think “what drives this character to put on a costume and risk life and limb?”


Scarab Sages

Dot as well

15 points (10 Stats, 4 Powers, 1 Advantage )
Joe Wesker was born psychic and sensitivity to the vibrations of the supernatural. He markets himself as a 'supernatural investigator and go-between'. Joe Wesker is much like John Constantine, but not British, but American midwest.

Brawn 1 Agility 1 Mind 3
x1 Defence, x3 Mental Defence, x1 Soak


    * Sense Supernatural : Super Senses 1 (1pts)
    * Empathy : Telepath 1 (Empathic; sense emotions, visual range. If mind protected, requires Mind Contest.) (1pts)
    * Pierce the veil : Clairvoyance 2 (See visions from two of :past, present or future.) Collect information from Supernatural network (Past) Astral Projection (Present) (2pts)
Mental Skills: Deception/Detect Deception x3, Investigation/Gut x3, Occultism/Legend x3
Physical Skills: Need one skill focus.
Advantages & Disadvantages
Sidekick/Pet: (1pts) His trustly pug dog, Kaixin, who is actually a foo dog in disguise, a gift from The Emerald Emperor. - 12 pt. build
Priority: x1, Defence: x1, Mental Defence: x3, Soak: x1, Hits: 100

Lift: 50 lbs, Run: 3 squares, Jump: 1 squares, Climb: 1 squares, Swim: 1 squares

Creator code:
{"playerName":"TheWaskally ","name":"Supernatural","realName":"Joe Wesker","description":"Joe Wesker was born psychic and sensitivity to the vibrations of the supernatural. He markets himself as a 'supernatural investigator and go-between'. Joe Wesker is much like John Constantine, but not British, but American midwest. ","pointAllowance":"15","brawn":1,"agility":1,"mind":3,"powerInstances":[{"nameAndLevel":"Super Senses 1","coolName":"Sense Supernatural","active":true},{"nameAndLevel":"Telepath 1","coolName":"Empathy","active":true},{"nameAndLevel":"Clairvoyance 2","coolName":"Pierce the veil","note":"Collect information from Supernatural network (Past)\nAstral Projection (Present)","active":true}],"mentalSkills":[{"name":"Deception","slots":1,"specs":["Detect Deception"]},{"name":"Investigation","slots":1,"specs":["Gut"]},{"name":"Occultism","slots":1 ,"specs":["Legend"]}],"advantages":[{"name":"Sidekick/Pet","description":"His trustly pug dog, Kaixin, who is actually a foo dog in disguise, a gift from The Emerald Emperor. - 12 pt. build"}],"hits":100}

Summary Pete Padavona is Predator, the ultimate hunter. Devil-may-care scrapper and full-time party animal, he is the Wolverine equivalent of the group.

Stats Brawn 2, Agility 2, Mind 1

Powers Predatory senses, Animal instincts, Strength, Reactions, Toughness, you know, the typical.

Skills Perception, Sense Motive, Intimidate, most physical skills.

Origin and Current Peter was the archetypical mess of a university student, to the point he accepted money in exchange for being the subject of some experiments. He got his powers as a result, and when he managed to escape he joined a group of similarly gifted people in the hopes of catching the people that so recklessly experiment with humans. He wouldn't admit it, but also since he 'changed' he feels that common people are a bit afraid of him, so he is more comfortable around his gifted friends.

Weakness Pete is prone to suffer from demoralisation if things go wrong, while his morale is boosted if he feels useful or is given some good feedback. That is another reason he keeps himself within the company of other superheroes.

I'm intrigued, and I like learning new systems. Here's my offering; dates are assuming that the modern year in the game is our modern year, although obviously technologies and specific histories might be quite different.

Wu Zhihao, the South Fist:
Summary: The intelligent but directionless heir of a business mogul's wealth, Wu Zhihao also inherited a mystical connection to ancient Chinese martial artists. (In relation to existing heroes, he'd fit something like Daredevil, except he isn't blind.)

Stats: Brawn 1, Agility 2, Mind 2.

Powers: Wu changes form to become a superhero, taking on an earthen appearance similar to a terracotta soldier; that could add some armor or something, perhaps? Mostly his powers would revolve around wuxia martial arts fightan magic: soaring leaps, supernatural fighting skill, that sort of thing.

Skills: Acrobatics and gymnastics, maybe sneaking? And then he's got good skills with computers and a knowledge of medicine, since that's what his family's company is based on. I'd specifically rather he not have much knowledge of mysticism or things like that--he doesn't really get his powers right now, but he'll hopefully learn as time goes on.

Mental Malfunction: Besides being infused with a spirit of martial arts prowess that drives him to protect and help others, Zhi mainly fights crime because he isn't sure what else to do. His grandfather's wealth is mostly held in a trust fund, and a board of directors runs the company, so Zhi has everything he needs, but he's always craved a purpose. Being a superhero fills that hole: it's a rush he's never felt otherwise.

Origin and Current: The Terracotta Army of the first Qin emperor was discovered in 1974, and much of it has been excavated since, but the actual mausoleum has been left untouched. If it were opened, more of the clay statues would be found accompanying the emperor, including a group of four unarmored, unarmed men, standing eternal vigil not far from the tomb itself. These are the Terracotta Monks, or Four Masters: the greatest martial artists of the era, whose teachings were the foundation of all known Chinese martial arts--although very few if any people know this. Even less well-known is that their spirits still live on today, passed down through the centuries from father to son, master to student... all the way to Wu Zhihao, a young man living in Megapolis. A spirit grants mystical martial arts prowess beyond the ken of normal men, and it manifests by giving the bearer the earthen apperance of a Terracotta Monk.

Wu is actually the second hero to take on the mantle of the South Fist, although he's the first to do so as a registered member of URGENT. As a young man, his grandfather, Wu Yazhu, also fought crime as a Terracotta Monk--on the streets of Hong Kong in the 50s and 60s. But Yazhu was a brilliant mind as well as a supernatural warrior, and once he started a family he began working with the growing computer industry, believing it would take off into something marvelous as time went on. In the early 1980s he moved his burgeoning company and his family to the United States, eventually settling in Megapolis. There, he continued to build his company on state-of-the-art computer technology, but coupled it with medical engineering--after all, one of the world's foremost medical institutes was nearby, and Yazhu still harbored a spirit that craved helping others.

Wu Zhihao was born in 1995, but he never knew his father--he was a military man who was killed in action shortly before Zhi was born. Zhi grew up wanting for very little beyond a sense of fulfillment and destiny: his grandfather's money supported the family in a very comfortable lifestyle, but Zhi quickly found he needed pastimes to occupy himself. He was an active and very intelligent youth, and his grandfather thought it might be wise to start grooming the boy to take up his mantle--in more ways than one. By the time he was in high school, Zhi was an accomplished martial artist as well as a computer whiz, but he still lacked drive. He ended up attending university with a dual majors in computer engineering and biochemistry, a courseload that would crush most students but which merely kept Zhi from getting too bored until he graduated.

All that changed a month or two ago, however, when Wu Yazhu died in what by all appearances was a tragic car accident. Almost immediately, Zhihao began feeling the presence of the spirit within him: strange dreams of ancient battles, and suddenly enhanced skills when he sparred. He also felt a sudden rush of inspiration and direction in his life: an urge to go out and help others. His first crimefighting incident saw him save a young couple from muggers, during which he took on an earthen appearance, and the energy he felt in that moment has spurred him to continue heroing since. He applied with URGENT as soon as he could, and now he's ready to take on the world, because nothing has made him feel as good.

Additional Note: If, like in many superhero RPGs, there's a way to have a nemesis in this, I'd definitely want that! As a bit of lore that Zhi doesn't know, there were rivalries that became bitter falling-outs between some of the Four Masters, particularly the Northern and Southern Fists. As such, Zhi has an as-yet-unknown nemesis in whoever harbors the spirit of the North Fist.

I guess I mixed the Mental Malfunction into the Origin and the Weakness sections... Basically, Pete is easily demoralised if no friend is supporting him. Something weird for a hunter who commonly does some of his job alone.

Mental Malfunction Loss. Cyndy Wesker, Joe's late wife, died nearly 5 years ago, not by a vicious spirit or a marauding demon, but by a drunk driver who ran into her on a rainy evening. When Joe is reminded of his dead wife, either by listening to a particular song they both loved, or meeting someone with like traits, Joe gets very sad. He's been close to alcoholism for years. To Joe's great relief, Cyndy has never appeared to him as a ghost, hopefully finding true rest in the afterlife.

"What makes Joe Wesker 'put on the costume'" Well, Joe picked the costume because he sure as hell wasn't gonna wear spandex. He originally toyed with the idea of wearing a men's work romper, but Joe thought he'd look to much like a ghostbuster.
Joe Wesker wears the bowler hat because it was a gift from his dead wife for Christmas one year. Over the years, Wesker has woven strong mental ward into it's fabric, giving him an advantage over mental defense rolls. Under his clothes, Joe Wesker wears various religious symbols, charms, stones, crystals, and other baubles worn to help ward evil or enhance his abilities.
As for the 'why' Joe Wesker is a 'hero'? You either do something, or evil flourishes. The longer someone is in demonic possession, the greater the damage to their bodies, psyche, and soul. You fight evil so it doesn't come to your door. You fight to protect the ones you love. You beat the unliving s#it out of evil so badly, it has to think twice before coming around again.

Physical Skill I was thinking he could be a brawler. Not a martial artist, but being over 6 ft tall, Joe Wesker know how to land a punch and make it hurt. Either that, or give Joe an extra +1 to endurance checks.

Pete would look more or less like that, though a bit heavier built.

I'm in. I don't know this ruleset but I'm happy to learn and more than willing to buy the books.

Summary Max Berne aka Live-Wire is a young-ish, upbeat, and joking daredevil who slings electricity when he isn't slinging booze at a downtown bar. Reference: 'Electrical' Johnny Storm but less of a flamboyant boy scout.

Stats Brawn (1), Agility (2), Mind (2) Not familiar with the game, so tweak as needed to complement his powers.

Powers Ranged electrical attack, H2H electrical attack, Movement via electricity (either 'Riding the Lightning' or - preferably - becoming an electrical charge), perhaps some sort of electrical 'shielding' since he's likely to jump into trouble? Maybe absorb electricity?

Skills Bartending, Psychology (goes along with being a bartender), Electrician, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering

Mental Malfunction Max is a reckless daredevil. He wants fame, fortune, and public adoration - both at his day-job and super-heroing.

Possible Disadvantages Weakness to water/cold?

Origin & Current Max is fairly certain he was born with the ability to 'play' with electricity. He never got zapped, no matter how many power outlets he destroyed as a kid by shorting them out with paperclips. But he was sure electricity was his friend when he got hit by a bolt of lighting and found it only 'tingly' and then he 'called down' a second strike. Currently - to make ends meet - Max works as a up-and-coming cocktail bartender and an 'off-the-books' electrician. He shares a 4th floor walk-up apartment with his roommate Dave and Dave's irritating semi-live-in girlfriend Sheila. His family isn't in the city but he has regulars at his bar - Scotch Sanitorium - that he considers pals.

Picture Max doesn't wear a costume. A t-shirt and jeans are good enough since he frequently ends up scorching off most of his clothes when 'doing the superhero thing'. He does wear a mask which he powers with a minor electrical charge, so it's eco-friendly. Surprisingly, he hasn't accidentally destroyed it... yet.

This is really cool. One question though, Where can we find the powers?

Dot Either going to play a martial character or one with mediocre stats (1,1,1) and a huge list of powers
Leaning toward martial but as I can't find the styles anywhere that's going to be hard

Will respectfully withdraw my interest; this sounds rad but I don't want to spread myself too thin with my games. Cheers, all!

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