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Vengeance is Nigh

Game Master Jubal Breakbottle

Roll20 map

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Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

It is a Sunday morning, and you are all gathered together around a table at URGENT Headquarters in Megapolis, enjoying a hearty breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a well deserved break from saving the day. While trying to read your favorite section of the Sunday paper, you are distracted by a breaking story on the television.

”Three brutal murders all last night in Kirby Row. All the victims were members of rival gangs. Police are unsure if the crime is gang related, however, as the victims apparently died of severe lacerations caused by a blade. Vigilantism is a potential motive, and the police are looking for any information that might bring them more leads in this case. In other news...”

Kirby Row is the least affluent area of Megapolis, and it always has been. The land used to be home to Titan Steel Company Housing, but today it is a collection of run-down houses. The worst neighborhood here is a place now nicknamed “Destitution Drive”. Half of the buildings here are burnt-out shells, abandoned by their owners now serving prison time from when they hired Burn Cycle to torch the place. The crime here is so bad that regular police won’t even go there anymore (there have been numerous cases of fake emergency calls that ended up being ambushes to kill cops as part of gang initiations).

The only justice in Destitution Drive comes from super heroes and URGENT, and super criminals tend to also stay out of the area, as there is not much of value to take. Destitution drive is the home to one super: Vengeance. Whether he is a hero or villain depends on your point of view. He rescues people from violent crime, and punishes the offender with extreme prejudice, usually breaking limbs. The locals have a saying, “In Destitution Drive there is no justice: only Vengeance”. Vengeance is currently being investigated by URGENT and is wanted for being an unregistered hero and using excessive force. So far, nobody in the neighborhood has come forward with any information.

Having worked a double-shift the night before, Max is clinging to his second cup of coffee like a lifeline. "Three in one night? Someone's trying to get their Stabby Merit Badge."

Dark Archive

Lifting his eyes from the funny pages, Joe responds "Sure seems that way".
Putting down his section of the paper, the supernatural investigator ruminates further. "In my experience, there are often more than ghosts that haunt those areas severely recessed. Many times it's lower vibration spirits who torment those who feel the hopelessness of such places. Luckily, many in those communities feel those presences as well. Which is why there are often many small churches built in those areas to help combat the spirits of despair prevalent there."

"Sounds like some s@*! stain with a chip on his shoulder and handy with a knife," Kenny says in his typical brusque and rude manner. He's eating a stack of pancakes with enough syrup to turn them back into a liquid. "Maybe we should call him Vengeance Light. All the revenge half the righteousness."

Max grunts into his coffee cup. "With all the vics being from different gangs, maybe someone is trying to kick off a gang war? Could be for revenge... or profit."

What kind of roll would we use to 'know' about the number of gangs in Destitution Drive. Mind Roll?

Mind Roll: 2d6 ⇒ (2, 1) = 3 x2 = 6


Streetwise: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 6) = 12

I don't think this gets a multiplier. If the gangs were named I would like to know about them. Also want to predict their response.

Kenny, you get to roll another die since you rolled a double. If you roll another 6, keeping rolling until you don't. The combined total will be your score.

1d6 ⇒ 4 Right. That's 16

Male Human (Chinese-American)

"Whatever it is, we should stop it." Zhi's comment is delivered with his usual off-handed simplicity: if there's a crime, why not fight it? "It's not like we're doing anything else. And Kenny's gonna need a workout after those pancakes." He grins and winks at his comrade. Zhi himself is drinking a smoothie loaded with essential nutrients and a smell that would turn off anyone unused to the stuff.

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

Kenny's Streetwise result:
The Black Bones is a gang that runs in the north side of Kirby Row, while the Iron Band runs in the south. Their drug-dealing and extortion territory overlap with one another right in Destitution Drive, which has lead to a violent turf war that has lasted years. The people of the neighborhood have been caught in the middle, but Vengeance has been turning the predators into the prey hunting them down at night, and leaving them scarred and broken. Both gangs hate Vengeance, and would love nothing better than a chance to kill him however this doesn’t mean that they’ve put their own hostilities towards one another aside. Both gangs are willing to use these killings as an excuse to go after each other as well as Vengeance. Right now the gangs are laying low, but rumors are circulating that a gang war may be brewing.

The Black Bones’ colors are Black and Brown, using the letters “BB” or black skull and crossbones as their symbols. They sometimes wear bandanas that look like a black skull to conceal their identities. Their leader is a guy nicknamed “Snap”.

The Iron Band’s colors are metallic. They wear lots of chains, and also all of them wear a metal armband. Their symbol is a circle with the letters “IB” inside. Their leader is a guy nicknamed “B-Kool”.

"You keep winking at me like that and I might get the wrong idea. Gotta tell ya up front, not into fisting," Kenny says with a lurid, eyebrow waggle. He turns more serious as he focuses on the TV. "Black Bones and Iron Band's been like two rabid dogs chained just inches from each other. This might just be the last tug they need to pull the stakes and go for each others throats. New guy's either a moron bent on revenge or egg'n 'em on to see it happens. Either way, that street will be filled with blood if URGENT doesn't do something. The new guy and Vengeance both."

Dark Archive

"We should leave soon then", spoke Joe as he downed the last of his orange juice.
"Perhaps many of the gang members are sleeping off the effects of the night before, might be our best chance."
Does URGENT have a vehicle?

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

URGENT has black suburbans. They buy from the same FBI contract.

Dark Archive

On his way to the garage, Joe calls for Kaixin.
As the little pug runs into view, the supernatural investigator claps his hands, and the small dog jumps into Joe's awaiting arms.

"Kaixin, I might need you and your wonderful nose on this one. Come on! Roadtrip!"

Max works his way into his third cup of coffee and a jelly doughnut as the others mobilize. He deftly invokes google maps on his phone and studies Kirby Row. "I'll meet you guys there after I caffeine up... corner of 13th Street and Rapelye."

He's in no hurry. The general neglect affecting Kirby Row didn't reach the infrastructure to any noticeable extent. The area was still tied into the power grid and landline network, which made it easy for Max to reach it. He finishes his coffee at a leisurely pace, takes a quick shower (while polishing off a jelly doughnut), and checks his email. When he figures the black Suburban is likely approaching their meeting location, he pulls down his wool cap/mask and 'jumps' into the nearby wall socket, converting himself into a sentient pulse of electricity. In only a few seconds, he navigates the power grid and emerges from a battered transformer near Rapelye and 13th.

Do we get deployed by URGENT or do we act on our own initiative? If the latter that sounds like a it'd leave URGENT open to a lot of criticism and controversy.

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

As you are on your way, you see a man in a red and white costume rapidly arrive. In a blur, you are standing in the presence of Captain Vitality, a well known speedster with healing powers and an important member of URGENT, the Urban General Taskforce (the government’s super police squad). He gives you a surprisingly chipper greeting: “'Good morning, super-friends. You have no doubt heard of the murders that took place in Kirby Row last night. URGENT requests your assistance in the investigation.”

”As you may know, Destitution Drive is the home of a certain vigilante known to the locals as “Vengeance”. He is already known for being excessively violent in dealing with criminals. He doesn't read them their rights or arrest them, and has in fact, crippled several permanently. In addition, he is known to wield hand-claws in combat. As you probably know, the murders all took place in the region of Kirby Row known as Destitution Drive.

"All of the victims were cut, presumably by metal claws. These two circumstances lead us to believe that Vengeance is responsible for the crimes and is escalating his one man war on crime to lethal proportions. We have been pursuing his arrest for several years now, and have thus far, gotten nowhere. The local populace is either too scared or too enamored at the perceived “good” his actions have done for their neighborhood. But URGENT cannot allow this to stymie our investigations now that we believe him to have crossed the line into homicide. We are asking you if you will conduct the investigation yourselves. If you can apprehend and deliver Vengeance to us, we would be most grateful.”

Sound of the toilet. Pete comes out of it, buttoning his jeans and adjusting his belt, followed by a hideous stench.

"Uh, guys... you better not want to go in there..."

He comes too late to hear the news, but just in time to watch arrive the blur that becomes Captain Vitality.

"Arite, Cap'n" he comments while tying his hair in a pony tail. "I'll go and sniff some Veangance, I bet it's better than sniffing over there" he adds, pointing at the loo and following his team to the big car.

Sorry. I guess now that this is dotted I will receive the notifications :P

Male Human (Chinese-American)

Zhi sputters for a moment at Kenny's comeback, nearly spraying smoothie across the room. As the team moves to go, he finishes his drink and nods to Pete and Captain Vitality as they arrive, listening closely to the veteran hero's briefing.

"Sniff some Vengeance? What, have you been reading old comics again?" Zhi snickers and shakes his head. "But yeah, we can take care of it, Captain. Count on us."

The young man steps back and focuses for a moment, his eye closing as his palms press together. After a few seconds, his whole body tenses, then surges with power. His body begins to take on a reddish-brown color and an earthen texture, spreading from his center to encompass his limbs in a matter of moments. When his arms relax, the South Fist stands before the group, a veritable living, breathing Terracotta Monk.

"Let's get this show on the road!" he says, pumping one fist. It shatters any grandeur of the image.

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

Kenny, Joe and Livewire. As a rule, I'd like post from everyone after one of my big posts. It signals to me that you're engaged and ready to move on. Thanks.

Dark Archive

Wesker nods in agreement, trying not to fanboy in front of the seasoned superhero.
The supernatural investigator tips his bowler to Captain Vitality as he leaves.

"I'm finishing my coffee first."

Ready to go!

I know you said once per day but I don't usually have time on the weekends.

"Alright then, let's crack some skulls," Kenny says boisterously. "And then turn them over to the hospital for appropriate medical attention."

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

Kenny, no worries

Captain Vitality nods to all and offers, "good hunting." Then, he disappears in a red and white blur.

After you meet Livewire on the corner of 13th Street and Rapelye, you pull up at the first of three crime scenes, which is cordoned off with yellow police tape. Inside the taped area is a chalk outline. Near the outline is a layer of bits of broken glass, presumably from a nearby window. The bodies have already been removed and taken to the coroner’s office.

There are three police there, outfitted with EQUALIZER power armor (gangs in this neighborhood are notorious cop-killers). They are just patrol officers sent here to make sure nobody interferes with the crime scene. They recognize your URGENT authority and give you wide berth.

Whoever has the highest Investigation/Analysis skill rolls for everyone. Anyone who also has the Investigation skill can help by making a 10 Investigation check. Assistance adds a +1 Dice bonus to roll of the main investigator.

Dark Archive

Looks like the supernatural investigator takes point.
Joe Wesker greets the officers as he carefully enters the crime scene. "Kaixin, stay", says Joe as he holds up his hand to pug.
Wesker takes his time looking over the crime scene, thinking aloud and telling what he finds to those present.
Investigation/Gut: 2d6 ⇒ (1, 6) = 7 x 3 = 21

Kenny, knowing this was definitely not his forte, slaps Joe almost painfully on the back saying, "Guess that's you ghost whisperer." He then walks over to the URGENT officers to rub elbows, talk s%+!, pose for the crowd and generally be himself.

"Right, Joe, your turn." While Joe is working, Pete is taking looks everywhere. Not that it's the first time he's been here, but he wants to be sure of who's taking notes of the URGENT actuation. Might be worth a while to know if someone in the 'hood is in Vengeance's payroll.

Dark Archive

Lookimg back to his teammates, Joe comments, "That's right. I forget none of you have an investigative experience. Well, boys, keep your ears and inner eyes open. You may learn something."

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

There is broken glass and flattened bullets here. The victim died a few feet away.

You find a number of flattened bullets near the chalk outline and glass that was broken by a ricochet off the assailant. So you conclude that the assailant was bulletproof.

You find one set of footprints in the broken glass, so you surmise that there was only one assailant.

You are one of the URGENT officers. There are three policemen here who are wearing EQUALIZER power armor, because gangs in this neighborhood are notorious cop-killers.

"What's up, Tank? You guys must think it's Vengeance too, if URGENT sends a full squad." He offers while surveying the crowd and scene.

Pete looks everywhere without disturbing the crime scene. Perception: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 5) = 11 x4 = 44 = EPIC

It smells like Destitution Drive. Nothing out of the ordinary, which is saying a lot with that roll. However, you might be able to find similarities with the other two crime scenes.

Dark Archive

After relaying his findings to the rest of the team, Wesker asked the officers, "How far away are the other crime scenes?"

Male Human (Chinese-American)

Zhi also lets Joe take the lead, knowing the other man has more skill with this sort of thing; meanwhile, Zhi keeps an eye out on the surroundings and stands by until needed. Hopefully we'll get to the action soon.

When Joe relays his findings, the South Fist raises an eyebrow and looks around. "Uh, is Vengeance bulletproof? The guy, not the idea. I know he has the claws and all, but that sounds like a whole other deal."

Although we may know or have heard something to that effect, I suppose, depending on the reports out of Destitution Drive and their reliability.

Pete takes note of everything he's observed, looking forward to check the other scenes. Not that he has seen much, but who knows, maybe there's a connection...

"So, who's the guy? The dead one I mean. Do we know something?"

Not a skilled investigator, Livewire just roams around Hmming trying to make it appear like he's looking for clues.

So we can't do a general Mind check to assist here? Is that correct?

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

nope. You can make chippy comments or hypotheses. I've given the information I've got. Need you to interact and tell me what you're doing next.

With the Officers

"Nah. Vengeance was always too much of coward to finish what he started," Kenny says waving at the crowd. "So who's the chalk outline?" he asks pointing at the crime scene. "BB or IB?"

With the Group

"So bullet proof and blades? Ain't much to go on Wesk."

Streetwise on Vengeance: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 1) = 7

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

The officer replies to Kenny, "IB, I think. There was a lot of blood, and I got here for perimeter duty."

No more info on your Streetwise on Vengeance roll

Dark Archive

Figuring the officer were distacted by his fellow URGENT members, Wesker poses the question again.
"Officers, how far away are the other two attacks?"

"Yeah" adds Pete, "we should have a look at them, too. Have you asked for witnesses?"

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

The officer replies to Joe, "the other two scenes are a couple blocks away." He points for effect. His EQUALIZER power armor whirs at the servomotors at the joints.

Replying to Predator X, he says, "there's an old lady over there who says she heard the killing."

Male Human (Chinese-American)

"Well, sounds like we should check that out." Zhi turns toward the old woman, but pauses. "Uh, Wesk, maybe you oughtta take this one, too?"

He rubs his head and turns to the officers. "Hey, fellas. You don't happen to know if our buddy Vengeance is bulletproof, do you? Heard anything about that in reports or something?"

Dark Archive

"Indeed, South Fist", said Wesker looking around the scene. "I'll be ready to leave in just a minute."
"And Vengeance is not our buddy. Currently, we are trying to find a killer. We have yet to determine his/her involvement", corrects the supernatural investigator.
Joe focuses his mind and tries to expand his senses to find any supernatural vibrations.
I wish to use Joe's Sense Supernatural ability on this crime scene.

"Well keep at it and watch yer backs. Donuts are on me when you get back." He winks at the old cop joke and pats the the officer on the shoulder with force, knowing the armor could take it. Just a few months ago he'd be standing in the way of such officers. Now he was on their side. Life was weird. He gives the crowd one more pose as he waits for Joe to wrap things up.

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

The officers attempt to shrug in reply to South Fist, but it does not look natural under the EQUALIZER power armor.

Sense Supernatural: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 1) = 7 x3 = 21

Joe detects a wisp of something, but it's hours old.

Dark Archive

"Crap", Wesker says flatly.
The supernatural investigator carefully steps out of the crime scene area, and whistle for Kaixin to come out of the black SUV.
As the small pug jumps into Joe's arms, he explains to the officers.
"Pardon me officers, but I want a second opinion."
Wesker careful sets the pug down in the crime scene.

"Okay Kaixin, what do you smell?"

Sense Supernatural/Smell: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 4) = 7 x 3 = 21

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

Same result

Dark Archive

After a few moments of sniffing around the crime scene, Kaixin looks up at Wesker and nods knowingly at his master.
"Good boy, Kaixin", responds Joe in dejected way.
Looking up to the others, Wesker relays his findings.
"We may also be dealing with a supernatural element to this murder. Both Kaixin and I sensed some supernatural remnant energies, a couple of hours old, right around the time of the murder."

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

Kaixin cannot speak but is as smart as a person, so he can communicate.

Dark Archive

DM Jubal wrote:
Kaixin cannot speak but is as smart as a person, so he can communicate.


"So he's not only a guy with claws, he's a supernatural guy with claws. Perfect."

Tying his hair in a pony tail, he asks to no one in particular. "Where is that lady we where talking about?"

Vengeance map | Giantslayer map

One of the officers directs you to Mrs. Jenkins who is an elderly widow who now lives on Social Security. She is hard of hearing, but says the crash of the breaking window woke her up, and also terrified her. “A loud crashing sound woke me up... was about 2AM. It must have been pretty loud, since I didn’t have my hearing aid in. I also heard popping sounds, like a string of firecrackers, or a gun. Something shattered my window! I heard a man yelling, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I was afraid to go to the window to look… but I called 9-1-1 and waited for the police. They got here around 2:45, but by then, it was too late. That boy was dead.” The man was killed in an alleyway outside of Mrs. Jenkins’ apartment.

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