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Vaylen Trade Guild - Couriers with a Difference

Game Master Wolfwaker

No job too difficult, no fee too large - motto of the Vaylen Trade Guild affixed to the door of the wagon... mildly singed.

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A curious note is pinned to the lantern-post. The parchment is tattered and faded, the paper yellowed with age and the black lettering tending more to gray… and yet it is still legible. Handwritten in a precise script, it reads:
Vaylen Trade Guild seeking dedicated and skilled persons for immediate employment. Applicants must be willing to travel. Recompense will be commensurate with risk… and pays double in death.
Seek out Maester Stephan in the Bank of House Vaylen, Mercantile District.
Bereft of money and devoid of options, you shrug and decide that perhaps it would be worth a shot… besides… what’s the worst that can happen?

Campaign Summary:
This is a recruitment thread for a homebrew PbP set all over Golarion that will be a rip-off of the Trygalle Trade Guild from the Malazan Books of the Fallen by Steven Erikson.

The entirety of the campaign will center around running a series of courier jobs that will start mundane and gradually build up to the fantastical. Throughout this process you’ll be direct shareholders in the enterprise and getting a hefty percentage of the fees that the Vaylen Trade Guild charges for your services. As your reputation grows, so will the riskiness of your jobs and the payment that follows successful completion. Each time you complete a job, you’ll check back in with the local branch of the Bank of House Vaylen and get a choice of your next endeavors.

Vehicle rules from Ultimate Combat will play a part with respect to your conveyance – which will start as a battered carriage hitched to a couple of draft horses… but will be upgradeable over time and limited only by your imagination.

Posting Requirements:
I am looking for people that can check in on the thread at least a couple of times a day, and post at least 1/day on weekdays. Weekends are more relaxed.

Feel free to pop into my profile and take a peek at the campaigns that I currently DM if you’d like to get a feel for how I go about things.

Crunch Application Guidelines:

  • 2nd Level characters.
  • 20 point buy.
  • HP Max @ 1st, average +1 (6 for d10, 5 for d8, etc) after that.
  • Race is free and open, though I am somewhat of a grognard for the traditional core + tiefling and aasimar.
  • Classes - no restrictions (though firearms are basic only).
  • You start with 300gp only.
  • Two traits
  • All Paizo content is fine (just give me a book reference), and 3PP may be considered on a case by case basis.

Part of the conceit also requires at least a couple of roles be filled within the carriage – that of the driver, and the navigator.
The Driver must be capable of working with your propulsion system (initially animals) and steering the carriage (mechanically needs Handle Animal / Profession (Driver)).
The Navigator needs to be a class that eventually gains access to party planar travel – this can be via the shadow plane, direct planar shift, or another means – but needs to eventually have that capability.
All other characters will be applying as Guards.

Fluff Application Guidelines:
The PbP will start in Almas, the capital of Andoran – but will quickly move beyond that area and into more exotic climes.
You start off relatively down on your luck as reflected by your limited wealth for a 2nd level character. You need to ensure that it is reasonable for your character to give up house and hearth and take exclusively to the road as a courier.
As you’ll all be shareholders in the venture, then disruptive characters will be a problem (note I view this more as a character outlook issue than an alignment issue). Outside of that go hog wild :)

What do you Need to Post Now for an Application:

  • Stat breakdown
  • Class and Race – including any Archetypes and Alternate Features
  • Skills, Feats and traits summary
  • Basic backstory / personality
  • Note if you’re applying to be a Driver, Navigator or Guard.

I don’t need full sheets or profiles at this point, they can come post selection.

Recruitment Timeline:
Recruitment will be up for as long as it takes to get a decent list of applicants together, though at least 4-5 days minimum.I will be looking at a party of 4-5 for this PbP, and there are no reserved spots.

Fire away with any questions that you might have and I shall endeavor to answer them.

Useful References:

House Vaylen:
Beginning as archaeologists and treasure hunters, House Vaylen blossomed into one of the most successful banks in Andoran. They are currently the largest Andoren supplier of the precious antiquities from distant lands that help fuel Andoran’s impressive economy. They are well known for their funding of large-scale expeditions into foreign realms and generous contributions to the Pathfinder Society. They have 15 branches scattered across the Inner Sea region and employ approximately 90 factors. Its current head is Mennen Vaylen; its primary trade goods are antiquities, exotic artifacts, and luxury items.

Reference info on the Trygalle Trade Guild – which inspired this PbP

Totally interested in this. I'll have my application in tomorrow.

You had me at Trygalle Trade Guild.

I'll be throwing together an application for Navigator, almost assuredly a wizard.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

Looking to apply as a Driver, mechanically a Rogue with a (surprise!) Driver archetype.

Stat Block:

CG Human Rogue
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12,
Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 12

Feats: Skilled Driver (land), Skill Focus (Profession (Driver))
Rogue Talent: Getaway Artist
Traits: Stargazer, Armor Expert
Favored Class: Rogue, +1 HP initially, +1 SP from level 2 onwards.

Acrobatics +9
Bluff + 6
Disable Device +9
Handle Animal + 6
Knowledge (Geography) +6
Perception +7
Profession(Driver) +10 (+2 on land)
Ride +8
Stealth +9
Survival +8

Background to follow later.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16

I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. I'm thinking a Grippli gunslinger right now, but I probably won't have a chance to post anything else until after I get off work.

When you say firearms are "basic only," what level of availability do you have in mind?

RainyDayNinja - Emerging guns, though only pistol and musket available and with normal ammo only.

I would be interested in applying as a guard.

Will have to bump up to second level, but everything else should be good.

I am new to play by posting and this campaign looks like a good one to get my feet wet. I would like to apply as a guard, a Half-Elf Skirmisher by the name of Leoroar Silverkin. I just created the alias and I will post his stats and background during my lunch break today.

Kybryn / Fanguar / flykiller - look forward to the completed characters.

Charlotte - if you can post the details in this thread under a spoiler that would be much appreciated. I'll review when there are a few more in and ask whatever questions I have.

lalallaalal - if you haven't already I would recommend a read of this (mouse over for link) guide for the basics. I look forward to the character.

Scarab Sages

I am thinking of an elven Magus (myrmidarch) or Alchemist (grenadier), I'll submit my character in the next couple of days.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would be tempted to apply just for the fact that this is linked to the Malazan book of the Fallen, I'm on reading Midnight Tides at the minute.

I'l see if I can get a character sorted out shortly. I will probably go for a guard, maybe a monk or samurai. Might just go for a brute tho ;)

Skill Name Total Ability Ranks Temp
Acrobatics +7 DEX (4) 1
Appraise +5 INT (1) 1
Bluff +5 CHA (1) 1
Climb +3 STR (0) 1
Diplomacy +5 CHA (1) 1
Disable Device +5 DEX (4) 1
Disguise +5 CHA (1) 1
Escape Artist +5 DEX (4) 1
Fly +4 DEX (4) 1
Handle Animal +2 CHA (1) 1
Heal +2 WIS (1) 1
Intimidate +5 CHA (1) 1
Perception +7 WIS (1) 1
Ride +2 DEX (4) 1
Sense Motive +5 WIS (1) 1
Sleight of Hand +5 DEX (4) 1
Spellcraft +2 INT (1) 1
Stealth +9 DEX (4) 1
Survival +1 WIS (1) -
Swim -3 STR (0) -
Use Magic Device +5 CHA (1) 1

Feats, Traits & Flaws
Agile Maneuvers
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Rogue Weapon Proficiencies
Simple Weapon Proficiency - All
Successful Shirker
Weapon Finesse

Special Abilities
Evasion (Ex)
Hidden Blade +1

I learned my basic knife fighting skills from my father at a young age. My father engaged in the consumption of alcoholic type liquids on a regular basis. He was known to get quite rowdy after these episodes. At the age of 17 my father was killed in a drunken brawl. I left home to seek my fortune and to improve my skills. As I now stand looking at this parchment recuiting guards I figure why not what's the worst that could happen?

TheHairyAvenger wrote:

I would be tempted to apply just for the fact that this is linked to the Malazan book of the Fallen, I'm on reading Midnight Tides at the minute.

I just need to pick up The Chained God. I am looking forward to seeing how the series concludes.

Charlotte de Berry
Female Tiefling Magus 2 (Bladebound / Kensai)
NG Medium Humanoid
Height: 5'6"; Weight: 154 lbs.; Age: 17
Init: +4; Senses: Perception +1
Deity: Pharasma


AC 17, Touch 14, Flat-footed 13 (+2 Dex, +2 Int, +3 Armor)
Hp 18
Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +3


Spd 30 ft.
. . Rhoka +4 (1d8+2/18-20/x2)

. . Dagger +3 (1d4/19-20/x2/10')


Str 14 Dex 15 Con 14 Int 17 Wis 10 Cha 8

Base Atk +1 CMB +3 CMD 15


. Weapon Proficiency, Rhoka
. Weapon Focus, Rhoka

. Reactionary
. Magical Lineage - shocking grasp

. Darkvision 60'
. Darkness 1/day
. Resistance 5: cold/electricity/fire


. Profession: Gambler(1) +1
. Knowledge: Dungeoneering(1) +7
. Knowledge: Planes (1) +7
. Perception(2) +2
. Ride(1) +6
. Spellcraft(2) +8
. UMD (2) +4


. Abyssal
. Common
. Draconic
. Infernal
. Goblin

Class Abilities:

. Arcane Pool (4)
. Cantrips
. Spell Combat


Combat Gear
. Rhoka, Dagger x2, Studded Leather

Other Gear
. Backpack , Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Pouch, Spell Component Pouch, belt, Spellbook, Pirate Outfit


PP: 0
GP: 4
SP: 8
CP: 0


All Magus Cantrips

1'st Level Spells DC 15
. Color Spray
. Enlarge Person
. Expeditious Retreat
. Infernal Healing
. Returning Weapon
. Shield
. Shocking Grasp
. True Strike
. Warding Weapon

Memorized Spells:

Cantrips 3
. Arcane Mark
. Prestidigitation
. Mage Hand

Level 1 0+1
. Infernal Healing
. Warding Weapon


Just your average teenage girl. Well, average except for the waist length midnight blue hair, golden cat eyes, delicate little horns jutting from my forehead and my sinuous finely barbed tail. Some say I am the spitting image of mother dearest, but I know I will never have her beauty.


Born of daughter of the Necromancer Morgan de Berry and his succubus concubine Shazzara, I grew up in Port Peril surrounded by magic and wonder. Days spent studying arms under the cruel blade of mother dearest and nights under the stern instruction of my father.

All changed two months ago. Something, no one is sure what, happened to my father during one of his private rituals. The results were ... explosive, to put things mildly. With burning embers still raining down around the ruins of the only home I have ever known, mother dearest threw her sword at my feet, announced her servitude was at an end, and disappeared.

Since then, I have earned my keep as best I can, telling the tall tales I grew up with and fleecing drunken sailors at dice and cards. What is a young girl to do when suddenly abandoned to the embrace of a world that simply does not care. Ah well ... I am sure something will come up.

Dark Archive

Tin (smuggler/forger/sweet-talker) needs a gentle rewrite, but she's good for, um, smoothing the buearcatic obstacles which may occur.

My ability to edit expired before I finished updating. The link in my name is slightly more current on character details.

Ok, this is my first serious attempt at a detailed character background.

Leoroar Silverkin grew up in a small village in Andoran. Fathered by a wandering elf passing through the village, Leoroar spent his younger days helping his mother collect herbs and exploring the surrounding forest. His mother would teach him the ways of Gozreh and Leoroar a natural affinity for the forest and nature.

Growing up was hard as the other kids picked on him for being a half-breed and being more concerned with the wild than with the village. His withdrawal from the village only increased when his mother died when he was 18. At the age of 20 Leoroar had had enough with the village and left to find acceptance and companionship elsewhere. He thought he had found it in the wilds and spent a few years in the forest with nothing but his instincts and his faith that Gozreh would help him survive.

But the wilds did not provide him what he was seeking. He set out and has spent the last year going from town to town, searching for kindred spirits and doing various jobs that require his talents. He is good with both blade and bow and while many have showed respect and appreciation for the things he has done for them, he is still searching for the companionship that has eluded him since his mother died.

The mechanical stuff:

Leoroar Silverkin Half-Elf Skirmisher level 2 (APG)

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 8

Elven Reflexes
Indomitable Faith

1st: Power Attack
1st: Skill Focus (Survival)
2nd, bonus: Rapid Shot

Dotting for interest. I'm thinking a cleric of Desna with the travel domain might come in handy as a navigator. I'll get something put together in the next day or so. I'm also a big fan of the Book of the Fallen, so this sounds very cool to me. Quick question though, can we get crossbows that shoot sharpers, cussers, etc.?

Hi, I'd like to submit a Half-Elf Ranger (Guide/Skirmisher) named Lamtheer.

He'll apply as a Guard. I haven't selected his avatar yet.

Background story:
Lamtheer believed until he was 16 years old that his Elf father, Astiel "Falconwhite", had fled into the wilds after making his mother Anadra pregnant, leaving her one of the many victims of the wrongly-named "Fair People".

Lamtheer's mother was a potent and learned Druid, and she taught him many things about the Wild and the animals, many useful and dangerous things that he could remember later to aid her in getting revenge on Lamtheer's father for abandoning her and their son.
Lamtheer learned to track humans and Elves as well as animals, and he was taught how to use a bow by the ranger companion of her mother, a grim man who beated Lamtheer up when he thought the young boy did not make sufficient progress quickly enough.

Life was hard in this druidic circle, but Lamtheer didn't know anything else, and he had his mother at his side at least.

On the eve of his sixteenth birthday, the druidic circle was preparing a ceremony which would have christened Lamtheer "Squire of The Hunt", a title bestowed upon one who could track, kill and skin the enemies of the druids.

But luckily for Lamtheer, the Eagle Knights of Andoran chose to attack just on this night, and they managed to defeat and rout the evil members of the Mossblood Circle of Darkmoon Vale .

Leading the attack was a woman in shining armor, a paladin of Iomedae named Elsbeth Fairkin.
Elsbeth burst in tears when she saw Lamtheer; she then took him in her arms and called him "son".
She explained to Lamtheer that she was his true mother, and that Anadra, her lifelong cruel enemy, had abducted the boy when he was an infant, to hurt Elsbeth and ruin her life with anguish.

Lamtheer's father, though he had now left Elsbeth's side, was a good Elf, who had helped his human wife in the hunt for their son during all these years. Anadra, who had been spurned by Astiel many years ago, had long planned to have the Elf murdered by his own son.

Elsbeth and her Eagle Knights friends convinced Lamtheer that this time he was told the truth. That night, the young Half-Elf learned also, though it was never their intent to teach him so, that the world was a sometimes very unfair place inhabited by lying fiends, and that you couldn't trust anyone without having reflected at length upon their hidden motives.

After that night, Lamtheer stayed 4 years with his new mother, learning of the good and decent human society for the first time truly. Religion was a soothing influence for him, though he never took to praying Iomedae.

But Lamtheer was ill at ease among his fellow humans : he still felt a hunter and a killer in his mind, in his sinews and in his bones. And he wasn't a man like the others anyway : he had pointed ears and strange eyes. Sometimes he couldn't help but feel like a mongrel.

Lamtheer tried to go back into the wilds, he tried to lose himself in nature, but ironically his human side once awakened would not let him partake of the peace of the beasts.

So Lamtheer drifted between the Wild and the City, making few friends though craving for company.

When he saw the Vaylen Trade Guild script, he thought destiny at long last beckoned to him. It had to.


Male Half-Elf Ranger (Guide, Skirmisher) 2
NG Medium Humanoid (Elf, Human)
Init +6; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +11
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +4 Dex)
hp 19 (2d10+2)
Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +1
Immune sleep; Resist Elven Immunities
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Unarmed Strike +4 (1d3+2/20/x2)
Ranged Longbow, Composite (Str +1) +6 (1d8+1/20/x3)
Special Attacks Ranger's Focus +2 (1/day)
Str 14, Dex 18, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 9
Base Atk +2; CMB +4; CMD 18
Feats Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus: Perception (Adaptability)
Traits Elven Reflexes, Suspicious
Skills Acrobatics +2, Climb +4, Craft (Bows) +4, Escape Artist +2, Fly +2, Handle Animal +3, Knowledge (Nature) +4, Perception +11, Ride +6, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +7, Survival +6, Swim +4
Languages Common, Elven
SQ Elf Blood, Track +1, Wild Empathy +1 (Ex)
Combat Gear Chain Shirt, Longbow, Composite (Str +1);
Elf Blood You are counted as both elves and humans for any effect relating to race.
Elven Immunities +2 save bonus vs Enchantments.
Elven Immunities - Sleep You are immune to Sleep effects.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Point Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Precise Shot You don't get -4 to hit when shooting or throwing into combat.
Ranger's Focus +2 (1/day) (Ex) +2 to hit and damage focused target.
Track +1 +1 to survival checks to track.
Wild Empathy +1 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.

Good luck to all, and cheers :-).

dotting. will have a submission up after work.

@DM Question:

Could the job of guard also encompass the responsibility of scouting, diplomacy, and subterfuge?

Job: Scout, Negotiator

What are your thoughts?

Lamtheer's page is up, as is his avatar.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

Interested. Working on a character. Might be a magus, maybe something else.

The door opens. A short lightly built clean-shaven man in his early 20s enters. His long hair is pulled back into a tightly wrapped queue. He wears oversized faded blue robes under a dusty white cloak, and carries a gnarled driftwood staff. On his back is a sagging voluminous pack. His robes and gear are dirty and travelworn.

In a hoarse, nearly whispering voice he asks, "Is Maester Stephan here? I need a job and understand he has one available."

Dyoming is currently fluffed as the product of a western style monastery whose powers are fueled by the patronage of Gozreh.

He is currently written at first level and 15 point buy. I'll try to update him to your build specs tonight or tomorrow. The question marks in the avatar's stats are to remind me to check something or choose between options for the character, like subbing sansetsukon for quarterstaff. That substitution would make me want to give Dyoming a more eastern flavor.

Just a short note - traveling for work today, so will have answers to questions and such in roughly 12-18 hours from this post.

Here is my submission:

Varius Noma

I'm really invested into this one, and would love to join this party. Feel free to share any feedback you think would help this character fit into the setting better.


Shorga could be a Driver or a Guard, as needed.

Raised as a Paladin's son, Shorga never knew why the man acted as his father. Da was swift to discipline, but he was always fair, and Shorga learned quickly. Da would often hold young Shorga, looking directly into his eyes, "You were concieved in an Orc raid, and your mother died in an Orc raid. Will you die an Orc raider too Shorga?" Shorga had long ago learned the correct answer here, "No Da, I will defend the helpless and protect the weak." In those moments Da would always nod briskly, and turn his face away from the young half-orc. He followed Da everywhere, riding from town to town, where ever the call for help came from strongest. Shorga was always digging ditches, sharpening stakes, fortifying walls, because where they traveled, violence always followed. Shorga often wondered if he and Da brought the violence with them, or if they just arrived in time to help, as Da said. When he was old enough his Da let him hold a spear against the charging foes, and the dust and death and screams of battle were second nature to him by the time he was sixteen.

One day a battle was fought and his Da never returned from the field, "Fighting to protect the next man'e was." stated a wounded townsman who'd seen his Da fall. That night Da's horse came wandering obediently back to their tent, and the next morning Shorga donned armor and with the townspeople drove the raiders completely out of the valley in a rout. However he did not know where to go, as Da alwasy seemed to, and so asked to be assigned as a guard to the local nobles house. A year he spent in the mans service, turning aside several attacks on the small town and saving the nobles life more than once.

The thieves knew exactly what road they were taking that day, and despite killing a half dozen himself, they were eventually overrun. A club swinging towards his face was the last memory he had before waking, hours later, astride Ursa - his horse. His armor was torn and rent, he was missing his shield and most of his gear, and blood was congealed around his many wounds, not to mention the ringing in his head.

He'd gotten them to a town, and used all but the last of his money to replace his armor, somewhat, and his sword. A room had been rented, and most of his hurts had faded by the time they came upon the tattered document, it's edges quivering slightly in the light breeze. Looking down at the faithful equine, "We know travel, right Ursa? a whuff was his only reply. Patting the horse on the neck, and a quick scratch behind her ear in just that right spot she loved, he turned towards the Mercantile District, wondering what exactly he was getting them into.

Stats are in his characters bio

I always do this to alleviate the waiting :) Looks like we're guard heavy, a couple drivers and no navigator (which I believe requires the ability to party planar travel at some point)

Submissions so far:


flykiller - (Alias?): Human Rogue (Driver)
Mug - Shorga Brull: Half-Orc Cavalier (Driver/Guard)

RainyDayNinja - (Alias?): Grippli Gunslinger (Guard?)
Michael Sumrall - Charlotte de Berry: Tiefling Magus (Guard)
Michael Falconn 866 - Kaleb Backdagger: Halfling Rogue (Guard)
RecknBall - Tin Cornbloom: Halfling Rogue (Guard?)
lalallaalal - Leoroar Silverkin: Half-Elf Skirmisher (Guard?)
Quiche Lisp - Lamtheer: Half-Elf Ranger (Guard)
Therealthom - Dyoming: Human Monk (Guard?)
Kybryn - Varius Noma: Human Ninja (Guard?)

Fanguar - ?
TheHairyAvenger - ?
psychicmachinery - ?
MisterLurch - ?
Wolfwaker - ?

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

Thinking of an elf alchemist, but I wanted to ask: what classes can planar travel?

He would have high DEX (increased even more by his mutagen) for throwing bombs and firing a crossbow (or wielding an elven curve blade). Looks like alchemy could possibly be of use in vehicle propulsion too.

Hello Voice, I play Daemon in your Envoy of Geb PbP. So I though I would throw my hat into the ring on this one since I already enjoy your DMing style.

My Idea is for a Factotum (Dungeon masters guide 3.5 easily upgradeable to Paizo) that will eventually multiclass into a Chameleon (Races of Destiny) this character is a little out there since eventually he will literally be able to change his class on a daily basis. If you think that the idea is doable in this campaign let me know and I will throw up a stat block, "job" and background.

Good question... I have no idea, I found:



Plane Shift

These seem like pretty high level spells. Gonna take awhile to get there, which is fine with me :)

Do you alow psions? GM

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16

OK, I'm ditching the gunslinger idea, and now I'm going with a Merfolk Barbarian. Backstory and avatar to come.

Stat Crunch:

Kergal of the Iron Arm
CN worshipper of Gorum
Male Merfolk Barbarian 2

STR 17 (21)
DEX 16
CON 14 (18)
INT 10
WIS 12
CHA 10

HP 23 (27)
AC 21 (19)
Touch 13 (11)
FF 18 (16)

Fort +5
Ref +3
Will +1(3)

Init: +6
Perception: +6
Move Speed: 15 feet (10 feet in armor)
Swim Speed: 50 feet (35 feet in armor?)

Lucerne Hammer +5(7)/1d12+4(7)
Power Attack +4(6)/1d12+7(10)
+2 CMB on Sunder vs. Med/Heavy Armor

Longbow +5/1d8/x3
40 Arrows

Breastplate (-4 ACP)

Power Attack

Rage Powers:
Raging Swimmer

Other Abilities:
Uncanny Dodge
Fast Movement
Rage (8/level)

Perception +6
Handle Animal +5
Swim +16 (18) (-4)
Knowledge (Nature) +5
Intimidate +4
Escape Artist +4

Exile (+2 Init.)
Veteran of Battle (+1 Init., can draw weapon in surprise round)

The Exchange

Hmmm.... Would you be willing to allow this whip-fighter archetype?

I haven't thought anything out concerning it, but I could feasibly be either a Driver or a Guard.

I'll come up with more info when you get back to me on that.

Edit: Daemon! What's up? Didn't see your post there.

Here's the backstory for my Merfolk Barbarian


Kergal was a rising star in the guard of a Merfolk kingdom far from the reaches of the land-based civilization. However he had a reputation for brash behavior, and it was often debated whether he would survive to be promoted a position of any high authority.

Once, while romancing an aristocrat's daughter, he took her to an area known to be frequented by blood-thirsty dire sharks, in order to impress her with his bravery. However they were attacked by larger numbers than he imagined, and he barely escaped with his life. The girl was not so lucky.

He was subsequently banished from the kingdom for life, and could find no home in any other Merfolk community. Instead, he is forced to live above the water, and is trying to make his way in Almas. There he finds a mysterious offer of employment, which might just be what he needs...

The Exchange

Simply put I think an Amulet of the Planes would do the job. Plane Shift is a 5th/7th level spell and isn't available until 9th/13th level anyway... so i'm guessing that we wouldn't realistically be travelling across the planes until level 10-14. By that time, we could easily acquire an Amulet of the Planes or have a cohort with the ability to cast the spell. These are just ideas.

Dark Archive

As for a navigator, may I direct your attention to the prestige class of Horizon Walker (APG). Open to any that meets the preq:K(Geo)6 ranks, Feat Endurance. That is it. Not sure if this meets the definition of "navigator". As someone will still have to make a gateway, but once there this PrC would be an asset.

Another is the Spherewalker. The preq are a little more stringent, but more useful as a navigator with the landmark ability.

I prefer the idea of Shadow Walk.

Hassan Ahmed wrote:
I prefer the idea of Shadow Walk.

No reason you can't bring both.

I present Mortimer Mead. Wizard of mild ill repute and Navigator, first class.

After a youth spent in reckless adventure, Mortimer settled in as a house wizard for a noble family of no small influence. This arrangement persisted for many years, until a misunderstanding with his patron over some impropriety involving the Lady of the House and several of the household staff, left him without employment or clothing, as he had cause to depart with haste.
A few favours called in alleviated his nakedness and helped to hide him until the ferver of the nobleman' hunt for him had died down. Thinking it best to go in search of greener pastures he now finds himself in Almas, nearly destitute and in need of work. Turning a corner he sees a notice pinned to a lantern post.


Mortimer is a stocky man of medium hight, with long dark hair and and beard, now streaked through with grey. He is perhaps a little overconfident, a touch under cautious and completely morally flexible. Quick to laugh and with a devil may care attitude, he is quick to make friends, though you wouldn't leave him alone with your wife.

Still need to add some details, but the important stuff is in his profile.

I was thinking maybe 2 navigators, one as a back up or if the team needs to split up on certain jobs.

Black Thom, Half-Orc Wizard at your service.

Thom lives in the slums understanding that his kind is often marginalized, perhaps the antithesis of Mortimer Mead. He rents a small two room affair and wen he's not earning money as a night cook in one of the local inns, he likes to tinker and build things.

Toys for the local kids mostly, and some inexpensive jewelry for the local women. In both cases, it makes them feel good, which makes him feel good.

But, wizardy takes more money, he's found out... and he needs to take on more lucrative work. But, who's gonna take on a toothy half-orc. He's not ugly mind you... just not socially cultured. That's probably why the kids love him. The straight talk, which is so offensive to some adults.

Hmm... Courier work doesn't sound too bad. Most of the time, you're with a package? Packages don't get offended easily. This could work.


Black Thom is a Half-Orc Wizard focused on "crafting", if there someone who could take "collaborative crafting", we could double our poduction.

Some Mechanics::
Stats: 14, 14, 14, 17, 12, 7
Feat: Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
Traits: Scavenger (Half-Orc), Toothy (Half-Orc), Magical Knack, ???

I figured this had a little "Mission Impossible" slant to it... and some nifty "task focused" utility items would help tremendously. Two wizards could work well on the team.

Flykiller's submission here. I've tweaked the stats a bit after playing with what my Hero Lab had available, but the changes are relatively minor. One caveat - I focused on his driving abilities to a great degree, this is NOT a combat-effective character.

Otis Ryland came from a rural farmland where his father was a cart maker. He trained to succeed his father in his craft, but his creations were always dismissed as too impractical. He, on the other hand, always viewed the carts made by his father as needlessly heavy and gruff, putting an extra strain on the horses. In the end, he decided to leave his homeland and pursue his fortune in the bustling city of Almas. However, in the city he quickly gave in to the temptation of placing bets on the hippodrome, sure of his ability to win based on the knowledge of horses and aptitude to remember the win\loss statistics. However, in his naivete, he couldn’t understand that the races were often rigged to allow those with power to capitalize on their bets, and soon he was left without any money and indebted.

He worked odd jobs to pay his debt, but that was not enough, and he had to resort to taking new loans to cover the old ones, hiding from his more persistent creditors. Driven into despair by his inability to win on the bets, he has made a crazy but daring move that earned him a degree of infamy in the Almas' underworld - before one of the races, he stole the first horse he could find and entered the races himself at the last moment. He has won that race, but he had to pay all the prize money in bribes to escape jail for theft.

When one day he saw the ad on the lamp post, he realized that the fate has finally smiled on him and he just might have found his dream job...

Dotting this for interest. Unfortunately I don't have the time to apply but I'd love to follow along. I always thought the Trygalle Trade Guild was amazing and deserving of a series of their own.

If need be, Lamtheer could double as an emergency Driver, with him having the Handle Animal skill.

What do you mean by "collaborative crafting", Black Thom ?

EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out :-). You were talking about another magic crafting wizard, right ?

Doesn't have to go deep, just the one feat. We all get Scribe Scroll which satisfies the pre req.

Also, both of you work towards the crafting requirements, so more spells available, one can bring the caster level, maybe the other multi-classes, etc...

One could even be Divine, for maximum flex.

TheHairyAvenger here. Still got bit's and bobs to finish off but the background and stats are in the alias. Navigator Role I reckon ;)

Black Thom wrote:

Doesn't have to go deep, just the one feat. We all get Scribe Scroll which satisfies the pre req.

Also, both of you work towards the crafting requirements, so more spells available, one can bring the caster level, maybe the other multi-classes, etc...

Magus can also contribute to item creation.

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