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Varisian Adventures (Inactive)

Game Master psychicmachinery

A group sets out from Magnimar to find the isolated village of Ravenmoor.

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Bintos Needlegrouse wrote:
"Are you picking a fight with the Narrator?"

Now that's what I call metagaming.

You started it.

Hope you don't mind us derai^H^H^H^H^Hhaving some fun in your recruiting thread... if you do, allow me to point out that he started it. *points at Morin, assumes completely innocent visage*

"De ya see dat, dat's love dat is, old tuch on me shug and ya know a lass like yee, so ar ya dancein?"

Dark Archive

Just found this opportunity and see that I have until tomorrow afternoon, to submit something. I plan to submit an Egyptian flavored witch for your consideration. Working on it now. Will have something ready to go by lunch tomorrow. :)

I'm going to put forth Tomag here. I will rebuild him to meet this game's character creation requirements within the next few hours.

Scarab Sages

A young lad of Osirion heritage steps forward with confidence. He speaks Varisian fluently but his accent marks him as a non-native as clearly as his dark eyes and olive skin do. He is quick and lean and smiles broadly like he knows something about you. A holy symbol of Desna rides at his throat and he walks with a speak as a walking stick.

I am Koptek. he declares. I understand you are about to set out on a mission and I would like a chance to show you that I can be of help. I am both an arcane caster and healer by trade. Will you allow me to accompany you?

I give you Bulwyf, Ranger/Rogue and general scoundrel.

All right, recruitment is now closed. Thanks everyone for your great characters. I'll have my decision posted before Monday morning. Those who are selected may post in the discussion thread. If someone who is selected is unable to play, I will go to alternates. You guys have not left me with an easy decision. Thanks again, and have a great weekend.

Cool, looking forward to your decision!

Good luck every one, looks like a fun game.

Looking forward to your decision, seems like a nice group you've got so far.

Good luck all!

Indeed...good luck to all!

Lots of luck!

Just got into another game GM so dropping out, only fair others have fun.
good luck guys.

Aww, sorry to hear that, Doc.

All right everyone, after many sleepless nights and the neglect of my family and friends, I have made my decision as to which characters to invite to this game. I have to say again, I was astounded by the high level of character submissions, and I hope that everyone is able to find a game.

Morin Tidelock and Karozekas Gostern are my selections.

Morin's Alternate is Dimitrio Carini
Karo's Alternate is Bintos Needlegrouse

Thanks again to everyone who applied, Morin and Karo, please check in to the Discussion thread.

Wow, great news! Thanks for the selection.

@Bintos - hope we get a chance to play together some time.

Edit: Dangit, got excited and posted under the wrong alias! Just a teensy fix.

Enjoy! I have a feeling you guys are in for great fun.

Edit: Same to you, you little ninja.

Scarab Sages

Thanks for the consideration.

You all have a great game. :)


Thanks for the consideration. Good luck and have fun, everyone.

Oh well, can't deny that I'm disappointed but I understand.

Thanks and have a great game!

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