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Vampire: The Danse Macabre (The Final Nights of Pendros)

Game Master Goblins Eighty-Five

"Life's not a song. Life isn't bliss, life is just this, it's living. You'll get along, The pain that you feel, you only can heal by living. You have to go on living,"
-Spike, Once more with feeling

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Sounds awesome. I'll delve in and see what I come up with. First thoughts are a Bruja computer geek. A nerd with rage issues and a loud mouth.


Dark Archive

I've always viewed Bruja as big strong vampires who are actually incapable of allowing others to sway and lead them. I can totally see a Bruja anti-establishment hacker.

I've acquired the books, it's a lot too read but I like to immerse in the subject, especially in a pbp so I hope it will be worth the wait.

So, a newly embraced bruja hacker. I've actually gotten an idea for a malkavian hacker as well. And a gangrel. But I think I like the idea of angry young man best so I'm going to keep looking at this from the viewpoint of a bruja.

Question; How do you make the dots on your character sheets? All I can figure out is how to make list dots.

Question v1.1; Am I right to assume that any vampire could produce any bloodline when siring? That is; If I'm making a bruja, would my sire need to be bruja as well or could he be f.ex. malkavian? (Question is relevant to background, my embrace to be specific.)

Dark Archive

Bruja only make more Bruja. Malkavians only make more Malkavians.

And since this is a Masqueim game, I have changed what all the Clans do. Make sure to take a look at the wiki's Clans to make sure you know where to go with the character.

Of note, btw, is that Malkavians are not crazy all the time, and are quite different in this setting, as I focus more on their ability to tell the future than their going nuts qualities. And I disallow Fishmalks right out. Malkavians go insane because they catch glimpses of the future, but can be generally anything anyone wants them to be otherwise.

As for the dots: •

I just copy paste them.

Crunch down, now to put some meat on the bones.

Dark Archive

For detailing his character on the wiki and adding a portrait, Richard gains 11xp.

Dark Archive


For your Masquerade, while you do choose your initial specialty from one of the listed asset skills, just be aware that you do get both as asset skills. Also, the name of the Masquerade is scholar, not student. (I guess that’s kind of nit-picky, huh?)

While you are perfectly allowed to spend your character’s attribute points as you will, I’m letting you know now that you’ve placed everything into the ‘Power’ stats, which means you will not be very good at maneuvering your way out of and into situations/events, or defending yourself against attacks, although you will be quite good at using force; I should point out, without well placed maneuvering, force is useless (Even the strongest man cannot move a mountain). However, since you are in situations with Richard, his character could set up the situations for you to do well in, and help you avoid those situations you wouldn’t do well in. Of course, two dots makes your character average, not awful. So maybe I’m speaking too soon.

Your health is an 8, not a 7.

You can start with 5 Vitae.

You have not selected your motivations. Please do.

You have 1 more skill dot to spend.

Not that I’m saying your discipline choices are bad (they aren’t) but you only need to spend 3 of the 5 dots on Clan, Covenant or Requiem disciplines; you are not restricted to them only. Just fyi though! No need to change them!

The language is Spanish, not Hispanic. I know, I know, I’m being nit-picky again…

Please divide up your haven dots. (Size, Security, and Location)

You’ve set up your character to be this:
Jack is not a very persuasive man, but his imposing figure and learned mind do tend to win over those who choose to listen to his words and know his (growing) reputation.

I like it quite a bit. You’ve set up your character to grow as a social character, even though he doesn't start that way. I LOVE it.

Thank you, that's what I was aiming for :) He's bruja through and through, albeit a learned one, but I'm hoping he'll be intelligent enough to learn the dance.

I'm still thinking about his motivations but Tim will play a large part, he'll probably be the father figure Jack never had, I'm thinking his father was a alcoholic who died when Jack was a teen with his mother following a few years later, leaving Jack said house, his childhood home (happy memories mixed with not-so-much happy memories), which he'll inhabit again after the embrace.

(Location -, Size ••, Security -), Living room, 2 smallish bedrooms, a small kitchen, a dank cellar which will be Jack's haven and a garage with his fathers out-dated and rusty tools along with the skeleton of a 2008 make Harley Davidson (Which was supposed to be his 16th year old birthday present that never got finished). I'm thinking of moving the house to the poorer parts of the Latino district though, Jack is a 3rd (or 4th) generation Mexican catholic so I think it would make sense for him to grow up in the Latino quarter... ?

Anyway, I'm mulling over his recent history, ancient history and embrace. Bear with me.

btw. I might rethink the disciplines actually, I was thinking about taking a dot in protean and maybe auspex...

not sure...

Dark Archive

Oh, just remember, motivations are one word. I have listed more information about motivations here

Jack, I sure am glad you are joining us at this time. I'm afraid our other two Vampires have left me and Richard high and dry.

Question; What's the importance of blood potency in a first encounter scene with an unknown kindred?

Motivations are up, looking into flaws.

Edit; I just read up on Behavior Blind and pictured a malkavian with that social flaw. I lol'd :)

I leaving flaws alone for Jack though.

I created a profile on Obsidian Portal, hopes you likes.

Dark Archive

That's great Sigz! You can go ahead and start posting in discussion from now on.

As soon as u accept me into the Obsidian Portal group I can create Oroku over there.

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