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Vampire- New York by Night

Game Master James Keegan

A coterie of neonate kindred find themselves enlisted by the Sheriff to act as Hounds, hunting for Sabbat packs and violations of the Traditions... and opportunities for themselves.

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Gay Male Inhuman
James Keegan wrote:
Sorry for the hold up, crazy week at work. We'll roll along more and meet the Sheriff tomorrow night.

Bard's a slow, careful feeder (and I'll probably play house to the point of absurdity if allowed :) ) but if you want to expedite things a bit, his plan is something like this:

1) Gain entry with the intention of fixing a computer and/or medical problem.

2) Find out the details of the problem.

3) Fix the problem. (He is a Nice Young Man, after all.)

4) Mesmerize to keep the victim quite and immobile if necessary, then pounce when they're not paying attention and/or are safely gagged by Dominate.

5) Drain two blood points, taking as much time as he thinks is reasonable and having fun with it. Lick wounds away.

6) Wipe memory of the feeding and replace it with some polite, slightly awkward small talk.

7) Move on to next target. He's hoping he can score 4-6 blood points among his neighbors before he has to go to the meeting.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Okay, no problem. I'd like to spend time on hunting, since the hunger for blood pretty much replaces all of your other biological needs- but it seems like everyone else is eager to get moving.

Male Lasombra

Heh, I'm good, I have 7 blood points, not exactly hungry :)

I am ok with waiting for those needing to hunt to do so, as that is a major point of the game. Just give me sumthin to do otherwise, and I'll be good.

Mutated Animal Turtle Smasher 10

A couple questions about feeding; What is a safe amount of blood points to take from someone?

The victim doesn't remember being feed on right?

Shadow Lodge

20% of the available blood is typically safe. So 2 points for an adult human (1 point for a child) etc.

Mutated Animal Turtle Smasher 10

Okay, thanks Talomyr.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Unless you use Dominate to wipe the memory completely, the victim will remember. A good cover usually involves the throws of passion- making out or fighting. You can eliminate evidence, so it can usually be written off by most people.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Sorry things are slow lately, guys. My job's getting into the busiest season and I haven't got as much time and energy on my hands as I'd like. But I intend to keep rolling if you'll bear with me.

Monkeygod, Talomyr- sorry if things are dragging for your characters. Let me know if there's anything you can think of you'd like to handle before the meeting so you get some spotlight time as well.

Shadow Lodge

No problems, James. I've been fairly busy as of late too, so the pace does not bother me. I am content to leave Damien in the background until the meeting.

Silver Crusade

Male Clan Gangrel, Childe of Milov Petrankov - 5'10 Eastern European Male in his early 30's - Willpower: 3/7, Bloodpool: 8/20, 4 per turn, Survivor

Sorry, deployment stuff has kept me offline for a week or two. I'm here, and I will try to get back into everything asap.

Gay Male Inhuman
James Keegan wrote:
Sorry things are slow lately, guys. My job's getting into the busiest season and I haven't got as much time and energy on my hands as I'd like. But I intend to keep rolling if you'll bear with me.

Life happens. I'm still thrilled to actually have a chance to play Vampire. :)

Mutated Animal Turtle Smasher 10

Just started a new play through of VtM Bloodlines with the Final Nights mod. Has anyone checked that out yet?

Shadow Lodge

Haven't looked at my copy of VtM Bloodlines in quite some time. Where did you get the Final Nights mod? What sort of stuff is in it?

Mutated Animal Turtle Smasher 10

I'm only a little bit into it so I haven't come across a whole lot yet, but here is the list of changes from the creator.

7 Brand New Clans
Assamite - Vizier caste, Scholars, Artists, and Assassins.
Baali - Evil demon worshippers, corrupters of souls.
Followers of Set - Usurpers, use serpent charms.
Ishtarri - African clan of gluttons, information gatherers.
Osebo - Violent warriors of Laibon, drawn to crime.
Salubri - Noble healers and warriors of the righteous.
Samedi - Rotting, stinking undead, control of death and decay.

5 Brand New Disciplines
- Daimoinon: Discipline of devil worship which specializes in the corrupting of souls and infernal combat.
- Obeah: Healing for both body and soul, greater control of the beast and other various effects.
- Quietus: Grants influence over the blood of others, Assassin based discipline known by the Assamites.
- Serpentis: The Setites core discipline, can use to charm others and take the form of their god Set.
- Thanatosis: A truly disturbing discipline which involves manipulating effects of death and decomposition.

The Humanity/Frenzy System
- You can drop your Humanity as low as 0, but will result in a game over.
- At Humanity level 3 or lower, being around the death of an innocent will lower your Humanity by 1 whether you actually did the killing or not. This excites the Beast.
- Taking 20 bashing/lethal damage in one hit -OR- taking 16 aggravated damage in one hit will result in a frenzy check.
- A frenzy timer constantly runs in the background. As your Humanity drops and you begin getting hungry, frenzy checks will become more frequent.

The Haggle System
- Monetary reward amounts from quests depend on Haggle feat.
- Bribe NPCs with money where amount depends on Haggle feat.
- Blackmail NPCs to earn extra money and XP.
- Prostitution costs depend on Haggle feat.
- All weapons, items, lore books, etc... have been adjusted.

The Inspection System
- Items only appear if Inspection feat is high enough.
- New items have been laid out in all 4 main hubs including armor and occult items.

The Weapon System
- All weapons have a use, no weapon is worthless.
- Advanced weapons are available to purchase much earlier.
- Complete rebalancing of every weapon.
- New weapons, skins, and sound effects.
- All vendors carry every type of ammo, new ammo capacities.

The Masquerade Violation System
- Completely new violation system created for TFN.
- Hunters spawned will be permanent NPCs on the map, until killed.
- Hunters spawn from violation level 1-4.

The Prostitution and Blood Doll System
- Haggle plays a large role in Prostitute cost while Seduction plays a minor role.
- New prostitute triggers for all 4 hubs making feeding much easier.
- Vanilla blood dolls work on random success to feed; while having a higher Seduction increases chances.
- All vanilla and CE-made blood dolls use same success chances regardless of hub.

The Music System
- All licensed music has been changed for all 6 clubs and other various places were music is played. (Song list in the end credits)
- All music in the clubs rotate so the same song never plays back to back. In most cases, 3 different songs play and a new song upon entry.
- All club music and voiced dialogue volumes were adjusted for better sound quality and understanding.
- Sunrise Diner now plays oldies music.
- New male/female feeding sounds.

Misc. Gameplay Changes
- The White Cloud has become a vendor of occult items.
- Research books are no longer found but bought from vendors.
- Stealth has been modified to be more realistic/harder.
- Discipline cost is based on a multiplier of 6 instead of 5.
- New opening scene with new audience and henchmen.
- Cheating no longer possible at the beginning with Jack.
- Changed most passwords in Santa Monica.

New NPCs
Akeem - A 400 year old Assamite Vizier who's in town to find relics.
Evan and Garrett - LaCroix's new personal bodyguards (cleaners).
Edgar Hirst - A powerful Hunter and mini boss for the Akeem quest.
Chastity's Team - Chastity now commands a small band of troops.
Gangrel/Toreador Antitribu - Two mini bosses in the SM warehouse.
Tremere Antitribu - Leader of the Bradbury Hotel.
Bach's Helpers - Bach now has a small personal squad of men.
Wraith - A wraith is summoned in Gallery Noir fight.

Enhanced/New Quests
- Enigmatic Encounters
Do a favor for Bertram and meet Akeem in the process.
- Inquisitors Know Too Much
This is a brand new quest given to the player by Akeem and involves Hunters in downtown LA.
- Hot Stripper Assassin Action
This quest has been remade in that now Chastity is the leader of a small squad of hunters.
- Society for the Preservation of Professors
This quest has been remade in that Grunfeld Bach has additional support in final battle.
- Out for Blood
The NPC Kindred were reworked and given full animations and visual discipline usage during this quest.
- Hunters Hunting
You can now ask Ash to stay behind or come with you and he also now carries a gun instead of using his fists.
- Poster Quest
The Poster Quest from Wesp's Unofficial Patches has been removed.

- All PC models and skins have been heavily modified.
- Protean warform has been changed to be more wolf-like (Thanks Raptor_Red).
- All Research Books were reskinned.
- Several prostitutes were reskinned for variety.
- The Diner interior was reskinned and renamed to "Sunrise Diner".
- Various signs in SM were reskinned.
- Arthur Kilpatrick was reskinned.
- SWAT NPCs were reskinned.
- Hunters were reskinned.
- New TFN UI with red/blue blood counter.

Character Creation
- Indepth histories of each clan are presented in a two page report viewable during character creation.
- New background for the character sheet.

Bug Fixes left over from CE 1.2
- Fixed misspelling of Fortitude description
- Fixed camera view buttons to make more sense
- Fixed unclear description of Tawni Quest
- Fixed Skelter's eyes, should've been Gangrel

I found the mod here when I was looking for the most recent patch.

Mutated Animal Turtle Smasher 10

On a whole, the game seems a little harder. You seem to get less XP and I think Masquerade violations are easier to get. The alleys of Santa Monica are littered with the corpses of vampire hunters right now..
Also noteworthy, the seven new clans replace the old ones. They aren't just added options.

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