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Valkur's Rise of the Runelords

Game Master Valkur

Current Day:
Day 40, 30th of Lamashan, Morning

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Long time lurker here at Paizo.
Wanted to try out a PbP game. I figured the easiest way to get in one was to start one! So here goes.

Why Rise of the Runelords? It has been sitting on my shelf for the last 5 years, and I probably won't get a chance to run it in my ftf game any time soon.

Looking for 4-6 characters.

1. Minimum of 1-2 posts during M-F, 1 post per weekend.
2. Creative and interesting backgrounds are a plus.
3. Play nice with others.
4. Character optimization is okay, but try not to go overboard.



1. 1st Level Characters
2. Race: Core, APG, UC, UM, ARG (Non core races are okay, but I will probably only pick one)
3. Class: Core, APG, UC, UM, UE (Non core clases are okay, but I will probably only pick one)
4. Archetypes: Core, APG, UC, UM, ARG, UE
5. Abilities: 20-pt Buy
6. Alignment: Any good or neutral. (No evil)
7. Wealth: Average Starting
8. Character Traits: Two traits, One must be a Campaign Trait from the AP.

Just the character idea and background are needed until I select the PCs.

Recruitment will be open until September 5th.
I will select characters on September 6th.

I've got an idea for a Hobgoblin Samurai; Order of the Tome, who has been sent to Sandpoint, and Varisa in general by his order to gather information on the Thassilonian artifacts found here, and any connection they might have to Tian culture. His order was aware that there might be racial incidents in this part of the world, but consider this to be a real test of the young warrior...Will he give in to the base instincts of his ancestors, or keep his cool, and become a productive member of society.

So, you're using the original version and not the Anniversary Edition?

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Dotting, I've had an interest in this module for some time now. No ideas yet, though. Will come up with something soon.

Are you accepting any class material from any other official sources? I have a concept for a Void Elementalist Wizard (Dragon Empires Primer pg.29) interested in the possible link between Thassilonian magic and the alignments.

If not, that's fine too. I have other concepts.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Ok, here's an idea: a Shoanti shaman/warpriest of Gorum who also worships his ancestors and tribal totems, as well as many powers of nature. He mixes both faiths in a very loose system of belief, as long as Gorum's church is concernerd, and his religious practices and rites would be deemed heretic by any true follower of Gorum's official church. After fighting alongside the Shoanti against the orcs from the Hold of Belkzen and seeing many friends die in various conflicts, he's been travelling through Varisia preaching war against the orc raiders, all the while studying and learning more about the other invaders, enemies of the Shoanti tribes: the damned chelaxian that insist to maintain their grip in the southern part of Varisia, land of his ancestors.

Human (shoanti) cleric of Gorum (Separatist archetype) with the Destruction domain and Storms subdomain.

The Exchange

So I have this concept for a character I wanted to play for a while:

I am imaging a Bard (Sound Striker) with a unhealthy obsession with forbidden lore. The concept is that during his time as a student at the Academe in Korvosa he discovered references that eventually lead him into researching "the old gods" in conjunction with his research into the Runelords. During his research he found what could only be described as "un-words" a proto-language able twist reality (Sound Striker). I want him to be more of a support and damage dealer, less as a melee.

For your consideration.

Rench - half-orc barbarian

Rench, the product of the rape of a barbarian female during an orc raid on the tribe, was very much an outcast. This was only exacerbated when, at the age of 4 his mother was killed during another orc raid. He was one of many tribe orphans but had no other relatives willing or able to take care of him so he slept in doorsteps and was thrown scraps.
He was fully welcomed into full training with the other children after showing extreme abilities during another raid at the age of 7. After killing 2 raiders himself (human not orcs this time) his training began. At the age of 11 another group of orcs raided the tribe's village and slaughtered everyone. He and 2 other children who were deep in the woods completing their manhood training were the only survivors. When they returned and discovered their tribe destroyed they attempted to travel to the nearest friendly tribe. Unfortunately the dangers of the 3 week trip cost the other two boys their lives only Rench's exceptional strength saved him.
He eventually discovered a caravan fighting off a group of bandits. Hoping to gain supplies and a ride from a grateful caravan master and eager to loot the dead robbers, he quickly joined in the fray (love of battle may also have been a factor). His ferocious fighting soon brought the fight to an end and a grateful but wary caravan master allowed Rench to travel with them to the next town. Rench kept to himself but earned a measure of respect coupled with fear from the others in the caravan during the further attacks they faced. Although Rench was still a boy he was already as tall as an average man and as muscular as any fighter; the caravan master agreed to hire Rench on a trial basis (at a reduced rate, of course). Rench travelled with that caravan for the next three years learning all he could.
When he was 14 he decided he needed bigger challenges to hone his skills and hired on with a group of mercenaries. After three years with them their leader was killed in a skirmish and the group fell to bickering over who would be the new leader; Rench left. He recently joined a caravan travelling to a place he has never even heard of but hopes to find a challenge when he arrives.

Liberty's Edge

Here is my submission for this pbp. Very interested in running Rise of the Runelords.

Its a full stat block with the backstory. The character I've had sitting on the backburner for awhile so I hope you like it. :)

Victoria Trune - Human Ranger:
Victoria Trune
Female Human Ranger (Sable Company Marine) 1
NG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses Perception +4
AC 14, touch 11, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +0
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Dagger +4 (1d4+3/19-20/x2) and
Longspear +4 (1d8+4/x3) and
Longsword +4 (1d8+3/19-20/x2) and
Mace, Light +4 (1d6+3/x2)
Ranged Shortbow +2 (1d6/x3)
Ranger (Sable Company Marine) Spells Prepared (CL 0, 4 melee touch, 2 ranged touch):
Str 16, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 15
Feats Deadly Aim -1/+2, Power Attack -1/+2
Traits Friends and Enemies, Reactionary
Skills Acrobatics +0, Climb +2, Diplomacy +3, Escape Artist +0, Fly +0, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (geography) +5, Knowledge (nature) +5, Perception +4, Ride +4, Stealth +4, Survival +4, Swim +2
Languages Common, Dwarven
SQ Enemies: Humanoids (Human) (+2 bonus), Track +1, Weapon Cord, Wild Empathy +3
Combat Gear Arrows (40), Dagger (5), Longspear, Longsword, Mace, Light, Shortbow, Studded Leather; Other Gear Backpack (8 @ 16 lbs), Bedroll, Case, map or scroll (empty), Flint and steel, Mirror, small steel, Pouch, belt (1 @ 1.18 lbs), Rope, silk (50 ft.), Waterskin, Weapon Cord, Whetstone
Special Abilities
Deadly Aim -1/+2 Trade a penalty to ranged attacks for a bonus to ranged damage.
Enemies: Humanoids (Human) (+2 bonus) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs Humanoids (Human).
Power Attack -1/+2 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Track +1 +1 to survival checks to track.
Weapon Cord Attached weapon can be recovered as a swift action.
Wild Empathy +3 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.
A young woman born and raised in Korvosa, living mostly along the Midlands. A Sable Company Marine father and a bardic mother who struggled to raise her to be a proper woman in the hope of marrying upwards. However, Victoria would not conform and only wanted to hear tales of her father's adventures in the Sable Company Marines, including slaying a group of goblins near Sandpoint with Daviren Hosk while out on assignment, and wanted to be one when she grew up. This dream never left her and being instilled with a sense of justice and patriotism by her father, Victoria eventually joined the Sable Company Marines with a hopeful career ahead of her.

However, her family ran afowl of one of the drug gangs in Korvosa when Victoria's father got half of the gang caught and thrown in jail. The other half got their revenge on Victoria's family when they killed her father and mother and left evidence that Victoria had done the murder to support her secret drug addictions. Completely false but with no way to prove it, Victoria was forced to abandon her Hippogriff and flee down the roads towards Magnimar. Fleeing until she had run out of money to keep going, Victoria finds herself travelling towards Sandpoint remembering her fathers story of Davrien Hosk and his offer to help if it was ever needed.

Spiral_Ninja wrote:
So, you're using the original version and not the Anniversary Edition?

Yes the module version. Is the Anniversary edition worth it?

Bob Evil wrote:
Are you accepting any class material from any other official sources? I have a concept for a Void Elementalist Wizard (Dragon Empires Primer pg.29) interested in the possible link between Thassilonian magic and the alignments.

Pathfinder only please.

Interesting ideas everybody!

Dotting. Thinking about a tengu monk, but don't have a background yet.

Dotting. I have a character that I've been trying to get into a game, will post the important details shortly.

I think so. I'm running a PbP of it here, but I also want to play. I'm very good at not metagaming the info gained that way. The_Ninja_DM's knowedge is not that of Ameiko's cousin from Maginmar. [Mother's sister's daughter.]

If you feel that runnning it also would disqualify me, that's OK. I'm sure you'll get suficient applicants. ;)

Here's the basic concept that could be either a cleric or bard; key mechanics are listed to help flesh out the concept


male gnome cleric(Nethys) or bard

Cleric-STR 10(12-2) DEX 10 CON 12(10+2) INT 14 WIS 16 CHA 13(11+2)
Bard-STR 11(13-2) DEX 12 CON 13(11+2)INT 14 WIS 10 CHA 17(15+2)

88 yrs old, 3' 3", 41 lb, black hair, green eyes, light tan skin

appearance: a short, slightly pudgy gnome wearing basic travel gear that blends both function and form as much as possible, while emphasizing function; has a slightly weathered look to him

personality: quiet & outgoing, outwardly optimistic and confident, but often inwardly uncertain about his own abilities and skills

Having an insatiable appetite for all things new and unknown from birth, Ensu is a precocious gnome who honors Nethys in exchange for Nethys's help in surviving his curiousity, though most people first meeting him mistake him for a bard, even when they see his holy symbol, due to his curiousity and love of languages that is more common for that profession. He exudes a fair bit of self confidence, but underneath he has some severe doubts of his abilities to effectively help others. His relationship with his higher ups is often strained as they don't know quite what to do with this former historian apparently picked by Nethys for a reason, though that reason remains hidden to all but Nethys himself; this means that Ensu often ends up with seemingly inconsequential assignments that have little apparent value, but that his higher ups hope hold the key to the mystery of why Ensu is favored by Nethys. Recently, they assigned him to the task of compiling what little is known of the ancient Thassilionian empire, hoping that would keep him busy until they could figure out something else. The gathering in Sandpoint seems like as good a place as any to pursue that quest while paying proper deference to the major gods of the region.

Having an insatiable appetite for all things new and unknown from birth, Ensu is a precocious gnome who honors Nethys in exchange for Nethys's help in surviving his curiosity. While not having any formal attachment to the god's church, he does contribute to it regularly, and knows most of the common prayers. The focus of his curiosity is on language and history. He finds himself in Sandpoint for the opening of the new cathedral; while the church itself is not of particular interest to him, the crowds that have gathered for it's christening are. Especially on this coast, a bard and scholar had to take whatever opportunity he could to gather as much information as possible from the living in order to aid his quest to learn about the past; the fact he needed coin, and the festivities would help him pay for his next meal didn't hurt any either.

Alternate Racial Features
academician (know (history))
gift of tongues
magical linguist

Key skills
linguistics, know (arcana), know (history), know (religion), spellcraft

to be determined later
Scholar of the Ancients (campaign trait)

I have played the initial scenes once already, and may end up running the campaign at some point, but I don't have any problem avoiding metagaming. I find the enjoyment level goes up when I let each party shape the campaign their own way rather than relying on player knowledge.

Silver Crusade

I'd like to dot for interest as well. I have a character I designed long ago for a 'Jade Reagent' game.

He's a Half-elf Magus. Here's his profile to get the gist of what he's like. Obviously I would have to redo most of him to meet your requirements of the campaign.

Notick Mostriaré

Spiral_Ninja wrote:

I think so. I'm running a PbP of it here, but I also want to play. I'm very good at not metagaming the info gained that way. The_Ninja_DM's knowedge is not that of Ameiko's cousin from Maginmar. [Mother's sister's daughter.]

If you feel that runnning it also would disqualify me, that's OK. I'm sure you'll get suficient applicants. ;)

No that's fine you can apply. As can anyone else who as been involved in this AP at some point.

Maybe I will check out the Anniversary edition.

Wesnir Mournholm has been looking for a purpose since he left Nirmathas.
(And I've been looking for a purpose to use him and play RotRL)

Character Idea's onboard

I'v got them pretty well fleshed out already but just a summary.

One is a Grippli Alchemist

Indruck Niule:
born in a gripplis tribe and interested in explosives early on. The little Grippli's attitude wasn't exactly appreciated, before he was even able to talk he got his hands on some dynamite in the mines, by way of sneaking of course. This stick of dynamite didn't exactly do him well though, collapsing a tunnel in on him and damaging him permanently the grippli gained a slight twitch along his left upper arm that extends up past his neck. His left eye constantly twitching.
It did not take many years before his tribe got sick of his mischief. One event in particular nearly wiping out the eastern quarter of the settlement. The others acted after that, pushing him away from homes, knocking him out and leaving him in the wilderness. Waking, he sought out his home once more, only to find a human settlement, seeking shelter and food was what he wanted but the guards did not see that. He was seen as a pest and run out of town. Indruck resorted to sneaking once more, finding what he needed and escaping with the aid of his own little experiments.

He made his life like this, sneaking about, he only saw guards as obstacles, and the innocents he was taking from simply needed to move out of the way or be hurt. It wasn't all bad though.. He made friends here and there, traveling with multiple little gangs from time to time. One in particular, Malvin Gaise, a gnome of tricks, those two were quite the crew. Indruck slowly adapted more and more to his lifestyle, instead of wading in the swamps like a normal Grippli, he was leaping from building to building using the natural webbings on his body to Glide himself to relative safety.

Malvin introduced Indruck into the religious world of the Goddess Calistria. Teaching him that he was always under watch. From that point forth if Indruck would make stops at Temple's regardless of who it was for. These buildings brought a sense of safety to him, refusing to believe that anything bad could happen in a proper temple.

The two trouble makers eventually found themselves in a the cliff-side metropolis known as Urbis Turrim. Currently residing there doing what they please, Indruck taking up his experiments in either the sewage tunnels, or abandoned mines that litter the cliffside.

(pulled from my page)

The other is a Gnome Summoner

Argon Tetherfall:
Argon was born into a normal society, however, both of his parents had natural arcane ability, so Argon was expected to be the same. The years went by and the young gnome would be pushed in front of books, isolated from the outside world, instead of arcane knowledge he seemed to learn more about the languages in them. Under his own parents noses and without himself even realizing it, Argon had been summoning a 'friend' to his side when he felt down and alone. The young gnome still could not understand what they wanted from him.
The parents were slowly giving up on their teachings. His father went off drinking more often while his mother stayed in her room. The tensions grew more and more, all Argon wanted to do was to make his parents happy. This was obviously not happening though, so he decided he would leave. Nearing a more mature age the gnome left a small note saying; "I will be back someday with everything I have learned, and then you will be proud" and set out with his 'friend' in hopes of coming back one day and showing them everything he has learned.

Let me know what you think.

Sovereign Court

This sounds like a lot of fun - I always wanted to try RotRL, seeing as it was one of their first APs.

Submitting a Varisian rogue (knife master/scout), with summarized background:


Having lived in Sandpoint for all these years, the young man known as Davion Tarmikos wasn't exactly loved. No, he fell in with the wrong people at an early age, and learned quickly that the more hidden items you had, the more likely you might be to need them to survive. As a result, he quickly picked up many skills most might consider underhanded, which put him in trouble with the law.

That said, he became known by a few prominent merchants a year or so ago when he was perfecting his skills - he'd been taken aside for small theft, picking pockets and otherwise being nothing more than a cutpurse. He changed venues for a while after his holding period of two weeks for judgement - moving on to robbing people just outside the town gates, along the rivers. He wasn't usually alone here, though - he had some others who he'd split the pot with, but he wasn't one for large, obnoxious weapons and armor like some bandits. More comfortable with knives, probably due to the fact he had numerous amounts of them on his body at any time.

However, he came to know the local establishment known as the Rusty Dragon Inn, and in time befriended the head of the establishment, an Ameiko Kaijutsu, and with enough tales of evading the law - and the stories of failure in that - he and her became great friends, and he'd surely take great advantage of that as his exploits in Sandpoint would only continue with measures of success.


Davion Tarmikos
Male human (Varisian) Rogue (Knife Master/Scout) 1
CN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +4 ; Senses Perception +5
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+2 armor, +4 dex)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +1, Ref +6, Will +1
Spd 30 ft/x4
Melee Dagger, Melee +4 1d4+1 19-20/x2
Melee Brass Knuckles +4 1d3 20/x2
Melee Unarmed Strike +4 1d3 20/x2
Ranged Dagger, Thrown +4 1d4+1 19-20/x2
Special Attacks Sneak Attack
Str 11, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 14
Base Atk +0, Cmb +1 Cmd +15
Feats Armor Proficiency (Light) (PFCR 118), Two-Weapon Fighting (PFCR 136), Weapon Finesse (PFCR 136)
Skills Acrobatics +8, Bluff +6, Diplomacy +6, Disable Device +8, Knowledge (local) +5, Perception +5, Sleight of Hand +10 (14 to conceal small objects), Stealth +10
Languages Common (Taldan), Varisian
Traits River Rat, Favored Son (Ameiko); Racial: Heart of the Slums, Bonus Feat
Combat Gear Dagger, Unarmed Strike, Leather
Other Gear Scarf, pocketed; Backpack; Bell (4), Candles (10), Chalk (10), Fishhook (10), Flint and Steel, Bullseye Lantern, Small Steel Mirror, Pint of Oil, Signal Whistle, Soap, Torch (2), Waterskin, Whetstone, Extra Daggers (5, hidden in various places), Thieves' Tools, Wrist Sheathes (2, loaded with daggers); Food: 3 hunks of cheese, 3 chunks of meat, 3 loaves of bread.
Money PP: 4, GP: 9, SP: 7, CP: 2

Edit: I'll probably expand the background if chosen. Can't wait to see what everyone else submits.

Interested with this character. He will need to be updated to your requirements. He was made for a Jade Regent, got into a RotRL at 3rd which then died out after he was there for 1 fight.

Basically, a Blackblade Magus that thinks his power comes from his devout worship of Iomedae. Been really dying to get into a RotRL.

Sovereign Court

Sounds Fun!
Jrat Bumpkins the Halfing Acrobat(Rouge) is very interested in this campaign if there is room!

Dotting for interest. My RoTR game just folded before it even started. I plan to offer a rogue/assassin type. Will post my character no later than Saturday.

I'd like to submit Bel'Tanis here for consideration. I statted him up for another RotR to replace a 2nd level character, but alas, Bel'Tanis wasn't chosen. If selected, the needed changes should be fairly quick and painless.

He's an aasimar (if that'd be approved) fighter who'd steer toward the Critical Feats and a falchion down the line. I'd also love for him to pick up a few racial aasimar feats as well (this one, this one, this one, and this one in particular). So, mainly a front-liner bruiser type as far as combat roles are concerned.

I'm on the East Coast of the US (GMT -5 if memory serves) and can post multiple times/day throughout the week, so posting frequency shouldn't be an issue.


Despite the fact that Bel'Tanis is approaching his 18th year, he is a little awkward in social situations due to all the attention he received when he was younger. Born to a simple fisherman in Magnimar, Bel'Tanis became something of a celebrity in the small corner of their community as his celestial heritage began to obviously manifest itself. Such attention went to his youthful head and he was terribly prideful and prepossessed as a result, but his unique pedigree didn't help him when a storm wrecked his father's boat. Bel'Tanis and his father were the only two on the vessel at the time, but the boy was the only survivor.

Riddled with survivor's guilt, Bel'Tanis struggled to carry his mother and siblings for a year after his father's fatal accident. After that year though, he couldn't bear to be around his mother and siblings, nor could he suffer the blame he imagined the townsfolk continually laid on him when he wasn't looking. Desperate, angry, and haunted by a sense of responsibility he couldn't express, he slipped quietly into the back of a merchant's wagon one wet evening - hoping perhaps to make a new start whever he might end up.

As fate would have it, that merchant's wagon only made it as far as Sandpoint - just in time for a festival. After easing out of the wagon unnoticed, he wandered about for a short while before a priest at the local temple crossed paths with him and offered a roof for the evening. In addition to shelther, Bel'Tanis was blessed with a generous commune spell in light of his obvious celestial connection. Suddenly hoping to be united with his grandsire, Bel'Tanis learned of his celestial forebear's fate - and the revelation drove him to even greater sadness. His heavenly ancestor had fallen from grace, and many good lives were lost because of it.

Now, burdened with his own guilt as well as guilt over his grandsire's misdeeds, Bel'Tanis feels he has little to lose and a great deal to make up for....


I see Bel'Tanis as a fairly good humored, burly fellow most of the time, but infrequently prone to deep despondence when he believes no one to be watching. Despite himself and his occasional moodiness, he's an encourager - always ready to offer an uplifting word to those around him. He has little patience for cruelty (be it physical or psychological) but he keeps a tight reign on his anger. After learning of his ancestor's fall, he is honestly a little afraid of what he would be capable of if he ever truly lost his temper.

While Bel'Tanis has become quite adroit at hiding his frustration behind an easy, contagious smile, the anger that he continuously buries deep down has left him with something akin to a death wish. While he won't lash out and raise his voice in anger or belligerently pick a fight, if a building were on fire he would rush in without pause to try and help anyone trapped within. While many would see this as unadulterated bravery, the truth is sadly not quite that noble.

Bel'Tanis is a tall, striking man, with shining eyes and thick, black hair. Under the natural light of the moon though, his hair shines silver. Uncomfortable now with the attention his heritage typically draws, he has taken to wearing a deep hood or cowl during the evenings. He bears a scar on his left palm from a wound he suffered when his father's ship was wrecked and he can be caught rubbing the scar with his right thumb when he his sad or distressed.

Thanks for your consideration and best of luck to all the applicants!

The Exchange

This posting frequency suits me fine. I tend to be more busy on weekends, but weekdays I can post at least twice most days. I'm sure I can manage a single weekend post each week too.

I wouldn't mind adding a tengu gunslinger sniper to this team. I'll work on some background and add an alias.

The Exchange

New Alias created. You can read all about Kazzuk Shill here.
Will fill out the details, pending approval.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Here's the link to Khrondak Iron Forged, shoanti cleric of Gorum (separatist). Crunch is mostly there, I'll add a detailed backstory later on, following the concept I posted earlier.

Insane Gnome Gobbo-Killer reporting in

Blixa is missing a few cards from his Harrow deck.
He's spent the better part of his life recently obsessing over ways to kill goblins. It's become an art form. His weapons of choice are "Bowser's Revenge" and "Pokey". "Bowser's Revenge" is a dogslicer that he renamed and repurposed after taking it off of a dying goblin. It has a picture of a dog's face growling on one blade face and the other face has a dog lapping up what would be blood from the blade edge (he painted them himself). "Pokey" is a light pick that he uses in his offhand. Blixa collects goblin ears, tans them and displays them from a ring on his belt. He has nearly a dozen currently. He usually writes some humourous quip on the ear leather to offend other goblins even more - they love that - even though they can't read it. The concentration of goblin tribes near Sandpoint led Blixa to use it as a base of operations for his artistry. Blixa's not really certain why he hates goblins so much, certainly all gnomes despise goblins a little, but Blixa's hatred for them is extreme ragekill. He didn't always feel this way towards them, in fact it developed relatively recently a few years back.
GM info:
Blixa was near a runewell of wrath when it activated and it transformed his normal feelings for goblins (moderate dislike) to that of a murderous obsessive wrath towards them. Overall, Blixa's outlook is chaotic good on the main, but when it comes to goblins there's almost no limit to his depravity.

Recap of everybody's characters submitted so far...


Scranford- Hobgoblin Samurai/Order of the Tome
Pedro Coelho - Krondak Iron Forge Human (Shoanti) Cleric of Gorum (Separatist)
Aphin - Rench Half-Orc Barbarian
Kiradia - Victoria Trune Human Ranger(Sable Company Marine)
Sunshadow21 -Ensu Gnome Cleric or Bard
FuriaRi0T - Notick Mostriare Half-Elf Magus
Wesnir Mournholm - Wesnir Mournholm Human Ranger (Skirmisher)
Maveith - Indruck Niule Grippli Alchemist or Argon Tetherfall Gnome Summoner
KMBCross - Davion Tarmikos Human (Varisian) Rogue (Knife Master/Scout)
Thaddeus Pruitt - Thaddeus Pruit Human Magus (Bladebound)
Jib916 - Jrat Bumpkins Halfling Rogue (Acrobat)
Bel'Tanis - Bel'Tanis Aasimar Fighter
D-Kal - Kazzuk Shill Tengu Gunslinger
Blixa Gratzuldash - Blixa Gratzuldash Gnome Ranger

Grand Lodge

Oooh, interested! I've got a paladin/sorcerer concept that I think would be great to try out if you're still open for new players. Human or possibly Aasimar if allowed. I plan to play him as a paladin who sees his role as one of setting an example for others rather than militantly enforcing his notion of "how to be good" on the world. Having received martial training in his home village of Styrion, close to Sandy point, he has now ventured in to the "Big City" to study at the temple...

let me know your thoughts and I'll flesh him out more

Abrar "Glade" Ajmal wrote:

Oooh, interested! I've got a paladin/sorcerer concept that I think would be great to try out if you're still open for new players. Human or possibly Aasimar if allowed. I plan to play him as a paladin who sees his role as one of setting an example for others rather than militantly enforcing his notion of "how to be good" on the world. Having received martial training in his home village of Styrion, close to Sandy point, he has now ventured in to the "Big City" to study at the temple...

let me know your thoughts and I'll flesh him out more

Abrar, recruiting is open until the 5th, so feel free to expand on your concept.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Also dotting. I too have experience with this campaign but am very good at not meta-gaming. Plus I haven't touched it in over three years.

The schedule works great for me, and I'll submit my character concept soon. The 5th is the cut off date, but when is the game supposed to start?

Happy gaming everyone!

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Had time to write down the background. Here it is.

Khrondak Iron Forged:
As predicted by the venerable shaman of the Sun Clan, Khrondak arrived to this world during the peak hour of the longest day of summer, under the scorching sun of the Cinderlands. The shaman announced the newborn as his successor and pleaded their ancestors and totem spirits for their blessings. Khrondak’s spiritual schooling began early, and much like any other infant of the Sklar-Quah, his childhood was short: in no time he was expected to behave like a man and hold up the tradition and fierceness of his tribe. Though destined to act as spiritual guide and religious figure, Khrondak was trained in battle just as any other member of the clan, regardless of gender or social role; in this, too, he excelled, though the hours spent learning from the old shaman would eventually prevent him from developing the same kind of combat prowess of the elite shoanti burn riders. His aptitude to war and the many battles fought against foreign invasions made him more of a warrior priest than a spiritual leader, but the tribe saw it with good eyes.

Many years Khrondak spent riding along his brothers to face the orc raiders, preventing then and again the expansion of the Hold of Belkzen. Yet, despite the continued success of the Sklar-Quah against their foes, Khrondak watched many friends join their ancestors, giving their life to protect not only Varisia and the Shoanti people, but also the chelaxian invaders. Though the thought often crossed his mind, Khrondak, in typical Sklar-Quah fashion, was too proud to admit these wars were the Shoanti’s as much as of all of Varisia’s inhabitants. To admit so would mean acknowledging their right to these lands, and that was unnaceptable.

This kind of hubris led to a deadly encounter when Khrondak, riding alongside a group of scouts, was met by a roaming orc band. The shoanti riders engaged their enemy, despite being outnumbered, and as his brothers fell one by one, Khrondak could not help but foresee a slaughter in the making. To help his allies, Khrondak invoked the insight of their ancestors, the power of their totems, but to no avail; it seemed like no help was on the way. Fighting desperately for their lives, the shoanti regrouped, completely surrounded. A brief moment of clarity amidst the blinding rage of battle struck Khrondak, and he remembered the new gods, as the old shaman called them. The Azghat, the ancient gods, had long ago turned against his people; could it be that their totems now deserted them too? Yet, there was still someone to turn to. With an urgent cry, before a group of startled shoanti warriors, Khrondak called out to the Lord in Iron, the master of war, Gorum, and offered devotion in exchange of victory. Khrondak rallied his fellows and, together, they fought their way to survival. From then on, the orcish blades were no longer able to drop any more men, and the group resisted the invaders long enough to allow reinforcements to arrive. No orc went home that day.

Ultimately, the tale of Gorum’s intervention swept the tribe, and Khrondak was thus baptized with his current tribal name, the Iron Forged. After that, Khrondak held up his end of the bargain. Despite the shaman’s opposition, Khrondak pursued more information about the Lord in Iron, and without the rigid structure of a church, interpreted and mixed what he learned with his traditional spiritual teachings. After making peace with the ancient spirits, Khrondak embraced the worship of the two faiths as though they were one. He spent another many months living with his clan before dreaming of a call to arms. A time of great danger approached and war was imminent. Khrondak knew he had to move west, not knowing exactly why. He took it upon himself to preach war against the orcs, finally having the rest of Varisia assume responsibility for its protection, and eventually wound up in Sandpoint, where he is to meet war from enemies his people thought long gone. As the Runelords rise, once again it is time for a shoanti to defend his homeland.

Silver Crusade

Just wanted to say that I will have Notick fully updated before your deadline with a new background story for the RotRL motif!

He still needs his Gear edited and Stats edited (Stats were rolled when he was made, and was given max gold for the class at the time).

Extremely excited for the opportunity!

Valcrist wrote:

Also dotting. I too have experience with this campaign but am very good at not meta-gaming. Plus I haven't touched it in over three years.

The schedule works great for me, and I'll submit my character concept soon. The 5th is the cut off date, but when is the game supposed to start?

Happy gaming everyone!

I'm going to select characters on the 6th. So I would like to start on the 12th of September. That should give time for every one selected to finalize their characters.

I submit Zodt for your consideration.

His background was originally written for a Jade Regent, but it still works just as well for RotRL without needing to be changed

Thaddeus is from a long line of Clerics of Iomedae, so much so that his family claims to have been around since the days of her ascension to godhood. Though the story goes that they have always been her clerics, and as such never actually had family reach the position to become prominent enough in the history books. Everyone knows that all the great tales are told of the Paladins of Iomedae, but his family is content in their own knowledge of their history in the church that they don't feel they need the recognition. As a young man growing up, he was raised on the tenets of the faith, the study of her laws, and the nature of war. He somewhat resented his family's devotion to the clergy, as all the paladin's squires would be out at weapons practice or riding he wasn't allowed to go until he recited the daily invocations. He was caught so often all geared up to go out, and made to kneel and study, never bothering to remove his armor, just so he could finish faster. He has always wanted to fight the good fight, truly be a warrior of his goddess, but to do anything other than be a priest of Iomedae would be spitting on his heritage.

Thaddeus is a good-hearted young man, and is always ready to help a friend. It was during his volunteer work for Sheriff Hemlock that he first met Shalelu. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, though she was a woman, and he was still a lad he swore that they would someday marry. As he grew and worked more and more with the patrols, he saw more of her, and even got to the point of doing patrols just in the hopes of seeing her. When he found out that she was a friend of Ameiko's, he would find himself spending more time at the Rusty Dragon, just in the hopes of seeing her come in and light up a room. He has spoken with her very little and she is friendly with him when they do, he has never gotten the courage up to ask her out. His worst fear is that she will turn him down.

He pretty much plays like a Paladin, except he uses Arcane instead of divine and he casts his arcane spells as prayers to Iomedae (The V component is a prayer instead of arcane gibberish). Also, he has a lot more Int than the average paladin.

When he gets his Blackblade, it will actually be White, and he will treat it like a weapon blessed by the Goddess.

For the sake of full disclosure,I have experience with RotRL, as I'm running it for my wife and kids. I know you said it's fine, but I wanted to be up front about it.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Are there campaign traits for this adventure path? Couldn't find them in the player's guide, but I think the version available in paizo store is the original one, so maybe back then they didn't do traits...

Pedro Coelho wrote:
Are there campaign traits for this adventure path? Couldn't find them in the player's guide, but I think the version available in paizo store is the original one, so maybe back then they didn't do traits...

Grrrrr. 2nd time today the post monster ate my post!.

Pedro, here are the ones from the AE guide:


Eager Performer: Hearing that Sandpoint had a theater rivaling those found in large cities like Magnimar and Korvosa, you decided to try your luck getting stage time there. After sending a letter to Cyrdak Drokkus requesting an audition and not hearing back, you’ve taken it upon yourself to travel to Sandpoint and meet him in person, trusting your force of will and charming inf luence will get you what you want. You gain a +1 trait bonus on checks for any one Perform skill. Additionally, choose any one spell of the enchantment school; its save DC increases by +1.

Family Ties: While not ethnically a Varisian, you have been raised among Varisians and they consider you one of their own. Furthermore, you managed to get in good with a group of Sczarni and consider them your new family. After being run out of the last place your Sczarni family camped, you tracked down a friend of the family in Sandpoint—a ruthless thug named Jubrayl Vhiski at the Fatman’s Feedbag. During your time with the Sczarni, you learned a few tricks of the trade. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (local) checks and Knowledge (local) is always a class skill for you. In addition, you begin play able to speak and read Varisian.

Friends and Enemies: One of your family members, perhaps a parent, cousin, aunt, or uncle, helped Daviren Hosk put down a group of goblins near Sandpoint. Since then, your family member passed away, but not before telling you about that day and the offer Daviren made her should she ever be in need. Once you make it to Sandpoint and meet up with Daviren Hosk at the Goblin Squash Stables, he gives you one of his best steeds and all the necessary accoutrements as gratitude for your family member’s help: a heavy combat trained horse, a military saddle, saddlebags, bit and bridle, a month’s worth of feed, and lifetime stabling at the Goblin Squash Stables.

Giant Slayer: Your family’s village was plundered by giants in the wilds of Varisia, leaving nothing but a smoldering ruin. After the destruction of your village, your family trained for combat against giants to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again. Since hearing of giants mobilizing throughout the countryside, you ventured to Sandpoint to help the town prepare for a possible incursion. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Perception, and Sense Motive checks and +1 trait bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls against creatures of the giant subtype.

Goblin Watcher: You grew up in Sandpoint staring off the cliff across the Varisian Gulf. Spending so much time there at Junker’s Edge watching the goblins below as they scrounged through the discarded junk and seeing what they made out of the garbage, you developed an eye for spotting the most useful and valuable discarded items. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception and Appraise checks, and a +5 trait bonus on Appraise checks to determine the most valuable item visible in a treasure hoard.

Hagfish Hopeful: Ever since passing through Sandpoint when you were a child and hearing about the contest at the popular tavern known as the Hagfish, you wanted to take that coin purse as your own and carve your name on the ceiling beam above the bar. Training yourself to choke down indigestible food and drink water a pig would refuse, you’ve built up quite a strong resistance to all things putrid and gross. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Fortitude saves against disease and poison.

Merchant Family: You are related to one of the four noble families from Magnimar who founded the Mercantile League of Sandpoint. You either grew up in Magnimar as a cousin in the Valdemar or Deverin family or were born and raised in Sandpoint. Education in running a business and years of looking after the family enterprise have given you a knack for trade. You increase the gp limit of any settlement by 20% and can resell items at an additional 10% over the amount of gp you normally would get from selling off treasure.

Monster Hunter: Perhaps you came to the Varisian Gulf in search of the Sandpoint Devil, or maybe you followed fisherman’s tales of Old Murdermaw— regardless, you’ve ventured through Varisia to hunt down famous monsters. While they have all eluded you so far, you made it to Sandpoint to research and restock before heading back out into the wilderness. Because of your training, you gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls against aberrations and magical beasts.

Scholar of the Ancients: Growing up with your nose in books, you’ve had a great interest in past cultures and ancient history. Furthermore, having grown up in Varisia, you know the monuments dotting the landscape belong to an ancient civilization known as Thassilon. From your life of study and dogged research, you’ve pieced together the language and partial history of this once-great empire. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (history) checks, and begin play able to speak and read Thassilonian.

Student of Faith: While you have personally dedicated your life to a single deity, you study all religions and mortal faiths. Upon hearing that the town of Sandpoint recently completed a cathedral dedicated to the six deities most popular in the area, you had to see the place for yourself, and have arrived in time for the consecration of this holy edif ice. Because of your strong faith and broad range of study, you cast all cure spells at +1 caster level, and whenever you channel energy, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of your channeled energy.

d20pfsrd's Traits page also has the three traits from the original under 'Campaign Traits'.

Spiral Ninja's offering for this game.

She's a cousin of Ameiko on her mother's side.

Check the profile and let me know if it's OK or if I need to update stuff.

Midori Masaki wrote:

Spiral Ninja's offering for this game.

She's a cousin of Ameiko on her mother's side.

Check the profile and let me know if it's OK or if I need to update stuff.

Overall looks good stat wise, although I think you have to many traits. I am only allowing two and one of them has to be a campaign trait.

Are you still planning on writing a background as well?

Yes. On the trait, I took the extra traits feat. If you're not going to allow it, I'll make the changes.

I will have a background up by tonight.

Midori Masaki wrote:

Yes. On the trait, I took the extra traits feat. If you're not going to allow it, I'll make the changes.

I will have a background up by tonight.

Sure enough you do have the feat, totally missed that on the profile. All is good.

Valkur, which campaign traits are you making available? The ones from the original or the ones spoilered above that are from the Anniversary Edition?

The Exchange

I'm hoping for Anniversary Edition traits, because the original only had 3 and with a table of 6, that's half overlap at best.

To be clear, I've never played this, just read about the traits.

Grand Lodge

I would like to play a Battle oracle Assimar (Will switch to a core race, probably human, if being an assimar will block me from getting in). Trait I choose would be giant killer and not sure on a second. I would also want to use the Scion of Humanity replacement racial trait since I will have been born to Human parents. NG or LG.


The short of it:

Terran was born to an average farming family on the outskirts of Varisia. Though he looked like a normal human boy there were a number of things off about him while he was growing up on the farm. For starting the family was worried that his growth was stunted as he didn't age as quickly as the rest of the boys. His parents did not really advertise his strange abilities and called him blessed by heavens. This continued on well into his adulthood, when a tribe of Hill giants moved in. They quickly took over and started pillaging and murdering and (other terrible things, not sure how pg-13 we are keeping this). This continued for over a month until there was nothing left of the small village. Every building had been burned to the ground, most of the people dead, all of the supplies taken, and all of the crop and livestock completely destroyed.

Terran was able to be one of the few to escape the carnage, but not without injury. His leg had been severely wounded to the point that it would probably never recover. He made it to the next village over where his uncle lived, deciding to help out where he could. Over the next few weeks he saw a few other stragglers from his village come in hoping someone else from his family made it. They never showed up. Feeling helpless against the attackers he swore to the heavens that he would devote his life to becoming stronger to protect others and their loved ones. At that point there was a slight glare of light that blinded him for a moment and he heard a whisper in the air, "You have paid for power with your family and body, never again fall on the battle field and never waiver from the path of the just." The next morning he awoke with strange glorious powers.

His uncle and he took to training with so the next time he could fend off the attacking giants and so that he could then maybe save someone else's loved ones. It has been a few years since he has since left his uncle's village as a wandering healer and warrior. He has gotten word of that the giants are mobilizing throughout the country side and has decided to act on this information and head to Sandpoint. Hopefully his knowledge of the previous giant attack will help this town survive.

I have the character written up on a sheet, but I have run out of time to write up the crunch. I will get back to it as well as make an avatar for Terran.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

In case we're using feats from the Anniversary Edition, I'd like to know if the trait Friends and Enemies is available too, since some GMs have issues with traits that grant additional gear/gold/etc.

Bel'Tanis wrote:
Valkur, which campaign traits are you making available? The ones from the original or the ones spoilered above that are from the Anniversary Edition?

You can use either the original AP or the new Anniversary edition traits.

Friends and Enemies trait I am cool with, as any other extra cash/gear trait.

count me in for a human ranger. i will post again soon with much more, but basicaly thinking someone who grew up in sandpoint.

Alright, I've finally settled on a concept: Miera Kespin, Human (Chelaxian) Sorcerer (Maestro Bloodline), a disgraced singer attempting to revive her career in Sandpoint (via the Eager Performer trait).

I'll have a full background, crunch, and an alias for her up late tomorrow evening.

OK, background and skills up.

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