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Valkur's Rise of the Runelords

Game Master Valkur

Current Day:
Day 40, 30th of Lamashan, Morning

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Male Half Elf Magus / level 3 (AC: 15 [T:12 F: 13] [HP: 18/18] Fort: +3 Ref: +3 Will +2 Perc: +4 Init: +2)

Notick, literally unscathed from the previous battle, sits at the bar to overhear Ameiko's conversation. Conversation, after all, was more his forte. He cocks an eyebrow as the man so forcefully demands his daughters actions. Taking his share from Thaddeus with a smile and a nod, his mind obviously distracted by the conversation.


Bel'Tanis offers Midori a grateful smile as his wounds suddenly knit themselves back together. He shivers slightly as the curative energy tingles through his body.

"Ah! Much better. Thank you, Midori! I should still probably change out of these bloodied clothes though. If you all would excuse me for a minute."

The raven haired aasimar then ascends the stairs, not wanting to be reminded of family or, more pointedly, of fathers.

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos

Lonjiku sneers back at Amekio, "daughter this is not really up for discussion. Look at these vagabonds you fraternize with, all they do is bring trouble to our town. "

He then looks directly at Midori, 這不關你的侄女

He then continues, 你將是明智的,同我們一起回


This does not concern you niece.
You should return with us to Magnimar as well.

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

Scoria was a little bit at odds with Bel'Tanis getting the healing spell while she was relegated to only a stiff bandage over her wound, but she could bear that for the moment - it wasn't as if she was planning on doing any fighting. That was the plan, right up to the point that Ameiko's father suddenly brought up 'trouble-bringing vagabonds'.

The monk was not a vagabond, and she did not cause trouble. Considering that Midori was already getting involved, part of her didn't want to involve herself in family affairs. Another part of her, one that she'd thought she buried, was tiffed at being called such a title.

She steeled her breath as she stood up, walking up next to Midori and looking at the Tien man. "I cannot speak for the others, but I not a vagabond. I am a stonemason, and I humbly request that you refer to me as such."

Female Human [Tian-Min] Bard/Artisan-4

Midori turns to Scoria. "Lady Stonemason, I do appolgize that my own carelessness during the hunt cost me the spells that I should have saved for you. Please, allow me to pay for whatever healing you need."

She turns back to her uncle, too angry and upset to even speak to him in Minkaian. "I do appologize for having to deny you, but I refuse to return to the site of my father's murder, especially when the authorities refused to even investigate!"


Bel'Tanis glances back over his shoulder as Midori raises her voice to her uncle. He hesitates for a moment before continuing up the stairs. It seems tho him then that he had more substantively in common with Midori than just their common connection through Ameiko. The realization brings a bitter-sweet smile to his face.

Male Human (Shoanti) Cleric of Gorum (Separatist) 4 / HP 38 of 38 / F+6 R+3 W+7 / AC 19.12.17 / Init. +2 / Perc +4

Khrondak pays no mind to Ameiko's discussion with her father. Family matters are of little concer to him, unless it is his own family - the Sklar-Quah. He watches Midori healing the bloodied Aasimar and notices Scoria's unrest for not being the target of her healing spells. He approaches the stonemason and touches her shoulder. "Worry not. This will get you better", he says as positive energy runs through his body into Scoria's.

"Oh merciful spirit totems, bestow thy blessing over this valiant fighter."

cure light wounds (in place of shield of faith): 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

He then sits down again and invites Scoria, Thaddeus and Notick to join him. "So, it looks like the boar hunt has deprived me of some action! Tell me all about this fight of yours!"

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos

Amekio's father looks over the Oread woman, "Oh so you are a peasant then, my apologies, you are one step better than the vagabonds in attendance here. I just assumed by your looks you were more of the rabble."

As for you Midori, "Sorry about your Father, I didn't know him well, but you would be advised to return to Magnimar with us."

He then turns back to Ameiko, "You have your affairs together, we leave at dawn or you are disowned."

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

...peasant. The man's arrogance was truly straining Scoria's tolerance. She's thankful for the assistance of Khrondak for the healing, but she belays her gratitude for the moment, staring at the older man for a moment, before looking over at Ameiko.

"Would you like me to remove him from the premises, Miss Ameiko?"

Female Human [Tian-Min] Bard/Artisan-4

Midori blinks at the threat.

"Uncle, are you well? You seem...disturbed."

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos

Lonjiku turns back around on Scoria, "If you lay one hand on me, I will see to it that you are put in the stocks for your insolence."

"I am quite alright Midori."

"Good day you curs," with that Lonjiku spins around and heads out the door.

After a few moments of awkward silence, Ameiko speaks up, "Well I do believe it is time to eat. Please let us forget this unpleasantness and have some fun."

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

She had to wonder how it was that Ameiko could have been raised by a man that was so much unlike her - perhaps she took after her late mother more. A shame that Scoria didn't have the opportunity to remove him by force - while she would not have caused any sort of permanent harm, it would have been justified to twist his arm behind his back and march him out, for the rudeness he showed to his daughter and...niece, if she was correct about Midori's lineage.

She went and sat back down, looking rather dissatisfied with the idea of eating a roasted pig - she preferred to not eat meat. It wasn't that it made her sick to eat it, she just didn't like the taste of flesh - vegetables and fruits and bread were more than enough for her palate.

Once seated, she looks over at Khrondak, speaking to him. "A goblin was hiding in a house. It killed a man and left a woman widowed with two children. It put up a rather difficult fight. Thank you again for your healing magic. I should be fully recovered after a day or two of rest now."

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos

Lord Foxglove stands as everybody begins to gather at the table.
" I would like to propose a toast to all of you heroes gathered here tonight, thank you all so much for all that you have done."

"Now let us dine upon this fine boar that Ironforged, Lady Midori (and flashing a quick smile at Midori) and I, hunted in the woods earlier today."

Male Human (Shoanti) Cleric of Gorum (Separatist) 4 / HP 38 of 38 / F+6 R+3 W+7 / AC 19.12.17 / Init. +2 / Perc +4

Acknowledging Foxglove's toast, Khrondak raises his cup and, for the first time, displays some sense of humor among his newfound friends. "After the fight the beast put up, it'd better taste delicious!", he says with a smile. Then, keeping his hand held high and looking directly at Scoria, he says "If he died fighting for his loved ones, I am sure this brave man has been welcomed with honors in the next life."

Male Half Elf Magus / level 3 (AC: 15 [T:12 F: 13] [HP: 18/18] Fort: +3 Ref: +3 Will +2 Perc: +4 Init: +2)

Notick incredulously eyes Ameiko and Midori after Lord Foxgloves speech. He'll gratefully eat the caught food as he does so. He keeps to himself, in much thought over his uncles request for watching over the guard - more importantly what his interest in Thaddeous could be.

He shrugs with a sigh, eating his food and keeping much to himself.

Male Human Whiteblade Magus of Iomedae 4 (AC: 14 (18 w/shield) [T: 10 FF: 14 (18)] | HP: 34/34 | F+5, R+0, W+4 | Init: +2 |Perc: +0/+2 with blade drawn)

After Lord Kaijitsu leaves, Thaddeus approaches Ameiko, "I hope the exchange with your father was not upsetting? I know they can be obstinate when their children do not follow the path they had in mind for them, but they do so out of love and concern for our well-being. I have had many a heated word with my own father about the method I chose to worship Iomedae, and put some distance between us, so that I may have the opportunity to show him I do as I do in her glory." He hopes his words at least show her she is not alone.

As the food is served, he is reminded of just how hungry he really was and didn't realize. The wound in his thigh still bothers him, but there were other wounded, and he need not deprive them of mending when he can just bear the pain. As Lord Foxglove and Khrondak speak, he adds a few of his own. "Thank you, Milord, for your role as patron and hunter for the trip that brought us this fine meal. Iron-forged, I am honored to be granted a seat at the table of a man who's kill I did not help hunt. Please excuse my absence at the kill, it was for the best and allowed to remove a goblin threat to a woman and her children."

At this moment he goes somber, "I am hesitant to bring the mood down, but there was coin gained from the gear the goblin wore, and I have a request. I hate to ask this of any of you, but it was that very goblin that stole the life of the husband and father of that family. I will be giving my split to the widow, and hope this sees her through whatever hardship she endures with his loss. I will be offering my split from the raid, to the church to be used to aid any of the families that suffered loss from the attacks. It would do me a great honor if any of you would be willing to also give to this cause."

That being said he hands everyone their share of the coin.

39gp each
44gp to party pool

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

"Her husband's death was unfortunate. I wish that we could have prevented it." Scoria comments, taking the small purse of coins. Combined with the gold that she had gotten from the spoils of the festival fights...she had more gold than she ever had in her entire life. "In which case, we should prepare ourselves with this money in order to be able to prevent such losses in the future. My Master probably said it best - 'Charity is only as good as long as one can continue to pay it. Give too much, and risk needing charity as well.' That is not to say that I do not share your view that these people need help. But what the people need is not money - they need reassurance that their walls will not be penetrated again by goblin raiders and that they can sleep soundly without fear. That is something we can help to provide them - and equipping ourselves with the gear needed to do it helps the town twofold. The merchant gain coin to buy more supplies for rebuilding, and we are better able to deal with threats."

She pauses at this point, taking a sip of water from her cup, before looking at Thaddeus stoically. "I am sorry, I did not mean to start a lecture. My words ran long. It has been a long day," She sighs, standing up and clasping her hands in front of her, giving a short bow to the sergeant. "I will retire for the evening. Should you need me, I will be meditating on today's events in my room here." Since Ameiko was offering free room and board, and her stonemasonry job was currently on hold, she's moved the little belongings she had to a room here - better in any case, should they need her on short notice.

Male Human Whiteblade Magus of Iomedae 4 (AC: 14 (18 w/shield) [T: 10 FF: 14 (18)] | HP: 34/34 | F+5, R+0, W+4 | Init: +2 |Perc: +0/+2 with blade drawn)

Thaddeus listens, though he has heard the argument before "There is nothing this money can buy me that would greatly improve my chances over the goblins. I am almost certain the same can be said of many of you. There are many citizens that have lost much by the attacks, while we only gain riches, having lost nothing to the goblins. As we have survived multiple skirmishes, I would hazard to say we have whatever gear we need to protect Sandpoint, provided we lack the ability to create more able bodies to defend the walls. We can, however, support the health of those bodies the town does have by providing for those that have lost more than we gain by the coin we have gathered."

He holds no anger in his features, and as is gentlemanly, rises as the woman stands to leave. "No worries about lecture, my father is a priest and I have heard my fair share. Besides, rational discourse is the true path to peace and understanding. It is only when words fall on deaf ears, and people turn to violence to get their point across, do we the strong need to stand up for the weak to enforce peace."


Bel'Tanis shrugs as Thaddeus slides the coins over his way, regarding his exchange with Scoria with unveiled interest. He appears to mull over their words for a few minutes before adding, Actually, Scoria. Before you retire there's another matter you may be able to add some perspective on. Prior to this goblin attack, I may have caused us some undue trouble."

He takes a breath, frustration and shame plainly evident on his face, then begins. "Shayliss Vinder came into the Dragon shortly after you lot left for the boar hunt. A fine meal, by the way, thank you all again. She came in, recognized me as one of those who'd helped with the goblin raid, and begged that I come help her deal with a rat infestation in the basement of her father's shop. I was suspicious of her motives, but I followed along anyway."

Bel'Tanis sighs. "Needless to say, there were no rats in the basement, but rather it was just a ploy. As she began to disrobe I fled up the stairs only to have Scoria and Shalyiss' father Ven arrive at the shop." He turns to Scoria, "I didn't say it before, but thank you for following us. It is a comfort to know to know that you were looking out for me the whole time." He turns back to the group, continuing, "Shayliss chased me up the stairs and accused me before her father of trying to force myself upon her. Before Ven's anger could come to a boil I managed to cow him and leave in a hurry, but I worry that this could grow into an unseemly scandal, hindering our efforts to strengthen Sandpoint. I'm sorry, guys. I should have listened to my gut and not followed Shalyiss." He looks to the rest of the group then, his shoulders slumped.

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

"You seem to forget just how much trouble we had today facing only a single goblin. Whether that is by lack of equipment or simply poor surroundings, three of us - including yourself - was injured quite badly. That says a great deal about our ability to deal with an entire lair of them - and that's only assuming that there are only goblins within. A mason might be able to make due with a chipped chisel and a rusted hammer, but they cannot shape the stone as easily as with a better tool. If you think you have the best weapons and armor you can buy, think of what else you can buy that will help out your men. We were all injured today when the two who could heal us were away. Perhaps you should look to remedy that. As well as have our healers look at your own injury before it becomes infected," She comments.

Her gaze directs itself towards Bel'Tanis now, staring at him. "You could have handled yourself better than running screaming like a bear had popped out in that basement. Just because you're not attracted to women, that does not mean you have to flee from one when they attempt to seduce you. Just inform them of your preferences. Or you could have continued to go along with the ruse we started with her. Or just simply told her the truth. You allowed your emotions to override your judgment today, but I cannot blame you for it. You must take this as a learning experience for the future."

"As for our reputations - I highly doubt that either the shopkeeper or his daughter will be willing to divulge anything regarding that event to the town at large after you had spoke to them. Perhaps we personally would not be welcome in their store anymore, but there is little we can do now to salve that situation." Scoria blinks once, before bowing to both Bel'Tanis and Thaddeus. "I thank you both for listening to my counsel. Now I will retire for the night. May your minds be as still as stone in sleep."


"You misunderstand my flight, Scoria. I fled out of fear of giving in to what she offered. And as bad things turned out, I am rather certain it would have been worse had I lingered for even a few moments longer, knowing how close her father was to arriving." He nods as she rises to depart, "Still, thank you again."

He looks to the rest of the group, worry and a hint of sadness in his eyes.

Male Human Whiteblade Magus of Iomedae 4 (AC: 14 (18 w/shield) [T: 10 FF: 14 (18)] | HP: 34/34 | F+5, R+0, W+4 | Init: +2 |Perc: +0/+2 with blade drawn)

Thaddeus realizes he won't get anywhere further with the stonemason, she sees the coin as the greater means to an end than his suggestion, and as he said he will not demand it of them. He presented his case, and if it sways any of the others, then he has lost nothing and gained much.

At Bel'Tanis' explanation of events he is happy the man shared so that they were not blind-sided by negativity from the shopkeeper. Again the mason's response baffles him. Just because the man removed himself from the situation, and temporairly subdued any argument from Ven Vinder, doesn't mean that nothing could be done to try and resolve the situation.

"Bel'Tanis, thank you for being forthright about the events. Fear not about almost succumbing to the girl's advances. All beings are presented with temptation, it is how they act that sets them apart from one another. You recognized your own weakness, and acted honorably in removing yourself from the situation. If you would like, maybe tomorrow some of us could have a word with the man and his daughter on your behalf. If you would be comfortable with that?"

Female Human [Tian-Min] Bard/Artisan-4

"I would be willing to assist in trying to defuse the situation. I only hope we can do it. He may prefer to believe his child rather than outsiders."

Male Half Elf Magus / level 3 (AC: 15 [T:12 F: 13] [HP: 18/18] Fort: +3 Ref: +3 Will +2 Perc: +4 Init: +2)

Notick, in his typical youthful manner, giggles and smirks widely with the details of Bel'Tanis's admittance of his debauched scandal. He continues to eat, the barbarian's story removing his own woes and curiosities from his mind. He shrugs helplessly as the Stonemason finally retires for the evening.

After she has gone, he'll finally comment: "A pitty. One whom has never seen value in anything other than her tools to sculpt the perfect piece, could be so farsighted to the current state of the architecture." His eyes glance back and forth, he does his best to hold a straight face and not laugh.

Male Human (Shoanti) Cleric of Gorum (Separatist) 4 / HP 38 of 38 / F+6 R+3 W+7 / AC 19.12.17 / Init. +2 / Perc +4

Khrondak eats voraciously, a little oblivious to the table's discussion. After everyone's done speaking their minds about donating gold to the widow, Khrondak asks Thaddeus "Have you counted me in the division of coin? If so, you can give my share to the widow, too. I couldn't accept the spoils of battle from a battle I did not fight in." When the conversation turns to Bel'Tanis' problems with the shopkeeper's daughter, he shrugs it off. "I don't see the need of giving any further attention to this matter." Then, chewing on a pig piece of meat, he asks the group "Did any of you see other signs of goblin activity that might give us something to look for tomorrow?"

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos

Day 4: 25th Rova

You awake the next morning feeling relived of your wounds the day before. The sun outside looks warm and inviting. Certainly another fine day for a day of Autumn.

You begin to make you war down to the taproom of the Dragon to meet up with your fellow adventures to discuss activities for the day.

A halfling approaches the party. You recognize her as Bethana Corwin, who is the head maid of the Dragon.

"Good morning, Lady Midori and to the rest of you."

Bethana looks around a bit nervously. "I was wondering if you could offer some advice about a matter that I have just discovered. I have not let the rest of the staff know yet. I'm not sure if it is anything. But I figured if anybody could help it your be you and your companions."

She reaches into her pockets and produces a folded note. "I found this note on Lady Ameiko's floor of her bedchamber this morning. Strangely her bed was still made. Now I don't like to snoop, but I just felt like something was off. Ameiko always greats me in the morning, unless she is out of town. The note, it is from her brother Tsuto. It also says that their Father was responsible for the Goblin raid the other day and he wants to do something about it.

Tsuto's Note

You are all healed and spells reset.

Male Human Whiteblade Magus of Iomedae 4 (AC: 14 (18 w/shield) [T: 10 FF: 14 (18)] | HP: 34/34 | F+5, R+0, W+4 | Init: +2 |Perc: +0/+2 with blade drawn)

Thaddeus wakes before dawn to conduct his prayers, before once again trying to discern the qualities of the robe. He is also reminded of the potion they found the day before, he doesn't know anything about that either.

Spellcraft Robe 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20, if it's CL 5 or lower he gets it.
Spellcraft Potion 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13, ugh, no clue on the potion.
He's not real good at this for having a +7 in it :)
I will post his reaction to the letter when I have more time (read: wife not breathing down my neck to get off the computer in about 3-4 hours).

Female Human [Tian-Min] Bard/Artisan-4

"So this Tsuto is her brother? Is he a half-elf? He came to our home years ago saying he was Aunt's son and that Uncle had murdered her. Father threw him out. Now he's saying Uncle sent those goblins? This makes no sense. Why would Uncle steal the old priest's corpse?"

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

Scoria got up quietly and did her morning exercises, doing her best to keep the noise down. Once she's finished, she exits, ready to start the day - though doing what, she is unsure of. Looking for any more hidden goblins seemed like a good idea. Perhaps find out where she might be able to acquire a potion of healing or two as well. She did not anticipate suddenly being stopped by the halfling woman, nor the presentation of the letter. She allows others to read it out loud, so that they might all know what information it contained.

"I did not know that Ameiko had a brother." She looks at Midori, who seemed well versed in the Kaijutsu's family history. "Your uncle seemed rather adamant about leaving here so soon after the goblin attack. By itself, it is not so suspicious, but considering the contents of this letter - is it not possible that he may have struck a deal with the goblins to retrieve the man's body, and now that it is fulfilled he is looking to flee before his involvement becomes known? I do not know what he might want with the dead, though - unless he dabbles in the occult and necromancy in secret." Scoria is stoic and unapologetic by stating such possibilities to the man's niece.

"It is still suspicious to learn about this brother, though. Please, tell us what you know of this Tsuto." She asks Midori politely.

Female Human [Tian-Min] Bard/Artisan-4

"Not much. He showed up at our home, trying to convince mother to avenge her sister's murder. But...neither Aunt Atusii nor Uncle Lonjiku are elves. This Tsuto is a half-elf. If he is Aunt Atusii's son, he's not Uncle Lonjiku's child. Mother was horrified and father threw him out. Ameiko mentioned a brother when she stayed with us. They'd had some sort of fight. She never wanted to discuss it. Perhaps someone from here would know more."

She turns to Bethana. "Do you know of him? What is this all about?"

Male Human Whiteblade Magus of Iomedae 4 (AC: 14 (18 w/shield) [T: 10 FF: 14 (18)] | HP: 34/34 | F+5, R+0, W+4 | Init: +2 |Perc: +0/+2 with blade drawn)

Thaddeus listens to Bethana, before accepting the letter and reading it aloud, but softly enough that only the group can hear. He listens to the other's opinions of the situation, before adding his thoughts.

"The presence of a brother kept previously under wraps is concerting, but not necessarily the issue at hand. We have a midnight meeting, a missing innkeeper, and an accusation of involvement in the raid. I think our first stop would be to try and question Lord Kaijitsu, as he may have answers about the other two issues as well. Given his urgency yesterday in getting Ameiko to leave, there may be a chance of him trying to run if the accusations are correct."

He turns to the halfling, "Miss, do you know where we may be able to find Lord Kaijitsu this time of morning?"

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos

Bethana clasps her hands in thanks, "Oh thank you good sirs and madams, I just knew you all would look into it."

"Lord Kaijitsu's home is just to the south of town, it is on a bluff the overlooks the sea and town. Quite beautiful I'm told."

"As for Tsuto, always been the wondering sort, between here and Magnimar. He comes in every once in awhile to talk to Amekio, they mostly argue about their Father. Not that I was prying, yes sir, I wasn't. But all in all he is a bit of a loner."

"As for him being a half-elf, there was always some scuttlebutt about that around town. Ameiko's family always said it was an accident of birth, something about Tian spirit folk being part of their lineage, just happened to manifest in Tusto. I'm told these spirit folk apparently look like elves."

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

Scoria would have been rather circumspect at the notion that this Tsuto's race was internally hereditary, if she was not aware that she had been born to human parents. So the possibility of him having inherited elfish traits from a distant ancestor didn't seem farfetched to her.

She addressed the Sergeant, speaking calming to him. "I agree that we should go and address Ameiko's father. We should prepare ourselves, however - should he attempt to flee or fight us, some precautions seem necessary." For example, the purchase of any healing potions that they might need in case Khrondak or Midori were unavailable to assist.

Male Half Elf Magus / level 3 (AC: 15 [T:12 F: 13] [HP: 18/18] Fort: +3 Ref: +3 Will +2 Perc: +4 Init: +2)

"It's a pity that the Sheriff has already left town for Magnimar - we could have asked him if he knew where this Tsuto 'fella was." He pauses a moment, his face turning slightly white, "I do know someone who we could talk to about Ameiko's brother's suspicions. But, I would rather avoid the conversation if possible..."

His demeanor takes on the form of discomfort, the thought of asking his uncle or Vito for anything making him slightly nauseous.


Day 3, before everyone retires for the evening
Bel'Tanis sits quietly for a few minutes with Thaddeus after everyone else has left.

Thaddeus, DM:

The aasimar slides over the small stack of coins (39 gp). "I didn't want to inadvertently pressure any of the others into one course of action or the other. I agree with you, though. I hope it helps."

Day 4
Bel'Tanis nods at Bethana's explanation for Tsuto seemingly being a half-elf. "That is not a controversy which I am unfamiliar with. Regardless, this certainly bears looking into. I owe Ameiko that much at least." He nods then at Scoria's suggestion. "Once we're prepared, I think the best place to start would be the Glassworks. If Ameiko has gone missing or is in some kind of trouble, I would like to look there first."

Female Human [Tian-Min] Bard/Artisan-4

"Where would Uncle most likely be at this time of day? At home or at the Glassworks? And yes, we should be prepared for combat. Still..."

She pauses, obviously upset. "I just feel odd going to either the manor or the Glassworks armed for battle."

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos

Let me know what you want to purchase in the discussion thread before going to either the manor or the Glassworks.

Male Human Whiteblade Magus of Iomedae 4 (AC: 14 (18 w/shield) [T: 10 FF: 14 (18)] | HP: 34/34 | F+5, R+0, W+4 | Init: +2 |Perc: +0/+2 with blade drawn)

Did my Spellcraft tell me anything about the robe we found in the mausoleum?

Bel'Tanis, DM:
Thaddeus nods and thanks Bel'Tanis for his decision. "Giving, whether openly or not, is still giving. I hope you yourself do not feel pressured to give? I do not want anyone to do so against their will, and I would like that they want to give of their own volition."

Thaddeus looks around at the others, thinking before he declares what he thinks to be the best course of action. "I agree that we should be prepared if things go foul. We are after all acting on behalf of the Sheriff's absence. Let us not tarry too long with shopping, though, for if the man does seek to leave town, the longer we take the further he may get. I would ask that our two best scouts keep a hidden eye on the Glassworks for any sign of him coming or going, and at least Lady Masaki and myself will approach the man at his manor."

He looks at those assembled, "Scoria and Notick, do you two think you could watch the Glassworks either unseen or inconspicuously? Do not make a move unless you see the man trying to leave the building. Also, Notick, if you could do the talking if you need to approach him? He has already shown that he gets angered by Scoria's overly open and forthright manner of communication."

Being too nice to issue commands, Thaddeus looks to each of those assembled with a questioning glance, "Sound good to everyone, or any suggestions? Would the rest of you rather watch with Notick and Scoria, or join Lady Masaki and I? If nothing else I think I would prefer Iron-Forged or Bel'Tanis each to be with one of the groups in case Lord Kaijitsu need be apprehended. Also, I would like to remind everyone, that until we have any proof of wrongdoing, he is still a man of both position and power within the town, and we would be best to treat him accordingly." right after saying so, he makes a decision, "Actually, Iron-Forged, could you join the lady and I, while Bel'Tanis goes with Notick and Scoria?"

He pulls Bel'Tanis aside briefly and whispers to him as the others are busying themselves.

Bel'Tanis, DM:
"I asked that you go with Scoria, and I take Iron-Forged due to them showing they place little value on acting according to society's expectations toward nobility. This way we are present to intercede diplomatically before they speak too bluntly."

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

Scoria glances at Thaddeus oddly. Understandably, the sergeant wanted to keep the groups equal. When she thought about it, if they were just scouting the Glassworks out before the rest of the group arrived, then she understood him taking both of the people capable of casting healing magic. They weren't going in expecting a fight, after all.

She took her money purse and hands it over to Thaddeus, after scribbling a hasty shopping list. "If you are going to acquire supplies, these are the items that I feel may be necessary. I will set out at once and investigate the Glassworks from afar. Do not fret if you are unable to spot me - I will see you," she comments, before turning towards Notick. "If you have anything you need to acquire, you should give your coin to the sergeant so he may procure it for you. We have a duty to perform."

Once Notick's finished all of his business here (As well as Bel'Tanis), Scoria sets out towards the Glassworks, finding the best hiding spot with the best view for herself.

That shopping list is basically everything I wanted to get Scoria on the discussion page. Don't mean to just dump the errand onto Thaddeus, but seeing as he's in her mind ordered her to scout out the place, she assumes that Thaddeus and his group are going to be doing the quick and dirty shopping.

Stealth: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

Male Half Elf Magus / level 3 (AC: 15 [T:12 F: 13] [HP: 18/18] Fort: +3 Ref: +3 Will +2 Perc: +4 Init: +2)

The half-elf cocks his right eyebrow towards Thaddeus, shrugging helplessly and nodding in affirmation to his lackluster orders.

Notick makes his usual smirk towards the Stonemason woman, shaking his head. "I have all that I should need. I am ready to depart once you are."

DM :

En-route to the Glassworks location, Notick will make a pit-stop at the church, dropping all but 20 of his gold pieces in the donation pot. (130GP in total donated) In his usual style, he smiles to himself as he leaves - even if he didn't necessarily believe dedication was required, it made him feel better for his uncles sins.

After a delayed arrival, Notick will setup across the street in his normal manner, preparing for his game of Desna's chance. What better way to spy than in plain sight?! He grins, pulling his marked cards from his pack and begins his showman display to attract people to the game. "Come one, come all! Desna's grace has lightened our path this day - giving the gift of a game to declare your trust through faith! Faith in the outcome of your blessed luck!"

Bluff: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

Male Human Whiteblade Magus of Iomedae 4 (AC: 14 (18 w/shield) [T: 10 FF: 14 (18)] | HP: 34/34 | F+5, R+0, W+4 | Init: +2 |Perc: +0/+2 with blade drawn)

Thaddeus tries to tell the mason that he is not doing any shopping, but she is gone before he has a chance. Instead he hands the coin that she gave him to Bel'Tanis, asking him if he could make the purchases and deliver them to her when he arrives at the Glassworks.

Thaddeus is just assigning who he thinks would be best at the task. He knows Scoria can vanish, and assumes that Notick can by being a thief (not the class, the career). He's sending Bel'Tanis along because he thinks that Scoria and Iron-forged together would be too rough and demanding with the man when/if they see him possibly getting away.


Bel'Tanis shakes his head in confusion and takes the money pouch, hurrying out of the Dragon in pursuit of Scoria. He calls out to her after he closes the distance a bit. "Scoria! Scoria!" Presuming she slows down...

The aasimar hands her the money pouch. "Buy what you need, Scoria. If you feel like you need better supplies before going into a potentially hostile situation, what good would it do to have someone going someplace else purchase things for you? If Ameiko's in trouble, hastiness isn't going to help her. Get what you need. Notick and I will be ready to go once you are ready."

Male Human (Shoanti) Cleric of Gorum (Separatist) 4 / HP 38 of 38 / F+6 R+3 W+7 / AC 19.12.17 / Init. +2 / Perc +4

"I will acompany you and Midori, then", Khrondak replies to Thaddeus, accepting his suggestions. [b]"If this man has something to do with the goblin raids, I want to be present when he admits to it."

Nothing in particular I wish to buy right now. Saving for some magic items down the road.

Female Human [Tian-Min] Bard/Artisan-4

"If we do need to go to the Glassworks afterwards, I'd like to stop in town and get a crossbow and bolts. I need a ranged weapon."

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos

Okay we have Thaddeus, Midori and Khrondak going to the manor.

Going to the Glassworks is Bel'Tanis, Scoria and Notick.[/occ]

[ooc]Thaddeus, Midori and Khrondak
You approach the Kaijitsu manor. It is easily the smallest of house of the four noble families of Sandpoint. Nothing seems amiss around the grounds outside.

Bel'Tanis, Scoria and Notick.

The Kaijitsu glassworks sits on a small bluff overlooking the gulf. As you approach you notice that it seems rather quiet around the building. Which is a bit odd considering it is normally quite active during the day.


Offering Notick and Scoria sidelong glances if they haven't slipped away yet, Bel'Tanis strides up to the side entrance described in Tsuto's note to Ameiko. If it's shut, he'll attempt the staccato knock detailed in the note as well.

Female Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain 4 (AC: 16 (20) [T: 15 F: 14] HP: 38/38 Fort: +7 Ref: +7 Will +8 Perc: +10 Init: +2)

I suppose then if Scoria still has time enough she'll procure what she wanted to buy, then go and scout out the Glassworks like Thaddeus ordered.

Scoria watches the Glassworks carefully, peering through any windows where she can have a decent enough vantage point to see. She observes Bel'Tanis going around to the side door, wondering if it's wise to actually approach the building before their full force arrives. She doesn't stop him, though she remains vigilant in case of an attack.

Male Human Whiteblade Magus of Iomedae 4 (AC: 14 (18 w/shield) [T: 10 FF: 14 (18)] | HP: 34/34 | F+5, R+0, W+4 | Init: +2 |Perc: +0/+2 with blade drawn)

Thaddeus reminds the group as they all near the premises. "Let us do this with the proper decorum and respect afforded the position we were granted by the sheriff, at least for those of us that accepted the role."

He nears the door and knocks nice and clearly, and waits for an answer.

Female Human [Tian-Min] Bard/Artisan-4

Midori also goes to the door, calling out in Minkaian.

"Uncle? Uncle are you alright? We've had some disturbing news and we need your help."

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos

Bel'Tanis you approach the building with the rest of your companions looking on behind you. You knock upon the door at the main entrance. No answer comes from with in. It seems rather quiet.

Shortly after Midori calls out for her uncle, the door opens, however it is not Lord Kaijitsu, it is a female maid.

"Can I help you?"

"Sorry, I can not speak Lord Kaijitsu's native language."

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