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Valgrymr's Homebrew Two

Game Master Valegrim

Goblins infest a fallen Dwarven underground fortress and mine; somewhere inside PCs must find and recover a critical treasure hidden by the Dwarven Clerics of Dumathion.

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I would like youi guys, if your there and I hope you are, that your ready or not with your characters; have at least your combat stuff done and a description.

My plan is to bring you in in the big fight with the boss, wihtout giving anything away; real soon.

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I am gonna finish my character tonight or tomorrow. I think that I'll be done in 48 hours at the latest.

So, I plan to use Catfolk as presented in the Races of the Wild. They are LA +1 race, right?

Also, I would like to use Great Falchion from Sandstorm as my primary weapon, but with different description. I would like it to look like katana, but with an edge alongside inner curve - sort of like very large kukri or yatagan.

Is this OK?

My character should be ECL 3 and 2nd level paladin, right?

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Valegrim wrote:

Here are the catfolk stats; you can also look at Kemnebi's character in my original pbp

Catfolk (cat-like humanoids) (Ragadolf’s Version)
(RotW p92)
+4 Dex
+2 Cha
-2 Wis
Favored Class: Ranger
• Humanoid (catfolk)
• Medium Size
• 40’ Movement
• Low-Light Vision
• +2 Racial bonus on Listen and Move Silently checks.
• +1 Natural Armor bonus to AC.

Sorry, I've missed this post before.

Valegrim, here are the barest bones of my character. I am really sorry for not finishing everything already, but my RL obligations are mounting with enormous speed. I will finish everything today, though.

I have some questions, though:

1) How much money do I have to spend on equipment?
2) What is the holly symbol of RA?
3) Is Ancestral Relic feat from Book of Exalted Deeds available?

I'll have to wait on your decision about Ancestral Relic and my weapon before I proceed with character creation. If you need to introduce me soon, I think that I can jump in the game like this, and finish Skills, Feats and equipment later.

Ancestral relic; what would be the story background for it?

regular starting money

holy symbol for all Egyptians is the Anhk; each have sacred animals; will have to get back to you on that when I have my book handy

Dark Archive

Valegrim, sorry for not posting. I had to suddenly leave on a business trip. I should return by the end of the week, but I couldn't bring my books with me. I am sorry if this doesn't work for you and I will withdraw my character from your consideration if you can not wait that long for me to finish it. Sorry again.

nah that is fine; were casual
life is what it is; we understand

what I am asking is what would be the background for why you would have an ancestral relic? did you have something in mind?

Dark Archive

Hey, Valegrim, just got back.

I do have something in mind. I have envisioned Num-Rah as a sort of warrior-smith that comes from a long line of warrior-smiths. Since catfolk are lion-like, I've divided them by the color of their pelts, since in Africa there are common lions, black-maned lions and white lions. So, I've decided that black-maned catfolk are ideal for spellcasters and white ones for paladins. So, the idea behind ancestral relic is to simulate PF paladin's divine bond with a weapon. Whitemanes get the blade in a ceremony of adulthood from the hands of their fathers, who forge the blade for them. And since they are catfolk, their blades are claw-like. That is, they have edges along the inward curve of the blade.

so; following the line of ancentral blade; what do you think of your father reforging his father sword for his son, you, thus following the line of ancestral weapon and rebirth and lineage all in one?

The curved blade like a claw is good as Egyptian swords are like a sickle or circle mounted on a blade anyway; the physics behind that sword give it tremendous force in a cutting stroke.

I thought there were a couple other people here in recuitment; been holding up the game thread advancement hoping they would post; I am ready to inject you all into the game; just need a roll call and a post if your ready or need something from me before starting; once I know who is here; I can give you the entrance story to the thread.

Dark Archive

Valegrim wrote:

so; following the line of ancentral blade; what do you think of your father reforging his father sword for his son, you, thus following the line of ancestral weapon and rebirth and lineage all in one?

The curved blade like a claw is good as Egyptian swords are like a sickle or circle mounted on a blade anyway; the physics behind that sword give it tremendous force in a cutting stroke.

I will be completely ready tomorrow night, my time. That is, in 24 hours.

Dark Archive

Valegrim, I'm all done with the basics. I plan to add more detailed character history and some additional equipment, but I don't really know how do you plan to introduce me to the group. Perhaps my characters is a prisoner and therefore without any equipment? Just tell me how you want me to get in the game, and I'll add equipment list according to that.

I thought we had like three people; so was gonna bring you all in together, but as things are as things are in pbp.

This entire region is rift with sinkholes that open up into the extensive limestone caverns that the dwarves used and into their hold since they are not here to repair them; the Gnome Wizard Hava Gooday has been sending in groups to combat the goblins; there are several groups of freedom fighters on the surface to fight them as well; and very recently; a great battle between a couple hundred ork and dwarves from a differnt hold agains the goblin horde here. To the south there is a lot of seismic activity and and you can see a new volcano smoking is the far distance.

You have left from Assyria, a region devestated by magical and mudane warfare on the worst scale, to follow the new order for the Shahs various forces to find out where the dwarves went and why did they not give their support by treaty to the Babylon Emirs. There is a great reward promised to they who find out much about this important task; the specialized goods and services of the dwarves are much prized in this region of Babylon and Assyria. The dwarves of the South have no such treaties and are loyal to the Pharoah of Egypt so they are not part of this; thus you must go North; You have heard much of others plans to go here or there; so, you and a few others and a company of supporters; say about 500; set out for the Holy Lands, a region with a mighty citadel which is said to be protected my an ancient but holy spirit of awesome might. By your recollection; it doesnt do much; but when it does; big thing happen. Any holy order of good is welcome inside the Holy Lands, to enter the citadel, all are judged by the Spirit.

The route you would have taken from the Northern Egyptian Border would be North on the sea hugging the coastline and stopping at the many Greeco/Roman settlements in the Bablylonian region which is all in a state of tense rebuilding after their two decade long civil war; there is new hope though in the eyes of the people; and many soldiers have returned to their families; but with little growing season left; it will be a difficult struggle for them if the sea does not give them a full bounty. All on this route north you hear stories over and over about a Host of Elves on fantastic creatures and some dancing and others flying; of thousands of magical elves like a great magical train having swept from the far north all the way South towards Eygpt; some trip of two thousand miles if they left the Elflands and went to Egypt. They swept over in a screaming cacophoney of sound and magic; while some Greeks huddled in fear, the women and childen; the men - most hardened from war - just stood in wonder. As a personal revelation; you realize that it was this hope and new cheer you see in the eyes of these Greeks and Romans that saved them from the Elves; for you have heard from various other peoples that the Elves sweept through some areas like a force of nature and left nothing and no one standing. Some Greek and Babylonion villages you saw where completly gone. The Elves moved about three months ago.

Your last stop of your company would be the Greek township of New Ithaka to get supplies and news. From here you can see the mighty citadel of the Holy Lands; West, some 80 miles in the distance on top of a lonely flat mountain. The area here is Desert, Steppe terrain.

From here; you get news of the dwarves and such; they armies of the Holy Lands has been at war with a mighty horde of gnolls, goblins, giants; demon worshiping men and many demons hordes well. The horde came out of the Celtic Area; where the dwarven hold was; nobody has seen a dwarf in 10 years as they were on the other side of the battle line. The Holy Lands were allied with the Elves; and this war raged for 9 years. It is said with certainty that the Horde of Chaos had raped and plundered the Celts for nearly two decades before being halted here. You realize that it was this hordes appearance which kept the forces of the Holy Lands; many of forces of the Roman legions here and the Elven Host and their allies in the Free Cities from aiding the Babylonian Emir thus making the Assyrian/Babylonian civil war last much longer and intensify in ferocity as the two factions were very evenly wonder now if this were by some evil design.

From New Ithika; you travel East through an area of death; for three weeks your party travels through an emmense battlefeild; the scale of death here is like nothing you have ever seen before; battles your used to were several thousand vs like number; the greatest battles maybe 20-30 thousand or so... this battlefield was hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of creatures. While many are men; and of course were probably elves (their bodies dissapate quickly) there lots of creatures and broken weapons and things about that you just dont know what they are. some dark and others hideously twisted and all with sharp claws and long fangs; many great bones of giants, ogres and such can be seen as well; and so on.

There are large armed groups from the Holy Lands here; cleaning up the dead and fighting the predators; great packs of ghouls and gnolls still abound. Your party would be attacked many times and by the time you get out of the battlegrounds; about half your original force would be missing.

In the Celt area; it becomes rocky grasslands and in the distance can be seen vast forests of great trees; to the South are moutains; and between you and they another vast forest. As you travel, to the south you can here the roar of the vast whirlpool which is why you couldnt sail all the way here; and landing on the Greco/Roman coast near the Geseritti Dragon Worshippers was considered too dangerous.

Your party leader hires a few guides; local rangers; and you set out; through the forest; occassionally helping a local village or two by smashing a threat the locals cannot handle. There are lots of groups of raiders in this area; Ogres and Ogrillions and such; Three trolls kill about 30 of your number and get away. It would seem anthing could be hiding is these vast forest; these Oaks are tall, thick and hard; and most of them are scared with varioius claw marks; tool and fang; as well as burns. The ground is springy with leaves and such; with many broken weapons and bones sticking up through the foliage.

After about two months; your party enters the moutain region; and a proper dwarf road that leads to the dwarven hold. After about a week of travel; constantly getting raided by goblins; you come upon a pitched battle; a host of dwarves unlike any your have ever seen a wild army in heavy plate and thick bear fur; but some with loinclothes and barbaric tattoos; battle a vast goblin horde. With them; unbeleivabley; is a Barbaric Black Ork battalion in very thick plate armor; they seem to be jeering back and forth in a competition to kill goblins; by your estimate; there are about 500 orks; and about 500 Black Orks (which you never seen before; they are much bigger than the green ork raiders of your homeland) facing about 10,000 goblins; before you company is attacked by goblins and your group is in the thick of it.

I havent heard from anyone in a while and we are wanting to inject some new players...

Lantern Lodge

*points to the above post* Yup. still needing people. Care to join us?

What are you looking for?

Lantern Lodge

*thinks* We are.. a Bard, a Sorceror, and a Healer at present. Several others are being NPC'd.

*Waves* (^_^)

I be moral support. (^_^)

Are you still playing 3.5? Also, getting into a homebrew world will be difficult for me. I don't feel I could integrate well.

I'll pass. Good luck with recruitment. Might help to start a new thread.

Lantern Lodge


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