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Game Master Darksmokepuncher


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Shadow Lodge

Summoning spells do not break invisibility.

Male Thelkonlander Broracle of Lifts 8 | HP: 31/93 | AC:25 T:13 F:23

crap. wanted to change my action but paizo wont let me edit the party anymore. i wanted to be five feet back, and drop a wall of fire one row from the back behind the barricade. Too late, GM, or can I retcon that?

Shadow Lodge

Just overwrite the post. I'll pretend it's not there. :)

Male Feraweni Yolomage of Swagical Power, level 8

Started rereading from the beginning of this game, yet again. So many have died, pc and npc alike.

Male Human Broquisitor of the Church of Gainz

Wasn't Josh a part of this at the start?

Male Half-Feraweni Rogue HP: 54/64 AC: 25

That the fellow who got his tongue cut out?

Male Feraweni Yolomage of Swagical Power, level 8

That's correct.

Male Half-Feraweni Rogue HP: 54/64 AC: 25

Shame he quit. That could have been a real cool story experience. A character whos primary ability was stripped away. Would have been interesting to see what could have happened.

Shadow Lodge


Male Half-Feraweni Rogue HP: 54/64 AC: 25

Are the walls enclosing open-air areas? Or are they buildings?

Like, could you climb over the walls? Or would you be climbing onto the roof of a building?

Shadow Lodge

They are buildings. Climbing is possible.

Male Half-Feraweni Rogue HP: 54/64 AC: 25

Hey, unless these guys are level 12 Rogues I think Anga only takes 7 DMG. Due to Improved Uncanny Dodge. Is that incorrect?

Shadow Lodge

That is correct :) Good catch.

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