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House = Rudianos Words = Battle and Bliss

This once mighty house has lost some of its luster over the last 2 centuries due to a slave uprising wherein a brilliant slave named Tyro seized control of the country through seduction and strategy at arms. For 18 months, Tyro ruled the Kingdom of Erenon. He was trained at tactics, warfare, and pleasure by House Rudianos. Considered by most to be a minor house, but the Rudianos’ have more potential than people realize.

They are known for producing hot-headed, intrepid knights; slaves fit for royal service, and the spice trade.

House Rudianos’ ancestral seat is in Lehrehn within the Kingdom of Erenon, but they maintain a sprawling manse in Veir as the port facilitates their slave and spice trade. (You begin in Lehrehn, where knights and slave-soldiers are made)

Slavery in allowed in the Kingdoms of Erenon, Isteroth, and Thelkon. The Freeland of Amerys outlawed slavery 20 years ago and opposes it openly.

Erenon, particularly house Rudianos, is known for training the best high-end slaves in the known world: bed slaves, scribes, healers, warriors; everything a ruling class could desire. They are very costly and take years to train. Erenon treats its slaves with dignity and respect when possible.

Isteroth imports slaves from wherever they may and uses them for mining, farming, logging, and construction. They use they slaves hard and are cruel and careless with them.

Thelkon sells the majority of the slaves in the world. With their love of reaving and their population crisis, slaves are easy to find and easier to sell. They are untrained, undisciplined things though.

The Freeland of Amerys is a true democracy. Education, Art, and Philosophy are paramount there. Don’t think them weak though, every man is conscripted to fight in the People’s Army from 16-20 and again from 38-50. It is said that if the whole nation was called to arms, they would have close to 100,000 trained swords.

Though your stats and abilities peg you as a Pathfinder race, this world consists solely of humans. In other words, regardless of your mechanical race, you are a breed of human in this world.

Eddric, you are the 4th son of Lord Rodrik Rudianos 3rd of his name.

The men of long lives (elves) are said to come from the lost Kingdom of Ferawen which is believed to have been in the NW.

Tieflings are curious humans from Acherd Islands, they are generally feared and mistrusted.

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