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Urban Decay (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

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Calixymenthillian, that sounds really interesting. Sort of like Randolph Carter and Unknown Kadath; really interesting. How old is Mr Whittaker? A mature learned professional in his field, or a more youthful, zealous man?

Sovereign Court

He's in his mid-late thirties, so while he's not fresh faced and thinking he can take on the world, he's still got plenty to learn.

I'm always surprised by how much Lovecraft I haven't read... I'll have a look at that tomorrow.

It's been a while for me, since I read the it. But it also gave a vibe of the 'In Nomine RPG', where you can go to the Marches/Dreamlands and visit peoples dreamscapes. A very interesting game, although quite hard to pull off in a group - or saving individuals.

Very awesome concept.

Official announcement: I will be closing recruitment for good Friday, at 6 pm Central American Time (about an hour ago). Have your concepts in by then.

Are you saying that we should hold off on phases 3-5 until we have the games official roster, so we know who is is the game before committing to guest star positions?

And holy run on sentences Batman!

You can do part 3 (first story) but part four and five you should wait on

Alright, recruitment closed, here's the list:

Simon E. Whitaker
Eddie Tesla
Sasha Mau
Blair Renault
And Zoe Campbell

Go ahead and post up in the discussion thread. You have two days to make your presence known over there or you'll be replaced.

Make that three days. I always forget that everyone has issues getting on on the weekend, so I'll include Monday so as to avoid replacing anyone for a silly timing reason

I see that recruitment is closed, but I'm interested in following this game or joining in if you end up wanting another player. I'm not familiar with the system but I really enjoyed the novels and could buy the game book if I ended up joining in.

Here's a rough concept of the character i'd be interested in running: A socially awkward math professor who creates abstract art, and mostly manifests his magic through the mathematical concepts embedded in his art (an abstract sort of sympathy magic). He was diagnosed with autism at a young age because the True Sight would come over him whenever he made eye contact with anyone. His parents got him into a good special education pogram, and when he was a college freshman he happened to visit an alternative medicine practitioner who knew enough of energy manipulation, acupuncture, and reiki to recognize the problem and treat it.

I can see a few avenues for conflict with him to include being the guy who has to deal with 'weird stuff' on campus, the consequences of an inadvertent summoning before he learned of the connection between his art and willworking, and unwelcome attention from a certain sort of art patron...

If this opens up again, I have a few thoughts that might work and I'd be interested to try.

Arrggh! How did I miss this recruitment thread?!!?

If there are any (later) openings, let me also toss my hat in!

I seem to have lost a couple of players in my Dresden Files pbp. Once they have completed the final battle of this arc, I was thinking of seeing if they want to continue. If so, I may have a few spots open.... watch this space.

I also wish to throw my hat into the mix.

Here's my new Recruitment thread, for a couple of replacement PC's.

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