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Urban Decay (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

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Mender of Broken Dreams

"Well," he answers slowly, "sometimes the people who come to me for help, they come with problems that words alone can't help with... most people assume that the crystals I use, the rituals I perform, are all just a show I put on to fleece the gullible, or at best some sort of spiritualistic self delusion. The truth of it is, they are far more than that; I'm certainly no wizard, but I can shape magic enough to help soothe troubled dreams, and protect a sleeper from supernatural predation."

"But I think that's enough about me, you came here because you wanted to talk about what happened to you today. No doubt you plan on doing more to help that man you found with the urn, yes? Well, your aunt is liable to skin me if you get yourself hurt and she finds out I knew about this, so do you have any thoughts on what we should do next?" he pauses not much longer than a breath, his firm tone making it clear that his inclusion is not open to debate, before adding a suggestion, "I have a wizard friend of my own who could be able to shed some light on whatever ritual might involve this urn."

Mender of Broken Dreams
Eddie Tesla wrote:
The elderly part is what you're concerned as a misrepresentation of Blair? I hadn't even considered that she may have been talking about you on account of the "flames bursting from the hands of" part. Don't you only use force?

I suppose from a scientific point of view, there's not much difference between thermal and kinetic energy... flames are just highly excited particles.

Cursed Were-Lioness

She gently bites her lip in trepidation as the Doctors words soothe her thoughts and slightly astonish her. "So you can read minds as well as help them." she lightly jokes.

"Yes, I was thinking about how to help further. I am waiting for a call from Eddie, to see if he found anything else out." Rubbing her cropped hair vigorously; "That would be good to introduce us, I like have no real knowledge of the supernatural workings. I am a bit dim that way, I only know what I have seen." she winces at the thoughts of what her Aunt would say at what's happening.

Mender of Broken Dreams

"Maybe," the therapist answers her joke uneasily, "I've never actually tried that, but from all I hear it would be a very bad idea."

"As it happens, he was with me when you called; he's outside if you'd like to meet him."

Leading Zoe out of the office, he turns to her with a questioning look, "Just how much does Rowena know about all this, anyway? She's never given me any indication..."

Cursed Were-Lioness

Zoë stands and stretches as the anxiety recedes; "Yeah, you wouldn't want to look into my mind anyway." she jokes as she grabs her long white coat from where she cast it.

As they leave the office to the doctors question, Zoë blanches fading to the colour of her coat. "No, she doesn't know anything about it. I would rather she didn't, I already disappoint her."

"I told my therapist back in England, with the cops what happened on the moor. But it got out to the rest of my class... America's really nice isn't it." Zoë says squinting as they go outside.

Simon Whittaker wrote:

"I have a wizard friend of my own who could be able to shed some light on whatever ritual might involve this urn."

Man I wish Blair could have been there. He would have hid in the closet, popped out and gone "boo!" right then.

Cursed Were-Lioness

Well, I think we are wandering over to you now :)

Hope you didn't think this was too self-indulgent, trying to move the story along in an organic way. Without actually knowing what will happen next.

Mender of Broken Dreams

"Don't worry; like I said, she won't hear a word of this from me until you're ready for her to know." He offers, looking around the street for any signs of where Blair might be waiting, "But I'm not sure that you need to feel ashamed."

Cursed Were-Lioness

I believe he is in a book-shop across the street.

"I know intellectually, but I don't feel that way." Zoë states as the y walk across the road to wards the book-shop. Entering the glazed facade into the foyer filled with stacks of books. Zoë asks "Coffee? I'm parched." before getting in a queue.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10


"Look man, the ritual is pretty much just a memory modification." Jack said, tearing up a crumpet and dipping it in his coffee. "I don't really understand that much. My boss barely gets it. You ever heard of Fred Catalachelli? They call him The Big Cat. He caught a seer a few months ago, ugly guy, mid fifties, kinda nice but a bit of a pussy." Jack tears into the crumpet with a passion. "Well this seer is helping his enemies for money, so Big Cat takes him, kidnaps him, keeps him in a hotel. Dude clues him in. Tells him what's going on with the bigger world out there. Faeries, Wizards, Dragons. All that junk right? Well Big Cat's surprised, but he's really good at getting his stuff together, so he gets it together, thinks Fred's biggest question 'How can I use this to make my organization better?' Answer is simple. Use other people to do stuff. Steal, kill, whatever. You can control minds with magic right? You're not supposed to, but that's never stopped The Cat before. So he looks into it. Who happens to have a ritual that f$&&s with memories? Van Horn, that billionaire philanthropist guy. So he talks to the guy, they trade some secrets, and the urn. THe urn is needed to do it easily, cuz the ritual takes human blood. A lot of it. Enough to kill. But the urn fixes that. It's the ashes of some Saint... Poli-something. Dude was burnt at the stake. His ashes always bleed. Forever. Makes enough blood to use for the ritual if you wanna use it. The boss can use it to f+&% with people's memories without worry of bodies without blood showing up. That's why I had to take it, gotta stop the boss. He's losing it. That magic... it's messing with his head. He keeps doing stupid things, just so he can use it to fix it."


The bookstore is quiet and clean during the afternoon, hardly anyone inside.

Sorry for the delay for so long guys... I've just had so much issue coming up with creative juices. But I'm back... kludging my brain into working.

Cursed Were-Lioness

It's alright, glad you're happy to continue running. :)

Mender of Broken Dreams

Not to worry, we've been occupying ourselves.

Finding the car empty, Simon takes a glance at his surroundings to look for a likely spot for the wizard to have wandered off to, his eyes eventually settling on the book store across the street.

"No doubt he's gone to find something to read while he waited," he comments, making his way across the road and into the deserted bookshop.

"Blair?" he asks quietly, searching along the isles. "Why am I whispering?" he found himself questioning, but in the presence of so many books it felt the natural thing to do.

Simon finds Blair standing among the stacks, leaning against a tall ramshackle shelf, stuffed full of paperbacks. He has a paperback open and is reading as Simon approaches.

"Simon. Finished with your business?" Blair asks as he closes the yellowed pages of the paperback and places it back on the shelf.

Mender of Broken Dreams

"Not quite. Blair, this is Zoe," Simon introduces the pair, "it seems that she's run across some trouble regarding a..." he pauses to check they are out of earshot of the clerk, "ritual. I thought you might be able to help sort things out."

Cursed Were-Lioness

The queue for the pair of coffees is long and as Zoë leaves she snags some sugars. After emptying enough sugar in it to satisfy any builder, she takes asip of her prescription relaxant.

Then Zoë spots the doctor and Blair, he mouth agog she almost spills the coffee in shock. "B...Blair... of all the places." her eyes stare.

Mender of Broken Dreams

"You know each other?" Simon asks, looking between the two with a raised brow.

Blair smiles for a moment seeing Zoe, then suddenly frowns.

I officially hate the universe...this is one thing too many today...

"Of all the coffee joints, in all the suburbs, in all of Michigan, you had to walk into this one..."

Sounded better in my head.

"How have you been Zoe? Still bench pressing engine blocks and chasing critters of the night?" Blair looks at Simon.

"Oh I wouldn't say that we know one another Simon. We have seen some interesting things together, but we barely exchanged more than a few words before someone took off like her hair was on fire." Blair rounds on Zoe. "Zoe, do you have any idea how long it took me to clean up that mess to the point it didn't look "out of the ordinary?" Blair grimaces with frustration as he looks past Zoe to the other customers in the room. "We need to have this conversation elsewhere. Back to your office Simon?"

Cursed Were-Lioness

Zoë brushes her short hair, apprehensively. "Yeah, so it seems, coffee?" she flexes slightly, "Only mobsters, they like ladies of the night, is that close enough." Zoë's words sound hollow to her.

'Chastised by another person. Well...' she replies "Some of us have curfews, you know. And the unknown does put fear into even monsters." she says biting her lips as they cross the road again.

'I have to make sure those monsters don't know who I am, I don't have time to clear up. If evil does know what hits them, then my Aunt is safe and maybe they will feel the fear that ordinary folks do.' she justifies to herself but knows she cannot say to another.

Mender of Broken Dreams

Not quite following the conversation, Simon simply nods and leads the group into his office, closing the door behind them and looking expectantly between Zoë and Blair.

Cursed Were-Lioness

Zoë looks down at her feet and kicks her heels, "So you know Blair too?" 'Of course he does.'

'I'll let Mr Rennault explain the circumstances behind it, if he wishes, but...' "I have met him a few times at the University." her words are soft.

"So what have you to been up to, hope I haven't interrupted anything too important." she says attempting to placate.

Blair paces the office for a moment, thinking, before turning to Zoe.
"Unfortunately, we are dealing with a patient-privacy issue for one of Simon's clients, so at this point, we cannot go into any details. However, I have this sneaking suspicion that you are going to tell me something important. Something has bothered you recently, and it cannot be a simple physical problem, because we both know that you can handle yourself quite adequately, Zoe. So please, fill me in."

Cursed Were-Lioness

'Patient Confidentiality, yep I wouldn't want that breached.' Zoe thinks before starting with her brief tale (tail?); "So I was leaving my Aunts offices, and these goons followed a right Dilbert into an alley. I was sure they meant to do him over, so I followed them. It appeared he was a minor mob lackey and this trio of mobsters wanted this Urn he had taken, apparently for a Ritual. I stood up to them, trying to bluff then into leaving."

Zoe laughs self-deprecatingly; "I heard the leader say to his companions to kill us both, but my frienemy Ed Tesla came along, and the mobsters couldn't be bothered."

Concluding; "So Eddie took him of to the airport and I followed the mobsters, then broke into their 'coffee shop'. I grabbed this after a quick and bloody tussle." she says concluding quietly trying not to dwell upon what she did and the emotional consequences.

Zoe spills out the money, and other items that she stole from the men.

Ryuko, did Zoe grab anything interesting?

Mender of Broken Dreams

"Like Blair says, patient confidentiality." Simon agrees, "but I'm comfortable saying that there are Wardens in town, if nothing else."

Ah, Dilbert... I do love those comics. Simon's thoughts wanders as he absently listens to Zoe recount what she has already told him. "Wait," he interjects suddenly, his train of thought broken, "the Eddie you've been talking about is Eddie Tesla? Do you actually know anybody I don't?"

Bipolar Fulgormancer

Eddie sneezed. Wiping his hands on his napkin, he continued his conversation. "So you're in the organization? I guess that doesn't surprise me, how else would you have the knowledge or access to the urn. I would, however, like to know if that knowledge reaches to specific incidents. Like, does the name Tesla mean anything to you? Other than the obvious of course."

Cursed Were-Lioness

Zoe snickers; "I'm sure I know a few people you don't, Marisol Raith, Detective Heywood, Professor Haskins. It's just you're so urbane and good at socialising."

Mender of Broken Dreams

"I'm not entirely sure that socialising and being urbane are the things which led to me meeting Blair and Eddie," Simon answers with a light smile. "Still, I don't suppose you got any details about what this ritual involves?"

Cursed Were-Lioness

"No idea, I could give Eddie a call though." Zoë checks through all the junk that she dumped on the table and flicks it open. Moving slightly away from the multiple mature male magicians.

"Hi, it's Zoë here. I'm with a friend of yours Dr. Whittaker, we're at his offices. Could you meet us here? It's about the ritual!"

"Thank the universe that Wardens don't use cellphones..." Blair moves to the far side of the room as Zoe talks into the device.

Bipolar Fulgormancer

Suddenly the chorus to Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever" Rang out before Jackie could give his answer. "It's Zoe, might be important" Eddie said, excusing himself.

"The ritual? Yeah we got away. We're at the airport right now. No, it's not that strange that I have a cell phone, but you'd be surprised at how much it costs to get one with military grade EM shielding. Well, it turns out the urn bleeds. What? Yes it's important. They need the blood for the ritual." Suddenly Eddie broke out in a string of profanity not acceptable for company, polite or otherwise. "Sorry, I have to go. That urn Can NOT leave here."

He turned back to Jack. "New question. Say Big Cat doesn't have the urn. Would that actually stop him from the ritual, or would he just start collecting his blood from other sources? After all, you said it seems like he is addicted to the power."

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Zoe's stolen items roll out of the bag in a rush. A small diamond stick pin, a couple rolls of medium denomination bills, and 2 wallets. Inside the wallets are more bills, mostly 10s and 20s. The credit cards and driver's licence in one wallet identifies it's owner as one Vincent Pintalli, 28 years old, 6'2", 215 lbs, brown hair and hazel eyes. The picture on the license is that of the leader of the thugs. His address seems to be an apartment just outside of the inner city. The other contains no ID but does have a couple of pictures of a little blonde girl with a distinct resemblance to another of the men. In one picture he stands with her, arm around her and a tall blonde woman in front of a suburban home. The address of Oak street is barely visible.


"Tesla... Tesla..." Jack seems to think for a second, then snaps. "Tesla! You're the guy that found out. You found out he was using the ritual. You and that black chick. Aria? Ashliana? Something like that. Boss said he'd get rid of you two's memory, but the chick is supposed to be some kind of ritual whiz kid. He was worried she'd block it, so he talked to Van Horn and learned how to change it. How to blast somebody's brain and just..." Jack made a crazy motion next to his ear. "Make them lose it." He tucked the last bit of his muffin into his coat pocket as a snack. "I... no. He wouldn't do it. It would take way too many. It takes a lot of blood or really old blood. Blood in the urn is supposed to be hundreds of years old. Blood in normal people wouldn't cut it, not unless you had a few dozen. Boss isn't that stupid. He wouldn't put the Family at risk like that." Jack stood, sticking out his hand for a second, then stopped.

Lore 2:
Suddenly a presence is in the air. An ugly taint, powerful but sloppy, like a monster bashing it's way through a wall instead of using the door. It rushed by you and you see Jack's eyes widen in terror for only a second.

"Wait... wait... no... no... wait." He continued to repeat that for a second before straightening. "Who the hell are you?" He asks, his face scrunched in annoyance.

Bipolar Fulgormancer

Lore: 4d3 - 8 + 2 ⇒ (2, 3, 3, 1) - 8 + 2 = 3

"Nice. Eddie uttered, finally witnessing firsthand what the ritual is like. 'Think Eddie. What do people normally say to people who get their memories wiped? If nothing else I need to get him to Simon... That's it!' He felt a bit of smug satisfaction at his newly formulated plan. "Jackie, would you like a treatment?

Cursed Were-Lioness

Looking astonished at Eddie's words Zoe turns to the to men; "Balls, it seems the Ritual requires lots of blood. The urn produces blood, so now they will have to get some more..." Her face blanches.

Sadly she walks over to the table and looks at the spoils; her legs nearly go out from under her. Sat upon the floor she thinks of the blond child; 'I nearly took her father away from her!'

"Well I will have to return this wallet, or at least drop it into the coffee shop." Zoe says quietly almost to herself.

"What is it with people and blood? Its as if they are unable to accept that there is no actual power in sanguine fluids, no matter what animal it is. The power comes from the metaphysical associations rather than the media."

Blair groans and rubs his face.

"The upside is that we know that someone out there is playing fast and loose with magic, and that they are not terribly skilled. The down side is that power and skill do not go hand in hand, and use of blood by the uneducated is indicative of the bent of the Ritual, if not what the actual results are supposed to be."

Mender of Broken Dreams

"Surely the metaphysical associations are formed by the mass perception of the medium; there is actual power in blood, precisely because so many people believe there is." Simon responds to Blair, watching Zoe out of the corner of his eye.

"I think that can probably wait," Simon says softly, moving to crouch beside her, "if those belong to the men you followed, you shouldn't trouble yourself over inconveniencing them... they don't sound the sort to give that concern to others."

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10


As Simon moves forward he feels a small twinge from the table. The stick pin is either magical or has been used in a ritual very recently.


"Therapy? Look man, I don't know who the hell you are but my boss is gonna kill me if I don't go find him." Jack looks around uncertainly. "How did I get to an airport. I'm still in Detroit right?"

Bipolar Fulgormancer

"It was a joke, doesn't anybody appreciate Whedon?" Eddie shrugged, doing his best to mimic the accent he heard from both Jackie and the armed men from earlier. "Still in Detroit? You're back, guess the trip was pretty smooth. Ol' Big Cat sent yours truly to drive your ass to the new safe house. That the thing? Thought it'd be bigger." He said, gesturing toward the urn.

Cursed Were-Lioness

Zoë smiles; "Yeah I know, but our actions can have unexpected consequences on others. He might of been a wanker, but his daughter and family might not be."

She straightens up, pocketting the cash and riffling through the wad of cash. "Why are all the notes the same size and colour? Surely all denominations should be different, so the blind or partially sighted could tell the difference." Zoë pauses realising she has got of track. "Those men definitely sounded incompetant, but with power. That is probably the definition of mobsters."

"Do any of you have...underworld contacts? I could see if my Aunt has represented any?" Zoë asks the others.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10


"Trip... yeah... ok then. I guess if the boss sent you." Jack seems rather unsure and he clutches the urn close when Eddie gestures, obviously not trusting him enough to hold something that seems important. "Man... I must've been drinkin' or somethin'... Boss still meeting with that Van Horn guy? The Billionaire?"

Mender of Broken Dreams

Simon smiles reassuringly as Zoe rises, "We are starting to use different colours for the higher denominations, and I think a lot of blind or partially sighted people fold the bills in different ways to help them tell them apart."

"I'm afraid I don't have any of those connections... unless you count Eddie." He says, frowning down at the table, "Blair? Do you want to take a look at this pin? I can't quite say what it is, but there's something... odd about it."

Cursed Were-Lioness

Zoë nods slightly airheadedly; "I know who wears a tie pin, they're so gauche!"

Mender of Broken Dreams

"It is very 1920's."

Cursed Were-Lioness

"I suppose Retro is quite cool, though as you can see from the wallet they aren't cool. Just expensive hoods." Zoe says light-heartedly.

"I wear tie pins. What are you saying, getting your tie in the soup is ok?"

Seeing that Zoe is done with the phone, Blair moves over to look at the various items on the table.

"Huh. Zoe, I don't have any underworld contacts. But it looks like we have several things to check out now. We can see if there is anything at the apartment that is listed here. We can also research the urn, once it is in our posession, to determine anything about its history and what rituals it might be linked with. At the very least, we should see about destroying the urn, I am certain that it isn't an object that we want lying around for any would-be ritualist."

Cursed Were-Lioness

'Whoops, big mouthed idiot.' Zoë thinks to herself going beetroot red; "But on you it looks dapper and distinguished. Like the tint of grey at your temples." she says her voice slightly small and embarrassed.

"Waiting for urn is important, with a bit of luck Eddie will be here soon." Zoë adds.

Bipolar Fulgormancer

"That rich weirdo with all the reliquary and doodads? Don't know why he's bothering when we can already do what we can." Eddie assumed others would share that opinion. "But, who am I to say anything about the doings up the ladder. Boss is the man with the vision and things've been better lately. Just a sec, gotta call ahead, let 'em know we're coming."

Eddie pulled out his cell phone and had it dial the last incoming number. Making sure to stay in character during the call, he kept his statements short and concise. "Yeah, it's me. Just picked Jackie up from the airport. They must be doing something right with those tiny liquor bottles because he seems a bit out of it. This one's a real V.I.P. on the boss' list right now so try to keep it professional will ya." He put away his phone an continued leading Jackie to his bike.

Cursed Were-Lioness

Bump, I take it Eddie is waiting on GM Ryuko; & GM Ryuko is waiting on Eddie?

Zoe walks around the office her nerves starting to return, slowly she calms them as her breathing.

Bipolar Fulgormancer

If you want something to talk about, Eddie did call Zoe in that last post. Also, why would Ryuko be waiting on me?

Cursed Were-Lioness

I don't know, but just trying to slide forward the posts. Sorry didn't realise that the incoming phone call was me - thought I was the last out-going call, whoops.

Standing still suddenly, Zoë turns to the gentlemen, "Sorry, I get so impatient, I am more of an action-junkie than a thinker. That's some great ideas you have there Mr Renault,..." Her phone beeps a jingly theme; she dives over to her coat pocket. Grabbing the phone whilst flashing her longs legs unwittingly; "Hello?... oh." she listens to Eddies message intently.

When he finishes she flicks the phone closed; bouncing back down upon the couch, Zoë's brow creases slightly. "Eddie said he is bringing the victim back here. And that the man is 'drunk', so either some magic has been put on him, Eddie got him toasted or Eddies in real trouble." She thinks harder; "From the little I have seen of his repertoire, he doesn't do subtle mental stuff and he wouldn't get the bloke drunk. So someone else must have hexed him."

Standing up carefully; "He said to 'keep it professional' so Mr Whittaker are you feeling up to it?" she winks.

"I believe that if we are going to deal with anything significant, better containment is in order. I will work out some wards for the building."

Does the building have a threshold of any significance? Also can Blair sense any wards on the building right now? If so, and the wards seem solid, Blair will build additional wards off of the existing ones. If not, he will work out whatver is necessary to establish new wards keyed to Simon's work room.

Cursed Were-Lioness

Zoë looks at Blair as he busys himself; "Professional! Hmmmm." moving over to her coat she produces a pair of sunglasses. Popping out the lens she put's them on, and gets some water from the jug on the table to slick back her hair.

Standing up she turns to the others; "There how's that for professional, I could be your secretary Dr Whittaker?!" she gives her most serious smile.

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