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Current Characters


Evil GM
(4,445 posts)

(127 posts)
Dragon Skeleton

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10
(2,213 posts)
Ice Sculptor
Blair Renault

played by ZetaGilgamesh (55 posts)
Eddie Tesla

Bipolar Fulgormancer

played by Inconvenience (51 posts)
Sasha Mau

Cat-Burglar, Literally.

played by AntisocialKittie (13 posts)
Amin Jalento
Simon Whittaker

Mender of Broken Dreams

played by Calixymenthillian (75 posts)
Sorin Saldward

Hp: 21/30; AC:19/19/17 (22 ward, 24 PfE)
(Mage Armor, +2 AC 1/6); DR 10/magic vs. ranged weapons (40pts); Fort+6, Ref+3, Will+5 (+2 vs. enchantments, immune sleep, resist cold 5)
Half-Elven Wizard 6

played by ZetaGilgamesh (534 posts)
Cleric of Pharasma
Zoë Campbell

Cursed Were-Lioness

played by DSXMachina (271 posts)
Zoë the Lioness

played by DSXMachina (26 posts)

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